What Is The Function Of The Slip Rings In An Electric Generator? What a Slip Ring Is and How It Works

Slip rings are used to create a one-way path for current or power to flow in a generator. They ensure there is no change of direction of power within the generator so that the device can supply power continuously. A slip ring acts as the contact allowing the transmission to occur as they complete the … Read more

Why Is My Generator Not Producing Power? Reasons And How To Fix Them

Generators have complex control circuits, and any fault can interfere with the power supply. Nonetheless, the loss of residual magnetism is the major issue that causes a portable generator not to produce power. Blocked or wiring errors in the excitation circuit can also interfere with the power supply. Besides, interrupted DC circuit, failure in AC … Read more

The Best 7 1/4 Sliding Miter Saw

If you’re a full time carpenter or joiner, adding the best 7¼ sliding miter saw in your arsenal of tools can surely be handy. The device produces the finest and most accurate results when making angled cuts for crown molding, laminate flooring, window casing, and others. Of course, a fixed miter saw can do all … Read more