Best Plumbing Books For Great Plumbers

“Knowledge is power,” and in today’s world, great plumbers are exceptional readers. You need to be knowledgeable to stand a chance in today’s competitive environment. Like other professions, as a plumber, you needed to upgrade yourself to the standards that your career requires. Yes, change is inevitable and is part of life. Plumbing is a technical field; you need to be well informed on the best plumbing practices. In this regard, having a few of the best plumbing books as reference material at hand will be very beneficial.

Even if you are an experienced or a master plumber, it will never hurt to learn better ways of doing things. But if you are new to the profession, know the plumbing industry is very competitive. Do you know that statics states that not a single plumbing company can claim five percent plus the total market share? For you to be or remain competitive in a saturated market with proven low customer loyalty, you need to be the best. Nourishing your mind with books more often will make you excel in your profession. Here you will get the top reads in plumbing for all times. Read through!

Best Plumbing Books For Great Plumbers

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Top Six Best Plumbing Books You Can Consider 2021

Learning never stops; whether you are a professional or apprenticed plumber, it is best to read plumbing books. It widens your view and keeps you abreast with new plumbing methodologies. The question is, “which are the best plumbing books a plumber can read?” Worry not! Here are the top six helpful books for DIY and professional plumbers. 

1. Ultimate Guide: Plumbing, 4th Updated Edition (Creative Homeowner) 800 + Photos; Step-by-step Project and Comprehensive How-To Information on Up-to-date Products &Code-Complaint Techniques for DIY

This is one of the best-selling plumbing books by creative homeowners that any plumber would wish to read. It’s the updated version of the 3rd edition by the same company though they have expanded it slightly. The book covers up-to-date plumbing products in the market and techniques. The emphasis has been placed on how-to information on ways of doing things correctly. Meaning all the projects use code-compliant techniques that makes it great for the DIY enthusiast.

If you wish to learn how to fix plumbing work for yourself, the book makes everything simple. DIY information provided here will enable you to replace any leakage in the bathroom to even renovating it. The book gives an overview of the house plumbing system and basic physics that makes everything works well. To add to these, you have the chance to learn how to spot and improve worn-out or dangerous materials and techniques in your house plumbing system.


1. Pocket friendly

2. Detailed book with how-to-diagrams

3. 800 plus photos

4. Many new plumbing techniques laid down in a simple manner


1. You have to read the book and apply the skills practically yourself

Product dimension(8.5* 0.8* 10.8 inches)
PublisherDesign Originals;4th updated edition (January 3, 2017)
Paperback304 pages
Item weight2.5 pounds

2. Black & Decker the Complete Guide to Plumbing 7th edition: Completely Updated to Current Codes (Black &Decker Complete Guide)

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This Black + Decker 7th edition is another great book that will put value on a plumber’s mind. All your questions regarding toilet installations, curb-less shower or vanity sink, etc., have been answered well. The clear-colored photos are taken step-by-step to show you how things are done. Besides, the book is accompanied by easy-to-understand descriptions that prove its worth. 

All DIYs of all skill levels will find the book useful. The updates have been done to cover all the recent codes, including the uniform plumbing code and international residential code. Some of the book’s projects include; lighting ventilation, bathroom cabinetry, flooring, plumbing and tiling a curb-less shower, replacing a toilet etc.


1. Great for DIY projects

2. New updated edition covering many projects

3. Easy to understand descriptions

4. Clear color step by step photos

5. Affordable 


1. You have to read the book and apply the skills practically yourself.

Product dimension(8.5* 0.88* 11 inches)
PublisherCool Springs Press; 7th edition (January 15, 2019)
Paperback288 pages
Item weight2.1 pounds

3. Plumbing Complete: Expert from Start to Finish (Taunton’s Complete) paperback-illustrated, August 11, 2009.

This ten-year-plus plumbing book that Rex Cauldwell, a master plumber, gives expert advice on handling different plumbing jobs confidently. It’s still very useful to date for the basic plumbing problems that every home encounters. Some of the projects not included here need to be taken care of by a professional plumber.

The easy to find and use useful information on every page makes it unique. Besides, there are step-by-step photos and detailed information that makes it simple to understand and implement. There is also a table content that makes it easier for someone to find content as it features visual symbols. Installing a new bath, repairing faucets and toilets, outdoor plumbing, and cleaning and unclog pipes are some of the projects discussed.


1. Pocket-friendly 

2. The advice is given by a master plumber, i.e., Rex Cauldwell.

3. Clear and detailed instruction

4. Step-by-step photos make it easy to get and implement

5. Numerous projects covered


1. You have to read the book and apply the skills practically yourself.

Product dimension(9.19* 0.65* 10.88 inches)
PublisherTaunton Press; Illustrated edition (August 11, 2009)
Paperback256 pages
Item weight2.25 pound

4. Code Check Plumbing &Mechanical 5th Edition: An Illustrated Guide to the Plumbing and Mechanical Codes Spiral-bound-illustrated; April 9, 2019

Code Check Plumbing & Mechanical is among the few plumbing books that clearly outline the key safety principles regarding different plumbing and mechanical codes. Furthermore, it provides information on the code requirement for all plumbing installation models, i.e., heating and cooling, drain, vent systems and all supply. The book is up-to-date with several changes in the industry. Its uses tables and illustrations to explain complex rules and many changes in the latest edition of the codes. As well, it highlights specific code changes.

The book helps plumbers in the industry as it enables one to avoid the most common plumbing and mechanical code violation. This will eventually save you money, time and potential delays. Get the book, learn more from it and be an expert in what you do. 


1. Help you save money, time and potential delays.

2. Cleary illustrated tables using clear language.

3. Up-to-date plumbing and mechanical code changes

4. Specific code changes are highlighted in the book.


1. Slightly pricy compared to others

2. Few pages

Product dimension(8.4* 0.6* 11.25 inches)
Spiral-bound48 pages
Item weight11.2 ounces

5. Mathematics for Plumbers and Pipefitters 8th Edition

This 8th edition, Mathematics for Plumbers and Pipefitters book, is suitable for all plumbers and pipefitters professionals worldwide. The book delivers significant math skills discussed thoroughly to ensure a solid foundation for starters. You get to learn the specific on-to-job application, such as pipe length calculations, builders’ level, and sheet metal work with ease. 

The book looks into a broad-based subject like physics, pressure, volume, and capacities, written by an experienced plumber and vocational education educator. Besides, numerous examples, formulas and reference tables will be of great use when building a successful career in plumbing and pipefitting.


1. Numerous examples, formulas and references tables provided

2. You can purchase a used book.

3. Free return shipping at the end of the semester

4. Written by an experienced plumber and experienced vocational education educator


1. High cost

2. The access codes and supplements are not guaranteed with rentals.

Product dimension(8.3* 0.7* 10.8 inches)
PublisherCengage Learning;8th edition (August 21, 2012)
Paperback288 pages
Item weight1.4 pounds

6. DEWALT Plumbing Code Reference: Based on the 2015 international Plumbing and Residential Codes (DEWALT Series) 3rd Edition

The resources found in this book are on another level; the industry leader can only provide information like this in contractor education, which is very rare to get. So, take advantage of the author’s straightforward illustrated approaches. There is a detailed explanation of the most significant and commonly used international plumbing 2015codes.

The difficult jargon normally associated with the codes is easily transformed in this book into simple and clear words using real-world terms. More than 70 pages cover installation concerns, violation, code requirements and coverage, including horizontal drain sizing, framing notching, material requirement and design standard, to name a few. Indeed the 3rd edition proves to be an indispensable resource for both experienced and beginners’ plumbers globally.


1. Affordable prices

2. Over 70 pages cover installation concerns, violations, code requirements and several coverages on the necessary information in plumbing history.

3. Real-word-terms are used to simplify the learning process.


1. You have to read the book and apply the skills practically yourself.

Product dimension(5* 0.5* 8 inches)
PublisherDEWALT;3rd edition (March 18, 2016)
Paperback84 pages
Item weight7.7 ounces

Factors You Should Consider When Buying a Plumbing Book

Plumbers provide crucial services and are always in demand, but there is a misconception that they don’t need to work hard to market.  It’s a lie; as mentioned earlier, the market is saturated and flooded with all kinds of industry professionals. Here one needs to work ten times extra to stand a chance and make themselves a clear choice for new leads and customer retention. You have to improve yourself by reading the best plumbing books available. Getting some of these books might be challenging, but we have taken the hassle and rated the top six selling books in the market. As well, below are some of the factors to consider when buying one.

The price

Price remains one of the important factors when buying, and this applies to books. You need to feel the value of your money with the book you purchase. For instance, will it help in your career or DIY? But there are other factors also that determine the cost of books. These include:

1. New versus old: In most cases, you will have to dig deeper into your pocket to get a new book as compared to an old one. Though when you need a certain material and unlimited resources, you can consider getting a second-hand book. What matters most is the content, and so you can always consider getting an old book at a cheaper price. 

2. Editions: Whenever there is an upgrade on any book, the previous cost tends to be lower. The new edition will be up-to-date on various sectors in the current market even though the price might be high. It’s advisable to buy a new edition because they have additional notes and change content that could be useful to you.

3. Supply And Demand: Generally, when demand is high with low supply, the prices are also high. When the demand is low, and there is a high supply of products, the prices are also low. Typically if the book you are looking for is in high demand and the supply is low, then the price will be high and vice versa. Make sure you know the supply and demand of the product in the market before the purchase.

4. Condition: If you are purchasing an old book, the condition matters a lot and determines the cost. A well-maintained book will cost slightly higher than the pretty beat-up one.

Compare Different Varieties

It is important to make a comparison with different types of books in the current market before buying. Know what other dealers have to offer. Don’t buy several books from one dealer; check the competitors and see what they are offering. Online is the best place for purchasing this kind of book since many stores offer discount prices. 

The Purpose Of The Book

The books’ purpose is different from one to another. Besides,  people purchase the book for different purposes. Yes, as a plumber, you may need a certain type of book that offers specific skills in a different area you want to improve on. Ensure you get the right book meant for its purpose to feel its value.

The Reliability/ Accessibility Of The Retailer

Make sure the physical quality of the book equates to the amount of money spent. The book may be useful in various professions, and it is necessary to ensure you are buying from a reliable place to avoid being conned. Enquire also about the shipping cost and the time it will take to deliver to your location. If at all you want to use it immediately.


When it comes to great books, context is everything. It is always good to ensure the book is certified and contains the right content at all times. An author can write a good book, but examples and unfamiliar currencies can alienate a person if the reader is not malicious with the foreign laws. When buying it, consider how necessary local context is to the subject in question. Having practical knowledge and examples familiar to you makes a notable difference to your understanding of the plumbing concepts.  

Relevant Case Studies And Practical Examples

Ensure you check how well a book you’re about to buy makes it is content reasonable. Case studies and practical information bridges the gap between understanding and locating in reality. The use of practical examples familiar to you makes it easy to apply what you have learned. At the same time, the examples will help you consolidate and visualize the concept in question.

Type Of The Book

There are different forms a book can come in, for example, a hand cover book, paperback books, e-book or an audiobook. Here it is upon you to choose one based on your preference.  This factor can also determine the price as each form is priced differently. A hard book is durable and looks great in a bookcase. In contrast, paperback one is so soft, humble and user-friendly. E-book one gives you the chance of reading it with much ease everywhere, even in the dark. On the other hand, an audiobook is great for long, wonderful walks and lulling you to sleep. Pick your choice and enrich your knowledge.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

Considering other factors, you can take your time and go through some of the customer’s reviews and ratings on the book you want to purchase. Check what other readers are saying regarding the book and make your conclusion on the same before buying.

The Release Dates

Check your book release date to know if it’s recent or old. Recent release books are normally up-to-date with the current products available in the market. As time goes by, many things change as technology evolves and better ways of doing things come up. However, this doesn’t mean the old book is not relevant because they are the current knowledge’s backbone. It’s true somethings might change, but formulas can remain the same.


Even up to now, some people consider the author of the book to determine the book’s quality and if they are going to buy it. But you cannot blame them. Can you imagine the feeling of having a book cover adorned by someone you know and respect! The plumbing industry’s role model can write some; to follow their footsteps, you end up buying those books to learn more from them. Great authors and publishers are known to many in the market. But as much as it does, consider other factors before making your final decision.


What Math Is Needed For Plumbing?

Math is so essential and is part of trade jobs, and plumbing is no exception. Plumbers also do basic math and several advanced math while working out in the field or the office. Some of the math needed to understand simple calculation include; 45-degree formula, measuring and the area etc. There are several good books which can help remind and refresh your mind.

Is Plumbing Hard?

Yes and no. When we talk about plumbing, it covers a wide area. So basically, even an experienced plumber can find some projects hard on his side simply because one is not specialized in that area. Also, the simplest and easiest plumbers’ problems can be the hardest thing to do on your own. To be great at what you do, it will be pretty easy to deal with your profession’s challenges every day. With good plumbing tools, you can pull a stun on few projects.  

Can You Learn To Be A Plumber By Studying At Home?

Yes, you can learn to be a good plumber at home up to a certain level. Nowadays studying at home has become increasingly popular as people can’t commit to full time. With available good books for plumbing online, one starts with DIY materials. You only need to be passionate and work extra hard to compete in the competitive market.

What Is The Highest Plumbing Qualification?

There are two NVQ Level 2 qualifications a plumber can choose from, i.e., NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing and Heating and NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Installing and Maintaining Heating System. These are the highest level of plumbing that propel you towards success in the plumbing business. 

How Long Will It Take To Train To Be A Plumber?

Nowadays, it will take approximately two years to learn a plumbing course and get a qualification to help you start work. Unlike in the past, this is where one was required to study in college to become a professional one. Normally it takes two years and then takes another two to five years for an apprenticeship. All these were to ensure plumbers gain the necessary skills to work competently in their jobs.

Can You Be A Plumber Without Qualifications? 

Yes, you can, but one needs to have experience in the industry to perform various tasks. But if you want to be a professional in plumbing, you should take up some courses to remain competitive. Get some plumbing books and learn various techniques used to perform different tasks.

How Long Can I Learn To Plumb Online?

As long as it will take you to get the job done competently, take as much time as you. Your ability to understand and process things also plays a major role. It varies depending on the person unless you are talking about online classes; they have standard set timelines.

Do Plumbing Books Help?

Yes, plumbing books help as it does a great job if you are serious about learning new things. The books take you step-by-step to ensure you understand plumbing concepts and become an expert in what you do. 


When you have an interest in a certain thing, you can achieve the impossible. You need to have something that will drive you to work hard. It’s the same case with learning through books. Do you want to be the best plumber so bad? If yes, you have to go through the hassle, learn it, process it and practice it until you get it right. Move to another thing, and so forth eventually, you will be surprised at how good you have become. Opportunities will be knocking on your door like never before. And then you will realize it was not in vain, hard work pays! Don’t stop polishing yourself as a plumber when you can!

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