Are Power Supplies Universal?

Over 90% of power supplies are universal in size and shape. The remaining small percentage consisting of power supplies of 1200W and more are not universal as they vary due to the main power connector. Despite not being universal, these power supplies should be compatible with the available main power connector to work efficiently. Types … Read more

What Is The Wavelength Of Light Emitted By LED?

Typically, LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are semiconductors that usually convert electrical energy to light energy. The emitted light color depends on the materials of a semiconductor and its composition. LEDs are categorized into three wavelengths, i.e., ultraviolet, visible, and infrared. The commercial LEDs wavelength with a single-element output of 5Mw is between 275 to 950 nm.  … Read more

LED Light Voltage Requirement: Find The Exact Voltage For Your LED!

The most popular LEDs require a forward operating voltage of around 1.3V-3.6V and the forward current rating of 10mA-30mA, while 12-20mA being the standard range. Forward current and operating voltage usually differ regarding the semiconductor material used by the manufacturer. However, conduction starts and light is generated; it’s around 1.2v for a regular red LED … Read more

LED Light Distributorship In The USA

USA distributorship is becoming quite popular in LED lighting. For example, Highline LED, Wesley distributors, Ameresco, independence led, USled, Zenodo, etc. Indeed, LED lights are gradually becoming the future of the lighting industry globally. They play a significant role in the conservation of energy and environmental protection. Entrepreneurs worldwide want to be part of the … Read more

Are Chinese LED Lights As Good In Quality And Performance As Non-Chinese LED Lights?

For ages, there has been debate on the quality of china-made LEDs. Critics worldwide consistently dwell on the Chinese LED manufacturers for lack of high-power devices. The truth is that Chinese makers focus on different markets segment that favors low- (0.01-0.1W) and mid-power (0.1-0.5W) LED products. However, they can make super or high power LEDs … Read more

Dewalt VS. Black & Decker: Know The Best Brands For Your Power Tools!

Dewalt and Black& Decker are known to be the most reputable brands worldwide when it comes to power tools. The two brands are under the umbrella brand of Stanley Black &Decker, even though they are not created equally. Dewalt offers mid-to-high-end quality tools for professionals, while black & Decker offers affordable low-end tools suitable for … Read more