The 7 Best Chainsaw Chain For Hardwood In 2020

Working with trees like Oak and Mahogany is quite ambiguous. They produce some of the solidest timber that is incredibly strong and long-lasting, but also which is tough to drill or saw through. For higher cutting efficiency, you need to have the best chainsaw chain for hardwood at hand. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your sweat as you try to cut through the material or reset the bent chain teeth.

Of course, it’s also possible to complete the task with a handsaw. But if a power tool is prone to fail when it has the wrong accessories, then how will it be when doing manually. A lifetime, maybe, if you are dealing with an ancient oak tree that has survived the worst storms and the harshest summer sun.

Anyways, a chainsaw is a better tool to use as it’s very versatile and convenient when it comes to cutting through materials. Not to mention it’s effortless to work with, even for a novice.

Even so, there are various designs and models of a chainsaw. Therefore, how easy you can cut a particular hardwood depends on the type of tool in use.

The various chainsaw variants that you can find in the market include:

Electric Chainsaws

This is one of the most recommended power tools for homeowners as it runs on electricity. Hence, it doesn’t pollute the environment. The tool plugs into a power outlet, which allows them to operate at a higher amperage. Thus, delivering more cutting power for both small and medium applications.

Sadly, an electric chainsaw has to be connected to the electric outlet all the time. Hence, you might be limited in application, especially when working farther from the power source.

Cordless Chainsaws

Similarly, this type is an excellent choice for cutting through materials while at the same time conserving the environment. The chainsaw model runs on a rechargeable power source- mainly a lithium-ion battery. Hence, it’s quite flexible as you can carry it with you even in areas without electricity.

Despite its flexibility, however, a battery-powered chainsaw tends to have less power, and also the charge capacity doesn’t last very long. Therefore, you might need to have multiple batteries if you want to do a thorough and complete job.

Gas-Powered Chainsaw

Overall, this is the most used tool by adept landscapers, as well as homeowners due to its high power. It runs on a two-stroke engine that uses gasoline to produce the required power. Furthermore, the saw is significantly versatile and you can use it even in remote locations without worrying if there’s electricity.

Despite their powerful engines, however, gas-powered chainsaws are fairly bulky and loud when working. Also, they kind of pollute the air with smelly smoke. Hence, the reason we can’t recommend their use around residence.

Pole Chainsaws

Technically, a pole saw is a type of chainsaw on a stick and its purpose is mainly pruning/ trimming the hard-to-reach tree limbs. The tool’s often lighter than most power saws to avoid straining your muscles while in use. And it runs on either gasoline, rechargeable battery, or corded power.

Pneumatic Chainsaws

Well, this one is quite difficult to find in stores as it’s widely common in industrial settings. The chainsaw runs by highly pressurized air pockets and it’s more powerful than both electric and gasoline tools.

Also, the tool does have inbuilt systems to deliver oil or water and prevent the blade from overheating. Hence, the reason they are widely used in cutting metals and concrete.

Top Chainsaw Chain For Hardwood In 2020 (Best Pick)

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Chainsaw Chain For Hardwood

How To Choose The Best Chainsaw Chain For Hardwood

Simply, you can saw through hardwood using any type of chainsaw. All you need is to choose the proper make and install the right accessories- particularly the cutting bar and chain.

Just like their name suggests, hardwood trees are tougher than softwood. Their wood has a condensed and denser structure that can result in a crooked or slower cutting especially if the chain is inferior quality.

With a good quality chain installed, however, you not only have the benefit of faster and cleaner works. But also your tool will require lesser maintenance and serve you for a longer time before demanding a replacement.

Like with many other tools, however, choosing the right chain for your power saw can be far from easy. We have dozens of brands in the market, and now Google has numerous compelling ads that you don’t even know which to click.

In this article, we’ve amassed eight products that should help you find the best chainsaw chain for hardwood cutting. We duly hope you can find the right selection that suits your tool and your preference.

1.Editor’s Choice: Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

As an experienced woodworker, you certainly know Oregon is the number one when it comes to chainsaw chains. Their provider is trusted by millions globally, and that’s why this piece is no different. It’s our favorite due to its amazing compatibility, high customer rating, and affordability.

Whether it’s Craftsman, Homelite, Poulan, or Remington chainsaw, the chain is friendly with most as long they’re not beyond size 42cc. it’s a semi-chisel tooth setting, which is a better choice when it comes to cutting hardwood and frozen trees.

The saw chain features a lovely cutter design that delivers smooth and precise cuts, with minimum kickback. Its construction comprises a hardened steel and chrome-plated cutters. Hence, you get to use it for a longer time before replacing it.

Summary Features:

  • It’s compatible with most top chainsaw brands of sizes up to 42cc
  • Designed for 16-inch cutting bar
  • Cuts smooth and precisely, with minimum kickback
  • Effortless to sharpen
  • Comes in various sizes, ranging from one to 5-pack
  • Can cut for long before becoming dull
  • Has an exclusive low vibration design for easy handling
  • The chain is affordable and long-lasting.


Although it’s high-performing, the chain is quite selective on some Remington chainsaws.

2.Best Release: Oregon M72 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain

Although a new product in the market- Amazon, this product has turned out to be one of the fastest bestsellers due to its high quality. The piece is for use with 38-55cc chainsaws that have a cutting bar length of 18 inches.

With a narrow .325” pitch, this chainsaw chain can cut oak and other hardwoods without straining your hands’ muscles. It has the exclusive LubriTec technology that enables better lubrication to reduce friction for smarter cutting and last longer.

Still, the tool has a rugged construction, with chrome-plated cutters and hardened rivets. Hence, it provides you with double convenience in terms of longevity.

It’s compatible with a wide range of brands, including Husqvarna, Makita, McCulloch, Echo, and others. But it’s always good you consult if you have the tiniest doubt.

Summary Features:

  • It consists of the exclusive OCS-01 steel and chrome-plated cutters that are highly durable
  • Has a low profile pitch for easier cutting
  • Allows high efficient oiling to reduce friction and minimize over-heating of the blade
  • Friendly with most chainsaw models of sizes 38-55cc
  • Available in various buying choices ranging from single to five pack
  • Offered with a spectacular technical support team


None we can think of for now.

3.Best Budget: Tallox 3/8 LP 16-inch Chainsaw Chains

No products found.

As human beings, we all do love items that are affordable and high quality. This is why this chain consists of a combination of both to make sure you get to enjoy your landscaping hobby/ profession with a smile. It comes as a pack of three, all high performing and long-lasting.

The chainsaw chain is for a 16-inch cutting bar that has .050” gauge and a 3/8 low profile pitch. It has a tensile strength construction, with sharp half-chisel chrome plated teeth for smoother cutting.

The chain is compatible with most chainsaw brands, including Craftsman, Homelite, Remington, Echo, and Sun Joe. All required of you is to make sure your tool model has the right pitch and gauge.

Summary Features:

  • It comes as a pack of three for high efficiency
  • So simple to sharpen
  • Has a low profile to allow effortless cutting
  • Very flexible and easy to install
  • Features chrome-plated cutting teeth. Hence, doesn’t wear out fast
  • Totally lightweight for easier carrying


Although it’s one of the best choices for a tight budget, the chainsaw chain gets dull sooner when cutting harder lumber.

4. Best for Pole Saws: Oregon R34 AdvanceCut Micro Lite Chainsaw Chain

If you own a pole chainsaw in your home or workshop, this chain can be a good piece for replacement. It has solid heat-treated steel links and chrome-plated cutters that are sharp and tough on even the most stubborn tree limbs and trunks.

The chain is for a pole saw that has an 8-inch cutting bar and a 3/8” sprocket. It’s compatible with quite a number of systems, including models from Remington, Ryobi, and Black & Decker.

With the exclusive low-vibration and low-kickback design, this saw guarantees maximum comfort while controlling and maneuvering your tool. It also has an innovative LubriTec system that enables an excellent delivery of oil to the cutters and bars. Hence, enhancing faster, clean cutting while at the same time helping extend the longevity of your tool.

Summary Features:

  • It’s high-performing and durable
  • Designed for 8-inch cutting bar and 3/8” sprocket
  • Has a low profile pitch that enables effortless cutting
  • Enables superior lubrication for smarter cutting and reduce overheating of the saw
  • Made in the USA
  • You can use with Oregon, Remington, Poulan, Ryobi, and or Black & Decker pole saws
  • The chainsaw chain is highly portable and straightforward to install

5.Husqvarna SP33G 16-inch LP X-Cut Chainsaw Chain

No products found.

Although most know them for chainsaws, Husqvarna tends to offer some of the best cutting chains as well. As one of their bestsellers, the SP33G model features a lovely design that guarantees smarter slicing of logs and high durability.

The two capabilities are mainly facilitated by the used .325 pitch and the .050” gauge. But the system also has unique channels for delivering oil to the cutting edges. Hence, resulting in superior lubrication and lower friction while working.

As a product for all, this chainsaw is effortless to install and also you can easily carry during your errands without any compromises.

Summary Features:

  • It’s for use with 16-inch chainsaw cutting bars
  • Features a low profile pitch which enhances faster cutting
  • Allows high efficient lubrication for successful friction reduction
  • The chain is highly durable
  • Very light for easier portability
  • Stays sharper for a longer period
  • You can use on various chainsaw models, including 435, 440E, 545, and 550XPG


The chainsaw chain is highly recommended for Husqvarna chainsaw models

6.Oregon S62 AdvanceCut 18-Inch Chainsaw

No products found.

This is another spectacular chainsaw that you can pick for your chainsaw that has an 18-inch cutting bar. It features a top-grade build, with hardened steel links and had-chromed cutting tips. Thus, high performing and durable.

The chainsaw has a semi-chisel teeth design that cuts through materials cleanly without getting dull quickly. It also passed the kickback performance requirements and also has incorporated a low vibration technology to enable easier handling while cutting.

Whether you own a Homelite, Craftsman, Poulan, or Grey- electric or gas-powered, this chain is compatible with all. All you have to do is ensure the tool has a 3/8” sprocket and the 18” bar.

Summary Features:

  • The saw chain features a quality solid construction for high durability
  • It has the exclusive LubriTec oiling system to enhance a superior lubrication
  • Available in up to five buying options
  • It’s easier to sharpen and doesn’t get dull too soon
  • Works with minimum kickback and vibrations. Hence, easier to handle
  • Lightweight for easier carrying
  • You can use with various chainsaws brands and models, not limited to, Echo, Molelite, Kobalt, McCulloch, and many more

7.Oregon D72 AdvanceCut 20-Inch Chainsaw Chain

Although the last one on our list, this chain is just like many of the Oregon products. It features a combination of heat-treated [OCS-)1] steel links and chrome-plated cutting tips. Hence, it can cut through Oak and other hardwood logs without overheating or wearing out fast.

The chain has a 0.50” gauge and you can use in most chainsaw brands of sizes 50-100cc, but as long they have 3/8” sprocket. Furthermore, the saw is for a 20-inch cutting bar and it has 72 drive links.

So, you have to make sure the details match exactly with your tool if you’re to enjoy its convenience optimally.

Summary Features:

  • It’s straightforward to install and work with
  • Features the exclusive LubriTec design for high efficient lubrication
  • Has a rugged construction to assure high durability
  • Available in five different buying options
  • Highly versatile and flexible
  • Cuts relatively fast with minimal kickback and vibrations


As a full chisel design, this chain doesn’t retain sharpness for long as with the semi-chisel models. Also, the creator doesn’t recommend using on a Timberpro chainsaw

Buyers Guide: Essential Tips to Consider When Buying a Chainsaw Chain

From the above reviews, we can conclude that saw chains are available in numerous combinations of sizes, types, and features. As such, the replacement piece that you order has to be perfectly compatible with the power tool that you buy. Hence, ensuring easier setup and optimal performance.

But, how can you know if the chain that you’re buying is the right one for your chainsaw tool?

Well, that’s pretty simple as you just need the information about your chainsaw, starting with the length of the guide bar. For most brands, you can find these measurement numbers embedded on the tool, but in the case of an emergency, you can easily measure them.

For the bar length, for instance, you just have to place your tape measure from the tip to where the bar first emerges from the casing. And in case you get a fractional digit, you just round off to the nearest even number.

Once you have that length, the next thing is to determine the kind of pitch, gauge, and the drive links count. The exact number of the three is very crucial when fitting in the guide bar and also in performance.


Usually, some people think that this is a measure of the number of links present on a particular chain, but it’s not. The term instead defines how close together the links are, and it tends to be similar to the sprocket pitch.

Without the printed info, therefore, you can open the sprocket cover and check the numbers printed on the drive system. If not that, you can measure the distance between three rivets on your old chainsaw chain, and then divide by half.

Depending on the model of your tool, you can get a pitch of ¼”, .325”, 3/8”, or .404”. The ¾” low profile size, though, is the most preferred as it cut materials with a narrow kerf. Thereby allowing faster cutting without using much power since there is minimal resistance.


On its end, the gauge is a measure of how thick the drive links of a chain are. It’s yet a crucial aspect since if it’s thicker, the chain won’t fit into the guide bar. And if it’s narrower, then the chain won’t be able to hold on to the bar properly.

Similarly, the gauge measurements can be found printed on the chainsaw [mostly guide bar] or user manual. If none of the two has it, you can then get an accurate caliper and measure the width of one/ two drive links.

Most of the best saws often have a gauge of .050”, but you can also find others with .043”, .058”, or .063”.

 Drive Links Count

Simply, measuring the overall length of a chainsaw chain can’t help you find the right one for your tool. The best and accurate way for this is to determine a combination of pitch and the drive links. But since the manufacturers don’t print the numbers for the latter on the tool, you will have to count them

Other chainsaw chain features that can help enhance your tool performance include:

Low-kickback: this is mostly facilitated by special designs such as a narrow kerf. It helps minimize the kickback occurrence by limiting the amount of material being cut. So, you might find it slicing logs slower than more aggressive chain models.

Built-in Oiling system: similarly, the feature consists of a special design, which can be either grooves or holes in the drive links or cutting teeth. It helps keep the chain properly lubricated during and between operation. Hence, reducing the amount of friction for faster cutting and extend the longevity of your tool.

Skip-tooth: this is common in most regular chainsaw chains that have no low-kickback function. It usually consists of one space link between the cutting teeth, whereby it allows lower resistance for faster cutting.

Low-vibration system: this one comprises a space between the chain and the guide bar that acts as a buffer against friction. Thereby allowing comfortable control of your tool and also reduce the risk of health concerns, like numbness and inflammation, to the hand.


Commonly Asked Questions

What Is The Best Chainsaw Chain For Slicing Hardwood?

Any saw chain with solid, sharp cutters can surely cut through a hardwood tree. If you want a smooth finish, a semi-chisel chain like the Oregon S56 AdvanceCut will be a good go. It might be slower, yes, but it does a clean cut without getting dull quickly.

Why Does My Chainsaw Dull So Soon?

Essentially, poor quality cutters can be one of the reasons for your saw isn’t retaining its sharpness. Second, continuous cutting on dirty wood can make your chainsaw to get dull quickly. Also, the overall chain design, such as full chisel and .325” pitch, can cause quick dulling when used wrongly.

Is It Worth Sharpening A Power Saw?

Absolutely, yes. A dull chain certainly cuts slower and also it can catch or slip and kickback, which can be fatal. After sharpening, however, your tool will cut materials faster and at the same time prevent the cutting teeth from wearing out fast.

What Is The Fastest Cutting Chainsaw Chain?

That title goes for a full chisel chain that has square-corned teeth styling. The chain type is often more aggressive when cutting and it’s one of the better choices when cutting frozen and hard trees. Even so, it’s highly sensitive to dirt [causes quick dulling] and also has a high chance of kickback. Hence, only recommended for experienced users.


Up to now, we believe we have provided you with all the essential info that should help you choose the best chainsaw chain for hardwood. The article has included some reviews and a quick guide that should direct you if you wish to get the most out of your tool. And if you want to enjoy the best, then, you should offer regular maintenance practices, including cleaning and lubricating.

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