How To Remove Hex Screws Without A Hex Screwdrives

What would you do if you lose or misplace your screwdriver? This is not just any type of screwdriver but a hex screwdriver that is used to remove hex screws. Hex screws are diagonal in shape and for you to be able to unscrew them faster and with ease, you will need a hex screwdriver. Tools like small flat-head screwdrivers or hammers can be used to act as hex screwdrivers.

Remove Hex Screws Without A Hex Screwdrives

What Is A Hex Head Screw?

Head hex-screw has small threads and also a smooth shark. They are also called Hex bolts or Hex cap screws. They are large bolts six-sided or hexagonal in shape. They are used for these two major functions:

1. Wood to wood fastening.

2. Metal to wood fastening.

Figure 1 

Hex Head Screw

They can be used in the interior by using plain steel or on the exterior by using stainless steel or galvanized. Figure 1 above represents how a hex screw looks like.

What Is A Hex Head Screwdriver?

This is a type of screwdriver that has a hexagonal tip They are also referred to as Allen Key or wrench. It is used to drive in certain bolts, nuts, and screws. They are available available in various standards and metric sizes. They loosen and tighten nuts, bolts, and bolts so easily. They can also be fitted with most power drivers.

Figure 2


Figure 2 above represents a type of hex head screwdriver. The hex key is a type of screwdriver that offers many applications.

Figure 3


Figure 2 represents a typical example of an Allen key

What Is A Hex Key Used For?

A hex key is a simple tool used for tightening and loosening hex screws. They are user friendly because of the following characteristics:

1. They are robust and their construction is simple.

2. They are not complicated in use.

3. Their manufacturing and buying cost is cheap.

4. They can be reconditioned or renewed easily.

They also have various metric sizes. It is possible to use Hex keys on many sizes and this is important because it minimizes the risk of damaging the screw head. The table below indicates the hex screw sizes with their corresponding Allen key sizes.

Screw SizeAllen Key Size

How Do You Remove A Hex Screw?

You can follow the following steps:

1. By using a standard screwdriver that snugly fits between the two pints of the screw. Make sure it fits tightly

2. Use a hacksaw and put small toothed blades on the saw

3. By using a standard screwdriver that will fit the groove you snugly made.

Popular Types Of Hex Keys/Screwdrivers

Figure 4: Folding Hex Keys

Folding Hex Keys

Figure 5: Straight Hex Keys

Straight Hex Keys

Figure 6: L-Shaped Hex

L-Shaped Hex

How Do You Remove A Hex Screw Without A Hex Screwdriver?

This can be done by inserting the long end of various hex-key wrenches. This is through the hexagonal slot of the hex-screw till it fits into the slots. You will continue checking the fit of the key wrench. This is through turning it slightly with gentle pressure to either side. Continue turning the hex-key wrench in a counter-clockwise direction to loosen the fastener.

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