6 Different Types of Air Compressors & Their Uses – Which is Right for You?

Air compressors have evolved over the years and play more important and greater roles in the home and industrial applications. It provides clean pressurized air and a source of compressed air for industrial production and home uses. There are different types of air compressors available and they are used in different circumstances. So if you are thinking of buying an air compressor then you have to understand the basic function of air compressor and what type of work they are best for.    

Different Types of Air Compressors

Air compressors are versatile; therefore if you pick the right one then it will help you to tackle a variety of different projects. So, make sure you understand the ideologies behind each type of air compressor before you buy one.    

Reciprocating Compressor

A reciprocating compressor is more versatile than other compressors available in the market; thus their price is very high. This type of compressor works by storing huge amounts of air in a restrained space and then pressurizing them by the use of a piston. Then the air is cooled usually by a water system. The reciprocating compressor has the ability to produce a wide variety of pressure. So if you are looking for a solution for a wide variety of pressure source then this compressor is the best option for you. Reciprocating compressors are very easy to operate however they are only available in industrial capacity.     

Inflator Compressor

Inflator compressors are best for inflating a ball, or a tire on a bike. Though the Inflator compressor has a limited range of pressure output, you can use it to inflate a car tire. They are optimized for personal uses. So if you are looking for an industrial capacity compressor then inflator is not the right choice for you.       

Pancake Compressor

Pancake compressors are quite similar to the inflator compressor but they vary in size. There are sixteen gallon+ capacity pancake compressors available to make it portable and handy for the purposes of inflating. They are available in high capacity but they are not powerful enough to use them with air-tools.

Single-Stage Air Compressors

You can use a single-stage air compressor to operate the air tools. You can use this compressor for both personal and professional purposes. A single-stage air compressor has a powerful motor that will allow you to use the compressor to operate a nail gun or paint gun. The price of this compressor may seem a bit high for you but if you are going to be getting something for the workshop, they make for a very sensible option.

Two-Stage Air Compressors

Two-stage air compressors are stronger than the single-stage air compressor and they compress air twice creating a much more significant output. Two-stage air compressors are best for workshops and contractors. They are so powerful that you can run multiple tools at once making them great for professional applications.      

Truck Mount Compressors

The name says all. These compressors are big enough to be mounted to a truck. They are best for onsite work as they have massive air capacities to generate huge power. This type of compressor is not suitable for home uses. However, if you are a professional who works laying carpet, replacing a roof, etc. then it can certainly be the right compressor for you. Truck mount compressors are capable of operating many air tools for hours at a time.

Which type of Air Compressor is Right for you?

There are tons of different air compressors available in the market so you may find it difficult to choose the right one if you are not familiar with them. If you are looking for a compressor for home uses then you should buy a sturdy single-stage unit. These compressors are going to be portable, durable, and able to power your tools. You can also choose from Inflator, Pancake compressors if you are looking for a smaller option than a single-stage air compressor.  

On the other hand, if you are a professional then a standard two-stage compressor or something really substantial, like a truck mount compressor will be the best pick. These types of compressors produce enough air presser to operate many air tools together for hours.            

Bottom line

Finally, air compressors differ in a lot of ways. Each contains its compression stages, lubrication methods, and cooling methods. So ensure you make the right choice of the type of air compressors that meet your requirements.

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