When is the Best Time to Start Shoveling Snow?

Snow shoveling isn’t pleasurable and it is not always avoidable. If you are leaving in an area where it snows very frequently then you have to clear snow from driveways, backyards, stairs, and walkways every now and then. Snow shoveling is one of the most dreaded things about the winter season. It is boring, strenuous, and if it is not done properly it can be dangerous as well. So the best practice is to clear snow when it’s at its lowest level, and it is advised to do so as often as possible.

Snow Shoveling Safety & Comfort

People say timing is the most important while snow shoveling but experts say the topmost priority is your safety. You also have to consider the efficiency and comfort while working. So you should consider these things before shoving:   

  • Stretching the muscles as stretching prevents injuries
  • Make sure you dress up properly to stay warm
  • Take a break while shoveling because without break snow shoveling can be very hazardous to those who are not in good shape
  • Wax the shovel blade to prevent snow from getting attached to the shovel

The Best Time to Shovel Snow  

Everyone has their own opinion on this matter because of varying situations. During the winter seasons, you will find snowy days and clear days. Most people like to clear snow on non-snowy days; however, you have to be precise about the time as you can’t snow shovel any time of the day. The best time to shovel snow is in the morning. Many will say afternoon is best but the truth is it is not because, in the afternoon, the snow on your driveway and in your yard will melt slightly and make the surface more slippery.

Morning is the best time to shovel snow and it should be done often to prevent snow from building up. If you have a low snow level on the surface then it will melt immediately after the snowfall is over and the surface might become slippery. Many think that a slippery surface is nothing to be worried about. However, the statistics show that averages of 200 snow-shoveling deaths are reported every year in the United States! So there is no reason you take snow shoveling lightly infect it’s wise to be as safe as possible.

Experts say shoveling immediately after smoking or a meal is not good for your health. This is because the blood is what will be used to help in the digestion of food and also, the nicotine constricts the blood vessels. Make sure you shovel straight ahead and shovel to one side because if you start tossing a heavy load of snow over the shoulder you will become tired very quickly. 

What to Wear and Shove

Clothing is very important while shoveling because getting exposed to bitter cold for a long time may not be good for your skin cells and it can increase your blood pressure and your heart rate. You should fully cover your body with warm clothes, warm socks, winter hat, or gloves.  Proper clothing will not only protect you from frostbite, but also from other health issues.  

Take Your Time

Many of us consider snow shoveling very boring so we want to rush through it. But rushing through snow shoveling is not a wise thing to do as you can hart yourself in the process. So if you don’t have enough time to do it at a comfortable pace then it is better you don’t do it. If you rush through snow shoveling it may not be done properly. So take your time infect take a break if you can because it will decrease the load on your body and keep you away from becoming tired.    

Know When to Stop

It is very important to understand when is the time you should stop snow shoveling. To determine whether you should stop, pay attention to your body and your environment. If you feel woozy or dizzy, or you become tired, stop immediately and resume only when you’ve recovered fully. Moreover, if it started to rain, snow, or get windy, you must stop the work.  

Bottom Line

Finally, there isn’t any set time that’s best for snow shoveling, but the issues stated above should help you decide the best time to clear your space. The best time for snow shoveling is not the morning, the afternoon or before/after it snows, but rather when it’s safe to do so.

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