The #6 Best Table Saw Fence To High Rip-Cutting Efficiency

As an avid woodworker, you probably know how important it’s to have a fence while working with a table saw. It’s an integral part of the cutting tool, specifically when ripping through a piece of lumber or board. Of course, you may fail to notice it as a beginner in woodworking. But the truth is that you can get remarkable results when you have the best table saw fence installed. 

This is definitely why brands that value their clients include their devices with one that’s sturdy and uniform. A piece that has leveled faces to help ensure your workpiece remains square to the work table and blade. Hence, making sure you get to achieve highly accurate cuts from even longer boards. 

As a matter of fact, you can even cut through wood that is thicker than the maximum height of the saw blade. All needed is to adjust the distance between the blade and the fence face so that you achieve the desired width. 

Best Table Saw Fence To High Rip-Cutting Efficiency

Is A Table Saw Fence Really Worth It?

Technically, some users do ignore the significance of it and use their table saw without the fence. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that but as an experienced woodworker, you probably know the risks of not using one. On top of that, manufacturers provide their table saw with a rip fence for a reason.

For the major, it usually acts as the stop, whereby it holds the board that you’re cutting in position. Hence, assuring high accuracy as long the face remains even and parallel to the cutting blade. 

Other benefits of having the best table saw fence include:

You Can Rip Thin Strips:

As crazy as it may sound, that’s true. A table saw is one of the few tools that contractors use to cut thin strips of wood for making lattice, plywood edging, amongst others. The kind of cuts, however, is quite impossible to efficiently achieve with free hands and without sacrificing your fingers to the spinning blade.

But on its rails, the table saw fence can slide towards the blade as close/ far as possible. Thus, enabling even a smaller rip that not even the circular saw can achieve. Only make sure you pay attention to the blade guard as it might close way with the fence during the cutting process. 

Better Control:

Acting as the stop, the rip fence usually offer support to the stock as you push it through the blade. This gives you better control of the lumber or board you’re working on, thereby allowing effortless and quicker cutting.

Straightening Warped Lumber:

Frankly, a table saw is still the better choice if you want to get a straight edge from crooked lumber. And for the best results, you need to have a proper fence and a board with a straight edge.

So, all you will do is to temporarily fasten the crooked stock to the leveled board [particularly plywood]. Then, run the straight edge of this board against the fence while the blade runs straight on the crooked odd-shaped workpiece.

Making Beveled Cuts:

A long beveled rip cut can be quite tricky to make with the free hands. With a good quality fence, though, you just need to set it in position and adjust the blade at your preferred angle. This will help ensure the wood that you’re cutting retains a uniform width and thickness entirely.


Lastly, clamping a rip fence while operating a table saw can help protect your fingers in case you’re cutting a narrower material. It can also lower the risk of binding and dangerous kickbacks, which are very common when the system has a crooked face or positioned unevenly. Hence, the need to regularly check and align it [fence] before you commence to doing any cuts.

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The Best Table Saw Fence:

Even when we expect tools brands to maintain their veracity, it’s not surprising to find your new table saw with a junky fence. Of course, the damage can happen during the transit, but still, you need a good one for maximum productivity. 

With that, here is a selection of products that you can check out online if your rip fence seems out of line. 

They include:

Shop Fox [W1410] Table Saw Fence w/ Rails

Overall, this is our best table saw fence due to its lovely design, backed with high-quality steel and aluminum construction. It’s compatible with most table saws, as long they have a depth of 27 inches. Shorter than that, the included locks for both sides won’t lock firmly and compromise its effectiveness.

The fence is attached with exclusive ball bearing guides that are to ensure you can adjust for the board width effortlessly and effectively. It comes with two long rails [47 inches] to mount on both sides of the table and curtail unnecessary movements.

The rails come with multiple predrilled holes, making the entire setup simple and quick. Its package even comes with a drill bit and tap that you can use in making holes in your table. 

Key Features:

1. It features a heavy-duty build that ensures high cutting efficiency and durability

2. Allows you to efficiently work with wider boards 

3. Moves along the rails smoothly with minimal effort

4. Has leveled faces to guarantee maximum productivity

5. Has convenient cam locks for both sides of the table

6. Compatible with most table saws

7. The fence is effortless to mount.


For the drill bit and tap included for boring mounting holes, some users have complained that they’re quite useless. Hence, you might need to get yours.

Delta [36-T30T3] Table Saw Fence System

This is a great alternative that you can consider if the original fence of your table saw is not performing. It’s a couple of dollars cheaper than the rest of the systems on the list. Hence, can serve your interests fully if the wallet is a little thin.

Needless to say, the rip fence features an industrial-strength construction using thick steel and extruded aluminum. As such, you won’t need to worry about it bending or wearing out anytime soon.

The fence is about 2-1/2 inches high and it’s fit for table saws that have a 27-inch depth. Its rails are also super-long, with the front piece measuring around 62 inches and the rear one about 52 inches. Thus, offering a rip capacity of more than 40 inches [although stated at 30”] when properly mounted.

Summary Features:

1. It’s very easy to set up and start using

2. Have square faces to give you high-precision cuts

3. Offers a high rip capacity for better use with larger boards

4. It slides along the rails smoothly and with less exertion

5. Compatible with tables saws that have a 27-inch depth

6. Features a high-grade locking system for optimal old on the table

7. The fence is budget-friendly and sturdy for a prolonged lifetime.


The cam lock lever of the fence doesn’t lock all the way down as most do. So, you have to be careful as you might think you have secured but it slips loose.

Shop Fox [W2005] Classic Table Saw Fence

While it might seem simple in design, this fence is a piece you will surely relish to have. It features rugged metallic construction that makes sure you get the most out of your table and the workpiece. 

The fence faces have additional HDPE plastic that works on minimizing friction when pushing your stock through the blade. Thus, allowing effortless material feeding and enabling faster cutting with your tool.

Similarly, this fence system has extra-long rails, measuring around 54 inches in length- both front and rear. Therefore, you can achieve the standard maximum rip capacity of 25 inches or else go bigger to over 40 inches as well.

The fence rails come with predrilled holes to give you the benefit of simpler mounting without touching the drill. But still, sadly, you might need to bore some holes as not all will match with those on your table saw.

Key Features:

1. It consists of rustic, sturdy design for better performance and extended longevity

2. Provides a high rip capacity for use with larger boards

3. Features high-quality HDPE plastic fence side [which are replaceable]

4. Allows faster cutting, with minimal sliding resistance

5. Has an excellent cam lever that’s easy to use, yet offers a solid hold 

6. The table saw fence includes a magnified cursor for the easier scale reading


Although heavy-duty, this fence and its rails are quite heavy. Hence, might be difficult to install on your own. 

Shop Fox [W1716] Aluma-Classic Table Saw Fence Kit

Yet spectacular in the style, this rip fence kit can make good company with your table saw and woodworking endeavors It comprises two standard rails, a self-adhesive tape, and a magnified cursor for easier reading of the scale. 

Just like its peers, the creator has used a combination of high-quality steel and aluminum for the body. Hence, supports your workpiece with unbeaten strength, while at the same time assuring extended durability.

At a 48-inch length, the rails of this fence provide you with a standard rip capacity of 30 inches. With creativity and some improvisation skills, though, you can work with a 36-1/2 inch wide board comfortably and effectively. You just have to make sure the fence face remains square to the blade and that the cam lever locks it in position.

Key Features:

1. The fence has a unique torsion box design to provide maximal support while guiding the wood

2. It’s universal and compatible with most table saws

3. Quick and straightforward to mount on the table

4. Comes with a self-sticking measuring tape and a magnified cursor lens 

5. Provides a high rip capacity to ensure optimal productivity

6. Slides seamlessly on the rails and using lesser efforts

7. The fence is surely durable and has wear pads 


The gripes we have with the component is about misinformation, whereby the pages suggests it’s 57-inch rails, yet the front rail is 48 inches. 

DEWALT [514006089] Table saw Replacement Fence

As the name suggests, this fence is for replacing the broken piece from an existing table saw. It’s specifically designed for the DEWALT DW745 model, which is a favorite of many due to its powerful motor and flexibility. But some variants of the DW744 table saw also do accept it.

The rip fence is [almost] a replica of the fences from these tools in both design and performance. So, the setup is just an easy exercise that will only take minutes to conduct.

It has an aluminum body that is excellently smooth on both faces to lower resistance when pushing your stock through the blade. Thus, allowing faster cutting and without using much effort.

Key Features:

1. It fits evenly on the table without any compromises

2. Has two latches to lock it in position at the front and rear rail

3. Works best on 10-inch DEWALT table saws [specifically DW745 and DW744 Type 3]

4. It’s so easy to adjust and runs along the rails at minimal exertion

5. Supports more than 20-inch rip capacity

6. The saw has a rugged body to deliver better performance and prolonged lifetime


The locking latches consist of a plastic material. Hence, they can break easily when mishandled, like dropping the fence.

DEWALT [5140136-20] Table Saw Fence Assembly

This is also a replacement fence assembly that you can use on your DEWALT table saw. It’s compatible with quite a number of tools, not limited to models DCS7485B Type 1, DW745 Type 20, DWE7480 Type 20, and more. 

The rip fence has a solid aluminum body, with a smooth face to provide your workpiece with the best support. It’s relatively high to make sure you can comfortably work with thicker stock. And also has a flip-over work support to give you a better assist while ripping wide boards or thin strips of wood.

The replacement fence has dual clamping latchets to lock it in position from both the front and rear rails. Thereby allowing you to cut your wood without unnecessary wobbling:

Key Features:

1. The table saw fence is quick and effortless to mount

2. Allows you rip-cut both large boards and thin strips of wood 

3. Secures on the rails comfortably and securely

4. Has smooth sides for easier and accurate cuts

5. Compatible with various DEWALT compact table saws

6. It’s Pretty lightweight but tougher


Some users have complained that the locking latches consist of thin aluminum and plastic. Hence, an break easily when abused.

Buying Guide: Key Words To Consider When Looking For The Best Table Saw Fence

While the above reviews comprise some of the bestselling products in the markets, we can’t advise you to just click a product and go. There are several aspects you have to watch closely and ensure they’re in line with your desires and demands. Features like the table saw size are surely crucial as a single misinterpretation can render the whole system useless. Then, you start doing what the majority does- cursing and pointing the blame to the seller.

Anyways, the following are the five words you should properly consider when looking for the best table saw fence. 

Table Saw Size

Usually, table saws come in various designs and sizes. The same goes for the rip fences, whereby you’ll find some more universal and compatible with any table. Then others that are only limited to certain models.

Truthfully, the universal fence is the best in results as it’s mostly longer so that it can fit most table depths. And at the chance of it, you get the benefit of ripping lengthy workpiece.

This, however, doesn’t mean the factory set fences are worthless. No. They usually come with longer rails and clamping latches on both sides. Thus, providing the material being cut better support and larger rip capacity. 

Rip Capacity

By definition, rip capacity is a measure of how far the rip fence can extend from the edge of the cutting blade. It defines the largest width of a board that can comfortably fit on the table when making the cuts. 

Just as with the various table sizes out there, there are different rip capacities, ranging from 25 to 60 inches. The features often work in hand with the table size, but it mostly depends on the furthest the fence face is from the blade.

Material Used

The last thing you would want is to order a rip fence, but then come to realize it’s as weak as or even worse than what you’re replacing. 

When choosing your system, therefore, make sure it’s a beefy build, featuring high grade and denser metal. That way, your workpiece will have a guarantee of significant support, while cutting, without any chances of deflection. 

Still, a heavy-duty fence means prolonged life and reduced maintenance [alignment]. Hence, making your woodworking experience utterly interesting and cost-effective.

Cam Lock Assembly

This part comprises the clamping latches that are at the front and rear rails to lock the fence in position. The front one is combined with a lever handle to allow quick adjustments and locking at the preferred measurement. Thereby, making sure your cuts remain accurate and uniform.

Fence Faces

Also, the face of your fence is something you ought to properly consider if you’re interested in accuracy and ease of use. For the former, the whole side of the device has to be even without any warp, hump, or misalignment.

The ease of use, on the other hand, requires your fence to be smooth and with minimal resistance when pushing the wood. This way, you’ll be able to cut faster without fatigue since you’re using only less effort throughout the day. 

Common Related Questions

1. What Is The Best Table Saw Fence For The Money?

Just like their tools, rip fences are available in various designs, sizes, materials, and budgets. So, the best one for you specifically depends on your preference and needs. Just don’t forget to look for something heavy-duty and square to your table saw.

2. Is It True Table Saw Fences Are Universal?

Well, that’s a straightforward no. There are various fences set for specific table saw sizes, as with the No products found.” /] that you can only mount to a 27-inch top depth. The lucky bit is that it comes with front and rear rails that you can use to secure the fence in position. As for what we’d call universal fences, they usually have larger lengths and only locks the fence at the front rail. Hence, can come in handy when dealing with longer stock.

3. Can The Rip Fence Be The Reason My Table Saw Is Not Cutting Straight?

Absolutely, YES! A crooked fence face is one of the many reasons your table saw may not be cutting straight. Also, if the component is not perfectly parallel to the blade, it’ll certainly cut following the guided route. So, you must be checking the rip fence regularly and make the necessary adjustments if out of line. 

Other reasons that can make your table saw not cut straight is if the blade is warped, loosely held, or not square with the tabletop. Moreover, you can have the issue when you use your tool in improper form.

Final Recap

Although not very portable, a table saw is one of the devices you’ll feel inclined to have in your workshop. The tool is pretty versatile in the application as you can use it to do a wide range of cuts, including ripping, crosscut, bevels, and rabbet. 

Even so, some of these tasks impossible to achieve while doing it with freehand, without any kind of support tool in place. But with the best table saw fence put in place, your cutting process not only become easier but safer as well. You won’t need to bring your hand closer to the spinning blade if still you want to be counting with your five. 

Moreover, a high-quality rip fence can help minimize instances of binding and reduce the cutting friction. Hence, preventing the blade from getting dull quickly and also lessening the risk of the motor bogging down.

So, whether a novice or a pro-woodworker, the fence is an “integral” component you shouldn’t lack from your table saw. 

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