What Is Flux In Welding?

Flux is an agent used in welding to prevent the weld from interacting with atmospheric pressure. Flux act as a protective slag that prevents heat from getting to the welded metal as the heat gets to it first. The flux melts and produces gases that push the surrounding air back, thus preventing weld metal reaction … Read more

Difference Between TIG And MIG Welding

TIG and MIG welding are known by welders of all kinds to be the best-joining metals methods. However, the debate has been which one is the best among the two in the manufacturing industry. Each side says their process is more beneficial than the other, and both sides are right. The differentiating factors lie in … Read more

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Welding

Welding is a process of joining two or more similar or not similar parts together permanently. This is done by heating above or below the melting point to achieve the desired pressure. Welding can be done with or without fillers. Its most significant benefit is creating a strong permanent join. However, welding is limited only … Read more

Is Welding A Good Career? Benefits Of Being A Welder

Welding is a promising career, and welders praise this profession.  Many reasons make welding a great job, from being well-payed, becoming own boss, acquiring valuable skills to use outside work, getting a chance to travel places, and getting colossal demand, among others. However, it takes persistence to succeed, physically demanding, and can be hazardous. You’ve … Read more