The Best Professional Jigsaw For Woodworking and Metalworking

Having the best professional jigsaw on your work table is surely valuable. It’s one of the common specialty tools that are perfectly flexible and versatile enough to do most as long you’re creative and passionate about your skills.

The tool is not only good at making those intricate curves to decorate your furniture or Laminate flooring… but also in achieving that finer high precision cut you might have thought as impossible due to its rustic design.

Needless to say, the device does vibrate a lot when working due to its stroking [up and down] movement. With the model that has the right engine and baseplate, however,  vibrations should be least of your worries as the two can counterbalance and lessen it.

Just like any other tool, your jigsaw can be simple to operate when you get acquainted with its various features. The saw, of course, is available in various designs and models, but they all have similar basic parts- like a car.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the makeup of the best professional jigsaw, including common features and capabilities. Before anything else, though, let’s highlight some of the benefits of having this tool beside you.

The Reasons You Should Invest In the Best Profession Jigsaw

Usually, the majority of people, including DIYers and contractors, get a jigsaw due to the ability to cut different shapes. After the laser cutter and scroll saw, the tool is the next cream of making complex curves plus patterns for decoration and fine fitting. Hence, the reason we’d recommend it if you want your work of art to stand out from the rest of the craftspeople.

Other than curving, the other advantages of having a jigsaw include:

  • Versatility: Aside from curves and patterns, a jigsaw can also be used for the other types of cuts. You can efficiently make crosscuts, bevel cuts, and pocket cuts [also called plunge cuts]. Additionally, the tool can be used to make rip cuts but with an improvised fence to ensure high accuracy.
  • Cuts many materials: that’s right. A jigsaw can cut through almost any materials, ranging from softwood and ply boards to hardwood, PVC, steel, and drywall. All you need is to fit the correct blade and saw.
  • Portability: This is another great advantage of this tool, in which case you can carry to your job site without difficulty. While the majority prefer the electric jigsaw, cordless models are also available to enable use in remote areas without electricity.
  • Ease of use: the tool doesn’t need a lot to start working. Straight out of the box, you only need to insert the blade and plugging into the power socket. Then, rest its sole on the surface of the material you’re cutting and guide it on the route to follow.
  • Safe and comfortable: alongside the ease of use, a jigsaw has a compact design that allows stress-free use even in small spaces. Another thing, the shoe plate and the roller guide ensures it’s square to the workpiece and prevents the blade from bending. Hence, making sure your hands and fingers are nowhere close to the cutting edge.

Top 6 professional jigsaw in 2020 (Bestseller)

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jig saw

Choose the Best Professional Jigsaw for the Better Results

Like we’ve just said, a jigsaw is available in numerous different designs and models. So, what you have, without doubt, can support or undermine the kind of solution you’re hoping to achieve.

With that, let’s look at six bestselling products that can help you find the right tool for your needs. They all consist of the selection that has the highest customer rating and the favorable recommendation from other craftsmen.

They include:

1.Best Premium: Makita DJV180Z Cordless Jigsaw

Overall, this is the best professional jigsaw and our favorite due to its high cutting efficiency and unbeaten convenience. To begin with, it has the solidest 5-star customer rating. And when it comes to the construction, the maker used top-grade materials to ensure better performance and prolonged durability.

As a cordless model, the saw operates with an 18V lithium battery that turns the installed engine with much power. The motor delivers a cutting speed of up to 2,600 strokes/ minute, which is relatively enough for smoother and faster cutting.

The tool has an orbital dial that can come in handy when you want to work faster, but for a courser finish. It has an easy-to-use switch underneath the ergonomic handle, plus a lock-on button to lock the saw at the set speed.

Key Features:

  • It has a sturdy build to allow high-quality performance and extended durability
  • You can make bevel cuts within a range of 0° to 45°
  • Features a variable speed of between zero to 2600 strokes/ minute
  • The blade has a stroke length of one inch
  • Can cut both soft and harder materials
  • It’s compact and lightweight for better control
  • The saw has an excellent dust extraction system to keep your working space cleaner


Basically, there’s no fault with this jigsaw. The only problem is with the manufacturer, whereby they don’t provide the saw with a battery.

2. Bosch [JS572EBK] Barrel-Grip Electric Corded JigSaw

This is a great alternative when you need a more compact tool for easier transport, storage, and control. Its body and the internal components consist of high-quality materials to allow extended durability with lesser maintenance.

The saw features an easy to grip barrel grip handle, which allows better cutting since you can follow the cutting line more easily. It has a powerful 7.2 AMP motor that you can use to cut your timber materials with high accuracy and faster. And if it’s to work on metallic materials, you can lower the speed up to a minimum [no load] speed of 800 strokes/ minute.

Thanks to the large and solid die-cast aluminum footplate, this jigsaw can cut with high precision without the interference by vibrations. You can even tilt its sole at different angles, without tools, to make miters and bevel cuts.

Key Features:

  • It has a variable speed setting to allow easier cutting of different materials
  • Features an exclusive double roller guide to maintaining high accuracy
  • Has an innovative counterbalancing mechanism to minimize vibrations level
  • You won’t need any tool to adjust the bevel or change the blade
  • Includes a dust blower and LED lights for optimal visibility of the cut-line
  • Has orbital capability to enable more aggressiveness when cutting
  • The saw comes with an anti-splinter insert to effectively minimize the chances of splintering.


For one, the saw is quite expensive than most. Also, it uses a dinky on/off switch that’s quite risky compared to a trigger.

3.DEWALT [DCS331B] Battery Powered Jigsaw

With over 1,000 positive reviews on only Amazon, this jigsaw is currently the number #1 bestseller on our list and online. It consists of rugged construction, with metal as the primary material.

Under the housing, the tool features a superior motor that can deliver a cutting speed of up to 3,000 strokes/ minute. The speed, however, can be lowered to make possible easier working on metals without overheating. It has 4 different settings for the orbital action when dealing with timber materials and a solid shoe with cover to avoid scratching surfaces.

As a cordless design, this jigsaw runs with a 20V lithium battery, which, sadly is not included upon purchase. Nonetheless, it’s compatible with most batteries from DEWALT devices, and if not, you can order from the maker at a click.

Key Features:

  • It has a variable speed capability to allow use on different materials
  • Features an ergonomic handle with anti-slip rubber overmold for better control
  • Includes a sturdy metallic shoe that can counter vibrations while cutting
  • You can adjust the shoe bevel at four different detents for angled cuts
  • Doesn’t require tools to change the blade or adjust the shoe bevel
  • Has a built-in dust blower to enhance the visibility of the cut-line
  • The saw is not limited to where you can use due to its cordless nature


The tool is high performing, but the maker offers it without the battery and charger. Hence, you’ll need to purchase them separately.

4.WORX WX550L.9 Two-in-one Cordless Jigsaw

For your distinguished taste of design and innovation, this WORX tool can work very well for you. The saw comprises a combination of a jigsaw and reciprocating saw, which certainly you won’t need any tools to switch through.

It has a compact, lightweight design that’s so easy to transport and work with before getting tired. The tool uses the T-shank saw blades, which means inserting one is also easier since you won’t need any tools.

Although a cordless system, this jigsaw is still powerful and capable to cut through most materials- both soft and hard. it has a [no-load] speed of up to 3,000 strokes/ minute, but you can adjust depending on what you’re cutting.

The saw features a lovely anti-slip handle and the trigger control has a lock-on button to lock the tool at the set speed. Thus, providing a better and comfortable control since you won’t need to continuously hold the trigger.

Key Features:

  • It’s a multi-use tool that you can use as a reciprocating saw [Sawzall] or jigsaw
  • Has orbital settings to fasten the cutting process
  • Flexible and versatile due to its cordless design
  • Includes a dust blower to clear debris and sawdust from the surface of your cut
  • Can saw through most of the materials, including wood, metal, PVC, ceramic, and fiberglass
  • It’s available in multiple buying options
  • You won’t need any tool to change the blade or switch through the setups
  •  The saw is highly durable and budget-friendly, compared to what it does.


The shoe is firmly fixed, without the means for bevel adjustments to make angled cuts. Also, it doesn’t dampen vibrations very well, especially when cutting metals.

5.Best under $100: BLACK+DECKER [BDEJS4C] Electric Corded Jig Saw

The device is one of the best options when on a tight budget or when buying multiple pieces for your workers. It has a very reasonable price tag, yet you’ll be surprised to find it has most of the basic parts that other jigsaws have.

For a model, the orbital dial is present, with four different settings to enhance aggressiveness and speedup cutting wood. It also has a spectacular baseplate that you tilt up to 45 degrees to make bevel cuts or miters for picture frames.

The saw has a 4 AMP motor that has support for variable speed to enable cutting through most materials. Still, it has a lock-on button to help make sure you can comfortably cut without needing to continuously hold down the control trigger.

Key Features:

  • It’s the best jigsaw for low-budget and beginners in woodworking
  • Has the orbital action setting for speedy wood cutting
  • Can make most kinds of cuts, including crosscuts, curves, rips, bevels, and pocket cuts
  • Includes a variable speed dial to allow easier cutting of soft and hard materials
  • Has a dust port to help remove sawdust from the surface you’re cutting
  • Uses both T-shank and U-shank blades
  • The tool comes with a one year warranty


Despite its affordability, the tool is for simple domestic applications, but not for heavy-duty construction tasks. Also, the tool has a plastic guard that might make it impossible to see where the blade is cutting unless you remove it.

6. TACKLIFE [PJS02A] Advanced Electric Corded Jigsaw

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This is yet another bestselling jigsaw that is low priced and cheerful but very high performing. It has a very nice blend of color to serve your unique taste of aesthetics, and a compact design for easier transport and use.

The saw has a fantastic 6.7 AMP pure copper motor that certainly generates high levels of power with minimal heat. Hence, guarantee a low risk of overheating, leading to a longer lifetime and low maintenance.

With a 6-speed gear feature, this jigsaw can work on most materials without a mess. Even plastics, you can cut through them without any chances of melting them and steel has the least chances of overheating.

Furthermore, it has the orbital blade action that allows you to lower or raise the aggressiveness when cutting. And there’s a built-in laser guide to assist in cutting more accurately.

Key Features:

  • It can deliver a cutting speed of up to 3,000 strokes/ minute for smoother and faster wood cutting
  • Has a solid footplate that you can adjust up to 45 degrees for bevel cuts
  • Quick to change the blade without using any tools
  • Features an integrated dust collection port and blower
  • Guarantees high precision with the built-in Laser guide and LED lights
  • Includes a lock-on button to keep the saw working without continuously pressing the trigger
  • The saw is highly durable and affordable.


Despite its exceptional capabilities, the jigsaw has a plastic blade guard that can compromise the accuracy if you’re not careful.

Quick Guide: Essential Tips to Consider When Buying a Jigsaw

When you have been in woodworking or metalworking for several years, buying replacement tools can’t be difficult at all. For someone new to the field, nonetheless, the process can be relatively tricky following the high possibility of choosing the wrong one.

As we have always done with our reviews, we’re going to look and define some of the features of a jigsaw. But since they’re quite a number of them, we will only look at the six crucial ones, starting with the power.


In every powered tool, the engine is very important. It determines factors like the finish and speed of the cut, as well as the overall lifetime of your tool. For the better, we’d recommend you to get a powerful motor that has high speed as it can really heighten the cutting efficiency. For instance, you’ll be able to cut through wood faster, finer, and with lesser chances of binding or burning.

Variable Speed Dial:

With a jigsaw, this is also really crucial as it determines how easy and faster you can cut through different materials. Various elements require different cutting speeds as all react to friction differently. If it’s metals, they require slower cutting speeds because when high, the blade can overheat, causing it to dull or wear out pretty fast. Wood, on the other hand, requires the highest cutting speeds possible as a slow pace can cause effects like binding, burns, and instances of bogging down.

Base Plate:

Also called the shoe or sole, this part comprises the metal part that rests on the material to be cut. Usually, it helps make sure the blade is at a fixed angle to the stock and delivers high accuracy.

Although there different types of it, a sturdier shoe that can be adjusted at an angle is usually the best. Not only does it help lessen the vibrations generated by the tool, but also enables the making of miters and beveled cuts.

Orbital Action Dial

Also crucial and effective, this feature enables the blade to make the up and down movement, plus forward and backward motion when cutting. Thereby, enhancing its aggressiveness and the cutting speed.

The feature is usually available as a four or five range setting, but the former is the most common.


The blades of a jigsaw can be confusing at times. They are available in two different types, with each having two distinct styles that have various TPI count. Did you get that? Let’s go slow.

A jigsaw blade is available in two different types- U-shank and T-shank. Each of the two has two different teeth styles- upwards slant and downward slant. And then the TPI count, whereby we have those for a finer cut, faster cut, metal/ woodcutting, and for scrolling.

Therefore, you have to take note when buying your blades and ensure you get the correct ones. As for the U-shank and T-shank, the latter tend to be easier to replace as the clamp has a keyless quick-release button.

On its end, the U-shank clamp needs to be loosened or tightened using an Allen key so that the blade can hold perfectly and securely. Thus, a few seconds slower to install than its counterpart.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which brand has the best jigsaw?

Just like many other devices, jigsaws are available in different designs, models, and brands. After our extensive research, we selected Makita DJV180Z  as our number one due to unbeaten quality, durability, and precision. The Makita Corporation is a power tools brand that operates in a dozen different countries, including Japan, UK, Germany, Dubai, and the USA.

With more than 100 years in the industry, the Japanese company has been making some of the high-ranking tools and accessories.

Is an orbital jigsaw any good?

Absolutely, yes! The orbital action function often adds the stroking motion of a jigsaw with a forward movement. Hence, making it more aggressive and faster to cut with. Nonetheless, setting the arbitral action high tends to affect the nature of the finish, giving it a course/ rougher edge.

How thick can I cut with a jigsaw?

With most saws, the thickness that you can achieve often depends on the blade length. For a jigsaw, however, we measure it in terms of the maximum stretch of the cutter [commonly called stroke length]. For a fine cut on softwood, the largest thickness you should target is 1.5 inches as a longer blade has a higher risk of deflection. But since hardwood is denser and with compact fiber, we would recommend a maximum thickness of between ¾ and 1inch. The reason for this is because the tool’s blade tends to bend when dealing with thicker and harder boards. Thereby, leaving a beveled edge instead of a square one.

How to use a Jigsaw – Basics

Choose the Best to Get the Best

Well, these are some of the details that we have amassed concerning the best professional jigsaw. It’s not all of it, for certain, but, we have made sure to include all the crucial ones that you need to get the most out of your woodworking skills.

To stress on some points, ensure the tool you get has a working lock-on button to lock the trigger for better control. Furthermore, the blade roller guide is real essential in supporting the blade and minimize the effects of deflection and wobbling. So, don’t forget to check on it as well.

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