Are Chinese LED Lights As Good In Quality And Performance As Non-Chinese LED Lights?

For ages, there has been debate on the quality of china-made LEDs. Critics worldwide consistently dwell on the Chinese LED manufacturers for lack of high-power devices. The truth is that Chinese makers focus on different markets segment that favors low- (0.01-0.1W) and mid-power (0.1-0.5W) LED products. However, they can make super or high power LEDs lights like non-Chinese LED lights. 

This high-power (0-5w-5w) or superpower (>5w) LEDs specifically have their segment in the market like outdoor lighting applications. Though, unlimited strategies research in 2011 shows that they comprised only 33% of revenue in InGaN and InGaAIP. But, we can’t also rebuke the claims that the Chinese manufacturers are slightly behind state of the art in mid and low-power LEDs in terms of efficacy. Nonetheless, ETi claims 100Im/W while SanAn probably at 140Im/W, and these figures are perfect for various applications.

Other factors such as the government’s muscle, the opium of the trade, and IP lacking play a role in the dominance of Chinese LEDs products globally. Besides, some products are coming from unauthorized companies. So, like other companies, they are fighting fake LED imposter products that might tarnish their name. That’s why it’s paramount to conduct thorough research before engaging in Chinese LED product importation. 

Are Chinese LED Lights As Good In Quality And Performance As Non-Chinese LED Lights

Factors Playing A Big Role When It Comes To Chinese Product Quality

The Government Muscle

Typically, the Chinese government comes into play regarding the quality needed in LEDs relative to a certain specification. For example, for bulb replacement, the US DOE set a requirement of a 50,000-hour lifespan that ignores many of them if applied to Chinese products.  Some people worldwide ask themselves whether they need a bulb that lasts for 25 years that costs a fortune or a cheaper one that meets their needs.  That’s why the Chinese government is working on setting its own shorter lifetime and affordable product with its methodologies.

“Opium” Of The Trade

By checking on the profit and revenue of SanAn and ETi, it’s clear that they are relying on the subsidies. Indeed, their government will not let these two companies and some others collapse. The energy shortage in China is a national security concern. Hence controlling the key technologies like LEDs is extremely significant. Other than direct subsidies and all visible help, channeling main contracts to those companies is also a way to support them. Critics of all these called them “opium” for LED makers, and they hope this end for fair and normality market approach again.

IP Lacking

The IP and licensing agreement are missing links in the Chinese LED manufacturers becoming global players. IP doesn’t matter in their domestic market. Chinese packagers currently use a foreign chip made by manufacturers with IP portfolios, especially if they intend to sell their product globally.  Otherwise, companies with IP portfolios such as Philip and Osram OEM this product from china, meaning their IP protect the Chinese packages and chip inside.

For Chinese LEDs, the successful path to break through the IP wall is to purchase the company with the IP. They are willing to incur the cost as long as they achieve their target; for them, it’s a door to the outside world and their future. This will be a shock for the rest of the industry with a lasting impact. 

Are Chinese LED Grow Lights Any Good?

It depends on various factors. For example, if you are not ready to part with a high amount, there is a probability you will get a product with a questionable quality risk. But even though putting all that aside, LED products made in china are affordable to buy since they are manufactured affordably. Generally, they are made using low-quality drives developed to last up to the warranty set period, thus lowering their standards.

If you happen to hold one of Chinese LED grows light, then it’s agreeable how light they do feel, thus making its durability questionable. The LED chips are normally small and unstable over current variation. Most of these Chinese-made grow lights guarantee a lifetime of 50,000 hours, but they deliver far less than that in an actual sense.  

There is another claim that Chinese LED grows light doesn’t indicate the correct Watts equivalent on their product. For instance, one can purchase a 300W indicated LED grow light, which experts say it’s equivalent to 200W. This confuses clients, and thus, they may not attain their lighting needs.

Reasons Why One Should Not Buy Chinese LED Grow Lights

People have been avoiding grow lights from China due to the following reasons;

Chinese LED Grow Lights Emit Less Power For A Lower Quality Product

Most LEDs manufactured in china are of low quality and are between 1-2 watt LED emitters. Meaning this power will not help much when it comes to the flowering stage. So it would help if you had high light intensity from the quality LED lights to achieve the high yields you are after. Note, these lights don’t emit the spectrum needed for a successful grow operation.

They Lack The Color Spectrum Required By Your Plants.

Spectrum is absolutely everything for high yields, total control, and a potent product over the growth cycle. The plants absorb more of the light they require for the deep blue or red part of the light spectrum. The premium quality LEDs consider all these in their light ranges, such as solar system series enabling spectrum control. As for the Chinese LED grow lights, they are nowhere close to such spectrum quality. In short, they don’t emit the spectrum much needed for a successful growth plan.

Some Chinese LEDs Might Not Comply With Electronic Regulations.

It’s upon the importer to ensure that those products meet safety and quality standards since the Chinese factories are subjected to comply with foreign regulations. As a new company, conduct research first before importing such products.

Chinese LED Grow Lights Are Affordable For A Reason

Typically, Chinese LED grows lights are usually affordable since they are produced cheaply. Furthermore, the inferior product is used to make such a product lasting up to the warranty period. Its durability is always questionable due to how light these grow devices feel when you hold them. The lifespan those companies are promising is less than what they deliver.

Questionable Customer Service

Just know, if you purchase the LED grow light from companies dealing with Chinese-made lights on eBay, the probability of getting answers to your questions is very low. The same case even for the sellers based in the U.S because they mainly have limited technical knowledge. Their customer service is largely questionable even if you decide to buy their products.

Are LED Lights From China Safe?

Yes, LED lights from China are safe. But it is good to be certain that it’s a genuine product from a reputable company licensed to produce such a product. Otherwise, don’t use it just because it’s indicated made in China.  Chinese in recent years, has been putting in more of its resources in the R&D of LED lighting standards to scrap off its critics. For that matter, China has come up with performance standards and energy efficiency for its non-directional self-ballasted LED luminaries. All of its products produced therein must attain such demands.

Are All LED Lights Made In China?

Not all LED lights are made in China. Other countries like the U.S, Japan, and South Korea contribute a lot to the production of LED lights.  However, studies show that in signage, China makes up to 85 percent of all LEDs worldwide. 

Studies indicate that China is the largest producer of automotive LED products with 15.5 million units in 2011. Chinese automaker Chery automotive created a joint venture in April 2010 with SanAn, known as Wuhu AnRui Optoelectronic Co Ltd, to venture into the automotive lighting segment. With more than one hundred makers and high demand, there are chances for new LED suppliers. 

Top LED Lights Manufacturers In China

China is a good place to visit for numerous illumination needs as they are the largest supplier of lighting products. Interestingly china lighting is concentrated in the five major cities, i.e., Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, and Shanghai. The lighting stores in those five cities and region makes above 80 percent of the total enterprises in China. Let now check the top LED lights manufacturers in china at the moment;

Lighting BrandLocation Rank
Osram Lighting ChinaChina1
Philip Lighting ChinaShenzhen & Nanjing2
George BuildingFoshan 3
Foshan LightingFoshan 4
Apple LightningShanghai5
Huayi LightingZhongshan6
NVC LightingHuizhou7
TCL LightingHuizhou8
Guangdong PAK Corporation Co, LtdGuangzhou9
Zhejiang Yonkon LightingZhejiang10

Can LED Lights Catch On Fire?

LED devices don’t output light from a vacuum as other illumination types. The illuminations are caused by something solid called semiconductors. Overheating is the major reason a bulb could start a fire, but that’s is not likely to happen with LED lights. Yes, it might be hot to touch, but they generate light at a lower temperature than other types. Meaning these LED lights are impossible to catch fire.


Chinese-LED lighting products are well known worldwide for their affordability rather than their quality.  The affordability has been majorly associated with cheaply and inferior raw materials that they are yet to confirm.  To them, their target market is the masses who purchase low to medium LED products. The super and high-quality products being produced are costly, and the target market is small. So, are you willing to forgo the quality for the cost? Your answer to this question will direct you to either Chinese or non-Chinese LED lighting products.

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