Are Dewalt 20v Batteries Interchangeable With Black And Decker?

Both Dewalt and black & decker brands belong to the same company, Stanley Black & Decker. Most people, therefore, tend to think their batteries are interchangeable. Yes, it can be done, but the idea has a huge risk since the intent and creation, plus their materials and compatibility, are far different. It will also be costly if you ruin your power system because of such curiosity.

Under the new umbrella, i.e., Stanley Black & Decker, Dewalt in 2016, started their cordless power tool line. Afterward, they came up with a very popular FlexVolt platform, which became the first multi-power battery system ever. Their original hit was the 20-Volt max battery known for its portability, rough usage, and moderate power under this platform. However, interchanging batteries for the two brands is not advisable. Keep reading to understand why using 20V Dewalt 20v batteries with black and Decker, and vice versa is risky. 

Why Is Interchanging Dewalt 20v Batteries With Black And Decker Not Advisable?

Interchanging the batteries between the two brands is not advisable at all. As a fact, batteries have certain elements to observe with their electronic components. These electronics are premeditated in a way that goes handy with their precise batteries. Typically, using the correct battery for one’s electronics is advisable as contrary carries huge risks.  Other reasons that support this statement include:

1. Even though both brands come from a similar background, their batteries are different. They are manufactured using different materials and compatibility. The intent and creation of the two-line are diverse from one another. Forcing something like this can get you insane results while damaging your power tools. 

2. We mentioned earlier that the idea of interchanging could bring you a huge risk, especially if you are trying to use a battery in one of your expensive tools. There is a possibility that the power system gets damaged completely because of such. So, are you ready to take the risk? Always make arrangements and place your order for the right battery as soon as possible to avoid such temptations.

3. It’s known that Dewalt 20-volt Max batteries have zero electronics. The reason behind it is a certain trigger of tools. If you put something different in place of the right batteries, it will damage the whole system. On the other hand, Black & Decker (B&D) worked perfectly with a lesser quantity of electronics. The same thing will happen if one uses a Dewalt battery for a Black Decker electronic. 

4. The two brands are not offering the same products. Dewalt is a professional and premium brand offering a higher quality product. In comparison, B&D is a consumer brand offering an affordable product for household use. Their product doesn’t match in any way, and interchanging them might have tire consequences. The disparities in making the stuff for each line are too much more than you think.

5. The quality of the battery also matters, and as we have said, each brand uses different qualities to make its models. Dewalt batteries can handle huge loads, unlike the B&D ones. Moreover, they can also handle rough and rugged usage. B&D models don’t need those high-power batteries for discharging their electronics.

As much all this is said and done doesn’t mean Black & Decker products’ quality is anything less. Before the release of their products, both brands go through regular testing and assurance checks’. Thus, B&D gives its clients tools with great performance and affordable price. 

What Batteries Are Compatible With DeWalt 20V?

If you are going to try Dewalt 20v battery in other vendor products, it will be hard. For them to be compatible, they must have similar electronics, chargers and matching voltages. But 2 Pack 6.0Ah 20 Volt DCB206 Replacement for Dewalt 20V Battery, DCB200, DCB201, DCB203, DCB204, DCB205, DCB207 and Charger for Dewalt 12v/20v Max Lithium Battery can be used. 

Another one you might try your chance on is Lasica 2-Pack Replacement for Dewalt 20V Battery 5.0Ah DCB2005-2 DCB2004-2 DCB2006-2 Compatible with Dewalt 20 Volt Max Cordless Power Tools DCK240C2 DCK1020D2 DCF885C1 and Dewalt 20V Battery Charger. 

Do Black And Decker Own DeWalt?

Yes, Stanley Black & Decker owns the Dewalt brand. In 1960, Black &Decker bought the brand eleven years after being bought by American Machine & Foundry Co in 1949. However, Dewalt began its operations in 1924 by opening its shop in Leola, PAththe neighbouring state to B&D. After the purchase, the company went through a rebranding of Dewalt as the high-end brand, whereas B&D becomes the consumer brand. 

Stanley Black & Decker is a reputable manufacturer worldwide known for its power and handy tools. The company also owns Craftsman, Porter-Cables and many more others.

What Is The Longest-Lasting DeWalt 20V Battery?

When it comes to the longest-lasting Dewalt 20V battery, the DCB2008 20VMAX 8Ah XR lithium-ion battery renders the topmost capacity within Dewalt 20V MAX*XR lineup. By employing state-of-the-art lithium-ion applied science, the DCB208 gives up to a third more run time though maintaining a similar size and weight as the DCB206 6Ah battery. The DCB208 comes with a Fuel Gauge LED charger indicator plus a three-year warranty.

Other factors, like user behavior, storage habit, capacity, and ambient temperatures, determine a battery’s life. Taking good care of the battery help prolong its service. Normally, when charged Dewalt 20v battery lasts for about four hours on the lower side, meaning it can hold more power than that depending on your usage. 

Which Is Better, Dewalt Or Black And Decker?

All the products from both brands have been proven to be of high quality as they go through regular testing and assurance. Each brand gives a great performance based on its intended use. For major household appliances, Black & Decker is the best choice. If you need power tools that can withstand tough conditions longer, DeWalt will be a great choice. 

When it comes to quality, warranty, product portfolio, manufacturing features, Dewalt takes the lead. But all these come with a cost; its products have high prices, some even doubling Black & Decker ones. The brand manufactures durable products using higher-quality material to fit its target market. They are looking for professional, serious workers and commercial carpenters willing to pay the price to get a long-lasting quality model.

Black & Decker are better off when it comes to prices. Their products are affordable and suitable for home use or entry-level worker. If you are looking for one-time home repair tools, this brand will have a better option for you.

Are Dewalt Batteries Universal?

Not really; Dewalt batteries are universal to products within the brand using similar chargers, voltages, electronics, materials and power. But if you manage to get a different vendor sharing the same sentiments, then there are chances these batteries will work. If at all the battery matches the same electronic from another vendor, then you are lucky. The line offers better long-lasting batteries in the market.

Be fully aware of what you are about to do since interchanging batteries can result in dire consequences. If you are not sure, purchase the right battery instead of trial and error. See it in this perspective batteries are cheap and affordable compared to the expensive product you will use in this trial. You might end up damaging the whole power system, which sometimes is not repairable.

Can You Leave DeWalt Batteries On The Charger?

You can always leave Dewalt batteries on the charges. It is even great when you leave in the charger to go through equalization and maintenance code. Dewalt chargers normally have maintenance mode, which enables batteries to remain in the charger. Ensuring the full charged pack remains until you are ready to use. 

Batteries like Dewalt NiCd, when stored outside the charger, discharge naturally. It starts with 15-20% within the first twenty-four hours, then 7-10% the next day, and after that, 1% daily. This kind of battery losses the full capacity when outside of the charger within the first three days. The significant factors of Dewalt XRP Lithium-Ion batteries are that they have limited discharge. Even when you store Dewalt Lithium-Ion batteries outside of the charge, you will not lose in charge. Ensure you follow the instructions given by the manufacturers on storage and other important things about the product.


The batteries have elements necessary for them to be compatible with certain tools. Understanding this help avoid huge losses that could result if batteries are interchanged. You cannot simply try any battery in every electronic and think it will just work out. There is a logic behind it. If the voltage is alike and certain other facts seem to be matching, it doesn’t always mean they can be interchanged. Nonetheless, some might work, but that is not advisable. 

Such a trial with sensitive electronics is risky unless you don’t have any other option. However, it is very rare because manufacturers globally develop batteries for each of their products that need one. Moreover, you can purchase batteries for your power tools separately if yours spoil or something else happens. So, why risk? Avoid the dangers and use the right battery for your power tool.   

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