Which are the Best Cordless Impact Wrenches for 2020? Say Goodbye to tedious Uncouth Methods of Loosening Nuts and Bolts

Have you ever tried to loosen rusty nuts and bolts without the proper tools? Did you like the experience? If yes, of course, you didn’t like it! You know how disappointing it can get. You can spend the whole day and yet not succeed, injure your wrist and get so tired. If you haven’t tried, don’t even think about it. If you are dealing with bolts, screws, and nuts, and if you mind about the time, you require the tools that make your work easy. With the advancement in technology, you no longer need to have superhuman strength to work on your bolts. Cordless impact wrenches have enough torque to work on your machinery or motors and leave you saying, ‘Wow, I did it so fast’! You will even long to continue with the work.

There are so many cordless impact wrenches on the market, and making a wrong choice would leave you more frustrated than satisfied. Do you have enough time for trial and error? I bet you don’t. That’s why we have taken the time and resources to research on the best six of these tools for you as well as their features and benefits. We will also show you how to pick what you want. READ this guide and select the best by clicking on the links provided: 

Factors to consider when choosing a cordless impact wrench

Having the right tool not only makes your work easy and enjoyable, but it also increases your rate of production, since you will take less time. You will, therefore, need to have prior knowledge of what to look for before buying. Purchasing the wrong tools will be disappointing and costly since you may need to buy several of them. The factors below are worth looking at to know what you need. Read on:

Before choosing a tool, it is advisable to consider your personal preference. The material making this device, the color of the machine, as well as the shape and weight, may play a significant role. It is good to also take into account the working space that you have. Whether you are dealing with automotive parts or furniture and even the torque that you require. 

  • The Battery Impact

When looking for s cordless impact wrench, you should make sure to get a battery that is powerful enough for the work. It should have enough torque to make your work easy and quick. You should also see to it that what you pay for is what you get. Lithium-ion batteries are more efficient than other types, and it is, therefore, necessary to check before purchasing. A powerful battery means more strength for the tool; hence, less effort from the user. If you have other means, it is advisable to buy one that uses the same battery pack and charger as others, as this will save you on cost.

  • Shapes and Socket Size

There are two body styles for cordless impact wrenches, i.e., pistol-grip and inline. Each of these tools features a variety of socket sizes that are structured to fit nuts and bolts of different sizes. You should look at the shape and size of the sockets that will make your work easier without straining. If you are working on machinery such as cars and if the working space is tight, then you should go for inline wrenches. On the other hand, if you have ample area for bulkier tools, you should buy pistol impact wrenches since they enable you to work for long without fatigue. They have side handles that allow you to use your weight for greater leverage and also to maintain the right working angle. 

  • Comfort

When choosing these tools, you should look at the ones with ergonomic handle grips and those with anti-vibration measures. Since working with these tools may require you to use them for extended periods and several operations, you need to pick those that will not cause strain. It is also advisable to choose the tool that has efficient power to function correctly. A smaller motor may also be ideal since it has fewer vibrations and in turn, little physical strain. 

  • Durability

Cordless impact wrenches should be strong and durable for better and efficient functions. A design enhancement that has a gear housing that is all-metal construction or high strength plastic over molds help to prevent damages caused by dropping. You should look for the tools with brushless motors since they have fewer moving parts hence more comfortable to maintain and less chance of breaking down. 

  • Torque

The amount of torque that each cordless impact wrench creates plays a more significant role when it comes to selecting the tool. The device with multiple torque settings is more versatile than those with a single torque setting. Picking an instrument with different options of configuration enables you to work with what you want, and this allows the battery to work more efficiently for long and to prevent over-tightening. 

  • Your budget

A power tool needs to perform its purpose without much effort and efficiently. You should, therefore, purchase one that gives you value for your money. Unlike other items where the price may not be proportional to quality and functionality, with these devices, what you pay for is what you get. It is therefore advisable to save enough for these tools and look out before settling on the most suitable. 

Top 6 Cordless Impact Wrenches in 2020 (Best Picks)

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Cordless Impact Wrenches

Summary of the Top six Cordless Impact Wrenches

Product name 

Features/ benefits

Black + Decker 0V max Cordless Drill/ Driver with 30-piece Accessories 

Can screw in wood, metal, and plastic Soft grip handle for comfort  A lithium-ion battery for more energy
Two-year warranty

Very powerful

Milwaukee 2767 – 20 M18 Fuel High Torque ½ -inch Impact Wrench with Friction Ring

Very compact Two times faster than its competitors Has LED light to illuminate the work area
Five-year warranty
Durable battery

Dewalt 20V Max XR Impact Wrench kit, Brushless, High Torque, Hog Ring Anvil, ½ – inch, Tool Only

Brushless motor for excellent performance The heavy-duty impact mechanism
3-speed selector switch for control Can handle six feet drop

Ingersoll Rand W7150-K22 ½ inch 20V High-torque impact Tool Kit

Best power to rate ratio Long-lasting, highly efficient
Ergonomic handle and soft-touch over-molded grip for comfort Durable 20V ion battery Intelligent battery management system

Aircat 1150 “ Killer Torque’’ ½-inch Impact Wrench

Very powerful Hard-hitting twin hammer technique
Long-lasting composite housing Ergonomically structured handle Easy operation flip lever
Porter-cable Impact Wrench, 7.5 – Amp, ½ – inch (PCE 211)
7.5 amp motor for heavy-duty applications
½ inch hog ring for easy socket changes Forward/reverse rocker switch

Features & Specs of Cordless Impact Wrenches

1.  Black + Decker 20V Max Cordless Drill/ Driver with 30-Piece

This tool is perfect for drilling through or screwing into the plastic, metal, or wood. You can use it when loosening or tightening nuts, screws, or bolts into beds, chairs, tables, and so on and also when dealing with your motor parts. It has a soft-grip handle to give you comfort when using it. You can, therefore, work with this tool for more extended periods without getting fatigued.

The tool comes with a lithium-ion battery that is capable of holding a charge for up to eighteen months. It also includes thirty other accessories such as drill and screw driving bits, magnetic bit tip holder, and nut drivers. A package of this tool consists of a charger, one 0 volt lithium-ion battery. 


  • Powerful and strong
  • Long-lasting battery 
  • Can drill through or screw into metals and wood
  • A soft-grip handle for extra comfort
  • 30 accessories included


  • Chuck Sizes: 3/8 inch 
  • Clutch setting: 24
  • Components included: 30 accessories 
  • Power source: cordless

Sounds ideal! 

2. Milwaukee 2767 – 20 M18 Fuel High Torque ½ – inch Impact Wrench with Friction Ring

No products found.

Milwaukee 2767 is a cordless impact wrench that has a high torque with a friction ring for eliminating the requirement of using a pneumatic device. The tool removes stubborn and rusted bolts and nuts by delivering 1000 ft-lbs of fastening torque and 1400 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque. You will enjoy working with this tool since it two times faster, and it enables the user to work efficiently and produce more throughout the day. 

The tool has a 4-mode drive control that enables you to control when removing the fasteners. It can slow down to 750rpm when the button has been busted loose. You will quickly be able to change the sockets without using tools by using a ½ inch friction ring anvil. With a premium rubber over-mold material, you will get ultimate comfort when you use it for long, and it lasts longer against corrosive material. 


  • High impact
  • Contains a rubber over-mold material for the extra effort
  • Can be used for long without straining
  • A bolt removal mode for controlling fasteners
  • Quick and easy to use
  • High removal speed of up to two times faster


  • Style: Bare tool
  • Material: plastic 
  • Color: red
  • Power source: battery-powered
  • Product dimension: 3.5 x 10.2 x 9.1 inches

Ideal for all nuts and bolts! 

3. Dewalt 20V Max XR Impact Wrench Kit, Brushless, High Torque

Dewalt 20V impact wrench is a powerful and flexible tool for fastening several applications. The device is structured for speed control, operating in dark areas, as well as comfort. The tool also features a brushless motor that is structured to offer excellent run time, durability, and performance. Its heavy-duty impact mechanism provides maximum torque at 700 ft/lbs. It also features a 3-speed switch for selection that enables you to apply specific torque/drive control. 

The LED work light has a 20-second delay that gives illumination when you are working in poorly lit areas. The device is resistant to chemicals, cleaners, and grease, and it also ergonomic and lightweight; hence, it can handle up to 6 – 8 ft drop. It also has a hog ring that gives quicker and easier socket changes so you can frequently swap sizes without much retention. 


  • Brushless motor for extra run-time
  • 3-speed selector switch for applying a specific torque
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Resistant to chemicals, grease, and cleaners
  • A hog ring for easier and quicker socket changes


  • Style: impact wrench
  • Item weight: 6.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.9 x 4.2 x 10.6 inches
  • Material: metal, rubber, plastic
  • Power source: battery-powered
  • Voltage: 20 volts
  • Warranty Description: 3 years

Perfect device! 

4. Ingersoll Rand W7150 – K22 ½ -inch 20V High Torque Impact kit 

The Ingersoll high-torque impact kit provides you with the convenience of cordless power of the air. It has the best strength to weight ratio and enables you to perform your work easy and quickly. It has a highly efficient rare earth magnet motor and an excellent capacity variable speed trigger, a metal-reinforced housing, and an all-metal drive train that enable the tool to perform the toughest jobs. It is also long-lasting, assuring you of using it for long without the need for a replacement. 

The device also has optimized balance from an ergonomic handle and soft-touch over-molded grip that gives you extra comfort for extended use. It also comes with a long-lasting 20V lithium-ion battery that supplies high-charge capacity and low inner impedance for maximum energy supply and run-time. The intelligent battery management system (BMS) gives current control and power-level from the battery to the switch and then to the motor for maximum efficiency. You will, therefore, use the tool without any interruptions or straining your muscles.


  • High-torque impact tool
  • Works quickly on tough jobs
  • Works perfectly on all nuts and bolts
  • Long-lasting lithium-ion for optimum power supply
  • Very strong


  • Style: charger, (2) 5 Ah batteries
  • Item weight: 6.83 pounds
  • Product dimension: 9.4 x 3.3 x 10.8 inches
  • Power source: battery-powered
  • Voltage: 20V
  • Torque: 780 in-lb

A perfect tool for your tough work!

5. Aircat 1150 ‘’Killer Torque’’’1/2 Inch Impact Wrench

Aircat twin hammer impact wrench is a strong tool with sheer power and performance of 1295-feet-pounds (ft-lb) of loosening torque. It has a speed of 1,400 blows per minute, making it the strongest hard-hitting twin hammer and ½-inch impact wrench available. It also has a lightweight composite body that is all-black with a patented ergonomic aircat handle. The patented tuned exhaust mechanism gives the tool a low decibel level of 86 dB without losing power.  It is, therefore, an ideal tool that performs all work without creating fatigue on your muscles’


  • Strong, hard-hitting twin hammer
  • Patented quiet technology
  • Two years part and labor warranty
  • Unmatched power
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Long-lasting composite housing


  • Style: impact wrench
  • Item weight: 4.63 pounds
  • Product dimension: 7.5 x 2.8 x 7 inches
  • Color: black
  • Size: medium
  • Finish: aluminum
  • Material: composite
  • Power-source: air powered

A suitable and strong tool!

6. Porter-Cable PCE211 7.5 Amp ½ inch Impact Wrench

The Porter cable impact wrench is a powerful tool that features a ½ inch hog ring anvil for quick and easy socket changes. It has a 7.5 amp motor that allows for heavy-duty applications and 450 ft-lbs for the installation and removal of heavy fasteners. The tool also has 2,200 RPM and 2,700 BPM that will enable it to provide quick application speeds, and it gives a forward/reverse rocker switch for smooth functioning. The tool works perfectly for all nuts, bolts, and screws.


  • 7.5 motor for heavy-duty applications
  • Fast application speeds
  • ½ inch hog ring for easy change of sockets
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • 1-year free service contract
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Style: impact wrench
  • Item weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Product dimension: 13x 4 x 11 inches
  • Power source: corded- electric
  • Torque: 450 in-lb

Ideal for all types of work!

Frequently Asked Questions about Cordless Impact Wrenches

Several questions may arise when you want to purchase and use cordless impact wrenches. Below is a sample of these FAQs that we believe are helpful to you:

Q. What is a cordless impact wrench?

It is a socket wrench power device that is structured to provide high torque output with minimum exertion by the user. It restores energy in a rotating mass and then delivers it suddenly to the output shaft, thus making fastening/loosening of bolts easy and fast. The tool is used for automotive repairs, maintenance of heavy equipment, product assembly, major construction projects, or any other places that require high-torque out. You require the tool to minimize the energy input from using your muscles. When using this tool, you will work for many hours without wearing out.

Q. How does an impact wrench work?

An impact wrench has air, or electric motor applies abrupt, the extreme twisting movement to the recalcitrant lug nut, in short bursts. It provides an additional force that improves the torque of the impact wrench and pressure that pushes forward the fastener you are working on. 

Q. What is a battery torque wrench? 

It is a battery-operated tool that can apply a specific torque without the effort of the user. It consists of a gearbox, also known as a planetary torque multiplier, which is a reaction device to absorb the torque and not the operator. You can vary the voltage on the motor to adjust the torque output. The tool is used to remove stubborn bolts, nuts, and screws or to apply correct torque.

Q. What is the difference between an impact driver and an impact wrench?

Impact wrenches are more powerful, bulkier, and more substantial than impact drivers. The impact wrenches use a square driver that is usually ½ inches, and they are made for un-tightening r for fastening sockets while impact drivers use a ¼ inch hex drive, and they are for driving screws. 

Q. Can one use a regular socket with an impact wrench?

A standard socket should not be used with an impact wrench since it will break or crack due to the brittle material of the impact wrench. You should, therefore, not attempt to use the regular socket because it is not the torque applied to the plug, which causes the damage.

Q. Can I drill with an impact wrench? 

Hex-shank drill bits in an impact driver can be used to drill, but if accurate hole-placement is required, then a drill will be ideal. You can also not get precise size and roundness when using an impact wrench. 

How to use an Impact Wrench

Final Words

If you have jobs in your garage or workshop that cannot be done by sheer brawn, you require a robust and reliable cordless impact wrench. This tool helps you to tighten and loosen bolts, lugs, and nuts with little effort. It is a versatile and useful tool that you cannot afford to lack if you need to enjoy what you do. It is a must-have tool for those who fancy upgrading their workshop with efficiency. It features a new brushless motor mechanism that makes it easy, quick, and fun working on those stubborn nuts and bolts.

However, without the proper knowledge, you may find yourself choosing a tool that is not appropriate. You can pick one of the above-listed gadgets and make your work easy. There is nothing that disappoints like trying to loosen or fasten rusty, stubborn nuts or bolts without the proper tools. It does not only require extra-human strength, but it also makes you tired. You may also work the whole day and yet not make any progress. With the best cordless impact wrench, you can loosen and fasten the bolts effortlessly and work for long hours. It will also make your working enjoyable, thereby increasing your productivity, and you will even wonder how you ever survived without these tools. 

Don’t hesitate, follow the above links, and chose what suits you best! 


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