Do People In Mexico Have Indoor Plumbing?

Yes, people in Mexico have indoor plumbing. In the 1990s, Mexico reported a significant improvement in living conditions compared with the previous two decades. The report demonstrated better access to essential services such as water and indoor plumbing. This was, however, not achieved equally all around the country. Southern Mexico is still significantly lagging. Why … Read more

What Is A Drain Stack In Plumbing?

Are you aware there is a vertical pipe that passes over your house that serves as the central point for your unified plumbing system? Well, there is! The Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) defines a drain stack as a primary pipeline for any water or waste system that spans through different building or home floors. The … Read more

Plumbing Business Owner Salary: What It Takes To Be Successful!

Plumbing is a lucrative business. Business owners and master plumbers can make between $60,000 and $90,000 or even more a year. On the other hand, plumbers on contract working in commercial or residential settings earn up to $55,000 on average annually. This translates to approximately $30 per hour. Nonetheless, plumbing business owners’ salaries might vary … Read more

Best Plumbing Books For Great Plumbers

“Knowledge is power,” and in today’s world, great plumbers are exceptional readers. You need to be knowledgeable to stand a chance in today’s competitive environment. Like other professions, as a plumber, you needed to upgrade yourself to the standards that your career requires. Yes, change is inevitable and is part of life. Plumbing is a … Read more

What Is Rough-In Plumbing? Preparation, Consideration, Tools, And Cost

Rough-in plumbing is a construction stage that comprises routing of pipes via wall cavities, installing vents stacks to the roof, and joining water supply line and drain lines to septic systems, water supply valves, or sewer systems. However, installation of building fixtures such as toilets, sinks, and showers is not done during rough-in plumbing.  Preparation … Read more

How To Install A Water Softener In A Pre-Plumbed House: Step By Step Guide

Installing a water softener in a pre-plumbed house is done by first cutting the incoming cold-water line and installing an elbow that leads to the softener.  After that, you now connect the softener’s outlet to the incoming cold-water pipe. Normally, the water softener is installed to get rid of the magnesium and calcium piped water. … Read more