The Best Gas Pole Saw For Higher Cutting Efficiency

Whether you’re a homeowner or a landscaper, choosing the right pruning tool is truly crucial. With the best gas pole saw beside you, for instance, not only does your work become easier, but safer as well. The tool elongated bar allows you to easily prune the hard-to-reach branches without having to climb up the tree or ladder. And for the better, you’ll be able to do more work and faster without getting tired quickly.

Of course, you can also use the electric pole saw to do the same kind of job. But the two have some limitations that you can easily overcome when using a gas-powered type.

For a model, the electric model usually uses the AC power to operate, meaning you have to be near an outlet to use it.

A cordless pole saw, on the other hand, relies on rechargeable batteries to turn the motor and enable cutting. Although the tool is quite flexible, most of these batteries have a capacity that supports only a few hours of performance. As such, it might be ineffective when you have a lot of work in a short period.

When we now come to a gas pole saw, its design comprises a cutting head on one end and a 2-stroke engine on the other. The tool usually uses liquid fuel to run and spin the cutting chain. So, it’s also flexible when it comes to applications and you can operate in areas without electricity.

Furthermore, a gas-powered pole saw tends to be more powerful than both the cordless and electric types. Hence, a better option when dealing with tougher tree branches like those of oak and other hardwood trees. Or otherwise when you have more work that needs to be completed in a short time.

Top 6 Gas Pole Saw In 2020 (Best Picks)

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Gas Pole Saw

How to Choose the Best Gas Pole Saw

Despite its flexibility, however, a gas pole saw is just like most systems that we have in the market today. It’s available in various designs and brands, in which case the features and capabilities vary across different models.

This brings us to our main topic, whereby we’re going to look at some of the bestselling gasoline-powered pole saws. Then, compare their features and see which properly fits your current situation.

They include:

1. Best Overall: MAXTRA [2020 Upgraded] Adjustable Gas Pole Saw

That’s right. This piece is our number #1 on the list due to its unique design and impeccable performance. It consists of a 42.77cc engine, which delivers a spectacular power with a maximum speed of 7,500 revolutions/ minute.

The saw head has a high-quality 10-inch bar that allows you to easily cut 9.5 inches thickness. Its chain has a .043” gauge and a 3/8” [low profile] pitch, which cuts through materials without straining the engine. Still, the saw head can rotate at various angles to provide a better cutting position, especially where the branches are too close together.

With a working height of up to 15 feet, this pole saw allows you to prune your tall pines without stretching. It’s a little heavy, though, since it weighs around 20 pounds. Hence, you might need to get a body strap to at least prevent getting tired too soon when working on several trees.

Key Features:

  • It features a telescopic pole that can extend from 8.2 to 11.4 feet
  • Has a powerful engine that enables high cutting efficiency without binding
  • You can rotate the cutting head at an angle to work from different angles
  • Comes with a carry bag for easy transport and storage
  • Features a low profile chain to allow easier pruning without bogging down
  • It’s so simple to start and dismantle
  • Has a sturdier construction for prolonged durability
  • The pole saw comes with a 1-year warranty.


None we can say for now.

2. Best Budget: Poulan Pro PR28PS 8-Inch Gas Pole Saw

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This is a great alternative that you can consider, particularly when your pocket is a little thin or when you need multiple. It features a 28cc 2-stroke engine that is so easy to start due to the innovative spring-assisted pull cord.

The tool is quite powerful as you can cut through the most stubborn limbs and studs without bogging down or binding. It has a heavy-duty saw head that has an 8-inch cutting bar that you can easily use on 7.5-inch thickness branches. And there is an added automatic oiler to keep the chain optimally lubricated and minimize friction during the cutting process.

The actual length of the pole saw is about eight feet, but it comes with an extra extension to extend the working height to 12 feet. It has an ergonomic loop handle that promises a firm grip and better control while working.

Key Features:

  • It allows you to cut both soft and hardwood of up to 7.5 thickness
  • Has a powerful engine that saw through materials without binding or bogging down
  • Includes a spectacular auto-oiling system to minimize friction and prevent the chain from wearing out fast
  • saw head attachment is effortless to detach [without tools]
  • Allows you to reach up to 12 feet height
  • It’s so easy to pull the cord and quick to start
  • The gas pole is budget-friendly and long-lasting.


The cutting head of the tool doesn’t rotate, thus, quite impossible to hold the saw at different angles.

3. Best Design: PROYAMA 5-in-1 Multi-Function Gas Pole Chainsaw

As the name suggests, this piece consists of five different tools that makes sure every part of your garden/ ground is properly maintained. Upon purchase, the tool comes with a robust 26cc engine, pole chainsaw, hedge trimmer, brush cutter, and string trimmer

As for the motor, it’s a 2-stroke model that has a tank capacity of 700ml and a fuel oil mix ratio of 40:1. Also, it’s air-cooled, which means it’s fairly lighter for easier control and maneuverability.

For the pole chainsaw attachment, on the other hand, it has a 12” guide bar that is super-strong to cope with tougher tasks. It’s capable of working on an 11-inch thickness, plus it has an auto-oiling system to minimize the work friction. Thereby enabling faster cutting without damaging the chain teeth or stalling the engine.

The multi-purpose gas tool has a telescopic pole that you can extend up to 11.4 feet, providing a working height of up to 15 feet. It comes with an easy-to-grip rear handlebar, plus a looped front handle for added support and better control.

Key Features:

  • It’s EPA certified for less fuel gas discharge
  • Allows you to reach the hard-to-reach brands easily and comfortably
  • You can switch through the tool attachments effortlessly
  • Supports faster cutting and prolonged blade life- courtesy of the auto-oiler
  • Can cut through 11 inches thickness with ease
  • Includes protective gears like working gloves, face shield, and earmuffs
  • The gas pruner has a one-year warranty


Similarly, the chainsaw head doesn’t rotate. Hence, you can’t use the tool at different angles, unless the fuel tank is top full.

4. Best Replacement: Echo 99944200532 Gas pole saw Attachment

Basically, this is the best gas pole saw attachment that you can get if you have any Echo multi-tool system at home. It consists of a heavy-duty head, with a tough 10-inch guide bar and a 3/8” [low profile] pitch chain. Thus, capable of cutting through 9.5-inch thickness without straining the motor.

Still, the saw head has an excellent auto oiler system to help keep the chain and bar properly lubricated during the cutting process. Hence, minimizing the friction generated and enabling higher cutting efficiency.

The gas pole saw attachment also does have a cutting shoe that captures and stabilizes the braches while cutting. And its gear case is well built for optimal durability and better performance.

Key Features

  • It features an industrial-strength construction to ensure prolonged durability
  • Can cut a 9.5-inch thick branch effectively
  • Allows you to cut through materials with minimal friction and resistance
  • Has a low-profile pitch to allows easier cutting without the risk of bogging down
  • Features a cushioned grip for the supporting hand
  • Its lubrication system can be adjusted to increase or decrease the discharged oil volume
  • The pole saw has an exclusive cutting shoe to hold against the branch and stabilize it while sawing.


Despite the solid 5-star rating, the pole saw attachment can only work with Echo gas-powered power head.

5. Alternative 1: MAXTRA 42.7CC 10-Inch Gas Pole Chainsaw

Be it at home or for outside projects, this pole is Compact and fairly lightweight. It is easy to dismantle without tools, plus the maker provides it with a carry bag for easy transport.

The tool consists of a powerful 42.7cc 2-stroke engine, which runs at a speed of up to 7500 revolutions/ minute. Hence, guaranteeing faster cutting and some heavy power to deal with the toughest limbs and logs.

Its cutting head features a solid 10-inch guide that has a maximum cutting capacity [thickness] of 9.5 inches. And it comes with a 3/8” low profile chain that works on even the toughest limbs without straining the motor.

Thanks to the 11.4 feet pole, this tool allows you to easily reach 15 feet without having to stand on your toes or ladder. Its diameter is about 26mm and 2mm thickness, which means you won’t need to worry about it breaking.

Key Features:

  • It rotates the chain at a higher speed to ensure faster and cleaner cuts
  • Can cut up to 9 inches thickness without a challenge
  • The engine is air-cooled, with a tank capacity of 500ml
  • Has an anti-slip hand bar and a front P-loop handle for better control
  • Includes an auto-oiler to keep the chain and bar lubricated
  • Comes with a shoulder strap to allow use without getting tired soon
  • Its telescopic pole can extend from 8.2 to 11.4 feet
  • The saw comes with a one year warranty


The saw’s gear guard features a very light plastic, plus the chain tends to loosen up very easily. So, you might need to tighten it regularly.

6. Alternative 2: Sunseeker MFT261-PS-AA Pole Saw Attachment

This is another pole chainsaw attachment that you can use with most universal gas-operated multi-tool system, including CRAFTSMAN WS205 25cc Weed Whacker. It features a 10-inch Oregon guide bar, which is remarkably sturdy to handle the stubborn hardwood branches and studs.

The pole saw has an auto-oiling system to keep your chain running smoothly without binding. It’s a low-kickback styling and the teeth come very sharp to allow immediate use.

Thanks to the multi-angled cutting head, this saw attachment lets you work in different positions without challenges. It has an overall length of about 4 feet and it’s very easy to mount to the engine attachment without any tools.

Nonetheless, the chain is packed dismounted from the bar, though it’s a simple exercise that won’t take more than five minutes.

Key Features:

  • It’s compatible with most gas-powered multi-tool trimmers and pruners
  • Has an articulating head to enable use at different positions
  • Features an auto-oiler to keep your chain lubricated during the cutting process
  • You can cut up to 9-inch branch thickness without difficulty
  • Comes with a scabbard to protect the chain and bar from harsh environments like water
  • The pole saw attachment is utterly durable and affordable.


Despite its unbeaten performance, the pole saw has a preset oiler system, thereby impossible to adjust. Also, the maker doesn’t include a manual, which may come in handy when installing or doing the maintenance.

Quick Guide: Essential Tips to Consider While Looking For the Best Gas Pole Saw

Although they’re not the only, the six pole saws comprise some of the bestselling and recommended products in the market. Nonetheless, there are a number of aspects to consider if you’re to get the most out of your tool.

Some of the most crucial ones include:

Performance Features

Engine Size

Just like any other tool, the motor is the true heart of a pole saw and the greatest determinant on what you can do.

For gasoline saw, the engine is usually denoted by CC, which is a measure of displacement in cubic centimeters.

As the rule stands, the higher the power rating, the stronger and durable an engine is. The majority, however, comes with between 25cc to 43cc, whereby the latter stands out as the best for pro landscapers since it cuts faster.

Despite their superior power, however, high power engines tend to be larger and heavier than the smaller models.

Guide Bar

This is yet another crucial attribute that surely comes in handy when cutting through limbs and studs. It’s the part that holds and “guide” the cutting chain, especially on the maximum depth or thickness you can cut.

As for the rule of thumb, a longer bar length allows cutting of thicker branches. Most of the latest saws are coming with a 10-inch cutting bar, which you can use to cut up to a 9-inch thickness branch.

Chain Pitch

Simply put, this is a measure of how close together the links of a chain are. It’s usually the same as the sprocket pitch and you can find it at various sizes, including ¼”, .325”, 3/8”, and .404”.

The majority of the tools on our reviews have a 3/8” pitch, which is a low profile chain. Thus lighter in weight and size to make sure you can efficiently cut through materials without stressing the engine.

Lubrication System

During the cutting process, the chain and the wood generate some friction, which then results in resistance and sometimes heat buildup. As for the heat, excess of it can make the chain to get dull and wear out quickly. Whereas extreme resistance will slow down the cutting process, leading to side effects like binding, burns, and engine stalling.

With a pole saw that has an auto-lubrication system, however, the bar and chain remain properly oiled while sawing. Thereby, reducing friction at a significant rate and providing higher working efficiency.

In the long run, a properly oiled chainsaw goes on lasting longer and with lesser maintenance requirements.

Controlling Features:

Length of the Pole

The main reason you’re looking for the best gas pole saw is probably that you want a safer and more efficient method to trim your trees. Therefore, having an elongated pole is much better, particularly if you have taller tree species like the pines and cypress.

Luckily, our reviews have included some models that can extend more than 11 feet. Thus, providing a working height of between 13 to 16 feet.

**For your knowledge, work height is the maximum range you can reach with your pole saw upwards. Experts usually assume that your height and hand stretch can add between 3-4 feet. Hence, giving an 11-inch rod a working height of around 15 feet. **


The overall weight is another crucial factor in any type of pole saw. It helps determine the amount of time you can continuously hold your tool without getting tired or losing control.

Usually, a lighter pole saw is the best as it doesn’t strain the hands so much. But, sadly, the gas-powered models are quite heavier than their siblings due to the engine and fuel volume. Most of them have a net-weight of around 15-20 pounds, which of course is not very heavy or light.

However, some makers do provide a shoulder strap to help relieve the baggage and ensure proper balance with minimal/ no risk of dropping.

The Negative Side

Despite its flexibility and high power, a gas pole saw do have more maintenance requirements than the electric models.

For example, you have to regularly clean parts like the air filter, as well as the outside of the spark plug. And if it’s the fuel system, you must make sure the tank, fuel lines, or the engine is not leaking oil. This will help enhance the overall performance and protect your tool from long-term damage.

Another thing, a gas pole saw is relatively noisier, plus it emits smelly smoke during the cutting process. As such, make sure you always have protective gear while working, and if you’re environment concise, go for an electric design.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the best gas pole saw?

There are various models of gas-powered pole chain saw, with all feature different engines, lengths, bar type, and budget. So, the best model certainly depends on your individual preference and regular needs. For a model, MAXTRA [2020 Upgraded]  is the best on our list, with a 15-inch working height and a multi-angle cutting head.

Is a gasoline pole saw really worth it?

That’s a straightforward yes. The tool doesn’t need attaching to any cord to operate, meaning you can use it in remote areas without electricity. Moreover, a gas pole saw is often more powerful than electric makes. Hence, you get to work faster and on the toughest materials without smoking the blade or bogging down.

How thick of a branch can a pole saw cut?

The thickness that any type of chainsaw can cut wholly depends on the length of the guide bar. For pole saws, the range is usually between 6 to 12 inches, but the most types nowadays feature a 10-inch size. From such a setting, you’re capable of cutting through about 9.5 inches, with the 0.5” being the working allowance.

What’s the best pole saw for ladies?

In simple words, any pole saw can be used by any gender as long there’s the power of control and maneuverability. Nonetheless, a lighter make might be better for ladies and seniors to allow easier trimming without getting tired too soon. One with a shoulder strap might even be more comfortable to control.

How To Use A Pole Saw-DIY Tree Cutting

Final Recap

Well, a pole saw is undeniably crucial for any home or contractor who does ground maintenance. It’s very safe and simple to use on the hard-to-reach branches without having to climb up the tree or ladder. Moreover, the tool is available in a variety of designs, offering various unique features and capabilities.

With the best gas pole saw in your hand, for instance, clearing after a storm is pretty easy and quick. The tool is quite powerful, with some delivering a heavy cutting speed of up to 7,500 revolution/ time.

Our article has covered some of such saws and included some quick tips to help ensure you get the right tool. We duly hope you have found the info you were looking for, and you’re ready to start the trim.

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