Best Wood Filler For Staining That Can Be Used On Both Indoor And Outdoor Projects

Wood filler is an important component that helps fill gouges, dents, or scratches on wood surfaces. Stainable is the best as you can achieve the uniform color of the surface whether it needs premixing or not.  

Are you worried that your furniture has some dents or is damaged in some parts? Instead of investing in new furniture, consider buying the best wood filler for staining. Wood filler is a putty-like material that is an essential component for repairs in woodworking. With it, you can fix wood and other materials professionally, leaving the surfaces looking well furnished. 

You get to choose from several options of wood fillers as they come in different textures, consistencies, and drying time. It can also be pigmented or stained with regular wood stain to ensure no one notices the points fixed. All this is to ensure you buy one that suits your needs; however, it can make it hard to pick one. But we are here to help you!

Here we review the top 6 wood fillers for staining that have received positive feedback from verified customers. No matter the level of your expertise and the kind of repair you intend to do, you will get the best choice that fits your budget.

Best Wood Filler For Staining That Can Be Used On Both Indoor And Outdoor Projects

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What Is The Best Wood Filler For Staining?

Here is the summary of the top-rated stainable wood fillers and their suitability. We will review each of them in detail later in the article. 

1. Minwax 42853000  : Best for small projects 

2. FamoWood 40022126 : Best professional wood filler 

3. Elmer’s Ultra Fine Point  : Best for DIY enthusiasts 

4. J-B Weld 8257 KwikWood Wood Repair Epoxy Putty : Best for small scratches on wood surfaces 

5. Elmer's E892 : Best stainable 

6. Goodfilla water-based wood filler : Best for big projects

Top 6 Best Wood Filler For Staining 

We have reviewed the top 6 stainable wood fillers to help you make an informed decision. But, first, here is the comparison table for your quick review. 

Comparison Chart Of The Best Wood Filler For Staining 

Product Weight Size Color Package Quantity Indoor And Outdoor Application Drying Time Formula  
Minwax 42853000 14.9 ounces 16 oz. Stainable1Yes 10-15 minsOil and water-based 
 FamoWood 400221261.59 pounds 24 oz. Natural 1Yes 15 minsWater based 
Elmer’s Ultra Fine Point 3.52 ounces 3.25 oz. Stainable 1Yes10 minsCellulose-based 
J-B Weld 8257 KwikWood Wood Repair Epoxy Putty0.988 ounces 3.5 inch Light tan1Yes1 hour Non-solvent 
Elmer's E8922.14 pounds 32 oz. Stainable1Yes20 minsSolvent-free 
Goodfilla water-based wood filler1 gallon White oak 1Yes15 minsWater-based 

Minwax 42853000: Best For Small Projects 

Minwax 42853000 stands out from the rest because it can work with both water-based and oil-based stains. This means you can easily find a perfect stain color that matches any furniture surface. Besides, you can use it on outdoor and indoor surfaces to fix knot holes, nail holes, small gouges, cracks, and other defects as you wish. 

Moreover, the Minwax 42853000 is quite easy to use. It comes premixed and user-ready, reducing the amount of time that could have been spent mixing the ingredients before working on your projects.  To apply, scoop up the ideal amount using a putty knife and apply to the surface that needs repair. Now leave it for 10-15 mins for the wood filler to dry. Note that the product is suitable for small projects due to its fast-drying as it might get hard fast for bigger ones. 

Once it dries, you can sand easily, paint, stain, drill, and even nail or fasten screw through the filler. This is done without affecting the consistency of the filler.


Used With Both Water-Based And Oil-Based Wood Stains: This means you can always find a stain that matches the surface you intend to fix.

Suitable For Indoor And Outdoor Applications: It is a versatile product that helps you fix various projects, including window sealing, fences, baseboards, furniture, and door frames. 

10-15 Minutes Drying Times: Dries quickly, making it good for beginners and experts working on small projects. 


1. Easy sanding

2. Dries quickly

3. Used with both water and oil-based stains

4. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications


1. Not suitable for big projects

Products Specs
Weight 14.9 ounces
Size 16 oz. 
Package 1

FamoWood 40022126: Best Professional Wood Filler 

FamoWood is a renowned brand, and so you can trust the quality of their latex-based wood filler. It dries incredibly well within 15 minutes and allows for drilling and sanding to be done without much challenge. As well, it is resistant to shrinking and cracking. Therefore, you can use it on natural woods, repairs of old hardwood floors, and for finishing the basement. Besides, it doesn’t have a strong odor when applying since the filler is solvent-free. 

When it comes to outdoor projects, FamoWood does equally well. You can use it to fix fence holes without fear of adverse effects on the environment. Even you can drive screws and nails through the filler without getting it off the surface. And, in case of any mess, you can clean it easily with water before allowing it to dry for excellent finishing. 


Water-based: The fact that the FamoWood is a water-based filler is environmentally safe; it maintains its quality on the surface for a long time. 

Do not shrink, crumb, or crack: The filler appears like real wood as its shape is not affected even when sanded or nailed. 

Easy to clean: In case of any mess during the application, the filler can be cleaned easily with soap and water. 


1. No offensive odor

2. Easy to sand

3. Great results as it is easy to clean up

4. No harmful ingredients


1. Does not work well with all stains

2. Too light color 

Products specs 

Weight 1.59 pounds 
Size24 oz. 
Drying time15 mins
Color Natural 

Elmer’s Ultra Fine Point Wood Filler: Best for DIY enthusiasts 

If you are a DIY-enthusiast, then Elmer’s E887Q wood filler is the best option. You can easily squeeze out the filler due to a well-designed plastic container that doesn’t present any challenge.  The formula is cellulose-based and made using fibers; thus, it perfectly imitates the real wood for a great finish. It works well both indoor and outdoor; however, it is only good for minor exterior projects. 

Elmer’s E887Q creaminess texture is another great feature. It comes out smoothly; thus, when applied, it leaves the wood less bumpy. Besides, it dries first without shrinks or cracks. You can then go ahead and drill, sand, paint or stain just as you would with the real wood. 

The filler is also water-resistant due to the increased resin used in its manufacture. Furthermore, it comes premixed with a resalable tube to allow for proper storage without fear of it drying up.


Cellulose-based:  Its creaminess allows you to squeeze out smoothly to achieve a non-bumpy fill. As well, it is water-resistant, making it great for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Comes in a resealable tube:  It is easy to use the filler on small projects as you will seal it back without fear of drying


1. Offers amazing flatness

2. Containers are well-designed for easy application

3. Works well for both indoor and outdoor projects


1. Packaged  in small quantities 

Product specs

Weight 3.52 ounces
Size3.25 ounces
Color Stainable 

J-B Weld 8257 KwikWood Wood Repair Epoxy Putty: Best for small scratches on wood surfaces 

If you have some small scratches on furniture and other wood surfaces around the home, then you might need some putty to correct the imperfection. A bucket of wood filler might not be necessary, and in such a case, J-B Weld 8257 KwikWood Wood Repair Epoxy Putty would be your best option. It comes in small and affordable quantities that help you avoid wasting money on the wood filler that will go unused. 

The package comes with two portions of epoxy formula that you need to knead before applying wood surfaces. After applying, the filler takes 15-25 minutes, giving you enough time to work on the dents. Once the epoxy putty has cured, you can sand, drill or stain it as you would with the natural wood surface. 


It takes 1 hour to cure: The filler takes a long time to cure. This gives you enough time to work on your wood surface without fear of it drying up before you complete the project. 

Contains no solvent: J-B Weld 8257 KwikWood Wood Repair Epoxy Putty does not pull away, crack, shrink or rot when used in indoor and outdoor projects.  


1. Takes time to cure, giving you humble time to work on a project

2. Affordable

3. Super easy to apply

4. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects 


1. It hardens tough, making it a little bit challenging to sand

2. It might not stain well after it hardens. Consider applying the stain while kneading the formula

Product Specs
Weight 0.988 ounces
Package quantity 1
Color Tan
Size 3.5 inch 
Strength 900 PSI

Elmer’s E892 Stainable Wood Filler: Best stainable 

This is another great product from Elmer that is formulated with wood fibers to allow for easy painting, staining, and sanding once applied. It doesn’t shrink or crack, thus makes the filling of wood dents quite easy.  You can also achieve an exquisite finish as the filler can be stained, painted, or sanded once dry. Besides, it firmly holds the nails and screws, allowing you to work on the wood surface even after filling.

It is also non-solvent and therefore fills in the holes, cracks, and gouges effortlessly. Further, it cannot be affected by weather elements making the filler ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects.


1. Comprises Real Wood Fibers: This makes it easy to paint, sand, and stain the filled wood surface.  

2. Holds Nails And Screw: Though it might not handle too much stress, the Elmer E892 does hold nails and screws quite well. 


1. Holds nails and screws firmly

2. Allow for superior painting, staining, and sanding

3. Doesn’t shrink or crack

4. Used on both indoor and outdoor projects


1. Not ideal for mixing with stain before application 

Product Specs
Weight 2.14 pounds
Size 32 oz. 
Color Stainable  

Goodfilla Water-Based Wood Filler: Best For Big Projects

If you are looking forward to work on bigger wood filing projects, then Goodfilla water-based filler would be the best option. The filler comes in a big bucket of 1 gallon, giving you peace of mind when filling large surfaces. It fills and conceals splits, knots, holes, cracks on wood surfaces, and grain ones. Besides, if you want to use it on small surfaces, you can choose 8 ounces or 1-quart pack.

You can also easily sand the surface filled with Goodfilla once it dries. The good thing is the surface won’t shrink, sink or crack. You can also stain and do finish after it cures to achieve an excellent wood surface that matches the original color.


1. It Is Available In A 1-Gallon Pack: This allows you to work on bigger projects stress-free as it is affordable compared to buying several small packs. 

2. 100% Satisfaction: There is 365 days guarantee if the product doesn’t work as per the description. It is made in the USA, thus, trusted quality. 

3. Green Product: Goodfilla is environmentally friendly as it contains zero waste, zero VOC, and is non-toxic. 


1. 365 days guarantee period

2. No harmful effects to the environment

3. It can be premised with any pigment before application

4. Easy to spread


1. The pack comes fully; thus can be messy when opening it. 

Product Specs

Material Polymer  
Size 1 gallon
Color White oak  

How To Choose Good Wood Filler?-Buyer’s Guide

Some aspects are worth looking at when buying wood filler. These include:


Ask yourself; I am working on a small or big project? Is it outdoor or indoor? In such a case, you will determine the amount of filler required, the ideal preparation time, and the drying time. All these should inform you of the best product choice that suits your project. 

For outdoor projects, epoxy-based wood fillers are the ideal option for big projects. However, cellulose-based and latex-based work fine for smaller projects. On the other hand, indoor filling can be done using any filler, but epoxy filler might not be the best option. They take a lot of time to prepare and dry compared to other formulations. 


Some products, however good they are, might present a challenge during application. So, if you are a beginner or DIY enthusiast, you should pick a product that is easy to apply with minimum mess. But, as professional woodworkers, you can go for any wood filler that would hold much stress. 

As well, check the suitability of the wood filler to the project at hand. For instance, are you intending to sand, paint, or draw nails and screws? If yes, then choose a product that can handle the same. 


The scope of the project would dictate the ideal amount of wood filler. So, you need to buy one that is enough but not too much for waste. Luckily, manufacturers package in different quantities to meet the various needs of the users. 

You can opt for crayon wood fillers for small repairs that you can swipe over the scratched surfaces, and your work would be done. 8-16 ounces package is ideal for mid-sized projects while more is best for bigger projects like renovation the whole room or filling the old deck. 

Drying Time

Most people desire the wood filler that dries first, which might not be ideal when working on big projects. Large projects require wood filler that does not dry fast to allow you time to work on the surface. However, you would require a product that dries quickly for outdoor projects to avoid exposure to snow or rain before you are done. So, be sure of the drying time of each product vis-à-vis the project at hand to pick the most suitable one. 


Instead of buying many packages each for a specific use, it is best to purchase wood filler that can serve multiple purposes. This is especially when you are looking forward to doing a long list of wood surface renovations. As well, it is best to get a product that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Confirm the product’s malleability before it dries and consistency when it fully dries to know whether it suits the work at hand.  So, the best wood filler, such as the ones reviewed in this article, should be highly versatile. 


A brand is mostly equated to quality, and this applies to wood fillers.  Consider the brands that have been in the market longer since they have better experience in dealing with woods. Therefore, they know how to formulate the fillers for the best results when stained, painted, or sanded. 

Customer Reviews

The people who have used the product are the ones who can attest to its effectiveness and efficiency. Always seek to find what other users think before arriving at the final decision. For instance, the six product reviewed here have received a good rating from verified customers, and thus you can trust. You can also go through online responses from customers as it can give you a quick preview of the product under consideration. 

FAQs On Wood Fillers

How Do You Fill Gaps In Wood Before Staining?

It is always best to fill the gaps in wood before staining to achieve an exceptional outcome. You need the best wood filler, then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Remove the portion that is damaged from the wood surface and then sand the area. In case of any debris, remove to ensure the wood is ready for filling. 

Step 2: Apply the wood filler to the gaps following the application instructions on the product label. For instance, if packed in a squeezable tube, you need to squeeze it into the gap. Apply slowly to the portion that you removed in step 1. 

Step 3: Fill the hole more than what you need so you can spread it well through the damaged surface. Use the putty knife to spread it smoothly and then wait for the filler to dry out. Once it has dried well, sand it to achieve the desired level. Lastly, stain the area as desired. 

What Are The Types Of Wood Fillers For Staining?

Wood fillers for staining are categorized into cellulose-based, latex-based, epoxy-based, and gypsum-based. 


Cellulose is the common base used in most wood fillers. If the product is cellulose-based, the manufacturers would indicate that it is made of real wood fibers. They are affordable compared to the other three. Besides, they are water-soluble and can be stained for the richly colored formula before applying on the damaged surface. 


These are the type of wood fillers mostly use for outdoor projects. They dry fast and are water-resistant within 60 minutes after application. Unlike epoxy, latex-based take less preparation time and are easy to work with. As well, they have high strength. 


Epoxy-based wood fillers are the best for outdoor projects since it is extremely weather-resistant. They are durable but can be challenging for a novice to use. It requires much preparation time and has to be mixed well for it to be effective.


This type of wood filler is most suitable for indoor applications as they get hard after application. They are made of gypsum dust which is then mixed with water before application. However, gypsum-based fillers are easily affected by water and should not be used in places exposed to moisture.  

Final Word

I bet you will never think of disposing of your furniture just because it has a hole, dent, or scratch. With the best wood filler for staining, you can rest assured that no visitor will notice the repairs you do on wood surfaces. It saves you money while giving the best solution for non-so-good to look at dents. Besides, the wood fillers reviewed here can be used both outdoor and indoor, giving you the much-needed versatility. Therefore, assess the project at hand and choose a product that delivers the best results. 

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