Pros And Cons Of Being A Plumber (A Chart With Summery)

Do you desire to be a plumber or wishing for a loved one to join the profession? Plumbing is a job in high demand that allows plumbers to be own bosses, advance their skills, and ensure their mental and physical well-being. However, plumbing can be stressful as plumbers work long and irregular hours besides dealing with some difficult clients. 

Many people think that plumbing is a dirty work or a non-skilled profession. Yap, plumbers might have to deal with blocked sinks and toilets, but there is more to this occupation than fixing sinks and toilets. The plumbing work is very crucial because humanity relies on it.  More buildings are being set in place, and the problem with sewer systems, pipes, and drainage seems too often. Thus, plumbers are needed to fix the plumbing system in new buildings and overhaul or maintain these systems frequently. 

But like any business, becoming a plumber means taking on certain risks. The question would be: do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Here we take a look at the pros and cons of being a plumber. Stay informed!

Compared! The Advantages & Disadvantages For Plumbers.

Pros of being a plumberCons of being a plumber
You get the opportunity to become boss yourself Advancement opportunities  High demand profession  Inexpensive to train Availability of various job opportunities  Physical and mental well-being  High pay  Plumbing can never be outdated by technology  Not a boring profession Physically demanding  Plumbers frequently work under pressure Long irregular hours of work Exposure to work-related risks likeloud noises, sparks, chemicals, falling objects, asbestos, gases, flying particles, molds Challenges in building a reputation  Stressful Difficult and impatient clients  The apprenticeship takes years to wind up

Let’s learn the details of both –

Pros of being a plumber:

You get the opportunity to become boss yourself

As long as you’re a licensed plumber, you can opt to work for someone or start your own contracting company. Being self-employed is something good, as you will schedule your appointments and working hours. Plus, you can decide to work with any client. This will, in turn, give you additional time to spend with your loved ones, travel, and rest. Isn’t it amazing? However, starting and running your own business isn’t a joke. It requires a lot of handwork and dedication. 

Advancement opportunities 

There are several areas in the field of plumbing. Plus, technology in this sector is continually evolving, thus offering more chances for plumbers to advance their skills. Taking benefit of all these learning opportunities will let one become an expert in progressive technologies and even reach higher heights. As a result of that, a plumber will get more opportunities and well-paying jobs than other professions. The prospect of becoming a self-employed plumber is also higher. 

High demand profession 

The job opportunity is one of the critical factors to consider when selecting a profession to pursue. The fantastic news is that plumbers’ demand is deemed to increase by 12% in the next ten years. This results from the increasing level of construction activity. There is also an enormous request for overhaul and maintenance work to upgrade outdated plumbing or fix more energy-efficient systems. Dependable plumbers, without a doubt, will come up with a stable stream of work.

Inexpensive profession

Learning to become a plumber is inexpensive compared to other professions. You can train at a vocational school or a community college. Apart from that, there are many apprenticeship programs where you can train while earning some money. Elsewhere, some students are using a lot of money to get a degree that may not land them high-paying work.  So, its goods to become a plumber as the course is affordable with a high chance of getting to work soon upon completion. 

Job variety 

Training in the plumbing industry will make someone become a trainee, a plumbing specialist, or a licensed plumber. There is no doubt one will have the right knowledge and skills to install, overhaul, and maintain various plumbing systems at this phase. There are some specialized careers someone can opt to pursue, like becoming a gas service technician, steamfitter, pipelayer, pipefitter, project manager, among others.  As well, plumbers work almost in all types of industries. In short, where there are people and water, a plumber is needed. 

Physical and mental well-being 

Plumbers spend most of their time carrying heavy gear. This means they need to be physically fit to be able to work effectively.  Also, working as a plumber means solving problems with every work.  You will have to examine the problem, troubleshoot, and look for the most effective way of solving it.  This allows for mental well-being. 

High pay 

Having knowledge and skills that few individuals know how to do well guarantee exceptional pay.  Plumbers get a good salary, whether as an independent contractor or working for a plumbing firm.  The average pay of a qualified plumber is estimated to be $50,000 a year. Very specialized plumbers can even demand more.  Like any other profession, plumbers retire, hence paving the way for younger ones to make some serious money. Those plumbers in a union can get exceptional benefits such a life insurance, health insurance, retirement benefits, and many more. 

Plumbing can never be outdated by technology 

Unlike other professions, plumbing can never be outdated by technology. It needs manual skills that computers and robots cannot do.  Even when the economy is at its lowest, this industry will experience less effect.  As long as there are toilets, pipes, and drains, there will be demand for plumbers. So, all this makes for excellent job security. 

Not a boring profession 

Plumbers do not get bored with their work because they never stay in one place for too long. A qualified plumber will get an appointment in different parts of the country, meaning they need to travel a lot for work. Working as a plumber means solving every task; hence you cannot get bored quite quickly. 

Pride in what you do

Plumbers do save lives to some extent, you know why?  Because without a proper plumbing system to bring clean water for drinking and eliminate contaminated water of various kinds, people would be at high risk of getting water-borne diseases.  Plumbers also do crucial repair and maintenance that could else cause harm.  Therefore, as a plumber, you will feel satisfied knowing that you have protected human health. 

Cons of being a plumber 

Plumbing work is physically demanding 

Plumbers spend a lot of their time crawling into overcrowded spaces, carrying heavy gear, and hunching over to fix or repair pipes and drainage systems. Also, plumbers do work in all weather conditions, and sometimes they have to bear extreme heat and cold. So, there is no doubt plumbing is physically demanding. 

Plumbers frequently work under pressure

The same lack of expectedness that makes plumbing interesting can be stressful to a plumber. Clients, without a doubt, would want to see quick solutions. This means you should be quick and efficient in your work.  You also ought to be level-headed when it comes to emergencies. 

Long, irregular hours 

Irrespective of whether you are self-employed or working for someone else, be ready for long working hours. Some plumbing issues are emergencies and demand instant intervention to avert risk to human health or further damage. So, you will be required to work late in the evening, over the weekends, and during the holiday. Failure to that, things may end up messy. 

Work-related risk

Plumbers are at high risk of numerous hazards in the workstation.  Things such as loud noises, sparks, chemicals, falling objects, asbestos, gases, flying particles, molds, and working tools are likely to be found in a plumber’s workplace. Poor handling of these products can expose plumbers to all types of hazards like Slips and falls, eye injuries, hand tool injuries, hearing impairment, Severe reaction to inhaling mold, exposure to biohazard materials, flammable and electric situations, among others. 

Ensure you are protecting yourself by wearing the correct protective gear, comprising goggles, gloves, respiratory masks, earplugs, among others also, though the shower is also recommendable after exposure to harmful chemicals.

Challenges in building a reputation 

Reputation is the whole thing in plumbing. Many individuals usually hire plumbers by seeking referrals from family members, colleagues, and close friends. Reputation is challenging to build but quite effortless to break. Undoubtedly, unsatisfied clients will inform their close associates of the low services you rendered that they were unhappy with. So, any mistake or poor service rendered can taint your reputation.


Plumbers are a diverse group.  There are apprentices, professional plumbers, licensed plumbers,  and business owners, and they face different stresses. For instance, apprentices worry about how they will succeed, professional and licensed plumbers work under much pressure, while business proprietors worry whether profits are being generated and clients are contented. Stress might not be the immense threat plumbers experience in their daily work, but it isn’t stress-free work.

Difficult and impatient clients 

Some clients are stressful to handle. They will pressure you to finish the work faster, yet the problem might need a lot of time to resolve. You will also encounter clients who create problems by changing their minds in the middle of the project over the agreed price. Isn’t that challenging? Of course, it is.

The apprenticeship takes years to wind up

Even though formal training isn’t a must for becoming a professional plumber, you will be required to spend 4 to 5 years in an apprenticeship with a plumbing industry or via a union. Also, there is a written test that you should pass to be a licensed plumber. This can be a tough encounter if you are not used to coursework. 

Final Thought 

Like any other profession, plumbing has its advantages and disadvantages. So, it’s for you to read the mentioned-above pros and cons keenly and decided whether plumbing is the right profession for you and your loved or not.

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