How To Choose The Best Electric Pole Saw For The Money

While their canopies are quite appealing and luxuriant, mature trees can be tricky to trim with the ordinary handsaw or chainsaw. If you can get the best electric pole saw, however, your work not only become easier but also cleaner and risk-free. You won’t need to climb up the tree or even stand on a ladder unless it’s a redwood that you’re pruning.

This is so as a pole saw tend to feature an extension rod that allows you to reach even the branches out of reach. The control buttons for the right tool,  are at the bottom of the stick. So, it’s very easy to cut with, regardless of your skills in gardening or home maintenance.

Why You Should Have an Electric Pole Saw

Just like any other tool, electric pole saws are available in various designs and models. As such, the one you get should be in match with your needs and the kind of situations that you frequently encounter.

For a model, some pole saws are geared towards home DIYer who owns a couple of trees on their backyard or driveway. Most of these models are simpler to use as they feature basic functions that a novice can operate.

On the other hand, there are electric pole saws that are primarily for adept landscapers and arborists. Eventually, these models might have various advanced features since their target users have a broader range of applications.

Anyways, apart from the advantage of choice, the other benefits of using a proper electric pole saw include:

Effortless and High Precision: technically, trimming trees from a ladder can be very uncomfortable due to that fear of falling. With an electric pole saw, however, you can cut the overgrown or dried branches while standing still on the ground. Hence, enabling a precise cut without having to strain your muscles.

Plug and Play: unlike its cordless or gas-powered counterparts, this tool just needs connecting to the power outlet and it starts trimming branches. Thus, assuring continuous performance as long the main supply remains active. You won’t need to worry about the fuel or battery getting depleted.

Save Money: A tree of about 30 feet often costs between $75 and $450 to trim. Truthfully speaking, the minimum figure is even more than some of the electric saws in the market. Therefore, getting one of your own can surely save you a lot of bucks that you can use to do other things. Who knows, you can even help prune your neighbors’ at a small fee. After all, the tool is effortless and enjoyable to use.

Minimal Risk: the majority of pole saws have a working height of about ten to twelve feet. If you’re five feet tall, therefore, you can even reach those branches that are 16 feet of overhead reach without climbing the tree or ladder. Thereby, minimizing the chances of falling and possibly developing a fracture.

Flexibility: although not all, some saws, such as the Sun Joe SWJ807E, can work from the extension pole and also as a handheld chainsaw. Hence, allowing you to cut down the thick branches and then quickly slice them into logs for firewood.

Top 6 Electric Pole Saw For The Money (Best Picks)

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How to Choose the Best Electric Pole Saw

As we have just said, the manufacturers usually target different types of users with their tools. Some focus on the budget, other the ergonomics, and quite a number on the exterior aesthetics.

Therefore, you have to know, understand, and make the right decision while looking for the best electric pole saw for your needs. In case you might feel stranded, here’s a list of seven bestselling products to help you get started if shopping online.

1. Editor’s pick: Sun Joe SWJ803E Telescopic Electric Pole Chain Saw

Overall, this is the best electric pole saw from our list. It comprises a pack of two tools, with each featuring an 8AMP motor that can deliver a no-load speed of around 6000 revolutions/ per minute.

The saw has a 10 inch Oregon cutting bar and chain, which is surely one of the best in tough situations. It has an auto-oiler that helps keep the bar and chain well lubricated while working, thereby minimizing friction to allow faster cutting.

This saw has a telescopic pole that can extend up to ten feet and enable you to tackle the hard-to-reach branches with ease. It has an ergonomic handle and a lovely foam grip that offers a comfortable hold and steady controlling.

Summary Features:

  • It comes as a pack of two saws for higher efficiency
  • Can cut tree limbs of up to 9 ½ inches thick
  • You can adjust the rod to reach your preferred height
  • Allows you to gain up to 14 feet of overhead reach for easier cutting of the hard-to-reach branches
  • Has an auto-oiler to keep the cutting components lubricated for faster cutting
  • Features a safety switch to prevent accidental powering
  • The head of the saw can adjust at various angles to allow high precision cutting


Despite its incredible performance, the provider does not pack it with the chain oil- which would have been nicer for the beginners.

2. Best Design: Earthwise CVP41810 Four-in-One Electric Pole Chainsaw

Essentially, this is the best electric pole saw kit that you can add in your toolbox for home landscaping. It features a state of the art construction, with a pole saw, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, and pole hedge trimmer. All are quick and effortless to switch through without the use of any tool.

As for the pole saw, it houses a 7 Amp motor that allows the included Oregon bar and chain to easily cut even the toughest branches. It has a built-in auto-oiler to offer lubrication for faster cutting and extended durability.

The whole tool is very easy to control and maneuver, courtesy to the ergonomic handle, and the anti-slip foam grip. You can even adjust the saw head to multiple angles for comfortable and high precision cutting.

Key Features:

  • It consists of four different tools that you can use in various situations
  • The telescopic chain saw can extend up to 8 inches
  • Cuts through soft and hard wood of up to 9½ inches.
  • Has a lovely auto-lubrication system to allow faster cutting and longevity
  • You can easily switch the functions without any tools
  • Easy to store after disconnecting
  • The saw has simple maintenance since it’s only refilling the oiling system


The tool is quite heavy than most electric pole saw models. Thus, an elderly person might get tired quickly.

3. Best Value: Sun Joe SWJ807E Convertible Pole Chain Saw

This is another lovely tool that provides you with the convenience of flexibility while tending to your trees. It comprises an innovative design that allows you to easily switch to a handheld chainsaw for slicing logs.

The saw has a robust 8 AMP motor that provides a spectacular performance without pollution in your workspace. It features a 10-inch cutting bar and chain that cuts through even the toughest branches of up to nine inches thick.

With around nine feet telescoping pole, this tool enables you to cut branches that are up to 14-inch of overhead reach. The pole consists of sturdy steel and it has a non-slip foam grip handle to provide optimal steadiness when working.

Overall, the tool is easy to attach to the pole or the handheld handle, plus it is CSA approved to guarantee better performance.

Key Features:

  • It can cut even the most stubborn branches of up to nine inches thick
  • You can easily convert into pole chainsaw or handheld chainsaw
  • Features a tool-free oiling system to allow faster cutting and enhance the longevity of the cutting bar and chain
  • Has a safety switch to prevent accidental starting
  • Available in five different colors
  • Comes with a plastic blade cover to allow safe storage
  • Has a guard to protect your front hand from falling debris
  • Includes a 2-year warranty
  • The saw is easier to store due to its detachable head.


Although not really a con, is the position of the handle lock for the pole saw. A slight mistake can disconnect it, leading to the saw falling.

4. Most Compact: BLACK+DECKER [PP610] electric Pole Saw

This is one of the few choices that you can add to your bucket list if your interest is on ergonomics. It features a lightweight saw [about 8 pounds] that you can easily control and maneuver without straining your muscles.

The saw has a powerful 6.5 AMP motor that assures faster and precise cutting while standing still on the ground. It has a 10-inch Oregon bar and chain, both of which are durable and high performing.

The tool has a sturdy pole that can extend up to 9½ inch length to allow the easier reach of the farthest branches. Its handle is comfortable even with your tiny handles and there is an anti-slip foam grip to offer better steady control. Furthermore, the piece has an innovative oiling system that helps keep the bar and chain lubricated. Hence, extending their lifespan while at the same time allowing faster cutting.

Key Features:

  • It features a powerful 6.5 AMP inline motor which is simple to maintain
  • Can cut up to 9-inch thick tree limbs
  • Allows you to cut branches that are 14 inches overhead
  • It comes with a Scabbard to cover the cutting blade.
  • It’s fairly light to enable easier control without getting tired quickly
  • Provides faster cutting due to the integrated oiling system.


The saw is quite large [length-wise] and it doesn’t detach. Hence, it does take more space of your storage than most tools.

5. Best Alternative: WORX WG309 Two-in-One Electric Pole Saw

WORX is one of the best brands when it comes to home improvement and construction tools. This particular piece is no different, starting with its lightweight, compact design that’s very comfortable and easy to handle.

The saw features a powerful 8MP motor that rotates the chain at a speed of 8.5 meters/ second. It’s super sharp and has an auto-oiling system to keep the blade lubricated all the time when working.

Included with the tool is an 8-foot extension pole that you can attach to easily reach the dried or overhanging tree limbs. But if you don’t need the pole, you can easily convert into a handheld chainsaw without using any tools.

Although simple, the handle of the pole saw is very comfortable and it can even rotate to provide a better grip. WORX provides the product with a two-year warranty, which you can then extend to three years via the company’s website. So, you shouldn’t have any worries while trimming or sliding the logs.

Key Features:

  • It works as both a pole saw and handheld chainsaw
  • Has an extendable pole with up 10-feet working height
  • Features a patented auto tensioner and an oiling system to enhance the durability of the cutting bar and chain
  • Saws through materials faster and with precision
  • It’s easy to control and maneuver
  • Has a guard to protect your front hand from the falling debris


Sadly, the product doesn’t come with lubrication oil, yet the provider insists on refilling the oiling system before use.

6. Best Accessory: Stihl 2-in-1 Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

Any sawing tool has to have sharp cutting edges all the time. This enables faster and effortless cutting, thereby allowing you to do more work in a limited time.

Therefore, while shopping for an electric pole saw, you can consider including this Stihl sharpener. It comprises a 2-in-1 design with both tooth and flat tile together. Hence, allowing you to sharpen the teeth and the depth gauges in a single step.

The sharpener is made of high-quality steel to deliver better performance and extended durability. It’s only about 13 inches long, including the solid handles. Hence, so easy to carry with you to the job site.

Key Features:

  • It helps sharpen your blunt saw for faster cutting
  • Sharpens both the teeth and the depth gauge in one step
  • Very easy to use and work with due to the compact design
  • Highly reliable and long-lasting
  • The file helps lower the maintenance cost of your pole saw.

Features To Consider While Shopping For an Electric Pole Saw

Unlike with the physical stores, shopping online gives you the advantage to compare multiple products and their features. Then, you can choose the one that perfectly fits your needs and desire.

When it now comes to finding the best electric pole saw, there are several aspects you have to consider if you’re to succeed. As you can see from the reviews above, the power tool can be quite thorny to pick. Thereby clouding your decision, especially if it’s your first time to own or use.

Even so, here are some of the key features that you can consider if you’re to enjoy better performance.

Working Height:

Although very simple, this word has confused quite a number of buyers who end up ordering a shorter pole saw than they needed. This comes as the term doesn’t refer to the actual length of the pole, but the length of both the pole and your arm. The manufacturers usually estimate the arm length to be two to three feet. So, for a 10-foot working height, it means the pole itself is 8-foot long.

Length of the Cutting Bar

This is another essential feature and which can compromise your applications when you choose it wrongly. Basically, the cutting bar defines the maximum diameter of the tree limb or trunk that a chainsaw can cut. The length varies across various tools, ranging from six to 12 inches.

Nonetheless, the majority of electric pole saw features a 10-inches long cutting bar, which is capable of cutting 9½ -inch thick branch. In case you’re wondering, the missing inches is the allowance of the working space and that of the front handguard.


All the saws on our list weigh between 6-10 pounds. This is lighter compared to the cordless and gas models that have an extra weight due to their additional components.

The key advantage of a lightweight pole saw is that you can easily cut the branches without having to strain your muscles. Hence, granting you better control and maneuvering. Above all, you can do more work without getting tired quickly.

**NB: From the law of the lever, however, you might feel your saw a little heavier when using a fully extended pole.**

Removable Saw Head

Although it’s not in all saws, this function enables you to detach the cutting head from the pole and use it as a handheld chainsaw. It surely comes in handy as you can slice the sawed branches into smaller logs. Hence, improving portability and storage.

Another advantage of the removable saw head is that it’s easier to store than the fixed models- it uses smaller space.

Auto-Oiling System

This is another crucial feature you ought not to forget while looking for an electric pole saw for your work. It comprises of a small reservoir that holds oil to lubricate the cutting bar and chain while in use. Hence, helping reduce friction to enable faster and effortless cutting. Lesser friction also helps prevent the cutting edges from overheating and wearing out. Thus, extending the life of your tool.


Although some forget about it, a product warranty is very crucial, especially when shopping online. First, it assures that the tool you’re buying is a high standard and that the creator is confident enough to stand behind it. On your end, the biggest benefit is that you can complain to the seller in case you’re not 100% satisfied. Then, request a replacement, repairing, or a refund.

Electric Pole Saw

How To Use A Pole Saw-DIY Tree Cutting

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Is The Best, Gas Or Electric Pole Saw?

Well, that depends on your point of view. If it’s environment-wise, the electric saw is certainly the winner. It doesn’t emit any pollutants that gas pole saws release to the atmosphere. When it comes to the performance, though, a gas power saw is quite flexible as you can use even in remote areas without electricity.

Can an Electric Pole Saw Fell a Tree?

Although the answer most think for is a “no”, this is not quite true. With a convertible electric pole saw that says on the user manual it can cut down a tree, have no doubts. You only have to switch into a handheld chainsaw. Then, make sure the cutting bar & chain are tough enough for the job, plus they are longer than the trunk diameter.

Who Makes the Best Electric Pole Saw?

We have many tool brands that make electric pole saws, with each featuring its unique target market. Without being biased in any way, Sun Joe is the number one for now due to their dedication to innovative, eco-friendly tools. The brand targets various consumers, including those on budget, ergonomics, performance, and even aesthetics.

Which Is The Best Pole Saw For Landscaping?

In simple words, landscaping is the art of growing and maintaining plants to create visible beauty. As for the question, a pole saw that one can use to do various functions effectively should be the best. For a model, the Earthwise CVP41810 can assist one in a variety of applications, including pruning overhanging branches and trimming overgrown hedges.

Final Verdict:

They said, “When you want something done right, do it yourself.” During those days, this used to be just a phrase, but now it’s more of a practical exercise. While using the proper tools, you can now do every remodeling by yourself without having to pay someone to do it for you.

If it’s cleaning up after the storm, for instance, you can spare your afternoon and cut down the overhanging branches at your driveway. All you need is the best electric pole saw that’s powerful and long enough. And if you still cherish the traditional wood heater, a convertible model like the Sun Joe SWJ807E will come in handy. You can chop the broken tree limbs into small, clean firewood logs without any difficulties.

All you have to remember, however, is that you have to use your electric saw within a power outlet. Additionally, the saw’s extension cord is quite a risk on the ground as it can trip you over and fall. So, you have to use the tool with care.

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