Dewalt VS. Black & Decker: Know The Best Brands For Your Power Tools!

Dewalt and Black& Decker are known to be the most reputable brands worldwide when it comes to power tools. The two brands are under the umbrella brand of Stanley Black &Decker, even though they are not created equally. Dewalt offers mid-to-high-end quality tools for professionals, while black & Decker offers affordable low-end tools suitable for home use.

As a professional carpenter or a DIY person, power tools are a must for you. But the most important thing is your safety while dealing with your daily activities using the tools. Therefore, it is recommendable to purchase power tools from a trustworthy and reputable brand. The two competitive brands, Dewalt and Black& Decker, often come up more than others as one of the best companies to offer quality and affordable power tools globally. 

The question is, “which should you buy between the two?” You need to understand the features of each to make an informed decision.  Here the comparison between Dewalt and Black & Decker for a valuable purchase. Read on!

Dewalt VS. Black & Decker

Dewalt VS. Black & Decker: Comparison Table

SpecificationDewaltBlack & Decker
PriceHigher costLess expensive
WarrantyThree years warrantyTwo years warranty
QualityHigher-quality materialsUses lower-quality materials
ManufacturingMultiple featuresTries to keep the cost low hence fewer features
Product portfolioSuitable for semi-pro and serious professionalsSuitable for masses and home use

Difference Between Dewalt And Black & Decker 

Dewalt and Black & Decker brands are almost of the same age and are owned by the world’s best-known power tools brand, i.e., Stanley Black &Decker. What differentiates them most are their quality, prices, warranties, manufacturing and product portfolio, as elaborated below:


Black & Decker is an affordable option when it comes to power tools. Following market norms, you get equivalent features and quality for the price you pay. The brand compromises on overall quality to offer less expensive tools. They use cheaper materials to manufacture their product making the tools less durable for commercial use. Their target market is for home use and for mass clients who normally want cheaper tools for their use. To them, quality doesn’t matter a lot as long as their job gets done.

On the other hand, Dewalt offers tools made of higher-quality materials and can handle wear and tear. The brand tools are durable and crafted for commercial carpenters. Their power tools are much more powerful and can hold a charge for a long making them suitable for a handyman. All these come with the price, i.e., high prices though for a good course. When it comes to quality, Dewalt product takes the lead as it has been tried and trusted by the field professionals.


Sometimes price can become a deciding factor when making a purchase decision; other factors help constantly. This applies to power tools; at times, you want a quality tool, but you can’t afford it, hence choosing to settle on a cheaper one. But for a professional carpenter who knows the value of such tools he will stretch his budget for a quality tool that lasts longer. 

Certain features and uses do determine the price tag of specific tools. Black & Decker specializes more in beginners and entry-level work, meaning their tools are not meant for prolonged and intense use, thus the cheaper price. Dewalt is more of a professional brand focusing on quality and durability, which makes their prices high.


Black & Decker offers a two-year limited warranty for their products. As mentioned earlier, the brand focuses on homeowners’ use rather than the professional side. Their warranty is void in a condition. For example,  a cordless drill used in any other application other than home-use the warranty is null and void.

Dewalt tools are backed with a three-year warranty plus a ninety money-back guarantee if at all you are not satisfied with their tools to use. To add to this, the brand’s numerous models come with a once-off free service to their clients.

Product Portfolio

The product portfolio for Black & Decker is majorly designed for hobbyists. Typically, their tools are just used around the household. They manufacture standard power tools like saws, sanders, cordless, drills, and screwdrivers. Some of the brand’s garden items include hedge trimmers, leaf blowers and lawnmowers in a line of lawn etc.; apart from power tools, they also sell small kitchen appliances like vacuums for home use and batteries.

Dewalt focuses on semi-pro and serious tool hobbyists. The company manufacturer tools include circular saws, Saws, screw gums, drills, routers and grinders etc. Additionally, they offer outdoor power tools like anchors plus some tool’s accessories, equipment and contractor gears. As compared to other brands, Dewalt has a better product portfolio with their products offering quality models.


In manufacturing, quality is pretty clear-cut for all of us. For Black & Decker to be competitive, their price point is hard. They use lower-quality materials with less thorough design, features and lower quality.

On the other hand, Dewalt chooses higher quality, great design, more features and high quality.  This makes it a more expensive brand but with quality assurance. There are other features you cannot get on the Black & Decker brand; thus, Dewalt offers better manufacturing quality.

Is Black And Decker And Dewalt The Same Company?

Both Black & Decker and Dewalt are under the same company umbrella, i.e., Stanley Black& Decker, though designed for different purposes. Black & Decker bought Dewalt in the year 1960. After the ownership, it went through a rebrand, positioning Dewalt as a high-quality brand and Black & Decker as the consumer brand.

Stanley Black & Decker dominates the global construction and DIYer power and hand tools markets through the two brands. Stanley Black & Decker Company describes itself as the largest and most innovative, global, fastest-growing, efficient, and profitable tool manufacturer.

Is Black And Decker Good Quality?

Black and Decker have great and reliable tools. Compared with other brands in the industry, Black & Decker has better quality. Yes, Dewalt has better quality products than them, but its quality suits their market and use. At the same time, Black& Decker quality suits their market and use. If used for the intended purpose, then the quality of this brand is good. Furthermore, the price of the product matches its quality. Its affordability makes the home users love their product, but consider the Dewalt option if you want a high-quality tool for professional use.

Are Dewalt Tools Made In China?

Dewalt is a global manufacturer of hand and power tools plus their accessories. As a global manufacturer, they manufacture their product in different countries, among them China. Other countries include; United States, Brazil, Italy, United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. To serve all their customers worldwide equally, they choose to have several manufacturing facilities in these countries. While the same time, minimize the cost of labor, transport and raw materials while maximizing their profits.

Why Are Black And Decker So Cheap?

Black & Decker products are cheaper compared with Dewalt because of the quality of material used. The brand compromises its quality by using lower-quality materials with less thorough design, features and lower quality. The tools are specifically made to suit household use, beginners and entry-level job. Their life span is shorter and cannot withstand commercial use without tear and wear. All these factors stated here make them cheaper as compared to other brands in the same umbrella.

Do Black And Decker Batteries Work With Dewalt?

Just because the two brands are under the same umbrella doesn’t mean they can interchange their batteries. The reason is to enable the two brands to focus on different intent and creation. Each brand uses different materials and compatibility to come up with its products.

The point here is even with some similar background; the batteries are different from one another. The idea of interchanging is too risky, especially if the tool you use its battery is expensive. Can you bear the damages if the costly tool gets completely ruined? I guess no! It is best to be patient and reorder the suitable battery for your tool to avoid any damages and frustrations.

Which Brand Is Best For Power Tools?

As per the research carried out by Lifestory research 2020, American Most Trusted Power Tools Brand Study, Dewalt was identified as the topmost trusted brand. Many people consider Dewalt tools as their first choice. The brands have a five-star rating and best reviews.

Other brands following in closely per this order are craftsman, Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch, Stanley, Black & Decker, Ryobi, Kobalt and Hitachi, eventually taking the tenth position the top ten best brands.

What Brands Do Black And Decker Make?

The two brands are under the umbrella of a Connecticut-based company Stanley Black & Decker, which owns many other brands beyond its name. This includes; Lenox, Grafman, Irwin Tools, Dewalt and CribMaster. The company with other megabrands controls the global power tool market by over ninety percent. They compete with one another on the sizeable sharing market believed to be growing bigger as time goes by.

Final Verdict

There is a reason why Stanley Black & Decker came up with multiple brands; Dewalt and Black & Decker. Each brand is established to cater to a different target market need. And each line is better for a certain project as compared to the others. The brand will benefit from both sides while fulfilling their client needs based on their financial stability and personal choice.

If you want to spend less on household tools, Black & Decker will be the best option. You get affordable models with good quality for home use. The two-year warranty gives you the surety that it will be able to perform its intended functions. Dewalt will be glad to serve you, giving you one of their best for a quality and durable product. Their three-year warranty plus a 90-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied clients clams your heart. Interestingly you can even get a once-off free service for your product. So, whatever you choose, Stanley Black & Decker brands got your back!

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