Chainsaw Made In The USA: Quality Products For Efficient And Effective Sawing!

Most American chainsaws have gone through some great revolution within the last decade. As a result, there are more proficient electric machines to highly appreciated modern devices with a high capacity improved form of motors. Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Poulan Pro, Jonsered, Makita, Remington, and Mcculloch chainsaw are the best-known examples of American chainsaw machines worth investing in.

Having the right chainsaw is a good idea, the same as choosing and using it. This article will show you the usefulness of having an American chainsaw and give you the small know-how about the chainsaws and their market idea. Knowing a chainsaw will guide you for the best machine. You will also be able to tackle some arising issues on the chainsaw market.

Check on below on your American made chainsaw machine, currently rocking the World!

Chainsaw Made In The USA

8 Listed Chainsaws Made In The USA

Stihl Chainsaws

Stihl chainsaw tresses its company roots back to the USA with a company registered by the American government. You have no otherwise but entrust STIHL coming to logging and other practices that involve cutting of trees. STIHL is the best brand selling outdoor power equipment in America and the entire continent.

The STIHL chainsaws are produced with high regard to engineering techniques, ensuring that this company’s power products are of high standards and more efficient in its working. The first electric chainsaws of Andreas Stihl was developed in 1926, with the first gasoline-powered saw following in the year 1929. Since then, many advancements have taken place on this brand of an American chainsaw with little changes in its essential components like engine, bar, and chain.

Most parts of the STIHL chainsaw are manufactured and sold within the USA, including its engine parts, chain, blade, and powerheads. To verify the country of origin, the saw has a serial beginning with numbers with a specific one for a different meaning, i.e., number 1 shows the item is sourced from Germany and 2 or 5 signifying it is the USA sourced. The numbers are, therefore, a useful way of knowing the quality and genuine products.

Husqvarna Chainsaws

The brand Husqvarna originates from many countries, one of them being the USA. It is an easy option to use with favorable features that suit the consumer. The chainsaws from the brand are easy to use and have less power consuming engine that produces a minimum sound that does not pollute the environment. The design allows it to be hanged on the back, making it a flexible tool to be carried even to the tree’s top.

The Husqvarna manufacturer’s principle’s put them at the forefront. The fewer burdens on the environment, flexibility, safety while in use, and minimal noise while in operation makes the chainsaws preferable to many. Thus, Husqvarna is a more reliable machine in the world market.

Echo Chainsaws

Echo chainsaws are typically designed and built in the United States. However, there are some components from foreign manufacturers. They are made to tackle more demanding jobs compared to other machines of the same purpose. Depending on your need, be it pruning, cutting woods, or taking down the whole tree, the echo brand will give you less trouble in your work. This is because the machine starts easy, runs smoothly, and also provides years of dependability, given its long-lasting life.

The brand is designed to ensure you are in the right working environment. Its preliminary engineering design includes a 2-stroke engine and a pro fire ignition system for all the needed comfort when using it.  

Poulan Pro Chainsaws

Partly the chainsaw is more related to the Husqvarna group, and so the manufacturers are found in the same location just like the latter. Being a USA model of the chainsaw, the brand adheres to all the government’s measures to ensure the safety of the user. It is a heavy-duty saw with a relatively lower price compared to the other models. HUSQVARNA owns the Poulan pro-company; thus, they share more components. This, therefore, allows you to get a quality chainsaw at a lower price. It’s the best machine that you can run for in case you cannot afford Husqvarna.

Jonsered Chainsaws

Just like Poulan saw, this machine shares the same location and features as Husqvarna. The Jonsered Gas chainsaw is reliable and delivers power at its highest level with endurance. The saw has an electric engine that allows the machine to operate effectively with minimum chances of failure.

Remington Chainsaws

Remington Chainsaws is a USA company owned by MTD, with its headquarters in valley city and the United States.  The company producing the chainsaw has its satellite companies in Mexico, China, and Europe, which means the product has components from these countries. Remington is known for its durable products and high-quality method of production. The Remington chainsaws are thus easy to operate as they have an electric power chain.

Makita Chainsaw

Makita is also another type of saw related to the USA but has the same features as Remington, even with different companies from Japan, China, Mexico, Romania, and Dubai. The Makita saw suits any work with an auto power feature that automatically shuts the power saw to extend battery life by 1 minute. It has a back attachment point that allows users to make a connection with a climbing saddle.

Buying Makita brand as your chainsaw of choice adds that flavor to your working, significantly cutting woods and tree pruning. The machine is lightweight; thus, it encourages movement from the place while the person is on his/her work.

Mcculloch Chainsaw

Mcculloch chainsaw was initially founded by Miwaulukee but has changed its ownership. Currently, the brand is under the management of Husqvarna, which is a United States company. Though it is a USA chainsaw company, it has several branches from different countries: Sweden, France, Germany, and Brazil.  The chainsaws have strong engines designed to cut firewood and felling large trees. Besides, McCulloch’s brand is faster than other chainsaws due to its durable materials and high chain speed.

Chainsaws from the McCulloch have a two-stroke engine designed to regulate less oil resulting in a low kickback bar, a multi-purpose use.  Further, the brand has a big rope wheel, which reduces the resistance while ensuring the chainsaw is easy to start. The quick to stop brake also provides security to its users, making it a trademark that most customers will want to associate with. Repairing and maintenance are also easy as spare parts are available as they are produced all over the USA’s states.

American Electric VS. Powered Chainsaws

Like the evolution that is still taking place globally, the chain producing companies have also evolved. This has been done through a few technological approaches to benefit the environment and make work more comfortable. As a result, there are both USA-made gas-powered chainsaws and electric chainsaws, with each having some benefits to the user. Both are superior in terms of speed, power, and ease of use, but gas-powered chainsaws are good for beginners.

Nonetheless, to some people, weight, size, price, and the frequency of using the chainsaw matters, giving an electric saw an upper hand. Getting to understand their advantages over the other, however, make it easier for you to pick one that suits your needs. Here are the pros and cons of both gas-powered chainsaw and electric saw that will help you make an informed decision:

Gas-Powered Chainsaws


1. The gas-powered saw has high power and relatively high performance compared to the electric ones. They are best for large complex tasks such as cutting large trees and woods.

2. Since it does not depend on electricity, the gas-powered chainsaw allows you to operate far away from the electric power source. With this feature in mind, you can buy a chainsaw assuming you can work in any place, even deep in a forest having no electric connection.

3. It has a long operation time; thus, you can cut trees for a long time without inconveniences that might arise while doing your jobs.


1. Because of the combustion engine, the machine needs the right combination of fuel and oxygen to start and run effectively quickly.

2. The gas-powered saw has a 2-stroke engine that mandates for oil mixed with fuel before it starts.

3. It has a high maintenance cost, given the cleaning needed to be done regularly for the machine to run in good condition.

4. The saw is heavy; hence it can be tiring to carry along

5. The noise produced by the gas-powered saw is considerably high that can affect both the environment and hearing ability.

6. Its high-end saws are considerably expensive.

Electric Chainsaws (Corded)


1. The electric saw is considerably cheaper than the gas-powered one.

2. Easy to start and operate the machine given that you only plug in the electric cord, and everything is set.

3. Weighs less compared to gas-powered thus can be carried along with ease

4. It is an environmentally friendly machine with no emissions into the air.

5. It has low maintenance costs since no fuel and oil needed could otherwise raise the cost and necessitate cleaning the machine.


1. One of the significant limitations of this electric saw is the lack of robust power, making it only suitable for small jobs.

2. Needs one to carry along an electric outlet power source that limits you to the cord length

Battery Chainsaws (Cordless Electric)


1. Just like the corded version, it is an easy saw to start and operate.

2. More efficient since its power is a little higher than that of corded ones; for that reason, it can carry out more complex tasks that gas saws do.

3. Portable and versatile

4. They are lighter, unlike the gas versions.

5. There is no emission with this type of saw; hence you can use it indoors

6. Maintenance-free


1. The cost of buying the battery packs is an added cost

2. Short runtime since the battery needs time to be charged

The Comparison Table oO Gas VS. Electric VS. Battery Chainsaws:

 GasElectric (corded)Battery (Electric Cordless)
Fuel mixingYesNoNo
High PowerYesNoYes
Light WeightNoYesYes
Easy to startNoYesYes
Low noiseNoYesYes
Eco- friendlyNoYesYes
Maintenance-free costNoYesYes
Pro-grade availableyesNoYes

Importance Of American Chainsaws

With the emergence of many saw products worldwide, you will not go wrong for your American brand. Quality and innovation are the primary assets that the American companies have put in place while making their timber machine guarantees customer satisfaction. Check below some critical considerations that the American companies have put in place to ensure their saws rule the World:

Chainsaw Safety And Maintenance

The American companies value customer satisfaction and safety, and so the American chainsaw manufacturers have the same. The company has placed the chainsaw safety and training videos that are the primary way to make its users safe. After purchasing your product, the saw company has a small manual for those who like reading and short videos for those who would like to check on it before going with their brand saw. It is an appropriate way of giving knowledge to a customer for the proper use of the products. The manual is also more relevant for maintenance and first installation.

Safe Operation Of A Chainsaw

First, after acquiring your chainsaw, you should make sure you go through the owner’s manual. Luckily, the chainsaw companies in the USA use an easy and interpretable language to make it user-friendly. Note that, though chainsaws are good for use, it can also be too dangerous if misused. This is the main reason safety is key when buying a chainsaw.

Despite the many different brands of chainsaws from American companies, the safety measure from one brand’s manual applies to all the other brands. The uniformity makes it easy for a user to switch between different chainsaws with ease and safety.

Sharpening Tools For The Chainsaws

A chainsaw, just like any other equipment, needs to be sharpened for proper functioning. With the blade’s wear, a chainsaw sharpener is produced and sold together with the saw. Having a good sharpener, therefore, means getting the one designed purposely for the chain sharpening.

Though you can buy the chainsaw together with the sharpener, other locally produced sharpeners are available. You need to buy one that is more effective and dependable for sharpening chainsaw blade. Coldiron sharpener is one example that you might opt for as it is high-quality and does work well.

Testing Chainsaws

The most appropriate way of testing chainsaw is by using them. With this method, you try different brands’ models to decide which one works best for you. However, some manufacturers may not allow returns, and thus an easier way to test is to compare the specification and categorize those with similarities. You can then rent one as most companies have a certain time frame for renting their product. Although we advise you to select the best one, any would do as chainsaws from the USA are of the best quality.

Carrying Your American Chainsaw

Some precautions should be taken into consideration when carrying a chainsaw as the blade is sharp and also fragile. For this reason, you have to carry your saw while the blade is always pointing behind. This prevents breakage in case of accidents such as falling while carrying it.  

How To Maintain Your Saw

Remember, just as it is advised, tools need some proper way of keeping and storing. Proper storage of your saw means a longer life. Companies have some set guidelines written on the manual to show you the safe methods of storing your machine if not in use. Check on the guidelines shown below:

1. Always check the chain oil level to ensure that the oil needed, as recommended by the manufacturer, is enough before using your chainsaw.

2. Make sure that you always sharpen the chain. This prevents kickbacks while increasing the efficiency of your chainsaw.

3. Clean your saw after every use by removing any accumulated debris

The three mention guidelines ensure that your machine is in good shape, increasing its lifespan.

Sharpening The American Chainsaw

To keep your chain sharp, you need to use a file that is made for chainsaws. It is not a hard thing to do. Besides, it is an important way of maintaining your machine for long-lasting services. Note that sharpening is always done by dealing with the teeth. Check on to see how it is done:

1. Securely put the saw to avoid chain movement while you are working on it.

2. Turn on the chain brake to avoid the movement.

3. Start by sharpening the cutting teeth.

4. Now file the angle that is appropriately 90 degrees to the chainsaw rollers.

5. Sharpen every other cutting tooth using a smooth and pushing stroke.

6. After the above, you can now turn the saw around to file the other parts of your chain.

7. Finish the other side with the motion stated before.


USA chainsaws are the best brands of saws that you can trust for any form of sawing you might imagine. Though they are from different brands, all meet the required quality to satisfy your needs. We have summarized more information about this American machine in the article, and we believe you can choose to opt for the American sawing machine at all costs. Feel free to do so!

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