I am Kaiser Soze from Austin, TX. I am a woodworker and founded a company that lets me produce hand-crafted bespoke wood furniture on demand. I offer professional quality and personal service, providing furniture with a diverse variety of options.

I make furniture and hand-crafted objects with a focus on aesthetics and originality. I love sharing my designs on my social media channels and share my experiences here in this blog. I love tools, especially Mechanical and Hand tool. In my spare time I make things and share them with the world!

With a focus on exciting new trends and the latest innovations in each category, ToolsXYZ is the premier source for hand tools and heavy-duty essentials, resources, and reviews. This blog covers a wide variety of home renovations, landscaping, and deck building project ideas and resources to build them.

Tools XYZ is a complete resource blog that provides information about every possible woodworking tool available to use, from the basics to specialty items and how to use tools and materials that are found around the house.

Why you should be reading this blog?

You don’t need to read to blog if you read books.

Mechanical and hand tools and woodworking books are often some of the first things that I recommend to people who are just getting started in their journey as a woodworker.

As most beginners start somewhere, it’s important to get a well-rounded education before you jump into your first project.

Books on understanding the basics of how wood moves through your hands, how different types of joints work, and how gears can be used to make your own equipment is always helpful. Plus, now you have a foundation for future learning on more advanced topics from this blog.

We cover all the resources about hand tools, mechanical tools, woodworking and paint stuff in detail. So that, you can make a choice on the best one for your project.

Here are the categories we cover:

– Reviews and ratings of hand tools: screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, pliers.

– Reviews and ratings of mechanical tools: drills, saws, table saws, routers.

– Woodworking tools reviews

– Paint and stuff.

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ToolsXYZ.com Team.