Does Super Glue Work On PVC?

Yes, superglue works perfectly on PVC since this type of plastic has high surface energy. In fact, there is no need for a primer in most cases as the glue will adhere well with the plastic to form an unbreakable bond. However, you need to choose the right super glue based on the type of PVC being worked on.

For instance, if you work on spongy or porous PVC, then thicker super glue will be preferable. On the contrary, solid or rigid PVC will work just fine with either high viscosity or low viscosity super glue.  The best thing is always to consider the type of PVC being worked on and prepare the surface well for proper bonding.


Tips For Gluing Plastics Using Super Glue

Joining plastic is an easy task that requires you to follow the simple tips below:

1. Cleaning The Plastic Surface. The plastic to be glued should be washed well using a specialized plastic soap or soaking it in isopropyl alcohol. After which, the surface should be wiped dry and avoid touching again to avoid leaving an oily residue on it.

2. Sanding The Surface. The superglue tends to stick well on a rough surface; therefore, sanding with 120 to 200 grit sandpaper is advisable. Emery cloth or steel wool can also be used but only rubbed briefly.

3. Mixing Of The Glue If Needed. Some glue requires mixing before being applied. If that is the case, then read the mixing instructions and do so as per the ratio given. Ensure you are ready to use the mixture as some might not be effective after a few minutes or hours.

4. The Precise Application Of Superglue: For precise application, use the tip of the needle or a small paintbrush to spread the glue on the surface. The adhesive should then be applied on both plastic surfaces to be connected.

5. Clamping For A Firm Seal. It is crucial to seal plastic tightly to avoid any possible fall out. You can use tape, clamp or elastic to keep the parts firmly together as the glue dries. Depending on the superglue brand you are using, it can take 10 minutes to 24 hours to cure well. Give it time to avoid having to repeat the same process.

6. Cleaning And Storage. Any spillage or excess uncured glue should be removed using denatured alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. You can use mineral spirits in the absence of the alcohol types mentioned. Once done, seal well and keep the glued plastics in a cool and dry place. Ensure the storage temperature is below 75°F.

What Is The Strongest Glue For Plastic?

There are suitable glues based on plastic types being worked on. The strongest glue fit for hard plastic is Loctite plastics bonding systems, while for soft plastic; the best is Loctite Vinyl, Fabric & Plastic Flexible Adhesive. Nonetheless, if you want a plastic bonder, then Loctite Plastic Bonder works well.

Does Gorilla Super Glue Work On PVC?

Yes, gorilla super glue works well on PVCs from the smallest pipes to those with a diameter of 6-inches. It is recommended to use gorilla super glue from 32-140°F for proper bonding. The good thing is that this type cleans up well with water and is environmentally friendly. There is also the assurance of strong, secure and strong bonding of the PVCs when using gorilla super glue. However, the glue can only be used in connecting PVC to PVC plastics.

Features Of Gorilla Super Glue That Makes Them Good To Use Of PVCs

1. Virtually odorless

2. No primer needed

3. Low-VOC cement

4. Non-flammable

5. Eco-friendly

6. Non-toxic

Safety Tips For Using Glue On PVC

Below are the safety precautions that should be adhered to when using superglue and other types of glues:

1. Do the gluing in a well-ventilated area. It is recommended to glue in a well-ventilated room or outdoor as the fumes can cause headaches, eye irritation, lightheadedness, dizziness and nausea.

2. If needed, use gloves to protect your skin. You should use the right type of gloves based on the glue used to avoid gluing them together or to your hands.

3. Read through the instruction and safety guidelines on the glue label before using it.

Final Word

Gluing plastics is a simple task that requires you to know the kind of materials to choose the best adhesive possible. For PVC, super glue works fine as long as you choose one based on the hardness of the plastic. Otherwise, follow the tips of applying the super glue given above for a strong bond.

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