12 Different Types of Axes & Their Uses (With Pictures)

An ax is one of the oldest and most used tools by mankind. Unpolished hand axes made of chipped stone pieces and skin lashings appeared over 1.5 million years ago. They were used for hollow out roots, cutting wood and even for butchering animals. But with times the use of ax has changed and it has become a more important tool.    

Like other tools, it is very important to select the right ax for the job you are doing as it can be the difference between working hard or working less in a safer manner. Ax has different sizes and shapes with a variety of different heads. This is why in this article we have discussed different types of axes and their uses. This should hopefully give you a clear idea of which one you will need for your work.       

Different Types of Axes & Their Uses

There are different types of axes available. The design and function of these axes are very simple but because of the varieties, you may find it difficult to choose the right ax for your work. We’ve looked at several different kinds to help you select the right one.

1. Felling Ax

It is a very popular ax and most people have it on their tool inventory. Felling ax has a long handle with a medium head and is designed for chopping. You can cut down a tree with it and also can do some light splitting.

2. Hatchet Ax

This is basically a felling ax designed for one-handed use. You can very easily cut the branches and small limbs from tree trunks with it. You can also use it to split small logs.

3. Hudson Bay Ax

Hudson Bay ax is best for chopping firewood while on long trips. They are portable and you can use this ax with either one or both hands. They might not work great in big trees but they are perfect for small trees.    

4. Camp Ax

The design of this ax is very similar to hatchet and they are best for one-handed use and portability. The backplate of a camp ax sticks out a little so you can use it to drive tent stakes into the dirt. They are lighter compared to other axes.      

5. Splitting Ax

This is a very simple ax for splitting wood. It has a thick head and requires both hands to use this ax. This ax is perfect for small and medium trees with softer woods, which don’t need the help of splitting wedges.

6. Splitting Ax with a Maul

A splitting ax with a maul is perfect for hardwood logs and it provides maximum versatility. It has a thick-headed blade for splitting smaller logs. Behind the thick head, the backplate extends out as a maul, which you can use to pound splitting wedges into hardwood logs.

7. Splitting Hatchet

If you are looking for a short handle splitting ax that you can use with one hand then splitting hatchet is the best option for you. It may not be the right alternative but you can have it along with a splitting ax in your inventory.     

8. Roofing Ax

Roofing nailers take the spot of roofing ax as the primary tool for putting roofs on buildings. That being said, some roofer still uses this ax and they are mainly interested in the backplate to drive in nails, not the cutting blade.

9. Carpenter’s Ax

This is a one-handed ax with a flat, narrow blade. Some part of blade hangs down below the handle of this ax. This ax is a nice option among axes designed to crudely chop a log.

10. Broad Ax

If you are looking for a solution for flattening the round edges of a log then Broad ax is the right choice for you. A broad ax is flat on one side and they are either right-handed or left-handed.

11. Adz

Well, there are very few people who considered Adz as an ax, but you can use it to scrape and shape wood. Adzes with narrow blades are perfect for deep cut and finishing projects.   

12. Fireman’s Ax

This type of ax is designed to help firefighters attack ablaze. Fireman’s ax has a chopping head and a spike extending out back to help pull open doors and pull apart walls.

Bottom Line

Finally, the type of ax you will need depends on the application or work you are doing. Different ax works better in different circumstances. So a better understanding of the types of ax will make it easier for you to select the right one for the job.

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