The Best Smallest LED Light Bulbs Suitable For Homes And Public Places

The speed at which LED technology is growing is incredible and undeniable. Even though they have been around for many years, LED technology has come a long way to change the lighting we know today completely. LEDs stand for Light-emitting diodes, and they are a type of electronic light source. Up to date, they are considered the most efficient way of lighting and illuminating light. 

As compared to traditional lightings like halogen, incandescent, and CFL bulbs, LED bulbs to remain the greatest, smarter solution, most energy-saving, and reliable lighting you trust. However, the process has not been consumer-friendly a while back as it is now.

Some of the beneficial factors for LED lighting are that they last longer, emit very little heat, and consume less energy. They are more durable since they don’t normally feature fragile substances like filaments and glass tubes. In addition, they do not contain lead or mercury, and that’s why LED are considered safer than others. Remember, LED is measured in lumens, not watts. In most cases, they cost slightly higher than others, but it’s worthwhile, especially due to their durability and lesser energy consumption.

Best Smallest LED Light Bulbs Suitable For Homes And Public Places

 Factors To Consider When Buying LEDs Bulbs

You may think shopping for light bulbs is a simple task, but aren’t there various factors to consider, especially for someone who knows what s/he wants. Furthermore, these bulbs are designed to suit specific areas in our homes like living rooms, bathrooms, study rooms, bedrooms, basements, etc. The cost varies regarding different sizes and designs, plus many other features we will discuss here. Some of the factors you need to look out for includes;

Check Your Fittings

It is more paining to buy new light bulbs of your choice after many considerations, only to find out that the lamp is intended for does not fit.  To avoid such disappointment, if you have an old light bulb to compare its cap against, take it with you to the replacing store. If that’s not possible, write down the fitting reference number and compare it. When purchasing it online, read out the in-depth guide to cap types plus bases while making a comparison. It’s very important that it fits its cap or it will be rendered useless for your use.

Light Bulb Type

The LED light bulb comes in different types to choose from as well as its fitting. If you want to replace your existing bulb and don’t know what it’s calLED, compare it with different types until you find your match. Check types like GLS, GU 10, candle, globe, and golf, and find the most appropriate choice.

Colour And Color Temperature

It’s pretty important to check the color and color temperature rating of your bulb. Whether you like warm white, daylight, cool light is entirely upon you.  Generally, choosing a simple white light seems easy, although it’s complicated than you can imagine as it needs your total concentration.

The color temperature of your light bulb usually makes a big difference when it comes to the type of light it emits. A four-digit number denotes the color temperature, then the letter ‘K’ (stands for Kelvins) that follows after. Many lights bulb has a color temperature between 2000k-6500k. 

For a warm and cozy bedroom or living room light bulb, consider 2000k ones. A daylight bulb is supposed to have 6500k as it’s meant to recreate exactly that. Yellow light is around 2,700k, white light is about 3,000k, bright white light is 3,500 to 4,100k, while the bluish-white light exceeds 5000k. So, make your decision wisely and pick which is best for you.

Bulb Life

Compared with their counterparts, LED light bulbs have a longer lifespan. The average rated life labeLED on those bulb packaging will approximate the total hours of life one should get roughly before it fails. Please note, it is not a good idea to mix the manufacturer warranty period and the rated life up because it may not be the same. 

Generally, if the LED bulb fails within the warranty period, then you are entitled to a replacement. But if it fails outside that period, you are not entitled to replacement even if the light bulb has not reached its average rated life stated.


The cost might be your determining factor, and the only way out is to choose the one that will suit your budget but offers maximum benefits. Even though durability, reliability, and quality go hand in hand, you cannot always get an affordable product with the greatest features.

Cost is also affected by the design, size, quality, and additional features such as finishing, adjustable lights, or voice control bulbs. However, it’s worthwhile to spend more and enjoy the extinct benefits that come with it if you can. As they say, cheap is expensive, and it does apply in real life, but it’s up to your financial stability.

Choose Your Finishing

A while back ago, LED light bulbs had a limited type of finishing than they have today. Nowadays, you have different styles you can pick from as much as most LED bulbs are durable thanks to their thermal plastic materials. There are ones made of glass and filaments, too, like stylish traditional glass light bulbs. 

To add a retro style to your rooms, consider a vintage-effect light bulb. On the other hand, Opal, normally referred to as frosted or pearl finish lights, gives out more diffuse, softer lights than transparent light bulbs. These are the perfect light bulb, especially if they will be exposed since it reduces glare. However, it’s not essential if the lampshade will hide the lights because the light will soften anyway.

Number Of Bulbs

It is more likely that you will need multiple lights to light up different rooms for your new house. Various companies package their product in pack sizes ranging from 4 pack, 6 pack up to 8 pack, etc.; mostly, the large pack results in a better value for money for someone who wants multiple bulbs. 

Be sure of the number of bulbs you need and buy a perfect pack for you. Although there that doesn’t mean you can’t order one or multiple but different bulbs from one another. If it does make you happy, go for it if you can afford it.

Dimmable Bulbs

Luckily, most LED bulbs are dimmable. So, if you don’t like bright lights, you’ll find a light bulb that allows adjustments on how bright they can be.

Motion-Activated Bulbs

These kinds of bulbs are suitable for outdoor lighting, entry-ways, among others. Even though we know, it’s something you will not like in your living room.

Other Things You Should Know About LEDs,

1. Efficiency– compared to their counterparts, LED lights are more durable and last longer. It’s estimated to be five times more efficient than others. You can only use the LED bulb in 2 to 3 watts of electricity.

2. Brightness–  they are measured in lumens and not watts

3. Cool, Not Hot– typically LED converts electricity to lights so as not to cause any heat build-up

When it comes to the end of their lifespan, they slowly dim rather than burning out abruptly.

4. The Design– LED compact size makes manufacturers and designers create shapes, silhouettes, and technology that were not available before due to its ultra-flexible elements.

5. Cost– the additional fixtures in LED lightings make a higher upfront cost, although they will have a longer lifespan.

Review Of Six Top-Rated Smallest LED Light Bulb 

LEDVANCE 73886 046135738883 SYLVANIA

This great value pack of 4 bulbs by Sylvania with a 60W equivalent LED bulb is something you can consider for your home lighting. The company is one of the greatest manufacturers in the industry who offer their product in different styles and packaging, i.e., 1, 2,4,6,12,24 or 48 pack.  Each bulb in the pack comes with 800 Lumens of light and its output at 8.5 watts.

With this type of bulb, you don’t need to change your lighting bulb frequently since they have a prolonged lifespan of up to 11,000 hours. You do not need to worry about your electricity bills because these bulbs can save you up to 85% of the total bill. 

What makes them even more mesmerizing is that they are instantaneous, so when you turn it on/ off, there is no need for a warm-up time. They are safe for home use because they are mercury and lead-free and don’t produce any harmful ultraviolet radiation. These soft white bulbs with a color temperature of 2700k are suitable for your living room, dining room, or nightstand.


1. They are long-lasting, with an estimated life span of 11000 hours

2. Safe for home use because they are mercury and lead-free

3. The energy-saving bulb that can save you energy bill up to 85%

4. They don’t need warm-up time because you can turn it on/off instantaneously

5. Eco friendly 

6. 3-year warranty


1. Cost a bit higher compared to other lighting bulbs in the market

Weight 4.2 ounces
Dimension2.35*7.92*4.46 inches
ManufacturerOSRAM Sylvania product, inc.
Item Model Number73888
Size4 pack
ColourSoft white (2700k)
Luminous flux800
Voltage 120 volts

Philips Hue White 2700k A19 LED Smart Bulb 

This magnificent bulb from the Philips hue brand can be controlled easily by your voice.  You only need to connect your Smart Philips hue Bluetooth lighting straight to google assistant or Alexa. It works well with all echo smart speakers and googles net devices. However, you need to purchase them separately. Moreover, integrating hue products into your current ecosystem, especially for previous clients, is possible and easy.

The product is certified for human use; furthermore, they are stress, struggle, and inker free. They are long-lasting with an estimation of up to 25000 hours’ lifetime.


1. 3year warranty

2. Durable with estimation life of 22 years

3. Very simple to get started by basically touching a button on your phone or voice assistant

4. capacity to control your lights away from home


1. To enjoy a full hue experience, you need to purchase Philip hue hub separately.

Weight 1.41 ounces
Dimension2.4*2.4*4.3 inches
Item Model Number476861
Size1 bulb
Colourwhite (dimmable only)
Material Synthetic polymer
Wattage10 watts

Vintage LED Edison Bulbs 

Vintage light bulbs seem so classy; no wonder trendy restaurants nowadays use them in breathtaking chandeliers to interior design and sconces and hanging pendants. The LED bulb light will bring out your color and home interior back to life with its bright yet beautiful white daylight lighting. They are easy to install and saves you money by cutting down your electricity bill up to 90%. 

Vintage bulbs are known as Edison bulbs sometimes, and they usually turn on at full brightness with 700 lumens and 4000k white daylight light. Its lifespan is approximated to be 20,000 hours or more. Interestingly this bulb does not cause flicker nor strobe. The ETL-Listed on these quality LED bulbs allows it to avoid electric shock or fire hazards.


1. Easy to install, plus they are suitable for your children and family since they protect eyesight’s from exhaustion normally caused by the conventional light bulb.

2. An energy-saving bulb that can save up to 90% electricity bill of lighting

3. Great customer service after purchase for 18 months

4. Long-lasting bulb with 20000 hours’ lifetime.

5. High color rendering index that brings out natural colors perfectly.


1. Not dimmable

Weight 8.4 ounces
Dimension2.28*2.28*5.31  inches
ColourDaylight white (4000k)
ShapeST58 Bulb
Luminous flux700
Voltage 120 volts

LE RGB Color Changing Light Bulb 

Choose your favorite color lighting with these RGBW color-changing light bulbs to create a desirable atmosphere.  You can also turn it on to general illumination with soft white light. Plus, one can easily turn the light on/off in your comfort zone, change color, dim/bright your bulb using a remote control. You have four lighting modes at your disposal to choose from, i.e., flash/strobe/fade or smooth.

When you turn off the light, these kinds of bulbs have a memory function that helps them remember the last settings of your bulbs when turning them back on. LE lights are multipurpose and ideal for indoor or outdoor lighting decorations for clubs, casinos, parties, weddings, café, etc.


1. Very easy to install and use

2. The 4pack will give you the value of your money.

3. Wide range of applications from both indoor and outdoor decorations lightings.

4. Convenient remote control that offers you chances to change your bulb colors and lighting mode.


1. Slightly expensive than other models

Weight 9.6ounces
Dimension2.36*2.36*4.33 inches
ManufacturerLighting EVER
Item Model Number3600006-4
ColourWarm white
Luminous flux470
Voltage 120 volts

Philip LED Frosted A19 Soft White Light 

The Philips LED soft white light bulb with 8.5 watts, equivalent to 60watts in an incandescent bulb, comes in two different styles. The soft light gives off warmer and more cozy energy, which is good for a relaxed mood, especially for our bedroom lamps, reading lamps, living room, and cabinet or task lighting. 

They are long-lasting and are expected to last you up to ten years, thus saving you the replacement cost and electricity lighting bill. These bulbs are eco-friendly as well as comfortable lighting designed to meet our eye comfort requirement. Please note they are not compatible with Philips Hue developed by the same brand even though they can fit perfectly in the E26 medium screw base.


1. Durable bulbs with an expected lifetime of 10 years

2. Energy-saving LED bulbs 

3. Eco-friendly and comfortable lighting bulbs that meet eye comfort requirements

4. High CRL at 2700k for a crisp and bright color 

5. 3year warranty


  1. Non- dimmable

2. Not compatible with Philips Hue product fixtures

Weight 0.01 ounces
Dimension4.21*2.4*2.4 inches
ManufacturerPhilips lighting
Item Model Number461129
Size16 pack
ColourSoft white 
Luminous flux800
Voltage 120 volts

TCP 9W LED Light Bulb 

A great lighting bulb manufactured by a most influential company in LED innovation, i.e., TCP lighting. With it, you can save up to a maximum of 80% on your electricity lighting bill. They are regular A19 shaped bulb that has a medium E26 screw base. These bulbs are easy to install and can last up to 20 years when used correctly.  

They are also versatile and can be used for different lighting purposes, for example, in the living room, bedrooms, floor lamps, tables, hallways, or ceiling fixtures. These soft white (2700k) bulbs can light up your room brightly.


1. 3-year warranty

2. Quick and easy to install

3. LED energy-efficient light bulb 

4. Long-lasting bulb with an expected lifetime of twenty years


1. Slightly expensive

Weight 5 ounces
Dimension2.54*2.54*4.43 inches
Item Model NumberLA1027KND6
SizeSix pack
ColourSoft white 
Luminous flux800
Voltage 120 volts

Are LED Lighting Safe?

Yes, they are much safer since they do not contain mercury, like compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Moreover, they give out little heat, which makes them safe to handle over a long period in use. The absence of fragile parts like glass and glass enclosures reduces the breakage chances, and you don’t have to worry about broken glasses.

Why Are LED Lights Considered Eco-Friendly?

They are considered eco-friendly because LED lights are not harmful to our environment. The use of LED lights rather than CFL bulbs cuts harmful carbon emissions being released into the air as its LED lights use less energy, energy which power plants generate by burning oil and fossil fuels. So, the less energy needed by power plants generated by the burning of fuels, the less carbon level emissions being released into the environment.

Unlike incandescent bulbs that consume more energy but have minimal light luminance, LED lights don’t waste energy. Meaning excess energy is converted to heat then released into the environment. On top of that, LED lights don’t contain harmful metals such as mercury and lead. These elements are considered the most toxic heavy metal worldwide. 

Unfortunately, CFLs, halogen, incandescent lighting has these heavy metals. When disposing of these bulbs, the mercury and lead content can spill and mix to our water source or, better yet, as a vapor into the air we breathe. And since it’s our responsibility to preserve our environment for our future generation, we should adopt the LED lighting as soon as we can. These kinds of bulbs don’t have any harmful metals at all.

Will LEDs Lighting Operates In Cold Temperature Or Outdoor?

In contrast to CFLs lighting, LED are suitable for use under cold and low temperatures settings. They are also very durable because the sturdy component is used that can withstand tough conditions. Additionally, LED lightings are resistant to shock, external impacts, and vibration, thus making a perfect choice for many outdoor and cold temperature lighting systems.

How Long Do LEDs Last?

The major beneficial factor in LED bulbs is their magnificent lifespan expectation brought by their efficient thermal management. The LED bulb can remove heat via a heat sink to expand their life expectancy by ensuring the depreciation of lumens is slowed down. 

Good thermal management and well-built LED lighting can last you up to 50,000 hours. Be very careful with the retailers that exaggerate the life expectancy of their products. Yes, LED bulbs have a longer lifespan, but they are not forever, and depending on how you use and handle them will also determine their lifetime.

How Quickly Do LED Take To Get Its Maximum Brightness

Unlike the CFLs bulb, LED lighting takes milli-seconds to output its maximum brightness. While it takes up to fifteen minutes to get brighter, slowly and evenly produce a dull and dim light. Also, when you turn your light on and off, it’s instant, unlike their counterparts. This explains why car lights, traffic lights use LED lighting as their reaction time is much faster. 


Using LED bulbs is a great alternative to buying other bulb types because it’s more energy-efficient. Ensure you purchase the right LED bulb that will fit perfectly in the fixtures where it’s supposed to be. First, you need to decide the base configuration, size, shape that will fit and determine the color and how many lumens suit best. Afterward, go for a good LED bulb deal that there is in the market.  

LED bulbs might be more expensive, but it’s worthwhile in the long run since they have a prolonged lifespan. Just imagine! It can last you up to twenty years when a light fixture is matched with a good bulb. Not to mention the slashed electricity bill as well as the cozy lighting you had always wished for.

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