The Best Chainsaw Sharpeners for 2020? Sharpen your tools like a pro and enjoy using them!

There is nothing as frustrating as using blunt tools in your workshop or even as a DIY-enthusiast. It does not only make your work slower, but it also causes fatigue. Using tools that are not sharp can make you hate what you do since it is quite challenging to produce fabulous items. You will, therefore, do all it takes to get the right tools that remain sharp for long.

But will the devices remain sharp forever? The answer is no, of course. You need to look for a way of sharpening your tools, especially chainsaws, which need to be very sharp for efficiency. Do you know that with the best chainsaw sharpeners, you can do a lot of cutting within a short period and increase your production? Well, I thought you should know. We understand the challenges of choosing the tools. We also feel you need to know how to select the best tools from the many in the market. This document shows you what you need to consider, the six best chainsaw sharpeners, as well as answer some of the FAQs that are vital. READ on and select what is ideal for your work:

Factors to consider when choosing the best chainsaw sharpeners 

If you are working with chainsaws, you don’t need to spend a lot of time cutting through a thick piece of wood due to the un-sharpened tool. It is for this reason that getting the best chainsaw sharpener comes in handy. A sharp chainsaw also has fewer chances of catching and causing kickbacks, and it also uses less battery power or gas. The following factors are worth considering for you to pick the most suitable sharpener:

  • How often you need to sharpen your tool

The number of time sharpening will depend on the type of wood you are cutting and also how often you do it. If you cut thick wood frequently, then you will need to sharpen your chainsaw after several hours of continuously using it. You may, however, need to sharpen the tool when it fails to pull itself into the wood or if it gets sand or dirt.

  • Your needs and expectations

You should choose your sharpener depending on your needs and the type of wood you are cutting. For example, if you deal with dirty wood surfaces that may make your tool dull quickly, you should pick a device that is fast and easy to use since you will use it more frequently. If, on the other hand, you do not use your chainsaw regularly, then you may invest in a cheaper manual sharpener. 

  • The types of sharpeners

There are three types of sharpeners i.e., hand-held files, electric, and bar-mounted. The kind you choose also depends on the chainsaw you have and how often you will sharpen it. Portable files may not be ideal since they require a lot of manual labor to use and may not file all the teeth to your satisfaction. The bar-mounted tools will fit over the saw’s bar and sharpen about a third of the device at a time. They can provide more even grinding across your device. The electric sharpeners are the most suitable if you are dealing with huge pieces of wood and use your chainsaw more frequently. They require less manual labor, and they can be adjustable to fit neatly on any chain. The tools also give more even sharpening across the teeth in comparison with the other two.

  • Compatibility with the chain

There are different types and sizes of chainsaws from different materials, which means that they will not be compatible with all sharpeners. It is, therefore, necessary to check the pitch generally labeled on the chainsaw bar to know what sharpener is ideal. However, the adjustable electric tools are compatible with a variety of saws and maybe a perfect choice.

  • The quality and build

It is advisable to choose a sharpener that is durable and easy to use, as this means you won’t need to replace them after a few months of use. Since chainsaws are metallic, you should select a sharpener made from machined-metal. The sharpeners wear out less since the sharpening is metal-on-metal. You should also look for tools that are simple to use and those with built-in safety mechanisms. Look for one with a warranty as this may save on cost.

  • User’s guide

Chainsaws can cause you injuries even when dull, especially when sharpening. It is, therefore, vital to purchase a sharpener that comes with a user’s guide with instructions that are simple to follow. As for safety precautions, you should wear heavy gloves and eye-protection anytime you are using the tools. You should also not hold the chain near your body, but you can use a vice to hold it down, especially if sharpening on a chainsaw bar.

  • The Cost

It is also necessary to look for a chainsaw that is affordable and efficient at the same time. You need to compare different brands from different sellers and choose the most affordable for you. You may need to talk to others who have used or are using these tools to be sure that you get the most suitable. 

Top 6 chainsaw sharpeners in 2020 (Best Picks)

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Chainsaw Sharpeners

Summary of the Best six chainsaw sharpeners

Choosing the best chainsaw sharpener will save you a lot of deal on time as well as money. You will, therefore, need to do enough research and compare the several brands and models in the market to come up with the most suitable for your needs. The process requires you to do a lot of trial and error to be sure. It may, however, be challenging for you since you require a lot of time and resources. We understand this challenge, and we have, therefore, used our time and resources to research and to compile a list of the best tools that stand the test of time. Read on and choose according to your needs:

Chainsaw sharpener


Katzo Chainsaw Sharpener file Kit

Contains tools used in all fields Comes with a variety of files to meet all chainsaw sharpening needs Flat and round files for fast filing and cutting Stained and finished wood handle for comfortable handling when using  Sharp chain for safer, speedier wor5k enabling you to get the most out of your tool
Made of quality material for improved performance

Tools ECSS electric chainsaw sharpener

The perfect tool for sharpening your chainsaw
Can mount on to wall, bench or vise for easy accessibility and stability Compatible with most chain designs 4200 RPM grinding speed, 60Hz, 85-watts  Plugs into a standard 120-volt wall outlet

410-120-Bench or wall-mounted saw chain grinder by Oregon

Mounts to a bench or a wall Can sharpen up to .404-inch pitch chain In-built light and one-way motor rotation for secure operation Simple to use adjustments Longer nose life and superior performance

ADINC Chainsaw Sharpener 

Lightweight and convenient  Portable and easy to use outdoors Easy to install  Safe and fast chain sharpening Compatible with the majority of chains

Bar mount chainsaw sharpener by Granberg.

Quickly and easily sharpens any chainsaw Compatible with any saw with any file size Made from cast aluminum and zinc-plated steel

2 N 1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener by Stihl

3/8-inch  2 in 1 file guide Sharpens chain cutters and lowers your depth gauges consists of two round-files and one flat file 
Comes with a distinct file holder and filing guide

a). Katzo chainsaw sharpener file kit

katzo chainsaw sharpener kit is a convenient set of tools that contains devices useful in all fields. It helps you get your chainsaw back to its optimal performance. It has a roll-up device pouch that helps to keep everything you need in one place as well as making it portable. You can thus carry it with you wherever you want to use it. The kit has several sharpening components that are affordable and efficient in comparison with other brands that may be made from cheap materials.

It is possible to have fast filing and cutting using the tools in this kit since they have premium excellent tooth flat and round files. The finished files include 5/32-inch, 3/16-inch, and 7/32-inch. The handle is made of hardwood, and it is compatible with any of the sharpeners. They can also attach to the depth-gauge tool; it can, therefore, be used on any chainsaw.


  • Convenient chainsaw file kit
  • Variety of files for all your chainsaw filing needs
  • Premium fine flat and round file for quick filing and cutting
  • A hardwood grip that can attach to any of the files
  • Stained and finished wood handle for a comfortable grip when using
  • Affordable and efficient


  • Item weight: 8 ounces
  • Product dimensions: 3 x 1 x 2 inches
  • Size: sharpener
  • Item model number: Katzo

An ideal tool kit for all your chainsaw filing needs!

b). ECSS Electric Chainsaw sharpener by Buffalo Tools

With ECSS electric chainsaw sharpener by Buffalo tools, it is possible to keep your chain in excellent condition and save cash by filing your machine. The device mounts onto walls, benches, and vises for simple accessibility and stability. You will, therefore, sharpen your chain without straining your body or even getting fatigued. You need to worry about the model of your chain since the sharpener is compatible with the most popular saw designs. 

With a grinding speed of 4200 RPM, 60HZ, and 85-watts, the tool files your tools quickly, thus enabling you to increase your productivity in cutting. You will also plug the machine in any standard 120-volt wall outlet, and therefore you can use it anywhere conveniently. 


  • Easy to set up on bench, walls or vise
  • Grinding speed of 4200 RPM
  • A Grinding wheel of 4-1/4inch by 1/8-inch
  • Ideal for all chain designs
  • 7/8-inch arbor


  • Item weight: 4.11 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 13.5 x 9.5 x 6.2 inches
  • Size: pack of one

Ideal chainsaw sharpener for all designs!

c) ADINC Chainsaw Sharpener

The chainsaw sharpener by ADINC is lightweight and portable, thus making it possible for you to use it outdoors. It provides a quick and straightforward sharpening method that takes only 3-5 seconds to complete the process. The device is easy to install since you only need to attach your chainsaw bar on the two holes of the file, close and then lock the tool and squeeze the chainsaw. The device is also easy and safe to use since your hands do not need to touch the whetstone, thus protecting your hands from injuries.

ADINC sharpener is compatible with chainsaws of sizes 14-inch, 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch, which have two holes on the end of the blade. The tool has two pins for fixing on to the chainsaw bar. One of the pins is adjustable to make it fit onto any chainsaw. The device comes with an extra whetstone that is easy to re-install in case it gets loose and which is also detachable. 


  • Convenient,  lightweight, and portable
  • Provides simple and quick sharpening method
  • Easy to install with two holes for attaching to the chainsaw bar
  • Secure and quick chainsaw sharpening 
  • Broad compatibility
  • Comes with an additional whetstone for convenience


  • Item weight: 12.8 
  • Product dimensions: 9.1 x 5.9 x 1.7 inches
  • Material; high-quality ABS plastic + whetstone
  • Color: yellow

Compatible with most chainsaws and provides quick sharpening methods!

d). 410-120-Bench or Wall Mounted Saw Chain Grinder

410-120 saw chain grinder is ideal for sharpening your chain up to .404 pitch chain. You can easily mount it either on to a bench or wall, thus making it simple to use. The device has an in-built light and one-way motor rotation as well as easy adjustments for secure operation. It also has three grinding wheels that make it grind perfectly on any chainsaw. 

The superior quality grinding wheels protect the cutters from burning and are therefore able to leave a precision finish on your chainsaw. The wheels come in two diameter sizes with a variety of thickness that enables them to meet various needs. 


  • Mounts on the bench or a wall
  • Includes a dressing brick, quick-check grinding template, and three abrasive wheels
  • 3500 RPM horsepower
  • The one-way motor operation for safety


  • Item weight: 17 pounds
  • Product dimension: 1 by one by 1 inch
  • Size: exclusive

It is an easy to use tool!

e). Bar-Mount Chainsaw Sharpener by Granberg, Model no G-106B

Granberg chainsaw sharpener is a professional tool that helps you to keep your chainsaw sharp all the time. It is ideal for precision sharpening of most chainsaws due to its compatibility, accuracy, and durability. It is easily attachable to your chain bar, and it holds all file sizes for ordinary chain pitches and lowering depth gauges. The device is manufactured from cast aluminum and zinc-plated steel that makes it long-lasting hence giving you value for your money. 

You will quickly obtain the right sharpening angle by using the calibrated swivel guide markings on the tool. It is also possible to use the integrated features to set the tooth length and file height. It is, therefore, easy to sharpen your saw at the correct angle, hence preventing you from getting fatigued. The settings also protect you from injuries as you use the tool.


  • Made of cast-aluminum and zinc-plated steel for durability and efficiency
  • Holds all files sizes for typical chain pitches and lowering depth gauges
  • Has calibrated swivel guide markings to set the right sharpening angle
  • Integrated features that allow you to set the tooth length and file height


  • Item weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 12.5 x 7 x 1.5 inches
  • Size: 35
  • Warranty Description: 12 months parts / 12 months labor

Easy and quick to use!

f). 2 n 1 Easy File Chainsaw Sharpener by Stihl

The 2-in-1 filing guide by Stihl is a chainsaw sharpener that makes your sharpening process fast and straightforward. The device completes two functions at once i.e., filing the saw chain cutters and lowering your depth gauges. It, therefore, takes less time in comparison with most sharpening tools. Thus you complete your tasks faster. This unique accessory is smooth and accurate, thus making it the ideal system for the maintenance of your chainsaw.

The 2-in-1 filing guide system consists of two round files, one flat file, and it also comes with a distinct file holder and a filing guide. It is, therefore, easy and convenient to use for your sharpening needs. The guide enables you to sharpen more with each stroke, and it is therefore easy to spend less time putting your chainsaw back to position. 


  • Sharpens your saw and lowers your depth gauges simultaneously 
  • Simple to maintain the chainsaw with this easy and accurate system
  • consists of two round-files and one flat-file
  • Comes with unique file holder and filing guide


  • Item weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Product dimensions: 14.1 by 2.5 x 0.5 inches
  • Color: the original version
  • Size: 3/8-inches

It is an Ideal chainsaw sharpener that is easy to use!

Frequently asked questions about the best chainsaw sharpeners

The following FAQs and their answers are helpful when buying and using the chainsaw sharpeners. 

Q. How do I know which is the best chainsaw sharpener?

A chainsaw sharpener should be the one that sharpens perfectly while at the same time enhancing the user’s safetyThe tool should be compatible with the saw, and it should also be made from long-lasting material. 

  1. Q. How frequently should I sharpen my chainsaw?

It is necessary to know that chains can only be sharpened a certain number of times before losing their temper. If you exceed this number, it means you will have to replace them. It is necessary to ask the supply or read the instructions manual to know the ideal times. However, most chains can endure sharpening three to five times.

Q. What is the best angle for sharpening my chainsaw

The right corner for sharpening most standard chainsaws is 25-35 degrees. However, the ones use for ripping with the grain and crosscutting wood the proper corner should be 10-degrees.  

Q. How will I tell if my chainsaw needs sharpening? 

When cutting pieces of wood, it possible to tell if the tool needs sharpening or not. A sharp chainsaw cuts through the wood quickly and smoothly while a dull one will take time before cutting through. 

Q.  What is the best way to sharpen my chainsaw?

Using a Dremel tool and a chainsaw sharpening stone is the best way to file your chainsaw. Using the tool is quicker than doing it with a file since it does not remove a lot of metal, ensuring that the device lasts longer. However, it is advisable to look for a sharpener that is compatible with your chainsaw to enhance your safety. The sharpener should also be easy to attach to your tool for the process to be quick and easy.

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw?

Final Word

Chainsaw sharpeners come in different types and sizes, but choosing the right one depends on the tasks you undertake. If you are doing little touch-ups in the field, you will need simple hand tools that can do the job nicely. However, if you are dealing with ultra-precise sharpening projects, then you will need bench-mounted models that are easy and safe to use. 

It is necessary to keep your chainsaw sharp to spend less time cutting through logs. A sharpened device ensures precise and smooth surfaces of the wood as well as increase the lifespan of your saw and blade. The sharpener you choose should, therefore, be easy to use and ensure the safety of the user. If you are working from one place to the other, carrying out the sharpening task, make sure that this tool is lightweight and portable for convenient movement. 

Your woodcutting job ought not to be annoying for using dull chainsaws. Pick the best sharpener and let the sky be your limit!


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