The 7 Best Hunting Bone Saw For Easier And Faster Field Dressing

When joining the hunters club, you not only need to invest in a good shooting rifle and carbon arrows. But also the best hunting bone saw and a knife that will help you in field dressing. The last thing you would want is spending over seven hours chasing after your prey but fail to carry it whole after catching.

Big game such as an adult deer weighs about 300 pounds, which is certainly difficult to carry on your own. With a good bone saw in your backpack, however, you can efficiently dismantle the carcass, including the stiffer parts. What’s more, it will be easier to field dress as you can now cut through the pelvic and rib bones.

Best Hunting Bone Saw For Easier And Faster Field Dressing

How To Choose The Best Hunting Bone Saw

Sad to say, the catalog of hunters has very many blade tools to toy around with. Not all of them are a must-have, and the last thing you want is to fill your backpack with what you don’t need. You will just be making your backpack heavier, which will hurt your ability to gain elevation quickly.

On the other hand, packing the wrong bone saw is likely to compromise its effectiveness and capabilities. As we shall see later in the article, the cutter has several other uses besides dismantling carcasses. And so, making the wrong buy might slim down some of these benefits.

For now, though, let’s look at some of the products that you can use to find the best hunting bone saw for your craft. Our list includes only the big names and most recommended brands by stellar hunters, starting with the Bahco 396-LAP Laplander.

Quick Comparison for the Best Hunting Bone Saw Vs. Customer Rating

Best CategoryProduct NameCustomer Rating Out of 100
Editor’s ChoiceBahco 396-LAP Laplander Saw
Best for Gutting No products found. Hunters Saw” /]
Best Design No products found. Knife-saw Hunting Combo” /]
Best Budget Coher Multipurpose Hunting Saw
Best ValueNo products found. Butcher Lite Kit” /]
Best Alternative 1No products found. MegaBite Bone Saw” /]
Best Alternative 2
No products found. Saw” /]

 **Above is a comparison for bestselling bone saws respective to the customer ratings on Amazon. You can click the product link to check on the latest price or read the detailed reviews below**

Editor’s Choice: Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Hunting Folding Saw

Not only is this piece the number one on our list, but a favorite amongst the hunters. It has a compact design that allows you to fold its blade and dwindle, thereby making it easier and safe to carry.

The hunting saw is more of a general-purpose tool that you can use to cut through various materials. It has a sturdy blade, with tough and sharp teeth that cut through bone as it was butter. Still, the teeth have an extra coating to help lessen friction and allow faster cutting without wearing out soon.

More on that, the saw has a lovely plastic handle that includes a soft rubber wrap to provide a comfortable grip without hurting your palm.

Summary Features:

  • It has a sturdy build for enhanced cutting and durability
  • Folds into a compact size for easier and safer carrying
  • Has a solid safety latch that locks the blade in both the open and locked position
  • Allows you to cut through bones with minimal resistance and friction
  • Can cut through bone, dry wood, and even plastic
  • It’s comfortable to hold without blistering your hand


The maker doesn’t offer the saw with a sheath, which is a crucial element when carrying the tool.

Best For Gutting: Sagen [AMZE103-000] Hunters Field Saw

Just as the name, this piece is exclusively for hunters out there in the field. It’s a compact and lightweight design that allows you to slip it inside your backpack without compromising your limited space.

The hunting saw has a rugged, durable build that consists of hardened steel and a strong plastic handle. It has very sharp teeth that saw through bones fast and effortlessly without causing fatigue.

While it’ more of a survival tool, this saw is specifically designed to help in field dressing. It has a unique plastic bumper at the tip of the blade, which allows opening the chest cavity without puncturing the bladder and colon.

The handle is also a unique one, with a four-finger T-style grip to enable a comfortable hold during the cutting process.

Summary Features:

  • It has a heavy-duty design for enhanced performance and prolonged lifetime
  • Allows you to quickly and safely cut the pelvis and rib bone
  • Comes with a camouflaged case and belt attachment
  • Easy and comfortable to hold
  • Has a bright orange handle that is highly visible [in case dropped in the woods]
  • It’s light to carry and compact to fight in the backpack
  • The saw comes is truly budget friendly.


Although it does the job, some users have complained that the blade gets stained faster than expected.

Best Design: Outdoor Edge [SP-1] Knife-Saw Hunting Combo

Also a great choice for the hunters, this set features a sturdy construction that is more of a 3-in-1 kit.  Its package comes with a hunting bone saw and an exclusive rotating SwingBlade Knife that works in two ways.

For the saw, the  blade  consists  of  hardened stainless steel that allows you to cut the bones with minimal friction. It’s 6 inches in length, which means you can even use on 2-1/2 inches thick dry wood without any issues. The teeth are also tough and in a three cut styling, which is usually very helpful when you want to work faster.

When we come to the knife,  its design consists of an end with a classic razor sharp edge that you can use for the general purpose cutting. Upon swinging the blade around into the handle, the knife brings out a finger-like blade that you can efficiently use for various field dressing chores. Hence, curtailing the need to burden yourself with a pack of knives.

Summary Features:

  • It allows you to cleanly cut through bones without jagged edges
  • Features hardened blade that retains sharpness for long
  • Has a T-shaped handle with a three-finger grip
  • Includes a 2-in-1 knife for skinning, gutting, other field dressing chores
  • Lightweight and effortless to use
  • It comes with a leather scabbard for easier and safer storage


The saw blade [6 inches] is fairly small for use on the sternum of large game like moose/ elk.

Best Budget: Coher Multipurpose Hunting Hand Saw

If you’re a little short on finances but you need more than one blades, this hand saw can make a great addition in your arsenal. It features a cheap and cheerful budget, yet rich in all the details that you need for successful hunting.

For one, it features a folding design that allows you to collapse its length from 17.3 inches to around 9 inches. In which case it becomes easier to sneak into your bag without compromising the limited space.

The blade is made of high-quality steel, matched with triple cut razor sharp teeth that eat through the bones without hesitating. Thanks to their 7TPI configuration, these teeth leave the cut edge fine and safe to not cause injuries.

The saw has a brightly colored handle that consists of a premium Thermoplastic rubber. Hence, very comfortable to work with and easy to locate in case you drop it around your workspace.

Summary Features:

  • It has a durable build that assures you a longer cutting life
  • Lightweight and compact for easier transport during the runs
  • Fold-closes beautifully without exposing the teeth
  • Comfortable to grab without skidding
  • It’s versatile and ideal for a wide variety of activities, including boning and clearing hunting trail
  • Includes a hole for attaching a wrist strap
  • Available at a very affordable price tag.


The locking mechanism for the blade is sometimes hard to use.

Best Value: Outdoor Edge [BL-1] Butcher Lite Game Processing Kit

This is another combo from the renowned brand and which you can add to your hunting backpack. It comprises of five compact and lightweight tools that you must have when field dressing your prey.

Amongst the set is a 6-inch bone saw that has a military-grade steel blade with chrome coating to prevent rusting and dampen friction. It has very sharp teeth and a slanting blunt tip that allows you to cut pelvis and rib bones without puncturing the liver and colon.

Speaking of the ribs, this tool includes a solid steel stick ribcage spreader that enables field dressing and quicker access to the abdomen. The saw does come with a set of three different knives that you can use for gutting and other meat processing tasks. So, you won’t need to go back to the store later.

All the equipment is neatly packed in a lovely nylon pack case, plus there’s a pair of disposable cleaning gloves.

Summary Features:

1. It’s very affordable, yet convenient for field dressing

2. Light and effortless to use

3. Easy to carry around using the included roll pack

4. Includes heat treated blades for superior cutting without dulling quickly

5. Features a soft, non-slip thermoplastic handle for better handling

6. Includes a tungsten carbide sharpener to maintain the razor-sharp edge

7. The hunting kit is all durable and worth it in all aspects.


Overall, there’s nothing wrong with the tool. The saw, however, is relatively underwhelming [size-wise] as you can’t use well on animals like elk.

Alternative 1: Hooyman [110143] MegaBite Hunter’s Combo Bone Saw

This is a great alternative when you need something easy to carry without affecting your movements. It measures only measures 9.5 inches when collapsed, which is a great advantage as you can hook onto your belt and still chase after the buck comfortably.

The saw kit is available with two cutting blades- one for wood and another for bones, making it a great tool for bushcraft. Both blades have a tough construction, with high carbon Sk5 steel for better cutting without breaking. The one for cutting bones even features the exclusive MegaBite XP design that enables faster cutting without the teeth overheating. Hence, making sure it retains its sharpness and the overall lifetime longer.

The tool has a heavy-duty two-way latch that locks the blade in both the extended and folded positions. It has an ergonomic easy-to-grip handle that includes an improvised groove to hide the saw teeth. Hence, allowing safer transport without causing injuries or damaging your bag content.

Summary Features:

1. It consists of two cutting blades that are straightforward to interchange

2. Has a compact and light design for easier transport and use

3. Features strong, hardened teeth that easily cut through bone and meat without clogging

4. Comes with a nylon sheath for better carrying on your belt

5. It has an excellent handle, with rubber over-mold for a comfortable grip

6. The bone saw is highly durable


The cutting blade is tricky to sharpen due to the teeth hardening and the triple cut design.

Alternative 2: Silky GomBoy Professional [121-24] Hunting Folding Saw

No products found.

Silky is one of the most trusted makers of cutting tools, based in Japan- home of the best cutlery on the planet. And this particular piece is no different, particularly if you need something to use on bigger game like moose.

It features a high-quality blade, with impulse hardened teeth for a better and longer cutting life. The teeth sit on the edge at a pitch of 8TPI, which is a perfect setting when you when dealing with tougher materials. It also means the teeth are not very far apart, which means you get to cut without leaving jagged bones.

The handle has a lovely, soft rubber mold that is comfortable to grab without losing the grip or hurting your arm. That’s not all. This handle has a drilled hole for fitting a strap to use with the wrist.

The hunting saw comes packed with a plastic case. So, you won’t need to worry about carriage or the safety of the content in your backpack.

Summary Features:

1. It not only cut through bones but also wood materials and plastic

2. Cuts smoothly without the blade wobbling

3. Has a higher teeth pitch configuration for making cleaner cuts

4. Folds into a compact design without exposing the teeth

5. Comes with a carrying case for safer transport

6. It has a high-quality blade and hardened teeth for a longer life without getting dull quickly.


Although the saw has a latch to secure the blade in position, it doesn’t lock the blade when closed. Hence, can be inconvenient to carry without the case.

Why You Should Invest In A Good Hunting Bone Saw

As we illustrated on the table, all the products that we have reviewed are the highest ranked on the market. None has a customer rating of less than 90% and multiple have more than 1,000 reviews [on Amazon].

In case you might be wondering why we have sacrificed over 36 hours to prepare this list, here are some of the benefits of having a good bone saw.

1. Cuts through tough bones: That’s right. Unlike the standard wood saw, a bone cutter features a high-quality blade that can cut through bones without a fail. Hence, allows you to dismantle the deer carcass easily and successfully.

2. Make fine and Clean Cuts: this is only possible when you choose a bone saw with the right set of teeth. It allows you to cut the bones efficiently and cleanly without leaving jagged edges, which is very important when removing skull caps.

3. Can be used for other tasks: also, true. The tool allows you to use in other aspects of hunting, such as clearing the path and cutting wood for making shelter.

4. Saves Time and Effort: when you have a good tool in your hands, your work becomes easier and faster to do. Similarly, a proper bone saw allows you to efficiently open the chest cavity and dismantle the limbs. Hence, making the field dressing and other meat processing tasks easier.

5. Compact and easier to carry: while there are larger models, all the bone saws on the list have a compact and lightweight design. As such, you won’t have a problem slipping in your backpack or carry on your belt.

Buyers Guide: Essential Tips To Consider When Choosing A Hunting Bone Saw

For you to enjoy all [or most] of the benefits above, you need to have a good bone saw that doesn’t disappoint. Some of the crucial features that can help make sure you pick the right one include:

Size And Weight

The worst thing you can do while hunting is carrying a heavy backpack or a long blade belt holder. It not only makes you get tired quickly but also compromises your ability to chase after the deer or any other prey.

For the better, therefore, we highly recommend a compact bone saw that won’t affect your limited space or mobility. Luckily, our article has included various folding blades and other small-size tools to choose from.

Type Of Blade

Just like the woodworking kits, the hunting saws come in various teeth styling. There are those with lower teeth per inch [TPI} configuration, which is good for dealing with larger bones quickly. And you can also find smaller teeth design that features a higher TPI that delivers finer, cleaner cuts that have a lower risk of causing injuries.

On top of teeth, the blade material is very important, whereby the high carbon steel has a better cutting life. The saw type is more durable and it can retain its sharpness for long. Even so, it does rust easily than stainless steel. Hence, will need immediate cleaning after use and light oiling when storing.

Handle Design

The last thing you would want is using a cutting tool that leaves your hand numbed or full of blisters. As such consider getting a bone saw with an easy to grip handle and which doesn’t slip from hands, especially when wet from sweat or weather conditions.

Still, the handle has to be as strong as the blade so that the entire tool can have a longer cutting life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Is The Best Bone Saw For Field Dressing?

By definition, field dressing is the processing of cutting up your hunted game and remove the internal organs. It is a crucial step in preserving the meat from the animal and slowing bacterial growth.

For proper field dressing, you need a high-quality saw that can efficiently cut through the pelvis and rib bones. The cutter has to have a strong blade and aggressive teeth that saw through without wearing out or dulling quickly.

Can I Use Any Saw To Cut Through Bones?

Although they come in various shapes and sizes, most animal bones are usually hard and strong. Therefore, you need to have a proper saw if you’re to succeed in cutting it and without damaging the tool. We highly recommend using a bone saw that has a tough blade and sharp teeth that will cut efficiently and cleanly without bending or breaking.


As you head out for hunting, the kind of tools that you pack in your backpack is very important. Unless you’re going after the grouse, you certainly won’t be bringing the whole animal carcass home. So, you have to be well-prepared with the best hunting bone saw and a razor-sharp knife.

Of course, you can carry other equipment but the two are the most crucial for a successful field dressing. The knife will assist in the skinning and the later meat processing tasks. Whereas the .saw will enable the splitting of the pelvic bone, allowing easier access to the abdomen and the parts that need to be removed.

In our article, we have briefly reviewed seven different saws that you can use to cut animal bones without an issue. All comprise the bestselling products on the market at the moment, with the Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Saw qualifying as our number one.

The bone saw model has a well-built design that consists of a high-grade blade with exclusive hardpoint teeth at a 7TPI setting. So, it cuts through the ribs fast and cleanly without leaving a rough, spiky edge that can injure your hands.

Well, that’s all for now and we hope you have found the article informative and with the solution you were seeking.

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