6 Best Ball Bearings In The World

Every other machine out there! The moving parts need the best ball bearings to reduce the friction during its movement, support the mechanical rotating body, and secure its rotation accuracy. Skaters, both beginners, and professionals love a smooth ride with fast speed and less friction to fulfill that freedom and happiness brought by skateboarding. Even though these parts are generally small, they are essential when it comes to machine functionality.

Normally they are hidden by other body parts of the machine, and its rarely seen. So, there is a high probability that no one will give you a thumbs up for a new ball bearing when you show up at a group fun activity. But deep down, you know what you got! Now it’s time to relax and enjoy all the excitement without any regret. Because you have paid the price, choose the best out of the six reviewed here. And yes, all these come with a price tag; it’s upon you to make a decision depending on your personal preference and financial stability if other factors are held constant. 

Best Ball Bearings

Factors To Consider When buying Ball bearings

To get a quality and durable ball bearing for your machine, you must consider several factors before making a final decision. These will make a huge difference by providing your wheels the capability to roll smoothly. Its quality depends majorly on the material used, which in the end determines the price too. 

There are cheaper balls in the market, but they can break or get deformed easily due to the pressure caused by skaters, scooters etc. You can either go for sealed on non-sealed bearings based on your preference. So, if you have been asking yourself, ‘how do I choose ball bearings? Here are the factors to look at:  


Ball bearings are made of different materials, as discussed below:


Steel is very common in the industry and is known for its durability and economical purpose. The quality varies from the high-grade premium steel, making the bearing durable and faster, to low-grade steel, which tends to rust when exposed to moisture. Indeed, steelworks well, but the energy caused by the heavy friction can render them ineffective. 

Friction has the adequacy to heat the metal, making them expand, which eventually renders them useless. When steel bearing is well-oiled, clean and dry, it will give you good service for a long period. If by any chance you get them wet, lubricate them and ensure they are totally dry.


Compared with the steel ones, ceramic ball bearings are much harder and deform less when energy is applied. These bearings are made from a compound known as silicon nitride, which makes them smoother. While ensuring that they don’t rust when exposed to moisture, this feature makes them suitable for rain boards and cruises. 

The limitation is the fact that ceramic itself is a brittle substance, thus susceptible to breakage. As a norm, high performance is realized at a high cost, but anyone who has dealt with them knows their worth.


What makes Titanium extraordinary is its lightweight, capacity, rust-resistant and durability. They are more similar to steel balls in terms of performance, even though they can last longer due to their strength and corrosion resistance.

Plastic Ball Bearing

Well, plastic ball bearings are the newer technology in the market, offering additional benefits not found in steel, ceramic or titanium types. They are ideal for normal to high application. Its significant features include; lightweight, corrosion-resistant, self-lubricant and high-performance operations. At the moment, there are few plastic manufacturers that put a high price tag on the bearing. Remember, there are instances where we cannot use plastic bearing, e.g., applications with very high loads or prolonged temperatures exceeding 300 Fahrenheit.


Prices vary because of numerous factors like brands, materials and ABEC ratings, just to name a few. Choose something worth your budget and suitable for the purpose. It’s better to spend more and go for a quality and durable bearing to avoid any future disappointment. Prices range from $5-$15 and maybe $100 at the high end. The good thing about the high-end bearings is their capability to outlast the cheaper models multiples times. Price also goes hand in hand with other factors; check all of them.

ABEC ratings

In general, ABEC ratings determine tolerance and precision bearing based on the exact measurements. The rating starts from one to nine, meaning the higher the number, the higher the tolerance. You need to part away with a huge amount of money for a higher tolerance model since it’s determined as the best overall. Not all the brands available in the market are rated via ABEC; other companies choose not to. While others believe their brands exceed the given ratings.

Performance And Ease Of Use

The ease of access to clean ball bearings and the model’s capacity to protect the balls from getting clogged up with dirt are two essential aspects to consider. The sealed one requires less cleaning maintenance than the open models, which need to be cleaned after every use. All ball models are made to withstand the wear and tear caused by pressure. However, the premium quality types are constructed and designed to bear more work routines for a long period. Pre-lubricated types are preferred as they come ready to use right away out of the box without hassle. On top of that, they are maintenance-free so, no need for oil.

Others Features 

With the availability of several models and sizes of ball bearing, getting the suitable one can be challenging. Some of the crucial features you also need to check include;

1. Size– 608 sized-bearing is a standard and popular size in the industry. But it’s significant to check and confirm that the size of the ball bearing fits your application.

2. Design – they are two types of ball bearings, i.e., miniature and pre-lubricated; pick one that will suit your intended use.

3. Sealed Or Open Type Bearing– usually open model is lubricated and has a shield that protects the irremovable balls. The wonderful thing about these models is that it is easy to clean even though they get dirty more often than sealed ones.

4. Count– different applications need specific ball bearings counts. Therefore, when making a purchase, go for the one with the right counts to match your needs.

5. Shielded Bearing– are you going for the sealed balls or those that have shields? Others have shields on both sides for protection, which can be removed with ease when cleaning.

6. Warranty– check if the warranty is available on preferred models before buying the ball bearing. If they have defects or are not similar to your specification, you can get a replacement.

7. The color-several industry manufactures its bearing with the colorful final touch. Some are red, blue, yellow or any other color you might think of, to make stylish and very attractive. It’s no doubt that you will pick your favorite color over others.

Top Six Best Ball Bearing In 2021 Review

Indeed the market is flooded with many products; but, you will eventually get something to suit your needs, especially if you go through the article. You will make a wise decision by reading through the top six ball bearings in the market. Continue reading!

Bones Swiss Ceramic Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack

Having been around for more than twenty-five years in the market, bone manufacturers offer the best quality bearings. The brand is very popular globally, and everyone in the skating board community has heard of it. Even in today’s competitive market, the company has managed to remain dominant. Bones Swiss and Bones Reds are the current major product line the company deals with.

Bones swiss ceramics bearings come in a single pack of eight balls. The set has a very nice and attractive sticker as well as for instructions plus bearing spacers. They are made with premium ceramic material with a top-notch design. All bone bearings are not rated by the ABEC scale since they believe their quality is high than what is provided. These balls are lighter and can roll three times than steel balls. For smooth roll, dirt resistance and faster acceleration, go for this model. They are also durable and non-corrosive.


1. It comes with bones speed cream and spacers

2. Durable with great speed and smooth ride

3. Very high resistance to dirt and moisture

4. The strong and lightweight ball that are non-corrosive and are made with ceramic

5. Has removable shied that help reduce the friction


1. Not suitable for skate beginners

2. costly

Weight 3.52 ounces
Product dimension(5* 5* 2 inches)
ManufacturerBones Bearing s
Item model numberBscwbx88

Bones Reds Skateboard Bearing Eight Packs

Manufactured by the USA bestselling brand, the model is the most reliable skateboard bearing in the current market. The single set is composed of 8 balls with a logo sticker and instructions. Its outstanding benefits are ease of cleaning and less friction since it comes with a removable shield. Moreover, it promotes a high level of speed plus strength.

The high-quality bearings are made from steel. They are also pre-lubricated with the speed cream racing lubricant from bones company. The model comes in two forms, i.e., REDS and Super REDS, that have the slightly bigger ball. If you are looking for a model that allows fast acceleration go for Super REDS. If you also prefer speed and control, then REDS is still the best choice.


1. They are made of steel with normal size balls that promote speed balance and acceleration.

2. Removable rubber shield that reduces friction

3. Comes with spacers and spree cream

4. Superb   manufacturing quality around the market

5. A fair price that ranges from thirty to forty dollars


1. They are not durable when compared with the ceramic model.

2. The model doesn’t have a swiss design.

Weight 0.16 ounces
Product dimension(4* 1.9* 0.5)″
ManufacturerBones Bearing s
Item model numberBSACBR88

Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings, Pro Longboard Bearings, 608.ABEC. (Pack of 8)

This is yet an affordable model from a German manufacturing company, i.e., Yellow Jacket. The brand gives you several colors and quite a variety of designs to choose from. They are made using a premium steel material that promotes smoothness for every spin and reduces the spinning noise.

The model has two variations, i.e., the stinger’s design at ABEC-11 and the striped one with ABEC 9 ratings. With this kind of rating, the models prove to be of better quality. They are also pre-lubricated with a good speed racing lube. They are even more interesting because if you are not satisfied with these bearing, there is a guarantee of a full refund of your money.


1. Guarantee money back policy

2. Two distinct variations with numerous color choices

3. Affordable price

4. Durable steel bearing with great speed

5. Very competitive pick as compared with other big brands by professionals


1. They are not as durable as ceramic models

2. Uneven rotation cycle complaints from clients.

ColorBlack mamba
ManufacturerYellow Jacket

Zealous Bearing For Skateboards And Longboards (Steel)

These bearing, made from steel with a green inner and outer seal plus a touch of white ceramic, is worth your price. They have built-in speed rings and spacers, which help you lose small parts, especially when changing.  Zealous is pre-lubricated bearings with a long-lasting grease that prevents corrosion on the interiors while reducing friction. For a high-end bearing with quality material, durable and affordable, go for this type.

The single eight-pack extraordinary model ensures that you have a smooth ride at the same time super first. The machined is provisioned 8mm axle holes to fit snugs on the axle, reducing the slop. One factor which still mesmerizes users in the lubricant is how the nano-ceramic works. Mostly cheaper models are associated with lower quality, but this is not the case with zealous bearings. The cost is twenty dollars only with guaranteed performance.


1. Slow break-in

2. Built-in spacers and speed rings

3. Pre-lubricated with a premium grease, i.e., ArchoilNanoceramic.

4. Has color-coordinated rubber seal that helps prevent dirt as well as debris from penetrating the interior


1. Not super-fast

Product dimension(4* 1.9* 0.5)″

Rollerbones Bearings 8mm 16pk

These super-precise skate-bearing balls from bone manufacturers feature high-speed removal of nylon ball cages. They also have a non-contact and removable rubber shield well known for having close to zero friction. Rollerbones bearings are durable, and you won’t regret choosing them. With them, be sure to have an enjoyable ride to remember. A single set has 16 packs of 8mm bearing.

The smooth ride is made possible with the premium lubricant that Rollerbones uses to ensure low-viscosity speed is controlled. You can easily clean them since they don’t have any rolling resistance. The only limitation to these models is that they produce a bit of noise.


1. Highly known for its speed and preciseness

2. Durable with low maintenance cost

3. Easy to clean

4. Furnish with removable high-speed nylon balls

5. Close to no friction provided by its non-contact rubber shield

6. Lubricated using premium speed cream

7. Low -viscosity


1. A bit noisy

Weight 6.38 ounces
Product dimension(1.18* 4.72* 2.36 inches)
Item model number17506719820

Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings Fastest Premium 680rs Titanium- Longboard, Skate Board, Kick Scooter, Inline And Roller Skates,8-pack

Indeed, you cannot go wrong with the model; the brand perfects them for smoothness and speed in their final testing. Its rating is ABEC -9, which means its accuracy is of high quality. For a smooth ride and high speed, apply lubrication.

Unlike the noisy models, these bearings are often very quiet when rolling in different wheels fit. Heady shake pro is efficient and can give you service for a long period. The waterproof stickers, double strengthened retainer, and titanium coating are a great combination that enhances their overall toughness. If you are a fan of a longboard or traveling, invest in these models, you will not be disappointed.


1. Pocket friendly with a price of 23 dollars

2. Super -fast and high ABEC-9 rating with high precision

3. Pre-lubricated with premium oil to ensure a smooth and quiet ride.

4. High quality steel bearings with titanium coating and corrosion resistant

5. Guaranteed satisfaction.


1. Not suitable for beginners

2. Not good for specific tricks since they focus largely on the speed

Date First AvailableJuly 29, 2019
ManufacturerHeady shake


What Are Ball Bearings?

Ball bearings are the rolling elements normally placed in our machines utilizing balls to separate bearing races. Hence reducing friction due to rotation. We do have serviceable and non-serviceable bearings. Serviceable ones have a removable metal shield made of plastic or rubber and can be taken out while cleaning or lubricating them. Non-serviceable ones have a metal shield that is not removable and can only be cleaned by wiping it off with a clean cloth.

What Is The Use Of Bearings?

They are specifically used to reduce the friction during machine movement, support the mechanical rotating body, and ensure its accuracy, just to name a few.

Why Do Ball Bearing Need Spacers?

Not really, but it does prolong their lifespan. Simply because bearings are usually corrosive, meaning their lifespan is shortened by corrosion. Corrosion is majorly caused by environmental components, such as rock or dirt that clogged to your skateboard bearing etc. people prefer to use spacers to increase ball bearing service time though it will eventually wear and tear out due to corrosion. This leads to breaking down if you don’t act fast and replace them.

What Does ABEC Rating Means, And Is It Important To Ball Bearing?

The first ABEC stands for Annual Bearing Engineers Committee, and it’s the American way of rating the patience and accuracy of bearings. The standard is set by the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA) to grade bearings in terms of smoothness and noise or lack of it.

All are bearing with ABEC ratings bears attributes of their manufacturing. It has odd numbers starting from one to nine. When the ratings are high, the more accurate the manufacturer and the better speed plus performance. Note that ABEC does not always measure all bearings by certain manufacturers globally.

Are Their Companies Not Using The ABEC Rating Scale?

Yes, there are, and we had mentioned this earlier in our article. For example, Bones bearings have their rating scale system known as skate Rated. Their product has high and mighty performance due to the quality factors they follow that ABEC rating disregard.

Which One Do I Need Between Ceramic Bearings VS. Steel Bearing?

The right answer to this question depends largely on you! What do you want? Does your budget fits a certain type, and eventually, have you considered all the factors if it will suit your machine? Answering this question correctly, you will know what is good for you. Remember to compare and contrast both pros and cons of the two types; it will also guide you. 

Must I Buy A Full Pack?

Unfortunately, yes!  These types of balls are never sold out individually. The price is calculated based on the set and that all. What you can only do is purchase the right set which has your right count like your model.

How Can I Remove Bearing Shields?

Practically, it depends on the type of your shield. We will guide you through the basic ones available, I.e., metal and a rubber shield.

With The Rubber Shield

1. Using a paper clip, poke in slowly on the inside of the inner ring.

2. Carefully lift the clip while using the inner ring as a support to get rid of the rubber shield.

3. Clean thoroughly, then put back the rubber shield, push around the edges to snap inside deeply. 

With The Metal Shield

1. You need to use the slim pin or a needle-like item to poke in the outer ring where you can see a small gap.

2. When the needle or touches the seal ring, you will see it as it starts turning, push it out then lift it to the other side.

3. Tap you’re bearing softly on a surface until the shield comes out. Ensure the seal ring is out first.

4. Lastly, when you are done cleaning, put the metal shield gently, eventually putting it in the other side’s seal ring.

Final Verdict

Replacing your old and worn-out bearing with new ones doesn’t mean your work end there! You have to clean and lubricate your balls, often especially unlubricated and open ones, to continue enjoying exceptional services for long. Go for a quality and durable bearing to realize their worthwhile avoiding future dissatisfaction. Ensure your models are always dry if they get moist or wet to avoid rust while maintaining their functionality for the unlubricated case.

Purchasing these models can be stressful, mostly if you don’t have a buyer guide or are not informed. But don’t worry, we have made your work easier go through the article and place an order of your choice. Counterfeit goods are everywhere nowadays; know what to look for and make all your money count.

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