LED Light Distributorship In The USA

USA distributorship is becoming quite popular in LED lighting. For example, Highline LED, Wesley distributors, Ameresco, independence led, USled, Zenodo, etc. Indeed, LED lights are gradually becoming the future of the lighting industry globally. They play a significant role in the conservation of energy and environmental protection. Entrepreneurs worldwide want to be part of the growing LED industry, and becoming robust distributors is the simplest way to do it. 

Green lighting wholesaler’s distributors located in the USA offer an entire category in LED lightings. A small-sized wholesaler that’s a reliable option with a good quality product that provides free shipping for orders over $500. Highline LED is located in Midland, Texas, USA, and they offer customers the best service in LED lighting. As the wholesale suppliers, they have different LED lighting products ranging from indoor to outdoor LED lighting. It serves both residential and commercial LED lighting at a wholesale rate, purchases from them, and enjoys their experience.

Likewise, Ameresco is the largest non-utility buyer of LED street lights in the U.S., with more than 500,000 LED street lights installed. They have assisted customers over North America in transforming more than half-million street lights into LED technology. Independence LED is also among the top US LED light manufacturers who put American quality count paramount. Their LED suppliers see the value in this superb technology with ten years’ warranty protection. 

Some of their distributors include; energy management systems with its H.Q. in Exton, Pennsylvania, Crescent Energy with its H.Q. in New York, New York, Northern Infrastructure Products with its H.Q. in Commerce, Michigan, etc. Many distributors are spread across the USA and offer quality services while improving lighting solutions across the various household and commercial buildings. Let’s check top U.S. manufacturers also;

LED Light Distributorship In The USA

Top LED Lighting Assembly Manufacturers In The U.S.

Within the U.S., few large LED lighting assembly manufacturers, i.e., Cree, are the largest by far, followed by Vishay. As much as Vishay company is large as Cree, its LED business is just a fraction of Cree’s total revenue. Cree seems to be the largest LED lighting assembly company globally-  if you are considering the income from LED lighting products only. The table below shows how different US LED companies are ranked;

Ranking Of Different US LED Companies

Company NameLocation Market Cap( Billions)*Rank Ticker 
Cree USA4.141CREE
LSI Industries, Inc.USA0.12173LYTS
Amtech System, Inc.USA0.082964ASYS
Revolution lightingTechnologies Inc.USA0.067195RVLT
Orion EnergyThe system, Inc.USA0.027246OESX
Energy Focus Inc.USA0.026497EFOI
LumiledsUSAPrivate company8N/A
LuminusDevisesUSAPrivate Company9N/A

Deco Lighting
USAPrivate company10N/A

Kindly Note; These market capitalization values are as of September 2018.

How Do I Start A LED Lighting Business?

Its believed that the LED lamp market projected will grow up to 25 percent yearly to achieve the $25 billion in 2023. Thus, making LED light manufacturing to be seen as one of the profitable investment chances for entrepreneurs out there. If you are an entrepreneur in the lighting industry, you can venture into this promising business.  To register your business, you need to obtain registrations and licenses from government authorities such as;

1. Get the company registration from ROC.

2. Acquire a trade license from the municipal authority in your locality.

3. Get BIS certification.

4. Undoy Aadhaar MSME registration.

5. Get the Bureau of Energy Efficiency Certification.

6. Get GST registration.

7. Acquire NOC from the pollution Board.

Although, particular registration and license requirements depend majorly on the manufacturing process and the type of LED lights you want to generate. The project profile might change for personal entrepreneurship features/ability, location features, and applicable generation programs. The average recommended money margin is 25 percent of the working capital. Similarly, the money margin may differ at specific bank discretion.

Key Factors To Consider When Starting LED Lighting Wholesale Distributor And Supplier

The essential factor that will help you make a profit on lighting wholesale is quality lighting since it affects daily working. So if you want to start a good LED lighting wholesale distributor business, here are few criteria one should put in mind;

Minimal Capital For Investment

When it comes to wholesale lighting investment, the final profit margin is what people pursue. Therefore, finding a wholesaler with low prices and minimal capital is the first thing to consider.  Keep in mind that some wholesalers are not direct producers or manufacturers, so the wholesale lighting price is high. The best way to purchase LED products from the manufacturers is to buy in bulk since they also need to maintain costs.  But for minimal lighting, find a drops hipper at a reasonable price.

Extensive Options

When sourcing lights, an extensive range of products is critical for retailing apart from the reasonable price. The multiple product choices show that strong supply and various services are there. You can find numerous affordable light fixture portfolios and place entire colors and types on one side, keeping in mind the stable quality of the product.

Quality Guarantee

Quality guarantee is the biggest concern for the business of importing lights and bulbs. The best wholesale distributor should offer an excellent quality product to their clients, and that that product comes directly from trusted manufacturers. Hence, when picking the LED lighting supplier, you should research their website for terms and conditions, warrant and return, customer services, etc.

Fast Delivery

Packaging time, shipping time, and processing time are included when it comes to fast delivery. The best distributors should have the prompt delivery way possible to their clients because everyone wants to get their product as soon as possible.

Convenience And Efficiency

The distributors should provide a convenient and easy way to work with customers. Please don’t ask your customers to contact the manufacturer for product details and pricing because its time consuming and some may need high minimum order or advance payment. So the best lighting supplier is the one with an efficient and convenient system.

Is The LED Bulb Business Profitable?

Yes, it’s, and with substantial capital investment, the LED light manufacturing is a highly profitable business either locally or on the global market. The enormous popularity that LED is gaining globally as the day passes has raised curiosity among different people worldwide. The LED technology is best for its energy-saving lightings, environmentally friendly products, durability, and quality lighting. 

Generally, its bright light output is nothing compared to CFL, traditional lighting even tube lighting. The LED light bulbs exist in diverse colors that range from 2700k to 6500k. The lifespan of this bulb is about 50000 TO 80000 running hours. 

Typically, a Light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor that currently passes complete releases the light. So, if you have enough capital and want to venture into business but don’t have any ideas at hand, try this kind of business and enjoy the profits. There is the potential, and the available market as more and more people switch on to LED lighting as days go by.

What Is The Best Company For LED Lights?

Different companies face one another daily to be the leading and most influential company in a specific industry. It’s of no difference in the energy industry sector, too, as the lighting technology keeps evolving to its best self. Behind it are different companies working day and night to give their customer the very best lighting product. 

LED technology has emerged to be at the top at the moment due to its energy-saving bulbs, durability, and eco-friendly products. Cree company top our list as the best company in LED manufacturing as shown in the table below;

Top Global LED Chip Manufacturers

Company Country Rank Revenue **Market cap **
CREEUSA1$ 1,473M$ 4.58B
Toyoda GoseiJapan3$ 7,192M$3.01B
OSRAMGermany4$ 4,812M$ 4.09B
LumiledsSan Jose5—-——–
Seoul semiconductorsSouth Korea6$986M$940B
L.G. InnotekSouth Korea7$4,155M$3.39B
Edison OptoTaiwan8$84.9M$74B
EPISTARTaiwan9$827M$ 1.34B

Are Any LED Bulbs Made In The USA?

The newly launched SYLVANIA LED light bulbs assembled in the U.S. will be distributed around through industrial channel partners and retailers. The CEO of LEDVANCE said, “we are the first company in our industry to have an important  LED portfolio like this in the United States, an effort made possible by our first-rate employees. By upgrading our factories and equipment and evolving our business processes, our local workers are bringing light to the nation with modern SYLVANIA LED lighting assembled right here in the U.S.”

As stated by the company, LEDVANCE is now the first and general lighting company to have a critical LED light bulb portfolio made in the U.S. with the U.S. and some imported parts. Now, LEDVANCE officially focuses on meeting the increasing demand for LED lighting in the U.S. 

How Do I Sell LED Bulbs?

Manufacturers of LED lighting have seen for some while distributors, resellers, electricians, and other businesses relating to the LED lighting industry struggle to push up their LED lighting sales. Considers these solutions in steps and see how your sales increases within a short period.

Step 1:  Talk about LED products to your customers and let them know you can help them modernize and upgrade their lighting. Offer them solutions to their lighting problems and ensure the LED product information is at your fingertips.

Step 2:  Partner with a reliable LED lighting distributor/ supplier that will help you increase your LED lighting sales. Ensure they offer affordable quality products and are efficient, reliable, and convenient.

Step 3:  Avoid online sites with questionable features regarding quality control, scams, and lack of payment protection.  


LED light distributorship in the USA has improved quite mainly over some time. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter where you are since it’s possible to purchase the product online and get them at your doorstep. Thanks to various distributors who have partnered with the LED manufacturers globally to make sure that’s possible. 

They have also enabled different clients, get product information, pricing, quality product, and excellent customer service. In the end, it’s a win-win situation -the owner benefiting a lot with good profit while the clients are satisfied with what they want. On the other end, the manufacturers are grateful the product is reaching out to clients on the far-away side plus the increase in productivity and revenues.

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