Power Tool Grey Imports – How to Avoid Them

If you find a large value Power Tool that at a low price or at an unusually good price then it can be a grey import, rather than a legitimate product. Grey imports are usually genuine products made in the same factories as legit imports; don’t enter the UK and Europe by the usual channels. These products are generally sold at reduced prices online through less known, often foreign listed websites.

Buying a grey import from a distant website offers cost savings because the foreign-registered sellers are unlikely to be registered for VAT. But, this means you’ll probably find yourself paying the tariff and VAT to HMRC before they’ll release the package to you. This can typically negate the majority of any savings you may make.

What is Power Tool Grey Imports?

Grey Imports also are known as parallel imports or direct imports are products that you buy from a seller who does not have detailed authorization from the company to sell those merchandises in the marketplace. Grey imports may benefit you by offering products at lower prices. Moreover, it may provide access to items which may not be available in your country. However, you need to be able to recognize when you are buying power tool grey imports and be aware of your rights when purchasing these power tools.

How to Identify Power Tool Grey Imports?

Maximum companies permit businesses to distribute and sell their products in specific countries, including the UK and Europe. However, sometimes a business sells genuine products which have been bought into the UK and Europe without the detailed permission of the manufacturer. That’s called a grey import. Grey imports include many different products such as foodstuffs, alcohol, personal care products, electronics, and power tools. They can be sold online or you can buy them from the store. Some signs that a power tool may be a grey import include:

  • The product is made out of the country and a genuine one, but you can’t find any relationship or association between the seller and the manufacturer
  • The purchase price is cheaper than you would ordinarily expect to pay for the product
  • The product is not available in the market
  • Sometimes the product is refurbished not brand new

How to Avoid Power Tool Grey Imports?

Sometimes, as a buyer, we don’t want to buy grey import power tools. There are quite a few things to consider while buying a power tool. These will help you avoid buying grey import power tools. They are:  

  • Check the manufacturer’s website and see if they are listed as a retailer on your country. It will help you differentiate between legal products and grey import products.
  • Big brands such as B&Q and Homebase or online retailers Amazon will never sell grey imports. So try to purchase your power tools from renowned brands or shop.
  • Make sure you look up the model numbers on the manufacturer’s website before buying the product. Often the same model has different model numbers depending on what country they are intended to sell the product. If the model’s numbers don’t match then don’t buy the product as it may be grey imported.
  • Check delivery times before ordering your power tool online. If the product is in stock then it should be delivered within a reasonable timeframe.  If the delivery time of a product is longer than usual then it will likely be delivered from abroad and there is a chance the power tool is grey imports.

Bottom Line

If you are using grey import power tools and run into issues then don’t expect much warranty support from the seller. Companies keep track of serial numbers and won’t accept a claim unless it’s used in the country the device was intended for.

At the end of the day, it’s your own choice whether you buy a grey import power tool or not. It seems like you may save a lot of money at the time of purchasing the tool but the truth is it will cost the same amount of money because of the import charges, zero warranty, and many more.

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