How Long Does It Take To Charge DeWalt 18V Battery?

A DeWalt 18V battery will take 8 to 10 hours to be fully charged. However, charging for 3 hours is sufficient for regular use. On a DeWalt charger, a red led light stops flashing and glows continuously when the battery is fully charged. Please remove the battery from charging once it is full to avoid damaging it.

Charge DeWalt 18V Battery

How To Charge A DeWalt Battery?

Follow the steps below to charge your DeWalt battery:

Step 1: Plug the DeWalt drill battery charger into a socket that produces 110 or 120 volts. 

Step 2: Insert the battery into the charger, ensuring it fits successfully. 

Step 3: Turn on the charger. The flashing red led light confirms that the battery is charging. When it stops flashing, it means the battery is fully charged. This can take up to 8hrs. 

N/B: Fast flashing indicates a loose or faulty connection between battery and charger or a bad battery pack. To correct that, disconnect the battery and charger, use a dry piece of cotton to wipe metal terminals, then try charging again. 

How To Improve Battery Run Time And Performance? 

The following tips can help improve the battery’s performance and run time:

1. Do not charge when the battery is below room temperature. Allow the battery to sit out of the charger for about 2 hours until it reaches room temperature. 

2. Charge fully. Let the battery charge overnight or for up to 8 hours. 

3. Discharge battery under normal use. Remove the battery when the voltage drops. 

4. Please do not allow the battery to drain fully before charging them. Stop using it when the charge has dropped too low.

5. Always keep the battery terminals insulated. Transporting batteries poses the danger of fire if terminals contact conductive materials.

6. Do not overcharge. Please do not leave the battery at the charger once it is full. Doing so damages the battery. 

7. Use and charge it frequently. This keeps it in good shape. 

How To Test A Battery Charger?

If your battery is not charging, you need to check that the charger is not the problem. The following steps can help test the performance of a charger:  

Step 1: Remove any charging electronics in an electrical outlet and plug in the charger you intend to test. 

Step 2: Turn on a voltmeter, then plug-in testers into it following the voltmeter’s guidelines. 

Step 3: Tune the selector to the highest DC volt level. 

Step 4: Choose a battery that is compatible with the charger. Make sure the battery is neither corroded nor leaking. 

Step 5: Touch the red probe with the positive terminal and the black probe with the negative terminal. 

Step 6: Check out the reading on the voltmeter. If the pointer is to the left, switch the probes. If it points to the right, it indicates that the battery receives some charger. The value on the voltmeter shows the charge it has. Negative readings from batteries indicate a faulty battery charger and should be replaced.       

How To Refurbish/ Recondition An 18V DeWalt Battery?

Each of the 12 size C rechargeable battery cells in an 18V DeWalt battery is linked to each other in series to provide a total of 18 volts. If one of the batteries in the series dies or gets damaged, the 18V battery becomes dysfunctional. Refurbishing the 18V battery can correct the dead cells within the pack. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Open The DeWalt Battery Pack Using A Screwdriver 

Use a screwdriver to open the battery and place the screws safely for reassembling. You can use the chisel tip on the soldering iron to cut open sealed battery cases for older DeWalt models. 

Step 2: Take Out The Batteries

Remove the batteries and place them in the same position as they were inside the DeWalt case. Ensure that you note down the pattern in which the battery cells are joined. Look closely at how batteries are linked, i.e. negatively or positively. 

Step 3: Determine Defective Cells

Using the battery tester, determine the damaged cells within the pack. A 1.5V reading means the cell is in good condition, while a 0.8V reading or less indicates a faulty cell. Mark each cell that needs correction.

Step 4: Remove The Malfunctioning Battery Cells 

You should remove the faulty battery cells by de-soldering the bad cells’ links to the battery series.

Step 5: Charge 

Hold the black alligator clamp to the negative end of the battery and the red alligator clamp to the positive using a 12V power source for 3 seconds maximum. Then remove the clamps almost immediately.  Recheck the power level; if it is not yet at 1.5V, repeat the charging process. Do this for each of the defective C rechargeable batteries in the battery pack.

Step 6: Reassemble

When they have all been refurbished, start soldering the corrected C cells back into the chain. Place the batteries back into the DeWalt case. Screw or glue the case back. Now charge the reconditioned DeWalt case overnight or until it is fully charged. The battery should continue working well. 

How Long Do DeWalt 18V Batteries Last?

A DeWalt battery would last you around 3 to 5 years if stored correctly. It is expected to last over 1000 cycles in terms of charging cycles. This, however, depends on battery configuration, capacity, storage conditions and user behavior.

Safety And Useful Maintenance Tips Of DeWalt Batteries

The following tips can help keep the batteries in good shape: 

1. Recharge only with the intended or specified charger.

2. Please keep the battery pack away from other metal objects when not used. 

3. To ensure that the battery’s safety and the appliance are maintained, a qualified repair person should service it using identical replacement parts.

4. Never modify the plug in any way; always make sure the appliance plugs match the outlet.

5. Before using the charger, read all cautionary markings on the charger and the battery pack’s instructions and product using the battery pack.

6. The chargers are only purposed to charge DeWalt rechargeable batteries. Trying to use it on any other batteries may result in fire or electrocution risk.

7. Use a dry cloth to clean the battery’s terminals.

8. Make sure the battery is fully charged before storing for longer periods. 

9. Store the batteries in cool and dry places.

10. Avoid exposing DeWalt batteries to unfavorable temperatures and liquids. 

How To Reset A DeWalt 18V Battery? 

DeWalt battery packs have a microchip that shuts it off when the system overheats. When this happens you should reset the microchip and clear its memory to give it a ‘go ahead’ to charge normally again.

You will first need to release the battery pack from the DeWalt Power tool. This is done by pressing the battery pack removal button on the tool’s handle’s back. Slide the battery pack along the rail track and remove it. Place the battery into the battery pack charger, ensuring their metal contacts face each other. Let the battery charge for 8 hours, and that’s how your DeWalt 18V battery will have been reset.

Tuning Up The DeWalt Drill Battery 

To tune the DeWalt drill battery, insert the battery into the charger as you did while charging before and turn it on. Wait for the red light-emitting diode (LED) to flash, then press the button labelled “tune up” on your DeWalt battery charger. Doing so equalizes the cells in the battery pack. 

The red LED stops flashing and then flashes quickly three times before it resumes flashing as before. Your battery is getting tuned. Wait until the red LED glows continuously to indicate the tune-up is complete. 

Are DeWalt 18V XR Batteries Interchangeable?

Yes, all of DeWalt’s 18V battery packs are compatibles with XR. XR means extreme Runtime. DeWalt XR batteries have a better energy use, capacity and energy output and a better amp per hour rating. 

Can I Use An 18V Drill In 12V?

Using an 18V drill in a 12V one burns up its motor due to too much voltage. 18V tools are much more powerful than 12V tools.  Do not use 12V on premium DeWalt batteries in DC 970 tools or drills. 18V and 20V max systems are, however, interchangeable.

How To Fix An Old Battery?

Step 1: Clean The Terminals Well.

Clean the old battery by using baking soda solution and brush to get rid of rust, if any. 

Step 2: Check Voltage

Measure the voltages of the battery using a voltmeter. If anything before 12.4, then reconditioning is needed.

Step 3: Clean Battery Acid

Wear protective clothing and gloves when cleaning acid from your battery. Open the lid, carefully pour the old acid into a container, and neutralize it with baking soda. Pour baking soda into the battery’s cell, close well and shake carefully. This will clean the battery cells.   

Step 4: Prepare An Electrolyte

The electrolyte can be a solution of half a pound of Epsom salt and boiling distilled water. Through a funnel, pour this solution into the cells to fill and close tightly. This electrolyte will increase battery voltage and amps.

Step 5: Charge

Charge the redone battery slowly until it is completely charged, then test to see if it has the right volts.

Once the right volts are achieved, you can continue using the old battery just as you would do with the new one. 

Are DeWalt Batteries Recyclable? 

You might be asking, ‘how do I dispose of my old batteries?’ There should be no worry as DeWalt batteries are recyclable. Drop the battery pack at the closest recycling plant or a DeWalt store.  The reuse of recycled products is very important in reducing the demand for raw materials and reducing the environmental pollution.

In Conclusion;

DeWalt batteries take 8 to 10 hours to charge fully. Their life span is 3 to 6 years or 1000 charging cycles, depending on how well they are maintained. Refurbishing of battery cells and resetting of microchips are possible. Both processes should be done by a professional. When the battery no longer works, please take it to the DeWalt stores or closest recycling plants as they are recyclable.  

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