A Guide For The Best Hybrid Table Saw

One of the simplest means to get acquainted with your craft is by choosing the right tools. And as a hobbyist who loves his woodworking skills, it truly can pay off when you have the best hybrid table saw. Be it in the garage or your small workshop, this equipment provides the finest company you’d ever need if serious with your skills.

Needless to say, this’s the conclusion you’ll possibly come to have after researching for affordable and heavy-duty table saws. The market, without a doubt, has numerous designs and models of table saws that claim to have a “heavy-duty” construction. But fora hybrid table saw, that word is not just a mere phrase that brands use to promote their products. 

Our good guess is that you already know what we mean if you have been in woodworking for several years. Power, durability, accuracy, productivity…. All that combined in the highest form in one system, which, luckily, is the main subject of the day.

 Best Hybrid Table Saw

What Exactly Is A Hybrid Table Saw?

The first incentive to most beginning woodworkers is that a hybrid table saw is an upgrade version of the regular make. Of course, they’re not very wrong about it, but that’s not how we would put it.

The truth is, there are about five different types of table saws, which can be grouped into two major categories- Portable and stationary table saws.

1. Portable Table Saws

This particular group has only two types, consisting of Bench top saws and Jobsite saws. Just as the name, the saws under this category have portability as their strong point. Hence, they happen to be smaller and lighter, in which case their design uses less heavy materials to lessen their weight. 

Another thing, the majority of portable table saws tend to have a direct drive motor that delivers no more than 2hp. They also feature a limited rip capacity due to their smaller tabletop, though the Jobsite saws can be enlarger due to extension tables.

Still, contractor table saws [another name for Jobsite saws] often have a stand to allow easier operations and transport [if wheels available].

2. Stationary Table Saws

 This category now is where you’ll find our hybrid table saw and two other types, namely cabinet saws and the true contractor saws.

Contractor Saws 

As for the contractor table saws, we added the word “true” because they owned that name right before the latest jobsite saws came. The kind of saw, however, has become extinct and it’s quite rare to come across one nowadays. But like some 3 or 4 decades passed, contractors used to rely on it mostly as it was more portable and powerful. 

The saw had an outboard induction motor that you could easily detach alongside the legs, stand, and the cast iron table. Hence, lessening its weight, which was about 200-300 pounds and enhancing its transportation. 

Cabinet Table Saws

Of all the table saws available, this type is the most powerful and superior in every other characteristic. You’ll mostly find them in factories and workshops for professional contractors due to their robust and beefy design. 

Also called a cabinet maker saw, this piece houses a 240V motor, which produces between 3 and 5hp power for heavy-duty tasks. Furthermore, most of them have a weight of 500 pounds and above, which helps enhance their stability and high workload. 

Hybrid Table Saws

Now, this one is quite tricky in the meaning and it certainly has confused many due to its design. It happens to be a cross between a cabinet maker saw and the traditional contractor saw, but less expensive than the former.

With the combined features of the two, a hybrid table saw houses a powerful 2 to 3HP “inboard” motor. Then, has a sturdy construction that uses high-quality materials, totaling to a weight of between 200-500 pounds. 

The table saw can come with open leg stands like the traditional contractor saws or with a full closure as industrial cabinet saws. It also has the advantage of high rip capacity, which can go beyond 30 inches in some brands. Hence, allowing you to rip-cut larger boards without challenges.

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The 6 Best Hybrid Table Saw 

After that short overview, we now believe you properly understand what a hybrid table saw is and how to distinguish from the rest. Of course, it’s not as bulky as the cabinet maker saw, but it’s quite heavier than the bench top, jobsite, and contractor saws.

So, it can be a great piece when trying to build your small workshop, considering it also has a friendly budget. 

That being said, let’s now look at some of the best hybrid table saws that you can get online today.

Editor’s Choice: Shop Fox [W1819] 3HP Hybrid Table Saw

Of all the names on the list, this is the overall best hybrid table saw and our most recommended. It consists of a solid, full closure build and a sum weight of about 457 pounds. Hence, durable and very stable when dealing with tougher stocks.

Originally, the tabletop of the table saw has a 27-inch depth and a width of 40-1/4 inches. You can, however, extend its width to up to 53-5/8 inches when dealing with larger boards and lumber.

Hidden beneath the table is a single-phase 12.8A motor that spins the blade with a power of 3 horsepower. And beefy cast iron trunnions that hold an arbor attachment of 5/8 inches, which in turn clasps a 10-inch blade.

Also with the table saw is a solid rip fence that has an HDPE plastic face and push-down cam lock. Thus, enabling you to push the wood through the blade with minimal exertion and without any chance of deflection. 

Key Features:

1. It comes as a complete kit, with a table saw, blade, fence, miter gauge, and adjustment spanners

2. Allows you to extend the tabletop width to increase its original 30-inch rip capacity 

3. Has a riving knife to minimize the instances of kickback 

4. Great in making bevel cuts of between 0 and 45 degrees

5. Incudes a larger 4-inch dust port for maximum sawdust collection

6. Has a 34-inch height for optimal comfort when working.

7. Features a specular speed of 4,300 revolutions/ minute

8. The table is heavy and heavy-duty for a prolonged lifetime


The user manual is quite difficult to understand, yet the saw comes dismantled. Hence, may take longer to set up for novice woodworkers.

Best Budget: Jet [725000K] ProShop Hybrid Table Saw  

Convenient. Sturdier. And budget-friendly. These are the three words we can use to define this table saw in short. It comprises an open leg stands design that features heavy-duty construction for better performance and prolonged durability.

The tool has a 27-inch depth and a width of 20 inches, leading to a sum rip capacity of 30 inches. Its exclusive fence system, however, can extend the tabletop size to 27×44 inches, thereby increasing the rip capacity to around 50 inches.

Like all the latest hybrid table saws, this jet model has its trunnions beneath the tabletop, housing a 5/8in the arbor. It uses a 10-inch blade that can cut at a maximum depth of 3-1/8 inches [at zero angles] and 2-1/8 inches at a 45-degree bevel.

The saw operates with a single-phase motor that delivers a 1.75 horsepower and a cutting speed of 4,000 revolutions/ minute. It comes with a 5-year warranty, thus, you won’t need to worry in case you have any issue.

Key Features:

1. It has a polished cast iron table, with a 30-inch rip cap 

2. Features heavy-duty handwheels for easier and effective adjustments

3. Allows you to effortlessly change the blade and riving knife

4. Has onboard storage to hold all included accessories

5. Meets the safety and performance standard by the CSA Group

6. It’s 34-3/4 inch high [from the floor] for comfortable handling

7. Includes a large and advanced dust shroud for optimal waste collection

8. The table saw has a friendly budget and a durable design.


Similarly, the directions of the hybrid saws are a bit unclear. Thus, may take longer to set up.

Best Design: Shop Fox [W1824] 2HP Hybrid Table Saw

This is a great alternative of the Shop Fox [W1819], though, lower on the maximum power output. Similar to the most from the brand, it has a heavy-duty build, with a full closure design to ensure high-efficient dust collection. 

The table saw has a solid cast iron tabletop, with a maximum rip capacity of 30 inches when the extension is absent. After pulling the extension system, the table width increases to 55 inches, which in turn enlarges the rip capacity by more than 30%. Hence, enhancing productivity and allow use with larger boards.

As a 10-inch model, this table saw has a 5/8 inch arbor that you can tilt left, from 0° to 45°, when making bevels. The arbor attaches to a 2HP single-phase motor that enables the blade to spin at a speed of up to 3,850 revolutions/ minute.

Of course, that is about 450 spins lesser than its peer, but it’s still fast enough to allow speedy cutting.

Key Features:

1. It has a quick-release clear blade guard to simultaneously enhance safety and accuracy

2. Allows you to efficiently work on larger boards due to the included extension table

3. Has a full closure design and a 4-inch large dust port for optimal sawdust collection

4. Comes with a 10-inch multipurpose circular blade

5. Cuts a maximum depth of up to 3-1/8 inches

6. Has an easy-glide Camlock fence with HDPE faces to lessen the resistance of sliding the wood

7. The tool is remarkably durably, plus it’s a 2-year warranty 


With the trunnions mounted to the tabletop [underneath], the saw is quite difficult to align the blade. 

Best Capacity: Powermatic [1791230K] Hybrid Table Saw

From the list, this is the best hybrid table saw for dealing with wider wooden boards, like plywood. It has a large cast-iron tabletop that has a 27-inch depth and a width of 44-1/4 inches [with extensions]. Hence, delivering a maximum rip capacity of 50 inches.

The table saw has a solid Accu-fence that has replaceable HPDE plastic faces to help minimize resistance when pushing the wood through the blade. It comes with a T-slot miter gauge that has a robust plate and positive stops for accurate crosscuts and optimal productivity.

Behind the denser housing, this table saw has a 15AMP single phase motor, which delivers up to 1.75 horsepower and a speed of 3,800 revolutions/ minute. 

It has a 5/8” arbor, which supports a 10-inch blade that can cut up to 3-1/8 inch thick stock while at a right angle. And it comes with a quick-release riving knife to lessen the chances of kickback. 

Key Features

1. It has a sturdy construction, with a cast iron table and heavy steel body

2. Guarantees high accuracy with the tall leveled fence and a 60-degree calibrated miter gauge

3. Allows you to efficiently cut 3-1/8 inch thick stock

4. Has a powerful motor to serve tougher applications

5. Includes large 4-inch dust for maximum waste collection

6. Stands with a tall height of 36 inches from the floor

7. Offers high cutting efficiency, with extendable rip capacity and smooth sliding

8. Features a transparent blade guard to enhance the visibility of the cut line

9. The saw comes with a five-year warranty to ensure 100% satisfaction.


None we can say for now.

Alternative 1: JET [708674PK] Deluxe 3HP Hybrid Table Saw

Also a spectacular piece for working on larger boards, this table saw features a 29-inch deep top and a width of 42 inches [extension included]. The tabletop is from heavy-duty cast iron and has a smooth polish that allows you to slide the stock with minimal effort. 

It has a robust rip fence and Deluxe miter gauge, both of which have bold scale calibrations to help maintain accuracy when working. 

Thanks to its 14.5 AMP motor, this table saw delivers some heavy 3HP power, which spins the blade at up to 4,300RPM. The included blade has a 10-inch diameter but you can also attach with an 8-inch Dado for dadoes and groove cuts. 

Key Features:

1. It has a standard rip capacity of 30 inches but can be increased with the extension table

2. Allows you to cut through materials up to a depth of 3 inches

3. Has an improved storage unit to keep your necessary accessories closer

4. Features a push-button arbor lock for faster blade change

5. Incudes a riving knife to lessen chances of binding and or kickback

6. Has an integrated 4” dust port for high-efficient waste collection.

7. The saw has a sturdy, polished tabletop and HPDE fence faces, both of which reduce resistance when pushing material through the blade


Although not exactly a con, the hybrid table saw is quite heavier in weight, making it quite difficult to set up by yourself.

Alternative 2: Shop Fox [W1837] 2HP Hybrid Table Saw

Although the last on our list, this piece is as strong as the rest of tools from the brand. It features an open leg stand design, with multiple mobility wheels to ensure easier moving around the job site.

The table saw has a precision-ground cast-iron tabletop that has a 27-inch depth and a width of 40-1/4 inches. Its rip fence locks in both the rear and front rail, allowing a firm grip and high cutting accuracy. 

The saw runs with a superior 2hp motor that enables the blade to run at a speed of 3,450 revolutions/ minute. And it has robust cast trunnions that mount on the cabinet to allow easier adjusting or replacement of the blade. 

Key Features:

1. It features heavy-duty construction for better performance and durability

2. Features a 5/8” arbor that uses a 10-inch blade [maximum]

3. Comes with a quick-release blade guard and riving knife to enhance your working safety

4. Has an easy-glide fence assembly and a miter gauge for optimal accuracy

5. Simple to move around the workshop, courtesy of the attached mobility wheels

6. Has a 4-inch dust port [hidden at the base] for optimal waste collection

7. Includes a 2-year warranty to make sure you’re 100% satisfied

8. The manufactures state that the maximum capacity is 30 inches, but it’s more like 36-1/2 inches 

Quick Guide: Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Hybrid Table Saw

These are the best hybrid table saws that we did collect after long hours of search and research on the internet. They all comprise of the bestselling products that have the most positive feedbacks and highest recommendation by top craftsmen.

Still, the six devices are the only that we could find with all the crucial features that define a good hybrid table saw.

These attributes include:

A Heavy, Heavy-Duty Design:

For any item, quality is the key to better performance and easier maintenance. That’s why all the saws we have reviewed have a bulky build, with robust components to make sure you can have smoother woodworking experience.

For a model, the tabletop and the trunnion of all is solid cast iron, which is usually very good in absorbing vibration. The body, on the other, is dense steel that has a powder coating to protect against harsh external conditions and promote durability.

High Power

Like any other powered tool, your hybrid table saw has to have enough power to operate productively. During our search, we only choose the devices that have tougher motors as you probably want speedy cutting and no binding issues.

The reviewed products, though, have varying energy outputs, but none has less than one horsepower. Several even has a 3hp motor, which is very essential when dealing with stubborn materials like oak, pressure-treated lumber, and laminate. 

High Accuracy

This is yet another crucial aspect of any table saw. Hence, the reason, we have included products that have solid, easy-glide fence assembly and miter gauges. The two are the main strong points for making sure you make accurate cuts, even though your blade has to be properly aligned too.

High-Efficient Dust Collection:

The last thing you would want is working with a tool spitting sawdust all around you. The act not only makes your workspace messy but also poses some health risks when you breathe in that dust.

For the devices on our list, however, they all have a large dust port [4-inch diameter] that guarantees maximum waste collection. Thus, making your workshop conducive and easy to clean after the cutting session.


What Is The Best Hybrid Table Saw To Buy?

Technically, there are quite many different models of a hybrid table saw. The best one for you utterly depends on various aspects, not limited to budget, needs, and areas of use. If it’s a shop you’re building slowly, for example, the No products found. ProShop” /] can be a better option for you. The saw model is some bucks cheaper than others, yet it’s still heavy-duty and high performing.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Table Saw?

As we noted earlier, there are various types of table saws- five to be specific. Each of them has unique features that stand it out from the rest, plus the situations you can use it. For our subject, a good hybrid table saw should have features like a heavy-duty body, high rip capacity, powerful motor, and a convenient dust collection system.

Is A 175HP Motor Enough For My Table Saw?

Absolutely, YES! A motor with 1.75hp output is pretty powerful for most applications in a home-based workshop. But you should consider a higher power engine if you’re likely to be using it every day and on heavy-duty tasks. 

Final Recap

If you’re passionate about woodworking, having a table saw in your workshop can truly pay off. You’ll not only be able to make straight and angled cuts faster but also maximize your skills.

From our discussion on the best hybrid table saw, we have covered various subjects that we hope you have found helpful. Stationary and heavy-duty, this device is the most convenient if you work from your store most of the time. It’s designed to serve you for many years and that’s why some sellers are packing it with a 5-year warranty.

As you know, a warranty is a great assurance that the product you’re paying for is undeniably rich in quality.

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