Marine Corps B Billets List: Detailed Overview

Marines’ corps looking for opportunities to serve outside their military occupational specialty can apply for B billets. The five billets considered special duty assignments include; recruiter, drill instructor, marine security guard, combat instructor and marine security forces. Based on their rank, years of service, disciplinary issues, marines are screened thoroughly and accurately through screen checklists and financial worksheets.

All special duty assignments (SDAs) are B billets, although not all Billets are SDAs. After completing the command screening checklist plus a suitable financial worksheet, a marine must conduct a height, tattoo screening and weight clarification. All are advised to bring their green-on-green to the briefings. All marines who complete SDAs successfully are named to be the best qualified and are suitable for fully trained promotion. These promotions come with additional incentives, which push marines to apply for b billets special duties.

Suppose you see your name on the HSST list one way or the other but not happy with what is written next to it. It is not too late; you still have the opportunity to change your duty and class date. Nowadays, a commander can give a marine recommendation for a different duty and class date. This happens while sending a naval message regarding the HSST list that confirms that marines selected were screened properly.

Marine Corps B Billets List

What Is B Billet USMC?

United States Marine Corps (USMC) b billets are any special duties that marines are assigned to outside their occupational field. These can refer to anything from security forces to Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon post, even though they are only five billets known to be SDAs. 

These special duties assignments help the marines shape the future of the Marine Corps while enforcing the nation’s security laws. Those who complete their SDAs successfully and are suitable for promotions are considered qualified. 

Is Combat Instructor B Billet?

Marine combat instructor is part of B billet portfolio besides drill instructor, recruiter, marine security force or marine security guard. It’s for SDAs to enhance career options for marines who may need to fill such billets to get a promotion. They also improve infantry via standardizing training to create instructors. The trained marine combat instructors will teach recruits the endurance and combat skills needed for their survival.  

The screening team reviews Marines ranking between corporal and staff sergeant for special duty assignment as a marine combat instructor. However, marines can also volunteer for the MOS. They will serve for three years and, upon their completion, will receive SDAs, pay incentives and consideration for promotion. All these ensure that the SDA attracts the best marine to the b billets. 

Among all those five billets, the combats instructor has the most influence. It will give Career-minded marines a chance to enhance their professions while deepening their impact on the corps future. Usually, there is a three-week course to prepare instructors to teach students. It’s approximated that 380 instructors teach almost 16,000 students annually at the SOI.

Overview Of Marine Corps Billets Designator

Originally, the billet was a term known for a soldier’s sleeping quarters and also used to refer to a private home needed to let the soldier sleep. Normally, many military individuals are billeted in barracks or garrisons if they are not on combat duty. Not unless those marines have a family house near their post.

Since then, the term has evolved to mean a certain job assignment, basically within the U.S Corps, U.S. Coast Guard or U.S Navy, filled by one person. Indeed, it might be outside the military MOS system, but a B-billet is a job that is now part of the Marine Corps duties. The following are other four b billets Marine Corps explained;

Drill Instructor

As a marine, you can choose from five different b-billets, which usually carry a three-year tour of duty each. The most common b billets among all of them are that of a drill instructor. It’s the most ultimate, the iconic and tough-as-nails instructor for the young recruiters.  To be eligible for this particular b billets assignment, you must be an enlisted marine ranked sergeant and above.


A recruiter is yet another b billet that is extremely popular among enlisted marines. They are the front lines in the effort to enlist many people in the Marine Corps. It’s no doubt that their work can be challenging, not forgetting the long hours needed to do the job. This duty is likely to involve marines speaking to strangers or groups regarding the benefits of joining the team, i.e., the Marine Corps. This kind of job suits perfectly the outgoing personality individuals as they will be meeting and talking to various people in different places.

Marine Security Force

The marine security force is another special duty assignment in b billets option that marines can consider serving. They are majorly entitled to give a security escort to high-profile personnel in the government figure such as the president or vice president. The assignment might present opportunities to travel and provide security to ambassadors or American embassies in different counties.

Marine Security Guard

Lastly, this is the b billet team which enables marine guards to the important places that need the highest level of security. The most attentive to the details and keen marines are best suited for this kind of duties. They need to be active and always ready when duty calls. The incentives are fair, and it attracts more marines to join these SDAs team.

Can One Be A Marine For 2 Years?

Marine Corps usually participate in the National Call to Service Program, often referred to as a “two-year” enlistment. However, the needed time on active-duty service is 15 months, which is a job and basic training. Afterward, trainees should either re-enlist for two years or be in the active (drilling) reserves for two years.

Be informed that the Marine Corps strictly allocate a limited number of slots to this program each year.  This equals a very little percentage of their total enlistments.

What Is The HSST List USMC?

The Headquarters Marine Corps Special Duty Assignments Screening Team (HSST) list majorly checks all marines supposed to be command screened and cleared to attend special duty assignment. Marine that has been selected carefully to attend early classes are also identified to enable command notification plus humble time for preparation before executing orders.

HSST in USMC also provides direction and guidance for command screening and ensures the HSST phase three visits are scheduled. They collaborate with PMOS monitors to identify highly qualified and suitable marines to serve on SDAs throughout every period. The extreme efforts employed by the HSST team to select all candidates via command screening remains the most significant element in ensuring the SDAs allocation and assignments process is very effective. In general, the HSST list is very crucial when it comes to USMC b billets selections.

What Is The Shortest Contract In The Marines?

Typically, the minimum active-duty enlistment offered by the Marine Corps is a 4years contract, including the Air force and coast guard team. Simultaneously, the navy offers two years of active-duty enlistment, though they bundle it with either a two-or four-year active in Navy Reserve Commitment.

The total amount of time not used on full-time active duty or used in Navy/ Marine Corps Reserves, Air Force or the drilling National Guard/ army is spent in the IRR to enable one to complete the contract. After you sign the contract, you will be committing yourself to 4 years of service. It doesn’t matter whether you serve on active duty, Individual Ready Reserves (IRR) or reserves.

Can You Quit The Marine Corps?

If you sign the contract with the Marine Corps, note that they do take their conditions seriously and don’t allow marines to quit anyhow. Unless you are seriously not capable of performing the duties of a marine corps due to physical or mental issues, only then might your command allow you to be separated.

What happens is that there is a contract a Marine Corps enlistee will need to sign for services in a specific number of years. In return, the other party will guarantee you a paycheck, food, clothing, living quarters, medical and dental care, plus training needs. After signing, you need to adhere to the rules and conditions of the signed contract. You will have to complete the contract whether serving in active duty, reserve or individual ready reserves. It’s good to read and understand any contract before signing to avoid future complications due to ignorance.

How Much Do Marines Get Paid?

Marines’ paychecks are affected by various factors like ranks, years of service, expertise, education, etc. The enlisted marines start lower at a pay grade of E-1 that pays $ 1,514 a month, even to a marine with less than four months in the service. After the completion of four months, the pay goes up to $ 1,638 a month. Plus, a housing allowance of $548 a month if you don’t have dependents and $730 a month if you have dependents.

Marine officers who have bachelor’s degrees or full-time students at an accredited university etc., usually have a high starting paycheck from 0-1, and that’s $3,017 a month for someone having less than two years in the marines. Their house allowance is $743 for one who doesn’t have a dependent, while someone with a dependent receives $ 991 a month.


If you are a marine corps bored with the regular military occupational specialty (MOS), you can go for B-billets SDAs. The opportunity will broaden your experiences and career and help you shape the Marine Corps’ future. The incentives given are fair enough to motivate your to enforce security laws.  Always give your best and be ready to go the extra mile. Remember, opportunities go for those who seek rather than those who sit and wait.

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