What You Need To Know About Medium Base Paint

Medium base paint is a type of pigment that is mixed with mediums to create paints. This article will discuss the different types of mediums, what they do, and how to use them.

This blog post discusses the various mediums used in medium base paint and their purpose.

What You Need To Know About Medium Base Paint

What Is A Base Paint?

The base paint is a type of pigment that is mixed with mediums to create paints. There are two types: oil-based and water-based. Medium bases are usually the best choice for painting walls because they offer strong color saturation, lower odor than oil-based paints, better resistance against moisture damage, and less susceptibility to cracking or peeling when compared to latex paints.

What Is A Base Medium?

A base medium is a light, thin coat of paint that serves as the foundation for other paints. It provides an adhesive surface to attach one layer to another and also seals out moisture in order to prevent stains on new layers of paint from being visible when dry.

The sealant protects against water damage by sealing out moisture (National Association Institute). Some modern sealants also provide extra protection from ultraviolet rays which can make colors in a room fade.

An additive is another type of medium, it can be added to the paint before application in order to modify its characteristics. Common additives include metal leaf for adding a shimmery effect and opacifiers which are used to darken or lighten colors (National Association Institute).

Medium-base paints are made up of a blend of acrylic and oil, which is then mixed with pigments to create the desired color. These two substances provide different properties for medium-base paint; as acrylic provides better coverage than oils do (National Association Institute).

Medium base paint can be used in any room that has been painted before because it adheres well to existing surfaces and doesn’t peel or crack like latex does over time. It also provides an excellent surface for painting furniture.


$25-$30 per gallon depending on brand name and style


affordable, good for beginners, easy to use 


may need more coats of paint when applying layers together due to its sheen finish

Different Types Of Mediums

Mediums are substances that can be added to paint to change the characteristics of it. Acrylic and oil, for example, provide different properties in medium base paints; acrylic is easier to clean up than oils are (National Association Institute).

Different types of mediums are here.

1. Acrylic medium-based paint provides a more durable finish with excellent coverage. It’s water resistant as well so if you spill something on your painting while doing crafts or other projects, just wipe it off with a damp cloth. When using this type of paint there may need to be more coats put together due to its sheen finish though. The best part about acrylic is that it dries quickly so you don’t have very long wait times before working on the next layer.

2. Oil mediums are perfect for people who prefer a more tactile, natural feeling of paint and can even be mixed with other types of paints to create your own custom projects or artwork. Oil Paint is very durable but it takes much longer to dry than acrylic does so you have to wait roughly three days before adding the next coat on top (National Association Institute).

Different Uses

1. Acrylic Medium Base Paints are good for crafts that require quick drying time like if you’re making paper mache masks or papier maché food bowls because they dry quickly. Acrylic paint also works well when doing decorative painting as an accent; use in moderation though as too many layers may cause cracking over time.(National)

2. Oil medium base paints are a good option if you’re planning on doing painting or drawing that will be put in frames. Oil is also an expensive paint so it’s best to use it for projects that will last a long time instead of using it as one coat over the entire wall.(National)

Dry Time

Acrylic Paint dries quickly, usually within four hours depending on humidity and temperature; oil paints can take up to three days before they fully dry (National Association Institute).

Broken Down By Colors


Acrylic Medium Base Paints have more opacity than oils do which means they show color better without having to layer them repeatedly. In addition, acrylics come in many different colors while most oils come in only a few colors.


If you want to create bolder contrast, black is the color for you. It’s also great if your medium base paint needs an opaque or matte finish and doesn’t have any other blacks available (National Association Institute).


Acrylic Medium Base Paints are water soluble so they can be used with watercolor paints as well as acrylics without mixing them up together (National Association Institute).


Aclics are more flexible than oil because it dries quickly and has less of a chance of cracking but is not ideal for projects that will need to last over time like outdoor furniture painted with dark colors.(national)


If you’re painting on something porous, like wood, you should prime it with an acrylic or a latex primer before applying your medium base paint (National Association Institute).


Purple was invented by chemists at the Royal College of Chemistry in London for a competition to produce a synthetic purple pigment. Violet is what they were trying to create but after much research, they realized that there was no such color as violet and so the word “purple” stuck.(national)


The most common uses are for painting cars, houses, boats, and other objects meant to stay outdoors because blue doesn’t fade like red does over time (NATIONAL ASSOCIATION INSTITUTE).”


Acrylic Medium Base Paints are water soluble so they can be used with watercolor paints to create unique effects.


Acrylic Medium Base Paints are water soluble so they can be used with watercolor paints to create unique effects.(national)


Brown is not a common color because it does not work well for exterior painting and looks too drab on furniture or floors (NATIONAL ASSOCIATION INSTITUTE).   White, black, blue, green, red- These colors have the same properties as brown but their use depends on what you’re looking for in your project.

What Is Medium Base Paint Used For?

Medium base paint is water soluble and can be used with watercolour paints to create unique effects.(NATIONAL ASSOCIATION INSTITUTE). Brown, white, black, blue green or red medium base paints all have the same properties as brown but their use depends on what you’re looking for in your project.

Brown does not work well for exterior painting so it’s typically only found indoors (NATIONAL ASSOCIATION INSTITUTE) White works best if you need a bright background color that will show up against anything else-such as dark furniture or carpeting. Black provides an elegant sheen and also contrasts nicely when paired with whites and greys.

Blue is often associated with tranquility which makes it perfect for more minimalistic spaces. Green can be used to brighten up what would have been a darker space and it also works well for nature themed designs. And, finally red is great for making something stand out-whether that’s in the kitchen or just about anywhere else you might want an accent color (NATIONAL ASSOCIATION INSTITUTE).

Is Base Paint The Same As Primer?

No. Primer is a paint additive which makes the surface more receptive to the application of another coat. Base paint, on the other hand, creates an even base with good coverage for your color choice (NATIONAL ASSOCIATION INSTITUTE).

What Are Some Considerations When Choosing Medium-Base Paints?

Choose white or black if you need bright colors that contrast well against any background. Black looks especially elegant and provides plenty of contrast in darker rooms while whites work better in lighter spaces where dark items such as furniture might be present.

Blue can create tranquility anywhere it’s applied and green works great for those who love nature themes. Red is perfect for highlighting something like a kitchen table or art piece but also adds a touch of warmth to a room.

What’s The Difference Between Light Base And Medium Base Paint?

Light-based paints have a lower content of pigment and dries much more quickly. These are often easier to work with due to the time constraints that medium base paints can create, but they don’t last as long in general. Medium base paint is heavier and provides better coverage for your desired color choice (NATIONAL ASSOCIATION INSTITUTE).

The difference between light and medium based paints is mostly about dry time vs how many layers you need before it’s completely opaque.


Medium-based paint is heavier and provides better coverage for your desired color choice, making it a good idea to use medium base paint when you are painting an entire room. Light based paints have a lower content of pigment which makes them more suitable for smaller projects or quick touch ups. There’s no right answer to the question “Which should I use?” because it really depends on the project, but medium based paint is a good choice for large-scale projects.

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