Tools Guide & Reviews: How To Choose The Best 8-1/2 Inch Sliding Miter Saw

While there are dozens of cutting tools out there, there’s so much you can do with the best 8-1/2 inch sliding miter saw in your workshop. The tool is one of the favorable choices for starters, but some contractors still own it due to its versatility and flexibility. 

Of course, the market has other smaller and larger miter saws that you can use in the craft. But an 8-inch model yet stands out uniquely due to the compact build. It is, without a doubt, limited to the kind of cuts you can do in a given situation, but every device has its utmost anyways.

Even so, 8-1/2 sliding miter saws are available in various designs, featuring different capabilities. The aspect is enhanced by the fact that manufacturers create them while targeting a specific segment of the crafters. Hence, the reason you’ll find the cutting tool holding varying price tags.

Best 8-1/2 Inch Sliding Miter Saw

Is It Worth To Invest In An 8-Inch Sliding Miter Saw?

Before we even come to the question of value, a sliding miter saw usually consists of a base, saw head, and a geared arm. The arm mostly comprises a rail sliding system that enables the cutting head to extend horizontally during the cutting process. Thereby allowing it to cut by pushing the blade from the front edge of the board, going back towards the home/ resting position.

In simple words, this means the tool teeth work on the workpiece without the “climbing” engagement like that of non-sliding saws. Hence, the reason you should choose the right blade as we shall see later in the article

With that, let’s briefly look at the beauty of having the best 8-inch siding miter saw in your arsenal of tools.

They include:

Compact design: an 8-inch siding miter saw borrows its size from the diameter of the blade. This is to means the tool is relatively smaller than 10 and 12-inch models. Hence, simpler to handle and doesn’t take up much space in your workshop.

Versatility: as a sliding miter saw, this device has the advantage of delivering more features and capabilities than the non-sliding counterparts. As such, it’s a great investment for your woodworking craft.

High accuracy: the attribute is common across all miter saws, whereby they produce the best results in making crosscuts and angled cuts. Hence, their wide use by jointers when designing door frames, window casings, picture frames, crown molding, and more. 

Cuts through most materials: just like any other miter saw this particular size is effective in cutting both soft and tougher materials. You can use to cut through pieces of wood, laminate planks, PVC, melamine, aluminum, copper, bronze, amongst others. All needed is to equip it with the right high-quality blade that doesn’t disappoint. 

Portability: with its compact size and light weight, this saw is surely effortless to transport to your job site. Some, like DEWALT’s models, even have an improvised side carrying handle to use during the transport.

Faster cutting: compared to the non-sliders, sliding miter saws tend to cut a workpiece faster due to its “sliding” cutting phenomena. The cutting technique of the blade involves the use of fewer teeth than when the plunge-cutting of a fixed saw. Hence, ensuring fast removal of waste from the kerf, which then minimizes the resistance and friction for rapid cutting.

High cutting capacity: usually, a standard 8-1/2 inch miter saw cuts a maximum width of about 5 inches [or else 2×4” stock]. When attached with the slides, though, the cutting capacity doubles up, allowing efficient use on a 2×12” lumber.

Cost-effectiveness: besides being a rewarding investment, a sliding miter saw is relatively cheaper to work with. For a model, its ability to cut through stock faster minimizes high heat buildup. Thus, keeping the blade sharper and durable for a longer time. Moreover, the tool motor has very few chances of burning out due to the high resistance to overheating and friction. 

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The 4 Best 8-1/2 Inch Sliding Miter Saw For Your Workshop

As we highlighted earlier, miter saws are all the same as most of the tools we have in the market. They come in various designs and features, which allow their use in unique situations to serve specific problems.

As for the line of 8-1/2 inch sliding miter saws, there are only a few of them remaining in on the shelves. The majority of brands have started replacing with the 10-inch models, which tend to be a bit more aggressive.

For the few remaining, here is a section of the five bestsellers that you can add to your bucket list for the coming purchase.

Bosch [GCM18V-08N] 8-1/2” Sliding Miter Saw

For over 130 years in operation, Bosch makers have stood true to their goal, whereby they provide tools rich in quality and performance. 

With this particular piece, it has a lovely blend of blue and greyish white color that’s truly charming for your aesthetic taste. It has a super-strong construction that guarantees high cutting efficiency and a prolonged lifetime with little maintenance.

The sliding miter saw has a single left bevel unit that allows the saw head to tilt from zero to 45 degrees. It has a sturdy and leveled miter table that allows you to cut materials with high accuracy. The table works in hand with the included detent plate that has solid positive stops to ensure a firmer grip.

As a cordless system, this saw features an 18V motor, with the brand’s Biturbo technology to provide additional power. It comes with a carbide-tipped blade that you can use for general purpose use on both soft and hardwood.

Key Features:

1. It has a strong motor that can cut most materials, including wood, laminate flooring, and PVC

2. Has an excellent sliding rail system that moves the saw head smoothly 

3. Can vertically cut 3-5/8 inch nested crown molding and 2-3/4 inch baseboard

4. Allows you to rotate the work table from 0° – 47°, both left and right

5. Features an excellent dust chute and port for efficient waste collection

6. Includes an integrated laser guide system to ensure high accurate cuts

7. The miter saw has an ergonomic, ambidextrous handle that you can use with either hand.


The only grips we have with this saw is that it’s relatively expensive, yet it doesn’t come with a battery. Hence, you’ll have to buy it separately since you can’t operate without it. 

Metabo HPT [C8FSHES] 8-1/2 Sliding Compound Miter Saw

This is a great alternative that comes at several dollars lesser than the Bosch model above. it has a lovely construction, featuring all the essential components that you need in besting your craft.

The miter saw houses a superior 9.5 AMP motor that can spin the blade up to a no-load speed of 5,500 RPM. Thereby, enabling you to work on a wide array of materials and faster. 

The miter saw has a single left bevel technology that allows you to adjust up to 48°, but you can tilt 5° right as well. It has well-built double rail bearings that enable the saw head to slide smoothly without getting stuck.

With a built-in laser marker and working LED light, this tool makes it possible to work with high precision and maximum productivity. It has an adjustable pivot fence that makes vertical cutting much simpler and effective.

The miter table can rotate up to 57 degrees right and 45 degrees for maximum productivity. And it has eight solid positive detent stops that firmly secures the table into position. 

Key Features:

1. It can crosscut a workpiece of up to 12 inches width-wise

2. Allows you to cut with high accuracy 

3. Comes with a vice clamp to firmly secure the workpiece into position 

4. Both bevel and detent plate has a bold scale for optimal visibility

5. Delivers a superior power for faster cutting without binding

6. Has an ergonomic handle that you can use comfortably with the left or right hand.

7. Comes with a 5-year warranty

8. The saw has a sturdy build to enhance durability.


Some users complained that the dust collection system was not very effective while using the included bag. Hence, you must connect with the shop-vac for maximum waste removal. 

Bosch [GCM18V-08N14] 8-1/2” Single Bevel Sliding Miter Saw Kit

Just as the name, this is a single bevel miter saw that you can adjust the angle from zero to 45 degrees. It’s consists of a well-built design, using the fine material and components so that you have a better cutting experience. And also enjoy prolonged use of your tool with lesser maintenance.

The miter saw has a solid miter table that is optimally leveled to ensure high precision cutting without warping or breaking the lumber. Its detent plate is also on point, featuring solid positive stops to make sure the table remains securely clamped in position during the cutting process. 

Thanks to the exclusive BITURBO motor, the tool generates an incredible amount of power that you can use on a wide range of materials. The motor runs on an 18V lithium battery that comes with a tool alongside other components like a blade, and dust bag. Thus, you just set and use it directly from the box. 

Furthermore, it’s relatively light in terms of weight, plus it includes a side carrying handle. Hence, so simple to transport to your job site.

Key Features:

1. It has a lovely, sturdy design to deliver high cutting efficiency and prolonged durability

2. Allows you to efficiently crosscut lumber up to 10-5/8 inch width

3. Features a single left bevel that has a bold scale of up to 45°

4. You can rotate the miter table from zero to 47° [left & right]

5. Houses an exclusive brushless motor that is both powerful and energy-efficient

6. Its fence support the vertical cutting of up to 3-3/4” crown molding and 2-3/4” base molding 

7. The miter saw has a dust chute and bag to help remove dust and chip from your workspace.


Although it has a high-quality build and performance, the miter saw is quite expensive- just as most Bosch tools.

TACKLIFE [PMS01X] 8-1/4” Sliding Compound Miter Saw

No products found.

Although it has an 8-1/4” blade, this miter saw also can give you good company in your woodworking. Its overall design is unique, allowing it to stand out from its peers in a big way while still providing unbeaten performance.

As a sliding compound miter saw, this product allows you to make beveled and compound cuts with ease and accuracy. It has a single left bevel styling that allows the saw head to tilt up to 45° depending on your cut requirements.

The tool has a spectacular double rail bearing that makes sure this cutting head moves forward and backward smoothly. Its miter detent plate has solid positive stops that hold the table securely during the cutting process. That’s not all.

The sliding miter saw has a tall guide fence, with one of the sides boldly calibrated to allow accurate crosscuts. 

It’s an electric-powered system, with a superior 12.5AMP motor that spins the blade at a speed of up 4,500 revolutions/ minute. Thus, allowing you to cut through most materials, not limited to wood, PVC, laminate flooring, melamine, and soft metal.

Key Features:

1. The sliding miter saw features a robust design for a better cutting experience

2. It has an integrated laser cut-line indicator to enhance the accuracy

3. Allows you to cut up to 12-inch wide workpiece when fully extended

4. Comes with 24-teeth carbide tipped teeth for general purpose use

5. Includes a clamping assembly to firmly secure the workpiece while cutting

6. Has a horizontal handle with anti-slip rubber overmold for a better control

7. The miter saw is light weight that’s effortless to transport.


Despite its unbeaten design and performance, this siding miter saw has two issues. For one, the laser guide uses AAA, which is fairly inconvenient in case you forgot to switch off. Secondly, the miter saw is quite tricky to change the blade as it has a 1-1/5 inch arbor, which is uncommon.

Quick Guide: 7 Features That Will Help Maximize Your Sliding Miter Saw

When it comes to the selection of tools, we usually advise our readers not to follow blindly without knowing the value. You shouldn’t even rely on the overall customer ratings unless the encompassed features are in match with your needs and current situations. The same goes when choosing a sliding miter saw for your shop.

For this, let’s look at some of the features that you should consider when you want to get the most out of your skills.

They include:

A Powerful Motor:

Basically, the engine is the heart of every device. It’s the key to the capabilities of your tool, and the main drive of what you’ll get from your tool.

As for your sliding miter saw, the powerful the motor the better. It’ll allow you to work on a wide range of materials, both soft and hard. Furthermore, a strong motor will enable the blade to spin faster, thereby enabling speedy cutting, with minimal chances of binding or burning the workpiece.

Still, it would be nicer if the motor has an electric brake added. The feature works by quickly stopping the blade after releasing the power trigger. Hence, preventing you from cutting your finger or face.

Tall Fence: 

Usually, the component provides support to the workpiece during the cutting process. it should sit on the miter table flat and have an even face to maintain high accuracy when making crosscuts. Also, a tall one may produce better results when it comes to cutting the baseboard or crown molding vertically. 

Ambidextrous, Ergonomic Handle:

The switch trigger to power a miter saw is mostly located at the saw head handle. As such, the one for your tool should be easy to grasp and [probably] with anti-slip overmold for better control. This handle should also be ambidextrous, meaning you should be comfortable to use as a right-handed or left-handed person.

A High-Quality Blade:

After the motor, the blade is the second most crucial feature and it defines the kind of cuts you end with. For the better, it should be strong- especially tungsten carbide so that you can work on tougher materials without it getting dull or wearing out quickly.

Furthermore, you should make sure the tooth geometry of the blade corresponds with the design of your tool. If it’s our sliding miter, for instance, you should consider the teeth set with a low [or negative] hook angle. This is to help prevent the blade from “climbing” the stock being cut. Thereby minimize the risk of self-feeding [overall high feed rate] and the risk of injuries.

Longer Extension Arms:

The main reason you opt for a sliding miter saw in place of the fixed make is because you want to do more. Therefore, a blade that has longer rails might be better in your endeavor as you will be able to work on larger boards.

Luckily enough, most 8-1/2 inch sliding miter saws often stretch between 6 and 8 inches towards the edge of the table. Thus, improving the maximum cutting capacity from 2×4 inches to 2×12 inches.

Vice Clamp Assembly:

The last thing you would want is to keep holding your workpiece every time you’re cutting. Not only does it make your tasks harder, but also may compromise the accuracy of your cuts.

Therefore, a solid clamp might come in handy by helping position and firmly secure the workpiece to the fence. Hence making possible you get to cut with high precision and safely [with lesser chances of dangerous kickbacks].

Dust Collection System:

Truthfully, a miter saw is one of the messiest tools you can have in your workshop. With its superior speeds, it tends to create a lot of waste, throwing it all over the working space. But when there are a working dust chute and port, it helps remove chips and sawdust from the surface of your workpiece. Thereby enhancing the visibility of the cut line for a better cutting process. 

The feature also helps minimize the amount of the debris being throw by the blade, and ensure easier cleaning after the cutting session.

Frequently Asked Question

Which Is The Best 8-1/2 Inch Sliding Miter Saw For The Money?

Well, that’s quite a vague question as it all depends on your preference and project requirements. Just like most, the line of 8-inch sliding miter saws features various models that fall under different capabilities and budgets. If trying to build a small shop for yourself, a piece like the No products found.” /] might work better for you. 

How Big Of A Board Can An an8-Inch Sliding Miter Saw Cut?

An 8-inch miter saw often borrows its size number from the diameter of its blade. It’s one of the few remaining smaller tools that you can add in your workshop if you don’t do heavy-duty construction. While it might differ in some cases, the majority of 8-inch sliding miter saws can work on a 2×12” lumber comfortably and efficiently. You can even work on a 3-11/16” thick workpiece lying flat or vertically cut over 3” of crown molding.

Is It Worth It Investing In A Sliding Miter Saw? 

Absolutely, yes! The tool can do all the other things the non-sliders can, plus extra that they can’t do. Especially if you do a lot of wood joining, the tool can produce the most accurate crosscuts, bevels, miters, and compound cuts. And with added extension arms, you’re able to work on wider boards and at a faster pace.

Can I Use A 10-Inch Blade On My 8-Inch Miter Saw?

Like we stated earlier, miter saws borrow their size number from the diameter of their blades. The blade mounts to the saw head if both of their arbors are similar- without being larger or smaller. In most cases, a 10-inch and 8-inch miter saw feature a 5/8” arbor. Nonetheless, you can’t mount the latter with a 10” blade but you can use an 8” blade on a 10-inch saw.

Final Verdict

For a home workshop or if you’re not a contractor, a 12-inch miter saw might be unnecessary, unless you deal with 6×6” lumber a lot. A smaller device is relatively enough for your small tasks involving making crosscuts and angled cuts. 

As we have pointed out in the article, getting the best 8-1/2 inch sliding miter saw might work out well without compromises. You will be able to work on larger pieces of material, which undeniably is what you want if serious on your craft. 

That’s all for today and we duly hope you have found our article informative and helpful for your current situation.

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