How To Unlock The DEWALT Miter Saw? Simple Steps To Follow

Safe operation of the miter saw means knowing how the miter locks and unlocks. For the DEWALT brand, you open the head of the saw by pressing the handle down and pulling the pin under it to release the lock and move the blade up and down. The guide rail is then unlocked by pressing the button at the end of the black lever. Now adjust the angle, then press the lever down to lock it well in place. 

It would help if you always exercised safety precautions, such as keeping your fingers away from the blade when unlocking the miter saw. Note that unlocking the saw’s head and rail should be done when the tool is not in use. If you own a DEWALT miter saw, then here are the steps on how to unlock it. Read on!

Unlock The DEWALT Miter Saw

Steps Of Unlocking DEWALT Miter Saw

Step 1: Unlocking The Head

The head is the first part to unlock in a meter saw. You do it by applying some pressure on a knob, pin, or lever. For the DEWALT brand, these parts are located at the top behind the blade. If it is the pin, pull it out, and if the knob then apply pressure as you move it, and the head will unlock with ease. 

Step 2: Unlocking The Down Lock

Down lock is a common feature in most miter saws in the market. In DEWALT, the down lock is unlocked by a moveable knob that needs minimum pressure to operate. You apply some little force using your fingers, and the part will be opened.

Step 3: Unlocking The Pull Or Push Lock

A pull or push lock is also a common lock in miter saws with a knob and a pin used to unlock it. You do not require applying much effort to pull or push the knob or the pin end to get it unlocked. Though the process could differ based on your miter saw model, moving the knob outwardly automatically opens most tools.

Step 4: Unlocking Angle Lock

In DEWALT miter saws, the angle locks have knob and lever locks, unlike the old brand that had only one. Lever locks are under the knob lock in some models, whereas others are at the top. However, the operation is done in the same way regardless of where the lever lock is located.  You need to find the knob or pin that has locked the angle and apply pressure or push it to unlock. Once the angle is unlocked, you can then proceed to open your tool.

Step 5: Unlocking The Knurled Knob

Almost all DEWALT miter saws have a knurled knob that should be unlocked first before operating the device. You twist the knurled knob anticlockwise, and it will open with ease. Do not rotate the lock clockwise, as it will tighten the device further. 

Step 6: Unlocking The Bevel

You can make bevel cuts on the wood using a miter saw, but you need to unlock this feature first. However, if your model comes with a fixed bevel, you can move to unlock the base in step 7. For those with a bevel that can be tilted, you need to slide the stopping pin near the saw base. Now push the pin to set the tilting angle to your desired point, and your device will be ready for the next step.

Step 7: Unlocking The Base

A table or a base is attached to some DEWALT miter saw to enhance the user’s convenience. The part is movable, and you can adjust it to your desired pre-set angle by twisting a knob on the stand. As you rotate the knob, you should keep moving the best until you set it based on your preference. Once done, your miter saw is ready for use.

Step 8: Unlocking The Slider

DEWALT sliding compound miter saws have a slider that should be unlocked before using the tool. Opening the slider grants you more stability, flexibility, accuracy, and cutting with precision. This is because the guide will be guiding your rail rather than your hands.  Check for the knob at the base of the slider and turn it anticlockwise. Once you achieve the desired position, you can turn back the knock to lock the slider.

Step 9: Unlocking Present Angle Lock

If you are using a spring-loaded lever, then you need to set up the angle lock before using your DEWALT miter saw. Use your mid or index finger to push the lever, and your device will be ready.

Step 10: Unlocking The Swivel And Lock

Swivel and lock should be unlocked first to adjust the pre-set angle. You need to spin the handle then activate the lever. Press down the lever to pre-set the custom angle and you will hear a clicking sound once done. You then need to secure the set angle in place by twisting the knurled knob. 

Other Tips To Follow When Unlocking DEWALT Saws

1. Always wear safety gear such as goggles, gloves, and ear protectors when operating the saw

2. Unplug the miter saw when unlocking several parts

3. Please do not touch the blade when making adjustments as it is sharp and can easily cause accidents

4. Ask for professional help if you are unable to unlock any part 

5. Always refer to the user manual whenever in doubt

6. The pin or the knob should be operated with minimum force as too much pressure can damage it and cost a lot to repair.

7. Unlock the miter saw slowly to avoid missing any step

Troubleshooting DEWALT Miter Saw

All DEWALT meter saws can be unlocked by following the steps highlighted above. Nonetheless, you may experience some common challenges relating to the unlocking process. You can troubleshoot them as discussed below:

The Saw Does Not Turn On, Or It Stopped Working

Various issues can cause the saw not to turn on among them is when locked. You can thus solve the problem by unlocking your device. Also, check that the lock-off button is released as it normally activates when the trigger is not freed. If all is okay, check the power cord to ensure the lock-off button is released while ensuring it doesn’t wind itself or damage.

For the case of a cordless miter saw, the battery level should be checked. The indicator will show whether it is fully charged or not. Sometimes the battery needs a replacement if it has reached its life expectancy or is damaged. 

If the device would not turn on after checking all the items, it might be the right time to contact DEWALT customer care for guidance. It might be a mechanical issue that requires a professional to fix.

Issue Of DEWALT Miter Saw Getting Stuck

Power tool getting stuck is a common problem, and the DEWALT miter saw is not an exception. Not releasing the bevel is the main cause of the problem, especially if you are operating sliding or compound miter saws. Therefore, you need to unplug the saw and make adjustments on the bevel to get the desired angle. 

Wrong storage or dust builds up can also make the saw to get stuck when in operation. Therefore, you should clean your meter after every use, grease the moving parts, and store it in a clean and dry place. 

If you notice that your saw is stuck in up position, you may have accidentally pressed the lock-on button. This is dangerous, and you should release it immediately using the knob. 

Miter Saw Not Rotating

If your meter doesn’t rotate, as usual, it can be frustrating to operate it. The issue can be caused by poor maintenance of the saw, dust build-up, and locking mechanism. First, check that all locks are released and, if not unlock all, and the saw should rotate normally.

A build-up of dust on your device is inevitable as it is exposed to wood chips and sawdust. When the dust gets to the rails, fence, and turntable, it can cause rotation issues on your device. In such a case, you need to clean the saw at every angle using a vacuum cleaner. 

To avoid maintenance issues, ensure that you grease your device adequately by detaching the fence to access the turntable pivot. This allows the device to run smoothly unless there are dust build-up or lock mechanism issues.

Miter Saw Not Lifting Up

Turning or twisting the pin inward or outward should lift your DEWALT saw. When you release the pin, the miter saw should lift automatically. However, if it doesn’t, then you may have twisted or turned the pin wrongly. Try to rotate it well as indicated in the steps above, and your saw will lift effortlessly.

If the issue does not resolve, it could be that the cover guard or blade is stuck or dirty. You, therefore, need to clean the guard and the blade and the issue will be resolved. 

Final Word

It is simple and straightforward to unlock your DEWALT saw by following the 10 steps outlined above. The process doesn’t require specialized skills, but do not hesitate to seek professional help if you get stuck. Though DEWALT miter saws are the best, you might encounter some troubleshooting issues that can be resolved with the above guidelines. Just ensure you maintain your tool properly and store it in a cool and dry place for efficient operation. 

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