How Much Does It Cost To Rough-In Plumbing For A Bathroom?

Rough-in-plumbing for a bathroom could be a large and exciting project, more so if you have multiple bathrooms to design in your home. In general, rough-in plumbing bathroom cost ranges from $2,000 to $ 10,000. However, most projects fall around $ 6,000 for regular-sized homeowners. The project is critical, and you have to ensure there is adequate water flow for your needs.

The cost of rough-in plumbing in your bathroom could be affected by factors such as the size of your bathroom, location, plumber, plus the quality and category of fixtures being installed. A small half bath can cost you as low as $746. In contrast, a master bathroom with the highest standards applied can cost you a maximum of $20,000. The cost can also be affected by the building, whether it is the remodeling, renovating, new or old house.

As for the building trade professionals, they approach rough-in as the final installation rather than work-in-progress. Homeowners performing plumbing rough-in or remodeling work are emulating them. The plumbing inspector should inspect after finishing rough-in to order a modification if he is not satisfied. Since the work is accessible, it will be easier to make the necessary changes either from the inspector or the homeowner. Then you move to fixtures installation.

Plumbing Rough-In Cost For A Bathroom Summary

National average $ 6,000
Average range$ 2,000- $ 10,000
Minimum$ 746
Maximum$ 20,000

What Is Included In Plumbing Rough-In?

Plumbing Rough-In

When doing rough-in plumbing, all water supply or waterline and drains prepped via rough holes with studs and frames have been done. The pipe connections have also been concluded. The only thing now pending is to install all the fixtures properly.

Rough-in must be completed before any plumbing inspector visits your home. This marks the end of the plumbing stage and fixtures installation after the successful inspections. Ensure you put in all your effort in rough-in plumbing by following all specifications. 

Electrical Rough-In

This is where all cables (electric) are now hauled straight through the studs. Also, wires are pulled via other framing members. They are interjected inside ceiling boxes and walls. The outlets, switches, lights, and other gadgets are not yet fixed during this stage. 

What Is The Cost Of Rough-In Plumbing By Fixtures Types?

After researching the local or master plumber of your choice and getting the quotation, it’s time to explain every detail to them to install the fixtures and their layout. Listen to their suggestion to give ideas and places where you can get the fixtures at affordable prices.  

The cost will be determined by the materials used and the quality of the fixtures you want. Some of the necessary bathroom fixtures include; sinks, toilet, bathtub, faucet, bidet, shower, etc. You may do DIY plumbing on some to cut the cost, depending on the type of product you bought. Otherwise, check the installation cost of each below:

Sink Installation Cost

You can choose various bathroom sinks, hanging, consoles, pedestal, or sink installed in a vanity. Each comes with a different cost depending on the brand and the materials used. All of these factors affect the final installation cost. On average, the cost ranges from $ 300 to $ 5,500.  Vanities with drop-in sinks have the lowest prices, while console sinks will cost more. 

Cost Of Installing Toilet

Each bathroom requires a toilet, and there are many varieties you can choose to purchase. Some of the options you might be interested in can be one-piece, two-piece, round-front, elongated, or pressure-assisted toilet for water-saving. The installation cost will be affected by the make, color, material, design, and model of your choice. So, make sure you let your plumber know the details of your dream design first before the quotation. Generally, on average, the installation cost of a toilet ranges between $350 and $3,500.

Bathtub Installation Cost 

The bathtub also comes in various models and sizes depending on your taste, needs, budget, and bathroom size. The cost of these bathtubs ranges between $1,500 and $2,900, considering the size and model. You can get small, alcove installations that include a shower. There is also a stand-alone or a shower model with an air bath and chromo therapy.

Cost Of Installing A Bidet

Nowadays, bidets are becoming popular, with many people choosing to have them in their bathrooms. Bidets replace your toilet paper and reduce the environmental effects as well as keeping your place tidy. They are few models to choose from, including floor and wall-mounted with different faucet configurations. The cost lies between $500 and $2,750 based on materials used and installation needs.

Shower Installation Cost

Showers are usually widespread in most bathrooms, though their cost varies depending on the type. For example, the type may include tile with ceramic or porcelain or acrylic showers, which have a different cost. The standpoint plumbing involves a drain, a showerhead, and a single valve at a minimum. As per your instruction, your plumber may install body spray, enclosures, and performance shower features.

For waterproofing tile and flooring, you might need to hire an expert to do that job. A plumber charges an average cost of between $1,500 and $3,500 to install a shower enclosure.

Bathroom Faucet Installation Cost

The most available bathroom faucets are small center-set and elaborate waterfall fixtures that have LED lights. You can purchase your faucets from the supply store or the plumbers. The installation cost of taps ranges from $225 to $475, depending on the shapes, sizes, and other details.

How Much Does It Cost To Rough Plumb A Basement Bathroom?

Plumbers of rough plumb basement charge varying rates as per region. But the average cost ranges from $ 1,200 to 2,000 for a basement bathroom. Coming up with a massive project like this can be complicated at the same time, costly. The hardest part of plumbing the project is the installation of drain, vest system, and waste.

This kind of plumbing involves a lot of work, such as breaking up concrete. The construction should be perfect to enable the waste to be drained without any difficulty. The materials required are vent, drain, and west, that cost around $250. Completing rough-in plumbing for the basement bathroom needs to be connected to the existing vents and drain lines in the ceiling and floor. For this case, you might need to consider an experienced plumber who understands the process pretty well.

What Is The Cost To Move Plumbing In A Bathroom?

Bathroom remodeling is very common to many homeowners, especially for those who want to change the room’s footprints. By doing this, a new space opens up, giving you new possibilities to your layout and interior.

Yes, moving plumbing in a bathroom will make your living more efficient and comfortable though at a higher cost. There will be an additional cost for different plumbing lines and drains to be moved. Installing several fixtures will cost you also. Here are some of the possible costs you will incur:

Relocating Shower Plumbing – 1,700 to $ 4,100

Relocating or changing the layout of your shower means moving three lines. These lines are the drains plus the cold and hot water lines. Moving one line can cost you between $80 and $200 depending on several factors. To relocate and install a new shower will cost you an average of 1,700 to$ 4,100. 

Concrete Slab – $550 to $1,500

The process of moving a concrete slab is very high since it needs breaking up first to reach the plumbing. On top of the cost of running a new line, there are other additional labor charges. The price ranges from $550 to $1,500, depending on the slab’s thickness and the plumbing type.

Cost Of Relocating A Toilet – $200 and $3,900

To relocate a toilet, you will need to have two new lines, i.e., the waste and the waterline. The two lines have different sizes and installation types. This process will cost you around $200 and $400 to move and $550 to $3,900 to install.

Cost Of Moving Sink Plumbing – $800 to $6,100

If you are moving your bathroom sink or adding another sink to a wall, a different line needs to be installed. A sink requires three lines, and each line will cost you an average of around $800 to $200. The installation cost of a new sink depends on the style and type, between $540 and $6,100.

Moving A Washing Machine – $160 and $900

If you had a washing machine device in your bathroom and it needs to be moved, a new line will be required. This line running from where the washing machine is will cost you between $160 and $400 while the cost of the parts will be $170 to $500. The total cost can therefore add up to $900. 

Relocating A Plumbing Stack – $250 to $450

For a plumbing system to vent, a stacked line is needed. Many low-flow toilets also use the stack line to vent air before flushing. While doing this, the vacuum is created, helping pull the waste without using a lot of water. Relocating a stack costs $200 and $400 per stack. It will cost you even more if your roof is very steep. When you include the parts, the prices go up to around $250 to $450.

Final Word

Indeed rough-in plumbing in our bathroom is the crucial process that will determine its functionality. Any mistakes or shortcuts are not allowed! It will catch up within you, in the long run, either through ripping off tiles, damaging walls, and leaks. Before engaging in anything, do your research first and come up with your plan and budget. Otherwise, when in doubt, hire a professional plumber to do it for you. 

Get a good plumber who does the work well and be ready to compensate them. Keep monitoring the process to know if you want to add something and make sure everything was done as per your plans. Do rough-in as per your budget, and in case you are not satisfied, there is a chance for bathroom remodeling and even bathroom move plumbing. 

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