The Best Dado blades in 2021! Cut Rabbet Joints Like a Pro and Remain at the Top!

Are you dealing with wood pieces that have grooves and interlocking parts, and you are having a problem cutting dadoes in woodwork? Relax with the best dado blades, and you can tackle the tasks without any hitches. A dado blade is a circular saw blade that is generally used with a table saw or with a radial arm saw for cutting grooves in woodworking. 

The tools will help you to produce flawless items and surfaces that will leave your competitors aghast with envy. However, you need to take your time and use resources to try out a few before picking the right one for your projects. But do you have all the time and resources at your disposal? I bet you don’t. But don’t give up since this guide highlights the best six dado blades, the factors to consider when buying, as well as the FAQs. READ on and choose what suits your needs and expectations.

Factors to consider when buying the best dado blades

If you are a professional that values the outcome of your projects, then using the right tools is not optional, especially in woodwork. Regardless of whether you are making large cabinets or small kitchen drawers, you need a dado cutter; you will, therefore, need to know how to go about purchasing the best tools. The following factors are worth considering:

The type of blade

There are two types of dado blades, i.e., wobble and stacked blades. The choice you make depends on the needs and purposes for which you are using them since they have different features such as:

  • Wobble blades

These blades are designed to vibrate back and forth to make a dado cut. You can use the tools if you don’t mind about the precision of the item you are cutting since theyare likely to produce a rough finish. They are thus less popular.

  • Stacked blades

 Different blades usually are heaped together to give your cut a larger width that results in a more precise reduction. The edges are safer and more stable than wobble, thus ensuring that you do more jobs. 

2. The size of the blade

Dado blades come in two formats, i.e., 6-inch or 8-inches. The 6-inch edges are less versatile and run at lower speeds hence making them suitable for users without a power saw. The 8-inch blades, on the other hand, make deeper cuts into the wood and are also more versatile. The edges work with powerful saws since they require a lot of power and high speed to operate. You should check the RPM of the blade to enhance your safety while using and also to produce the desired results within a shorter period. 

  • The Arbor

The arbor is a shaft that a blade slides onto while in operation. The feature needs to be ideal for you to control the edges, and it would be advisable to choose a standard arbor size. The standard size for all dados is 5/8-inches, but you should ensure that you check both the arbor and the blade. 

  • The number of teeth

Like with other types of saws, the number of teeth in the dado blade plays a significant role in determining the accuracy of the cuts. More teeth mean greater precision, and therefore you need to be keen when selecting your tools. The size of the teeth is also vital since larger ones do not require frequent sharpening, and they are even more long-lasting. 

  • The material of the blade

Dado blades are made of two different materials, with the inside being made of steel and the teeth made of specially formulated carbide. The tool does not require the same level of strength and cutting action as the teeth. The different muscles help to get the correct balance of the weight for your stack.

  • The compatibility with the saw

Dado blades can be dangerous if not handled correctly and can thus injure the user. It is, therefore, crucial to use them with the right saw that is compatible with them. The blades come with clear user instructions that help you to attach to the saw. Most dado blades are compatible with radial arm or table saws, and it is, therefore, right to acquire these saws before purchasing the knives for smooth operation. 

  • The types of joints you can make

    Dado blades are structured to cut dadoes, grooves, or rabbet joints, that allow you to fit the blunt edge of a piece of wood into the groove cut on a different part of the wood. The size and width of your dado blade set determine the depth and breadth of the joints you will make. It is, therefore, necessary to pick the tool considering what you want. 
  • Safety considerations

    The safety of the user always comes first when choosing any tools. You should ensure that the blade set you select is easy to assemble and use. It should be compatible with your saw to ensure that it does not come out or detach while in operation. 
  • Warranty 

    Most tools come with a guarantee that may cover services, parts, or even the whole mechanism. It is necessary to look for a machine that has this cover since it may have hidden defects during purchase. The device may also breakdown while in use, which may cost you a lot in terms of repairs. 
  • The cost

    Besides being of excellent quality, dado blades should be affordable. It is, therefore, necessary to look for the machine that suits your budget. The tool should not also be costly to maintain, and it is, therefore, essential for you to look at the brand that has a reputation for durability. 

Top 6 Dado Blades in 2021 (Best Picks)

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Dado Blades

Summary of the 6-Best Dado Blades

It is quite fulfilling to work with the best tools that will make your work easy and excellent. You should, therefore, strive to pick the best item from among the many in the market.  It is vital to choose according to your desires and expectations. It is for this reason that we have researched, tested, and compiled a list of the top six dado blades that have stood the test of time. 

Dado Blades


Dewalt 10-inch Miter/Table Saw Blade

Tougher tungsten carbide for more extended sharp stay
Thin kerf for smooth and fast cutting action Computer-balanced plate to reduce vibration, improve precision and better finish Long-lasting tungsten carbide for maintaining the right edge

Oshlun SDS-0842 8-inch 42-tooth Stack Dado Set

Professional grade C-4 carbide Full body chippers Accuracy ground carbide tips Carrying/storage case
Shim set for fine adjustments

Freud SD208 8-inch Professional Dado

High-density carbide with titanium for durability and flawless finish Negative hook angles for flat bottom grooves and splinter-free cuts Shim sets for micro-adjustments

Freud D1080X Diablo 10-inch 80-tooth ATB Finish Sawblade

TiCo high-density carbide for improved performance Perma-shield non-stick coating for protection from heat, gumming and corrosion Super-slim laser cut kerf for quick, long-lasting and clean cuts Tri-metal shock-resistant brazing for carbide tips for surviving the maximum impact
Hardened steel body for longer life and sharper cutting edge

Diabo by Freud D1060X 10-inch x 60-tooth 

TiCo Hi-density carbide designed for each application and increased performance Perma-shield non-stick coating for protection from heat, corrosion and gumming Extra thin laser cut kerf for quick, durable and clean cuts

D1050X Combination Saw blade by Diablo

10-inch x 50-tooth Diablo blade Easy to use Laser-cut stabilizer vents for trapping noise and vibrations hence keeping it cool and reduce blade warp
Laser-cut heat expansion slots that allow the edge to expand therefore keeping the cut accurate and straight

1. DEWALT 10-inch Miter/Table Saw Blades

Dewalt 10-inch saw blade is suitable for cutting in hardwood, chipboard, plywood or softwood. It has a thin kerf that makes it possible for fast and smooth cutting action, thus increasing the production rate. It also comes with a computer-balanced plate that helps to reduce vibration, which in turn leads to improved accuracy and to provide a better finish. 

The device has a combination of a 10-inch tooth fine-finish and a 32-tooth general purpose blade. It is ideal for the miter saw, and slide miter saw tasks with hardwood, softwood, plywood, and chipboard. The slim-kerf edges provide fast and even cuts with minimum excess debris. It also has a patent shoulder that provides extra steel at the back of every tip for maximum precision and strength. 


  • Sturdy tungsten carbide that stays sharper for long
  • Slim-kerf for smooth and quick cutting action
  • 5/8-inch arbor 
  • Computer-balance plate for the reduction of vibrations, improved precision, and better finish
  • Durable tungsten carbide for maintenance of true edge
  • Ideal for the miter saw and slide saw jobs


  • Item weight: 3 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 13.8 x 13.8 x 0.2 inches
  • Color: metallic
  • Material: carbide
  • Power source: corded-electric
  • Warranty Description: satisfaction guarantee

An ideal blade for accuracy!

2. Oshlun SDS-0842 8-inch 42-Tooth Stack Dado Set

This dado set is created with professional-grade C-4 carbide, and the game includes full-body chippers and a shim set for regulation. It also has precision ground carbide tips that enable you to cut through softwood, hardwood, and plywood easily. The tool gives you a premium incision with every use. The device has several teeth and chippers that help in the production of smooth bottom dado cuts. It is easy to set up and produce minimum vibrations with the tool since its full body chippers. 

This dado blade stays sharper for a more extended period since it has a precision ground C-4 micro grain tungsten carbide. It also cuts through various types of materials giving clean cuts that have high accuracy. The device is easy to install, flexible, and adjustable and thus suitable for all users.


  • Crafted with professional C-4 carbide
  • Full body chippers and shim set for smooth adjustments
  • Suitable for cutting plywood, softwood, and hardwood with the carbide tips
  • Precise and sharp for all woodworkers and DIY-enthusiast
  • Simple setup with few vibrations


  • Item weight: 9.94 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 10.5 x 9.9 x 3 inches
  • Size: 8-inch dado
  • Material: carbide

A perfect dado blade for all woodworkers!

3. Freud SD208 8-Inch Professional Dado

Freud SD208 dado blade is carefully crafted using superior materials, the most creative designs, and sophisticated manufacturing processes. The edges are designed for excellent performance and maximum durability; hence you get value for your money using the tools. The compact titanium cobalt carbide is engineered and manufactured by for a maximum return. The machine stays sharp for long hence increases the production rate and prevents wearing out quickly. 

The device has negative hook angles that help to make flat-bottom grooves and virtually splinter-free cuts. It is, therefore, possible to produce flawless cuts with greater precision due to hi-density carbide with titanium that enhances durability and impeccable finish. 


  • Negative hook angles for flat-bottom grooves and splinter-free cuts
  • Slot widths from 1/4-inch to 13/16-inch in 1/16-inch increments
  • A single set includes two outer blades and 3-two wing chippers
  • Include shim set  for micro-adjustments
  • Re-sharpening blades for smooth, splinter-free dadoes
  • Flexibility for cutting hardwoods, laminates 
  • Two-swing chippers, spacers, and shim set for fine adjustments
  • Anti-kickback design for safety during operation
  • Micro-grain carbide tips for durable performance


  • Item weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Product dimensions: 11.4 x 8.7 x 1.6 inches
  • Size: 8-inches
  • Style: 8-inch professional dado
  • Material: carbide

Ideal tool for grooves and dadoes!

4. Freud D1080X Diablo 10-inch 80-tooth ATB Finish Saw Blade

Freud D1080X is a carbide circular saw blade that is 10-inch in diameter and has 80-tooth ultra finish. The device features new laser-cut stabilizer vents that help in precise and clean cuts in various wood materials. It also has permanent filler baked in from top to bottom for the absorption of noise and prevention of sideways movement. The blade can slice through wood cleanly, precisely and fast.

The Tico Hi-density unique blade carbide design and ultra finish blade enable the tool to produce precise cuts as well as 5-times longer cutting life. The module can expand and contract during operation due to the laser heat expansion slots, thus providing right and straight cuts. You can use the tool for double-sided veneered plywood and fine-molding for cabinets and furniture. 


  • Clean chip-free cuts in delicate finish work
  • 10-inch x 80-tooth ultra finish saw blade
  • Five times longer cutting life
  • Able to withstand extreme impact
  • Hardened steel body that enhances longer life and sharper cutting edge
  • A perma-shield non-stick coating that protects the blade from gumming, corrosion, and heat


  • Item weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 13.8 x 11-8 x 0.4 inches
  • Size: pack of 2
  • Material: metal

Excellent blade for cutting fine molding and double-side veneered plywood!

5. Diablo D1060X 10-inch x 60-tooth saw Blade by Freud

Diablo D1060X saw blade has TiCo Hi-density carbide that is explicitly designed for every application to improve its performance. It has a coating that is perma-shield and non-stick for protecting the tool from gumming, heat, and corrosion.  The super-slim laser cut kerf helps the device to be fast, durable, and to produce clean cuts. 

The tool has a unique cutting geometry and several teeth that help in the production of extremely smooth incisions while minimizing blowout or grabbing. The blade leaves a smooth surface that does not require sanding, and it is thus ideal for trim carpenters. You can use the tool for crosscutting oak, melamine, plywood, oak, and molding. 


  • 1-inch diameter, 6T ATB, 5/8-inch arbor
  • 15-degree hook angle
  • Tico Hi-density carbide for improved performance
  • Meta-shock resistant blazing that allows carbide tips to endure extreme impact for optimum durability
  • Hardened steel body for enhancing long life and sharper cutting edge
  • Excellent-quality crosscuts and rip cuts in plywood, wood, and melamine


  • Item weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Products dimensions: 13.7 x 11.7 x 0.3 inches
  • Size: 10-inch
  • Material: carbide
  • Warranty description: limited lifetime guarantee

An ideal saw blade for trim carpenters!

6. D1050X Combination Saw Blade by Diablo

The D1050X by Diablo is a combination saw blade that is 10-inch x 50-tooth. It is perfect for crosscutting and ripping wood and wood composites while at the same time leaving a smooth finish, and it is the best choice for a table saw. Every set of five teeth is separated by a massive gorge that gives space for chip removal when cutting. The close grouping of teeth in a game helps to provide a smaller bit size that you need when crosscutting. 

This dado blade features a super slim-laser cut kerf, tri-metal shock-resistant brazing, and perma-shield non-stick coating. It is suitable for use in on table saws and miter saws since it is simple to use. The blade has a multi-purpose versatility that minimizes the changes between jobs, thus saving your time. The five edges are separated by huge gaps and notched with closely-grouped teeth. The combination structure provides a variety of teeth necessary for clean crosscutting together with the sizeable chip-removal space for hassle-free ripping.


  • Laser-cut kerf for production of smooth, quiet cuts
  • Thin 0.98-inch kerf laser-cut between teeth for ease of feed
  • Maximum accuracy and efficient job
  • Shock-resistant carbide for a durable precision 


  • Item weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Product dimensions: 0.2 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Size: 10-inch
  • Style: basic
  • Material: carbide

Ideal dado blade for cutting through wood and wood composites!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Dado Blades

The following FAQs and their answers are vital for any serious user who wants to work with or is working with dado blades. Read on:

Q. what can of joints can I make with a dado blade?

These tools are designed to cut dadoes, grooves, or rabbet joints. The joints enable you to fit the edge of a piece of wood into the slot of another. It, therefore, becomes possible to hold the part in position or for gluing with pressure. 

Q. Which is the ideal blade size of a 10-inch saw?

An 8-inch blade works well with a 10-inch saw. The grooves do not have to be more than 1.5-inches in depth and which the 8-inch blade can provide. If the diameter of the blade increases to 1-inches, it will lead to an increase in its weight, hence the need for a more powerful saw. It is for this reason that the blades are made in an 8-inch diameter. 

Q. Which are the suitable saw types to use with a dado set?

Dado sets are compatible with either circular-arm or tables saws. The blade type you choose depends on the saw that you have, for example, a home table or bench saws work well with 6-inch blades. The 6-inch blades are ideal for these saws since they are lightweight, whereas if you are using a contractor saw, you can use either 6-inch or 8-inch dado blades. The chippers need to be lightweight for better performance. 

Q. What is an adjustable dado blade?

An adjustable dado blade is also known as wobble, is a kind of edge without chippers and spacers like the stack dado blades. It comes with two exterior blades that have a hub for providing adjustment.

How to Set Up and Use a Dado Stack 

Final Verdict

Dado blades make a great addition to your workshop as a woodworker. It is, therefore, necessary to choose these tools wisely. You need to pick the one that combines incredible cut, construction quality, and the one that is also affordable for you. The blades should also offer astonishing accuracy, smooth-bottomed joint cuts, as well as have a durable protective case. They should also be easy to operate with a simple to follow user’s guide that helps in the safety of the user. A right dado blade should also have a variety of teeth to improve its accuracy and efficiency. 

All the devices listed above have passed the test for precision, efficiency, and cost. However, it is vital to choose what suits you most depending on the types of projects and wood that you are working with and the products you want.

Do not be left behind as far as using the best dado blade is concerned. Pick one and take your expertise a notch high!


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