Best Wood Screws: Top 6 Pick In 2021 Plus Buying Guide

If you are a carpenter, furniture finisher, or interested in woodworking, you must have heard or used woodscrews at a certain point in your work.  Yes, connecting pieces of wood together is not an easy task; that’s why you need the best wood screws as fasteners. 

But, the market offers various wood screws, which can confuse you when making a purchase. Only specific types of screws are applicable for woodworking, even though there are multiple varieties. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced or a newbie carpenter; you need to have the right screw suitable to the task at hand.

Although they differ, all the wood screw has an aggressive thread for holding and grabbing the wood. The significant variations are based on the length, gauge, head type, and drive type. They also differ in size, color, quality, material, and shape. Hence, choosing the right type can be a daunting task. 

But, wait!

We are here to help you find the perfect screw for your next project. Read this detailed list of the top-rated wood screw that will assist you in choosing the suitable product. Besides, we have prepared a buying guide for informed decision-making.

Best Wood Screws

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Which Are The Top Best Wood Screws You Can Consider 2021?

Kreg SML-C125-500 

For years now, Kreg has been beneficial to woodworkers. This zinc fastener screw is durable, resistant to corrosion and rust. Kreg has two types of threads, i.e., fine and coarse, to suit various types of wood.

Splitting and breaking issues are assorted out with this type of product. Like plywood that is a neither thin nor dense sheet, softwood can be drilled with this coarse threaded item. Kreg also offers a flat shape that is suitable for flat bottom in the pocket hole.


The screw also features a self-tapping tip for drilling the hole on its own. Other notable features include;

1. High-Quality Zinc: Meaning it’s resistant to rust and corrosion; that’ why it’s reliable since it lasts for an extended period. When the quality of the screws product is terrible, it rusts, making it difficult to unscrew without damaging the wood.

2. Course Style Thread: this favorite feature makes the drilling task simple even for beginners as the thread pushes in by itself.


1. High-quality Zinc with rust-resistant.

2. High bearing surface

3. minimum wood splitting

4. Good holding power


1. Splits the ends

Technical Specs 

Product Dimensions 3×4.25×5 inches
Item weight2.7 pounds
Materialcarbon steel
Size500 pack
Item model numberSML-C125-500

# 4*1-1/2″ Stainless Flat Head Philips Wood Screw

These high-quality stainless screws with the flathead are durable and resistant to corrosion and rust. Therefore, you can use it indoors and in outdoor woods.  Flathead Philips screws are also weather-resistant so, they can withstand outdoor rain, heat, and snow.

The threads start from the tip up to the head, although it’s not a self-drilling tool but goes in with much ease into clearance holes. It’s suitable for hardwoods due to its full-body threads that hold the pieces jointly. 


These kinds of screws are sturdy and won’t bend even under pressure. Some of its highlighted features include;

1. High-Quality Stainless Screw: Its stainless steel used is one of the premium forms of corrosion-resistant metals. Which also makes them durable.

2. Highly Dependable: These flathead wood screws are solid and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Stainless steel is generally superior to ordinary steel.


1. High-quality screws that are durable

2. The sturdy product that is easy to use

3. Resistant to both rust and corrosion

4. Suitable for indoors and outdoors


1. They are not self-drilling tools

Technical Specs

ManufacturerBolt Dropper
Product Dimensions 6.5×5.3×0.5 inches
Item weight0.81 ounces
Materialstainless steel 18-8 (A2)

WoodPro Fasteners AP9X212-1#9 by 2-1/2 Inch All-purpose  

As the name suggests, these gold-colored fasteners are all-purpose screws. The item has type 17 sharp point, which is perfect for decking and flooring work. Its sharpness makes the drilling work effortless. T-25-star drive system minimizes the chances of stripping.

Typically, it’s one of the great wood screws for woodworking, ideally without drilling first. These products are coated with a Golden Electro-Polyseal coating, which protects them from rust and corrosion.


The product features a unique nib below its head that enables a smooth countersink in various materials. Some of its highlighted features include;

1. Pocket-Friendly Pack:  Choosing a group with 500 pieces in one box is very inexpensive compared with other packages. Buying in bulk is customarily compared to affordable in many cases.

2. Sharp Tip: That assists in self-drilling by making it effortless and quick. Thus, saving you time while the long shank makes it easy for amateurs to use.

3. The particular head is design for clean countersinking.


1. They have strong holding power.

2. Can be driven easily

3. Self-drilling product


1. Star head can be a slightly weak

Technical Specs

ManufacturerWoodPro Fasteners
Product Dimensions 2.5×0.38×0.38 inches
Item weight0.01 ounces
Size500 pack
Item model numberAP9X212-1

Reliable Hardware Company RH-5112BO-A Truss

This black wood screw originated primarily from the United States. These products are reliable and made of black oxide plus wax. It’s a Truss headed wood screw of 8× ½ inches. The head point of this product is sharp, while the slots and threads are usually deep and clean.

Hence, they are perfect for repairing small furniture like curtains rods, racks, and railings. These screws have smooth finishing that makes materials look great. 


These screws are majorly known for their sturdiness and are packed in 50 packs. Some other outstanding features are;

1. Best For DIY And Indoor Wooden Woodwork:  These black oxide and wax finish screws have a stylish look suitable for small furniture finishing.

2. Full Thread Shaft: The thread starts from the tip and covers its entire body enabling easy drilling.

3. Small Screws: Don’t judge based on the size because these products are the sturdiest fasteners available. They are suitable for the thin wood piece.


1. Small and sturdy

2. Long-lasting

3. Suitable for indoor finishing

4. Black oxide and wax finish protect from corroding and rusting


1. Smaller head

Technical Specs

Product Dimensions 5×0.5×2.5 inches
Item weight2.8 ounces
Item model numberRH-5112BO-A

FastenMaster FMGD003-75 GuardDog Exterior Wood Screw

This product is manufactured in China. It comes up in 3-inch with a pack of 75 for woodworkers to do their work efficiently. The rustproof coating makes them durable. You can use these tan color screws with square or Philips bit.

FastenMaster FMGD003-75 has a very sharp piercing end that helps during installation. Hence, they are reusable and have a versatile pozisquare drive which eliminates any cam-out. You may use it on cedar wood without staining because the screws hold on wood remarkably.

Since these products are more extended, there is no need to tighten them more, especially if you are working on installation tasks. However, you can tight them once in a while if the wood expands. Also, because of their length, they don’t require pilot holes.


These products are beneficial when securing deck boards with their full-length threading, though they are not coated. Also, FastenMaster FMGD003-75 is reliable, durable, sturdy, and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Other features include;

1. Multi-purpose screw: These products are ideal for fastening various exterior woodwork.

2. Fully-threaded: This feature ensures a solid gripping power of the materials.

3. Sharp point: The bottom end of these screws is sharp hence quicker and easy installation.

4. These products have been tested thoroughly across treated lumber as redwood, cedar, or pressure-treated ACQ.


1. It comes along with bits

2. Easy to use with fewer efforts

3. No cam-out 

4. perfect for softwoods

5. Great for outdoor and indoor applications


1. If you’re not careful, they can strip easily.

2. They tend to bend easily

Technical Details

Product Dimensions 4.5×3×2 inches
Item weight1.1 pounds
Size3 inch
Item model numberFMGDOO3-75

Power Pro 46811 Wood screws

If you are preparing a deck that needs perfection, then this product is the best option. Interestingly the beautiful bronze coat looks perfect with any deck settings, making them one of the best screws for different wood projects. 

Additionally, the unique shank designs enlarge the holes well enough to shred doubts of the possible wood splitting. Its thread exhibits a bore-fast rated design; therefore, there is no need for pre-drilling. Furthermore, the pointed end of the tip sinks quickly inside the wood without extra effort exertions.

The underside of the head of these items shows countersinking blades to discharge the wood pieces from within the drill. So, they seal the hole perfectly. The significant reason why woodworkers love this type is that they are less likely to split the wood when compare with other designs. For wood safety, this product is the best.


The bronze epoxy coating feature offers maximum protection for corrosion and rust. Its particular T25 star drive eliminates any cam-outs for a smooth, effortless drive. Some other highlighted features include;

1. Self-starting tip:  This ensures there is no splitting and faster engagement into woods of twenty percent.

2. Perfect for outdoor use:  These products are suitable for any outdoor wood project and decking

3. Twisted shafts: This feature protects any spills while working on your projects.


1. Thread tip drills easily into the wood

2. The bronze coat matches well with the wooden designs

3. They are suitable for outdoor applications


1. May be costly 

Technical Details

ManufacturerThe Hillman Group
Product Dimensions 9×3×3 inches
Item weight5 pounds
ColourBronze coated
Size5lb Tub
Item model numberPower Pro

Things To Consider When Purchasing Wood Screw

If you have not dealt with wood screws before, it might be challenging to differentiate between good and bad-quality screws.  You might have used the conventional nails, which are part of woodworking that look similar. However, if it’s your first time, we are here to help. Below are the key factors you need to consider while choosing the right wood screw.


You should select a screw-based on where you intend to use the wood. If you need the screw for an indoor item, you can go for the pocket-friendly ones with corrosion resistance and uncertain rust. Generally, zinc screws should be suitable for an indoor project.

The outdoor conditions can be a lot harder, and you need to consider the moisture and weather while picking the right product. You can’t use products that are not resistant to corrosion and rust. It will ruin the adjacent surfaces of the wood or make your product looks dirty. Therefore, you should buy high-end screws made of highly resistant materials to outdoor elements, such as stainless steel. They are the most substantial screws, durable, and can withstand moisture and corrosion.


The right size of the screw matters a lot, and you should be certain about it. When it comes to finishing and making strong wooden joints, size is always essential. If you use the wrong size of the product, you’ll mess up the whole project.

When purchasing the screws, keep in mind the thickness of the wood pieces you’re working on. There is a high chance of wood splitting if you buy a long shaft for thin wood.

According to professionals in the industry, your screw length should be half of the bottom surface material. Although, you need to take into consideration the gauge or diameter of this product.


The head is the most integral part of a screw because it shows how it sits on your workpiece. Depending on your preference, the product might be shallower than your wood or at the level. Sometimes it can be above with space under it. However, the screw head contains two different units, i.e., the head shape and the drive shape, 

Drive Type

When it comes to woodworking projects, they are different types of drives. However, it’s not a must you know all of them, be aware of the common ones. The most common type includes; flathead screw, square drive, trox drive, and Philip screw.

1. Flathead Screw– Typically, it’s the new type in the market, and on the top screw head, there is a slot. That’s why it’s usually referred to as a slotted screw. To drive this type, use a flathead screwdriver meant for this purpose. However, it might be a challenge to use it with a driver; in such a case, use a power tool.

2. Philip Screws– They have been in the market since the beginning of the 20th century. Typically, it’s easy to drive because the head remains in its place. Even though its head is not sturdy, so it can ruin your drive. Nevertheless, they are readily available in the market. If you want to use it, ensure the drive to that of the screw head is similar in size.

3. Trox Drives Or Starts Drive Screw– The shape on its top is that of a star, and it’s popular because of it. This unique shape prevents slip-out, and you’ll not face any cam-out. It’s of high quality, and it comes with a drive tip. It sustains high torque; that’s why it doesn’t break when you tighten them much.

4. Square Drive was introduced in the market as an upgrade of Philip and flathead screws. Also, they are known as Robertson screws, and you can find them in the US and Canada. Its top shape is square, as the name suggests. The form is the perfect one to eradicate cam-out and also lessens the slipping of the drive.

Head Shape

There are different types of head shapes, but the most standard ones are flathead and round head. Flathead screws are also known as slotted screws. Using the flat head shape ones, you’ll likely take all drive with the diagonal head. With this type, you will not face any issues of splitting.

The round head shape is known as Panhead and design for shallow domes.

Thread Types

Thread decides the fine line between splitting and not splitting as they offer different use and construction. They are of two types, i.e., coarse and fine thread.

Coarse thread is suitable for softwood and plywood. Pre-drilling is not necessary because of the extra space in between. As a result, it consumes less time to fit and remove the thread.

On the other hand, fine threads are perfect for harder woods and need nuts in between to make them firmer. However, it requires more effort and consumes more time when dealing with them. 


The part where threads wrap around is known as the shank. It comes in various sizes and thickness, that is measures in numbers. The higher the number, the thicker the shank, and the better it can perform. Choose the right size depending on the usage. The most popular sizes of the shank are 6,8, and 10.

Tip Screw Or Point

Pointed tip screws are most famous for woodworking jobs and great for accurate drilling. To cut the wood like a drill bit, use the spit point tip screw. Also known as self-drilling screw and you can use them with power tools. Type-17 Auger point delivers outstanding performance and also valuable for modern days. Its end has a shape like a needle.

Screw Coating And PlatingPlating

Plating and coating these items are essential since they lessen friction and bar corrosion while enhancing product appearance. Bare metal products get Plating, whereas a coating is for the plain and plated metal.

Uncoated steel screw becomes rusty quickly when exposed to moisture. Bright Zinc has been used for an extended period while plating wood steel screws. Bright Zinc enhances product outlook as well as resists corrosion. However, golden yellow Zinc works much better to resist corrosion.

The wood screws have black oxide plating, preventing rust stains, although they can’t offer much protection against corrosion. Nowadays, manufacturers use high-tech when it comes to outdoor usages like Blue-Kote, Epoxy coat, weather Maxx and HCR.


In the end, it will just come down to price. Depending on your budget, can you afford the quality ones, or you’ll settle for the cheaper ones. Also, the type of project you’re dealing with, whether it is outdoor or indoor. Maybe it’s better to add more money and get a perfect and the right product for your project.

What Are The Different Types Of Screws Commonly Used In Woodworking?

There are different types of screws available in the market in terms of their usage. The common ones used to join pieces of woods include;

Standard Wood Screws

The standard wood screws are the ones you usually find in your nearest hardware stores. They have a smooth shank top while the other part of the shark is threaded. Standard screws are affordable and available in all types of diameter and head shapes.

Drywall Screws

They are way cheaper compared to standard wood screws and are suitable for shop projects and jigs. You can get them in a hardware shop because many people in the woodworking trade used them quite a lot.

These screws have a bugle head in shape with a fully threaded shank, which is thinner. Avoid using them in hard words since they snap easily.

Production Screws

These screws are multi-purpose, and they are considered the most expensive ones in the market. It’s made of hard steel, and they are self-drilling tips type, so there is no need to make holes.

With it, you can easily prevent splitting; they stay in place and won’t slip out. They are the most robust wood screws in the market and are suitable for wood projects. It might be expensive, but the frustration of splitting wood pieces, cam-outs, and snapping will be dealt with squarely.

Deck Screws

These kinds of screws have a corrosion-resistant coating on top of their rigid steel construction that makes them perfect for outdoor projects.

Stainless Steel Screw

When it comes to corrosion resistance, they are even better than decks screws. You can use them in salty marine conditions as they offer good weather protection. These types are costly but not stronger than deck screws.

Machine Screw

They are not usually typical in woodworking projects because they are used to hold jointly different boards that are tempered with already. They lack points and are the only king of screws to have a thread per inch marking. Ensure you buy nuts that match your threads.

Sheet Metal Screw

These are the same as the standard wood screw, although they have a pan head. They are fully threaded shanks with a sharp piercing point. These tiny products are intended for piercing sheet metal. However, they might be used as a substitute for wood screws.

Pocket Screw

These products are self-drilling, with a broad head to grab the shoulders created by drilling pocket holes. Its square drive head makes them easy to seat.


1. Can You Use Sheet Metal Screws As A Substitute For Wood Screws? 

It isn’t a good idea because a sheet metal screw is solid for wood items, whereas wood screws can be fragile for sheet metal.

2. Does The Wood Have Unique Screws?

Yes, they do. Wood screws are used for wood materials, and depending on the task at hand, you’ll need to choose the suitable one. Wood screws need a different design to prevent splitting.

3. What Is A Pilot Hole?

A pilot hole refers to a hole that is a bit smaller than the diameter of the thread. Its regularly used while working with softwood.

4. Is It Essential To Drill A Hole Before Driving The Screw?

Not always, because some screws are self-drilling while others are not. The properties are typically indicated on the cover of the item.

5. What Type Of Screw Is Better For Softwood Or Plywood?

Self-tapping screws are suitable for softer woods. There is a chance of splitting or cracking if stronger screws are used.

Final Word

The selection of the screw type relies majorly on its purpose and where to use them. It’s crucial to know how to use the wood screw accurately, the right type, and in the right place, or else you’ll ruin the entire project plus wasting your time.

Choosing the right screw might be a dusting task, but you will surely get the best option with the above-reviewed product. Pay attention to the detailed guide and pick the correct type of screws that suit your task perfectly.

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