How Long Does Car Paint Take To Dry?

Determining how long it takes for car paint to dry is important when you are looking to get your vehicle painted. Knowing this information will help you plan ahead and make sure that the job gets done before any deadlines set by yourself or others. This article provides a few different ways that you can … Read more

What Is Tempera Paint?

Tempera paint is a type of water-based paint that was used for centuries to create art. The word “tempera” comes from the Latin word temperature, which means “to mix.” It’s often made with egg yolk or whole eggs, but it can also be mixed with other types of binding agents like animal glue. In this … Read more

What Is NeverWet Made Of? Benefits and Features

Neverwet is superhydrophobic coatings that are made of various materials. Participated calcium carbonate, carbon nano-tube structures, Zinc oxide polystyrene (ZnO/PS) nano-composite, Manganese oxide polystyrene (MnO2/PS) nano-composite, Silica nanocoating, Fluoropolymer coatings, and Fluorinated silanes are some of the bases used in making superhydrophobic coatings. The most effective of all is silica-based as they are gel-based and thus … Read more

Tap Drill Size For Standard Threads: How to Choose the Ideal One

Tap drills come in different sizes to fit various standard threads available. However, you can always get the right size for your thread by using simple formulas. You can calculate the tapping drill size for metric threads by taking the thread’s diameter minus the pitch. The tapping drill size for the imperial thread is calculated … Read more