The 7 Best Survival Folding Saw For Campers And Adventurers

While heading out outdoors in the search for adventure, including the best survival folding saw in your backpack can surely pay off. Alongside the “ten essentials” from the Boy Scouts of America, the tool can help enhance your viability if by chance you get stranded in the wilderness.

Needless to say, a lot of campers tend to underestimate the challenges in the jungle and overestimate their ability. The truth of it, however, is that no one ever plan of getting lost in the wilderness. It can just happen to anyone and within seconds of losing just a single track. And this is why a true camper doesn’t just wake up one day and decide to go mountain biking or hiking. 

Even when it’s for leisure, the activity requires extensive preparation if you’re to effectively make it through and back to your crib. 

Best Survival Folding Saw For Campers And Adventurers

Is It Any Good To Get A Survival Folding Saw?

As mentioned, no person ever decides to get lost during an adventure. The scenario can just happen without a warning unless you were planning to sneak out of your camping all along.

Of course, it can be [somehow] depressing when it just happens and maybe you’re all alone. But if you have properly geared up, the entire experience could turn out to be beyond your expectations.

With a good folding saw at hand, for instance, you won’t need to worry that you forgot to carry your tent. You just need your innate bushcraft skills and a man-made material like the tarp. Then, use the materials from nature to create your shelter and the means to keep yourself warm. The saw, without a doubt, will come in handy in cutting those stubborn tree branches and logs that you’ll need.

Of course, not all of them are for these situations and this kind of task. But with a piece like the Sven Saw [SVEN01-BRK] Folding Saw, you could cut through a dry 12-inch thick log like butter. 

With that, let’s briefly review some of the finest folding saws that you’ll be happy to have when stranded in places like Mt. Waterman.

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The Best Survival Folding Saw

Editor’s Choice Silky [356-36] BIGBOY Survival Folding Saw

No products found.

We, this piece is the overall best survival folding saw on our list, and not because of its high ranking but high convenience. It consists of a simple-yet-superior design that makes sure you never have to worry about performance or durability.

The saw has a long, curved blade that you can use to cut a 7-inch thick tree limb or trunk without compromises. It has a 5.5 pitch, with impulse-hardened teeth that can cut through all dry and wet wood material. 

The blade locks in position using a high-quality spring-loaded lever latch made of heavy-duty aluminum. Its handle is also a solid aluminum, but with a yellow non-slip rubber wrapping to provide a sure grip. 

Summary Features:

1. It features a long 14-1/5 inch blade for greater rich and deeper cuts

2. Uses a 5.5 pitch teeth configuration for easier and faster cutting

3. Has a tough chrome-plated blade that can handle both soft and hard trunks

4. It’s super-light [about 1.25lb] for better control without muscle fatigue 

5. Measures only 16 inches long when folded. Hence, so easy to carry

6. Made in Japan, home of the greatest swordsmiths

7. The survival saw comes very shape and ready for use


Despite its high-grade build, this folding saw doesn’t have a safety lock to secure it when in the closed position. 

Best Budget: FLORA GUARD [PD-12119] Hand Survival Folding Saw

Although the page states that it’s for gardeners, this hand tool can surely make a good company for adventure. It’s also a bestseller on the market due to its high cutting efficiency and most importantly- the low price tag.

The folding saw has a superior high carbon steel SK-5 blade, with an 8-inch length and strong triple ground teeth. It’s very easy and comfortable to work with, courtesy of the knurled non-slip handle, and the light design.

The saw does have an advanced gear lock that secures the blade to make sure it doesn’t collapse while cutting or open while in storage. It has a compact 9-inch length when closed, which means it won’t jeopardize your space.

Summary Features:

1. It has a beefy 1.2mm blade for enhanced cutting experience

2. Can cut up to 4-inch thick tree limbs 

3. So easy to use and comfortable to work with

4. Cuts materials fast with its sharp triple teeth 

5. Features a compact design for easier carrying

6. It locks in the blade when in an open and closed position

7. The saw is remarkably durable and budget-friendly.


The screw holding the blade tends to get loose due to the folding/ unfolding movements. Hence, it may need regular tightening. 

Top Bestseller: Bahco [396-LAP] 7TPI Laplander Survival Folding Saw

As the bestseller on the market, this folding saw has more than 5,000 positive feedbacks from Amazon. So, you can imagine the buyers who never had time to write the review and the purchases from other stores.

The saw has a compact design, with a heavy-duty build that consists of a high-quality stainless steel blade and a non-slip handle. It has a total length of 9-inch when fully unfolded, with the blade measuring 7 inches.

Still, the cutter has a 7-TPI teeth setup, which is favorable for general cutting requirements, including sawing wood, PVC, and bone. 

It has a well-made safety lock that secures the blade in position, both when open and folded. Hence, very comfortable to use and safer to carry without damaging your pockets.

Summary Features:

1. It has a heavy-duty design for better cutting and prolonged lifetime

2. Cuts super-fast, courtesy of the sharp teeth and reduced resistance

3. You can cut through almost anything, including bone, wood, and plastic

4. Can cut more than 3-1/2 inch thick tree limbs and branches

5. Has its blade specifically coated to lessen cutting friction and protect against rust

6. It’s light and effortless to use

7. The saw is very stable when cutting and safe to carry


The folding saw doesn’t come with a sheath. Also, its spare blades are quite expensive.

Best Value: Sven Saw [SVEN01-BRK] Folding Saw

This is the best survival folding saw for working on the most stubborn tree limbs and branches. It costs a few dollars more than the rest of the products on the list, but its unique design is surely worth it.

The saw has a 21-inch hardened Swedish steel blade that features a hardened peg and raker tooth design. Hence, eats through the materials very fast, irrespective of how soft or hard it’s. 

Thanks to its light design, the saw is very easy to handle without straining your muscles. It’s not hard to assemble and uses a heavy-duty wingnut to secure it in a firmer position when cutting.

The backbar of the saw has an improvised slot to hide the blade when dismantled for storage. Thus, you won’t need to worry about your other gear getting damaged.

Summary Features:

1. It has a high-quality all-metal design for better performance and enhanced durability

2. Can cut a 12-inch thick tree trunk or branch without difficulty

3. Has aggressive teeth and deep gullet for faster cutting

4. You can use on a variety of wood materials, including soft and frozen trunks

5. Made in the USA, with almost 60 years of experience

6. The folding saw is simple to assemble and easier to control


The screwing wingnut has to be completely removed every time you want to assemble or collapse the saw. And with its small size, you can easily lose it in the woods.

Best Design: BANORES 13-In-1 Multifunctional Folding Saw

Although new to the market, this tool has already won the hearts of hundreds of campers and adventurers. It has an innovative design that combines thirteen different tools in its compact body. Thereby making it a great lifesaver if unfortunate and stranded in the jungle.

Amongst the included tools is a mini-saw that has rugged stainless steel construction for enhanced cutting experience and longevity.

Of course, the blade is not as long as the other folding saws on the list, but the addition of the tools makes it special. 

For a model, it has a sharp mini-knife that might come in handy when sharpening wood sticks to pitch your tent. Or else use to cut wild apples and cocona.

Moreover, the multitool saw has a 3-way plier that you can use in cutting, removing nails, and tightening your bike’s nuts. There is even an opener for cans and another for bottles. Hence, you won’t need to risk damaging your molars.

Summary Features:

1. It features a premium, coated stainless steel construction for extended durability

2. Allows you to use in over a dozen applications

3. Features a solid lock to secure the blade at a stable position when cutting

4. Has a very sharp blade for easy and faster cuts

5. It’s light and effortless to work with

6. Folds to a compact design, plus it comes with a carrying pouch for easier transport

7. The tool has a friendly budget.


The only sad thing about this device is that it’s available in a single color at the moment- black.

Alterative: Corona [RS16150] RazorTOOTH Folding Saw

Similarly, this folding saw is new to the market but has quickly turned a bestseller due to its amazing design and unbeaten performance. It features sturdy and durable construction, comprising a chrome-plated steel blade and impulse hardened teeth. Hence, enables you to cut wet and dry woods without getting dull quickly.

The blade has a 10-inch length and a curved design that can rapidly cut a 6-inch thick tree trunk without binding. It features a strong ergonomic handle with rubberized non-slip overmold for a firmer grip. And uses a solid latch to securely lock the blade when in the open or closed position.

Sadly, the folding saw doesn’t come with a carrying scabbard. But its folded form completely hides the sharp teeth to prevent injury or damage when not in use.

Summary Features:

1. It has a long blade that can efficiently cut 6-inch thick branches

2. Features a 6TPI tooth design and curved blade that offers a smoother cutting process

3. Can cut through most materials

4. It’s comfortable to hold and effortless to control

5. Has an easy-to-use latch to prevent wobbling when cutting and unnecessary unfolding when not in use

6. The saw is highly durable and portable.


The blade is tricky to sharpen with the regular file due to the triple cut design and the impulse hardening.

Alternative 2: REXBETI Long 11-Inch Folding Saw

This is a great alternative option when planning to buy more saws for your camping group. It has a cheap and cheerful budget, but still rich in quality to deliver enhanced performance.

The tool has a durable 11-inch SK-5 steel blade, with aggressive triple cut teeth for smoother and faster sawing. It can easily work on both wet and dry wood, as well as the tough bones from bucks.

The saw has a longer polymer handle, with a knurled rubber coating to enable comfortable grasping and in any weather condition. Still, this handle has a groove to hide the blade teeth when folded and prevent them from causing injury or damage. 

The saw doesn’t come with a scabbard, but it only measures about 11 inches in the folded form. Thus, it won’t compromise the limited space of your backpack.

Summary Features:

1. It has a durable design for high efficient cutting during survival bushcraft

2. Has a long blade that can cut up to 7-inch diameter branches

3. Compact and lightweight for easier carrying

4. Features sharp and aggressive teeth for faster cutting

5. It’s very affordable 

6. The folding saw allows you to cut comfortably without the blade wobbling or the handle slipping


The device needs to be regularly tightened at the screw holding the blade to the handle. Also, its teeth are difficult to resharpen due to their triple cut design and the hardening.

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Survival Folding Saw

After a long search and a deep plow through the web, these are the seven best saws that we found worth it. Of course, there are hundreds of others on the shelves, but the majority failed to meet the quality requirements that we usually look. 

Even so, each of the reviewed product has its unique design that stands out from its counterpart. As such, they all perform differently and are applicable in different situations.

With that, we’ll now look at some of the features that define a good survival folding saw. These are also the factors that made us choose the seven tool brands on our list today. 

Before we come to that, though, let’s quickly highlight some of the beauty for having this type of a hand tool.

The Benefits of having a good Folding saw

1.Versatility: this is one of the key reasons for having a good saw that has a high-quality blade. it allows you to cut through most materials, including wet & dry wood and bones from your hunt.

2. Convenient: hand saws usually function through human effort. As such, you won’t need to worry about the battery dying or if the area has electricity.

3. Risk-Free: Still, a hand saw has a low likelihood of causing injuries than the powered saws that you can easily lose control of due to vibrations.

Also, a fine folding saw often keep the cutting teeth when in the closed position. Hence preventing injury and damage to other content in your backpack.

4. Portability: This is another crucial reason that makes the folding saws the best for campers and adventurers. They usually have a compact, collapsible design that helps reduce their size so as not to take up more space. 

Moreover, folding saws are very affordable, with some like the FLORA GUARD [PD-12119] going for less than $20. This means you can comfortably buy multiple instead of wasting time sharpening.

Essential Features That Makes A Good Survival Folding Saw

High-Quality Blade

This is real crucial and the main aspect that defines the kind of cuts that you end with. It also determines how fast you can cut and the various materials that you can be able to work on.

For the better, a good blade should be strong and with sharp teeth that can saw both wet and dry wood. Also, it should have a medium pitch [like 5/6 teeth per inch] so that it can be possible to cut bones.

Compact Design

As you look for the best survival folding saw for your adventure, the smaller the better. The reason here is to ensure you can easily carry it without compromising your limited space.

This, however, doesn’t mean you go with a very small size. Remember how thick of a tree a saw cuts depend on the length of the blade.

Reliable Lock System

It can be so annoying and inconvenient if the blade of your saw cuts wobbling or pivoting upward. Therefore, consider a tool with a heavy-duty latch to firmly lock the cutter in position when open.

As a matter of fact, the lock can surely help if it works both ways- at open and closed positions. It will help prevent unnecessary opening out, which could lead to injury or damage your other content in the backpack.

Better Control

Similarly, it can be so frustrating if your saw is hard to grasp with your hand. It not only compromises your cutting but also could injure your palm- particularly if the handle is rough or irregular shaped.

A hand saw always has an ergonomic handle that is easy to clasp without straining your hand muscles. It could also be more comfortable if the handle has a non-slip coating or overmold, such as rubber or stitch nylon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Folding Saw For Cutting Wood?

Just like any other tool out there, folding saws usually come in various designs and models. Each model has unique features that you can only use to solve problems in a specific situation. For the question of the best, therefore, it mostly depends on your current needs and preference. If your interest is working on larger pieces of wood, for instance, a tool like the  No products found.” /] can be a good choice.

Can One Use A Survival Folding Saw To Cut Thick Tree Trunks?

That’s straightforward YES. The maximum diameter of a tree branch or trunk that nay hand saw can cut usually depends on the length of the blade. And since there are models that have longer blades, cutting thick materials is all possible. Like the No products found.” /], its 21-inch blade can easily cut a 12-inch trunk.

What Can I Use To Sharpen My Survival Folding Saw?

The majority of folding saws on our list has a rugged blade that has hardened teeth. This is to enable them to cut even the solidest wood and bones, as well as help retain their sharpness for long. Sadly, hardened saw blades are quite tricky to sharpen with the regular file. It’s even simpler to get a replacement.

Is It Worth Investing In A Silky Saw?

A Silky saw is a line of cutting tools that are designed in Ono Japan, home of the best cutlery. The brand has a wide range of saws, including pole and folding saws, which have a characteristic durable body and sharp blade. Most of the devices can’t be sharpened, but they have a guarantee of one to two years without getting dull. Hence, the reason a piece like the Silky [356-36] BIGBOY is a favorite for many.

Final Verdict:

Although it’s good to avoid a survival situation at all times, it’s not very hard to find yourself in one. You can be lost after getting separated from your team or else sustain injuries after falling from your bike or while mountaineering. Thereby making you have unplanned camping.

From our article, we have shared some of the best folding saws that you can use with your bushcraft skills. The tools on the list consist of the best-rated and most recommended products by other adventurers. So, you shouldn’t have any worry or doubt when buying.

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