The 6 Best Saw For Cutting Laminate Flooring

There are over a dozen ways that one can use to improve the interior design of a room. Amongst them are laminate floors, which you can find in various gorgeous colors and patterns. Unlike ceramic tiles, these boards are so simple to install, plus you can use on both the ground and walls. All you need to arm yourself with is the best saw for cutting laminate flooring and a bit of creativity.

The two, without doubt, have to be together if you are to succeed in your remodeling endeavors. It doesn’t matter whether you are just a DIYer who uses his pastime with home decors or you remodel property for a living. The material you will be dealing with is not the natural solid lumber for furniture, but a plank made of human patchy creativity. A plank featuring a four-layer construction that has been pressed together using a pressure of 300 to over 1300 PSI. The, heated at temperatures of up to 400 degrees for superior impact resistance.

So, you must have a high-quality tool that can work on tough surfaces effectively and efficiently

The Various Tools You Can Use To Cut Through Laminate Floor Effectively

In one piece of a laminate floor, there are four layers that comprise a backing, core board, Photographic image, and the overlay. These parts consist of different materials that have unique reactions towards the cutting blade. Hence, the need of choosing the right tool and accessories.

With that, here is a list of cool tools that you can use to cut laminate flooring with ease and maximum productivity. The article will mainly focus on saws due to their versatility and flexibility in other applications?

  • Table Saw

When it comes to making rip cuts, a table saw is certainly the best due to the adjustable guardrail, blade and guide fence. As such, the tool will provide the finest results when you want to cut your laminate planks lengthwise.

  • Circular Saw

This is another spectacular tool that you can use when installing a laminate floor in your home or workplace. It’s pretty flexible as you can use to make various cuts, including rip-cuts, crosscuts, and simple gradual curves.

  • Jigsaw

Also versatile and flexible, a jigsaw can cut your laminate planks in any direction, including rips, crosscuts, and curves. Unlike with a circular saw, however, this tool has an exposed blade that enables it to also make complex shapes and patterns. Hence, an excellent choice if you want to add extra flair with decorative designs.

  • A Miter Saw— Pivot

Technically, this is the best tool when making crosscuts and angled cuts. When cutting, the head attached with the blade swings down while the plank remains stationary. It’s probably the best when cutting crosscuts of repeated same length, as well as miters [90°] for the corners.

  • Dremel Saw-Max

This’s a mini circular saw that can also be handy when laying laminate floors in your house or shed. It features a smaller blade that you can use to make tighter cuts that would be impossible when using the larger regular circ saws. The mini saw can make great rip cuts, crosscuts, and gradual curves.

  • Flooring Cutters

For these, you should only consider them if you are a contractor and have a lot of laminated flooring projects. The tool works in a similar way like a paper cutter, only that it’s larger.

Unlike the power saws, a flooring cutter doesn’t make dust or the annoying sounds during the cutting process. And also you can use it in areas with no electricity since it’s hand-powered.

Top 6 Saw For Cutting Laminate Flooring (Best Picks)

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Saw For Cutting Laminate Flooring

The 6 Best Saw For Cutting Laminate Flooring

From the brief overview, you can see the tools that we use in woodworking are the same ones for laminate flooring. This, however, doesn’t mean you can just pick your saw from the workshop and go ahead to cutting with it. No. You need a blade specifically for cutting laminate flooring for that. Otherwise, you will end up with jagged planks or even burn out the motor of your tool.

So, next, we are going to take you through the various points you should concentrate on when choosing the best saw for cutting laminate flooring. Before we come to that, though, let’s look at some saw models that you can check out if still, you don’t own one.

1.DEWALT DWE7485 Compact Table Saw

Although new to the market, this piece has turned out one of the bestsellers due to its flexibility and high performance. The table weighs about 53.3 pounds and is compact to provide you with ease of transportation during outside jobs.

It comes as a complete kit with a telescoping fence and a miter gauge to help achieve accurate ripping and crosscuts. The saw runs with a 15 AMP motor that delivers a cutting speed of up to 5800 rpm. And the user can tilt the table up to 45 degrees when making bevel cuts.

Designed with the latest designs, this tool is so simple to change the blade and it even includes a lovely mechanism for protection against dangerous kickbacks.

Summary Features:

  • The table saw is highly portable and easy to store
  • It has an excellent ripping capacity of up to 24- ½ inches
  • Has a powerful motor that allows use in a wide range of applications
  • Includes a dust port to allow removal of debris in your workspace
  • Comes with rip fence and miter gauge, both which are easy to make adjustments
  • Features an anti-kickback pawls for protection against injuries
  • The tool is affordable and long-lasting


  • None we can say so far

2.Meterk MKCS01 Electric Circular Saw

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Also compact size and lightweight, this tool is very simple to move around with and store. It features an innovative design, with a powerful 6.2A motor that delivers a cutting speed of up to 3500RPM.

The saw has a unique bevel adjustment technology for angled cuts, and a built-in scale ruler for high precision cross-cutting. Moreover, it has two dust ports that you can connect with a vacuum to remove sawdust from your workspace.

The tool comes with six cutting blades, which includes two that have diamond grit tips for cutting vinyl planks and other laminate floorings. It does have a self-locking button to prevent accidental powering, and also there’s a blade guard to prevent debris from falling back to your face.

Summary Features:

  • The tool comes with two blades for cutting laminate planks, plastic, and soft metals
  • It has a built-in laser guide and scale ruler for making accurate straight lines
  • Features an ergonomic handle with anti-slip grip for comfortable handling
  • You can use to make both straight and angled cuts
  • Has dust collection ports to ensure easy cleaning
  • It’s safe to work with due to the integrated guard and safety self-locking switch
  • The circular saw comes with a 2-year warranty for optimal satisfaction


The product works fine but it’s relatively loud when cutting- just as with other circular saws.

3.Black + Decker JS670V Electric Jig Saw

If you love art and exciting patterns, this piece then can provide the best company that you deserve. It runs with a powerful 6 AMP motor that features variable cutting speeds of up to 3000 SPM for a variety of applications.

The power saw is very light and comfortable to work with, plus it features a fantastic blade change mechanism that doesn’t need tools. Furthermore, the tool has an excellent adjustment dial that allows you to make the patterns that you desire without difficulty. That’s not all.

It has an exclusive ACCU-BEVEL lever that allows you to adjust for angled cuts of up to 45 degrees. Plus the maker delivers it with a two-year warranty. Hence, you won’t need to worry if unsatisfied with the product you receive.

Summary Features:

  • It features an orbital design to allow faster and easier cutting than with the regular jigsaw
  • Offers variable cutting speed to allow application in different situations
  • Can make both straight and beveled cuts
  • Has an improvised slot to hold the marking pen
  • You can get it with multiple blades for cutting different materials, including wood and laminate floors
  • It’s very affordable for your tight budget
  • The tool has a blade storage compartment and it comes with a canvas case for protection against harsh weather.


  • The inbuilt line finder doesn’t provide greater visibility as needed
  • It might be difficult to make a straight accurate rip cut- just as with other jigsaws.

4. DEWALT DWS716 Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Powerful and surely durable, this system is yet another masterpiece that you can use in cutting laminate flooring. Just as the name, the tool features a double bevel design that allows you to cut from either right or left. It has a tough 15 AMP motor that offers a cutting speed of up to 3800 Revolutions/ Minute without overheating.

The saw features a sturdy stainless steel miter detent plate that has 14 positive stops and a cam lock system. Thus, ensuring optimal accuracy without unnecessary movements during the cutting process. The function works in hand with the integrated sliding fence, which you can cut 6.5-inch stock when laid vertically against it.

Packed with a top-grade carbide-tipped blade, this miter saw enables you to cut the solidest laminate floors without dulling or bogging down. It also has a dust port, which comes fitted with a bag. Thus, keeping your work table free of debris without even needing to connect without a vacuum machine.

Summary Features:

  • It features an innovative and sturdy construction for extended durability
  • Comes with a sharp and strong blade that cuts without slowing down
  • You can make up to 48° cuts from both right and left
  • Has an excellent dust collection system
  • Includes tall sliding fences that support up to 6.5” vertical cuts [or stack cutting]
  • Has an advanced miter system for optimal cutting accuracy
  • The saw is relative lightweight and has a handle for easier transporting


  • It’s not an excellent choice for rip cuts [cutting lengthwise]

5.SKIL 3601-02 Electric Flooring Saw

Featuring a robust and one of a kind design, this saw is specifically for cutting flooring materials, especially laminate and hardwood planks. It comprises a flat table and a cutting saw that’s attached to two horizontal poles that allow it to easily slide when cutting.

The saw has an integrated miter gauge with multiple detents at up to 45 degrees for making angled cuts. Moreover, it has a die-cast aluminum guide fence that enables effortless and high precision ripping.

The tool has a cutting speed of up to 11, 000 RPM [no load], courtesy of the installed 7 AMP motor. It’s available with a dust collection and bag. Hence, ensuring your workspace is clean and with minimal risks of sliding when working.

Summary Features:

  • It features a solid construction and powerful motor for longevity
  • Comes with a carbide-tipped blade for faster cutting
  • You can use for ripping, crosscuts, and angled cuts
  • Has an ergonomic handle with anti-slip grip for optimal control
  • Features an integrated clamp to hold the stock in place when cutting
  • The table as a calibrated scale for maximum accuracy
  • Lightweight for easier transport
  • Has a superb dust collection system
  • It’s a lot safer than most powered saws

6. Norske Tools NMAP001 Laminate Flooring Cutter

Although the last on our list, this is the best saw for cutting laminate flooring cleanly, with no kickbacks, noise, or dust. It’s hand-powered, with high-grade steel construction to provide better performance and for long.

The cutter has a 13-inch high-speed steel cutting blade that produces a smooth finish without instances of splintering. It includes a miter gauge that one can adjust to up to 45 degrees to make angled cuts to fit in corners or create patterns.

Thanks to the compact design and light weight, this tool is very easy to carry to jobsite, as well as move around the house.

Summary Features:

  • It’s a solid sharp knife that can even cut materials of up to 19/32 inch [about 15mm] thickness
  • Features an extended handle with anti-slip grip for effortless cutting
  • Has a heavy-duty aluminum fence with a scale for precise cuts
  • Can cut a variety of materials, including laminate flooring, vinyl tile, and fiber cement siding
  • Cuts through materials without making noise or dust
  • You can make angle cuts of up to 45 degrees
  • The tool consists of solid construction that gifts you with high productivity and durability


  • The tool is best for crosscuts but not rip-cuts
  • It’s one-side- meaning you can only use for laminate flooring

Quick Guide: Things to Consider When Choosing a Tool for Cutting Laminate Flooring

Although there are others, these are some of the best tools that you can buy online and use to install laminate flooring. As you can see from the summary reviews, each system is unique in its way, with some offering the flexibility to use in other applications.

While choosing the tool to use, however, you shouldn’t do it randomly or just rely on the highest customer rating. There are several aspects you should look for if you’re to make the most of your tool. And like we had promised, these are the points we are looking at now.

They include:

Blade Strength

In the four layers of a laminate floor, the topmost portion mostly comprises aluminum oxide particles and melamine resin. The dual helps offer extra durability while at the same time protecting the floor against wear. So, cutting through it isn’t simple and that’s why regular saw blades wear out due to the abrasion and heat from high friction.

When using carbide-tipped or diamond grit teeth, however, it becomes more productive and the saw can cut without dulling fast. Of course, the blade types also lose their sharpness at some point, but not so fast since they can withstand high temperatures from cutting friction. Furthermore, carbide or diamond grit blades have a longer working life, which means you will continue using in other projects.

Blade Teeth

On top of a super-strength, your blade should also have many teeth, about 80 and about above should be fine. The high teeth count will help ensure you get a clean smooth cut with no jagged edge or the risk of splintering. Only be aware the fine-tooth blade has a smaller gullet that can only clear out a small amount of wood chips. Hence, resulting in minimal aggressiveness and slower cuts.

Cutting Capacity

For this one, it largely depends on the blade capabilities, including sharpness, durability, teeth number, and the like. And if you’re to enjoy high cutting efficiency, you should probably get a tool that can through larger materials smoothly- wide and lengthwise.

Since we are talking about flooring, the tool should also have the ability to cut angled planks for use in special spaces.

Type of Saw

Now, this part is very crucial and you have to do it open-mindedly. It is what defines the efficiency of the completion of your task, amongst other things.

If you are just an enthusiastic DIYer who just does the remodeling during the weekends, a circular saw or table might be a better option. They are quite versatile when it comes to applications and you can use them later for other tasks. The same goes for a jigsaw which can come in handy when making complex patters or odd cuts around pipes and air ducts.

But as a contractor, an exclusive laminate flooring saw or cutter might be a worthy investment as the symbol of your profession.

Dust Collection system

Most laminate floors feature a smooth and shiny design, which can be slippery and fatal when covered with dust. Therefore, a power tool with a dust port that you can connect to a vacuum or a collection bag might come in handy as well. It will help reduce the likelihood of slipping and falling while at the same time removing most of the debris on your workspace. Hence, making cleaning after cutting sessions easier.

How to cut/saw laminate flooring

Commonly Asked Questions

How Can One Cut Laminate Floor without Chipping

Much or less, laminate flooring might behave in the same way as plywood when cut. As such, your tool has to have a fine-tooth blade so that you can have a clean smooth finish, less chipping, and splintering.

Should You Cut Laminate Flooring Face Up Or Down

Even with the best tools, laminate floorings usually have a plastic surface coating that can be highly vulnerable to chipping when cut. On the other hand, most power saws feature a blade with downside-up teeth, meaning they splinter sheets upwards. For this reason, we’d recommend cutting your board with the good-looking side facing down so that any tearing can happen on the unimportant side. With an exclusive laminate flooring cutter, however, you can cut with the face-up since its upside-down teeth setting splinters boards downward.

Can You Cut Laminate Planks with A Chop Saw?

Absolutely, yes. A chop saw is like a circular saw that carries a design of miter saw, only that it just cut straight into the wood. So, for the question, you can cut laminate flooring with a chop saw.

How Can I Cut An Awkward Shape In Laminate Flooring?

Technically, that’s a straightforward one with the winner being a jigsaw. The tool is relatively flexible as you can use to make cross cuts, as well as rustic curves and complex patterns. Even so, scroll saws are more accurate in such tasks, but you can’t use it to do a lot of other things that a jigsaw does.


Woodworking or home remodeling can be enjoyable and highly productive when you have the proper tools to use. With the best saw for cutting laminate flooring, for instance, you can cut through the boards without compromising the overall appearance. If it’s the blade, you should be able to tackle dozens of tasks without the teeth dulling, breaking, or wearing out.

Luckily, the article has touched on these essential points as we aim to make sure you get the best out of your hobby or profession. We hope you have found it informative and worth a read.

Happy flooring and don’t forget to put on your safety goggles. You can also consider wearing a dust mask as the dust from laminate floors is quite nasty and unhealthy to breathe into your lungs.

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