How to Safely Remove Snow From Your Roof

Snowfall is very amazing to watch and we fill very excitedly for the first snowfall of each year. But with times this excitement turned into feelings of annoyance as shoveling off snows from our property is a very hard, tiring, and time-consuming work. 

The roof is a very sophisticated part of our house and if we can protect our roof properly then we can save a lot of money. In winter season homeowners need to think about how to remove snow from their roof. It is very damaging for the roof if you let snow accumulate too deeply or heavily on your rooftop. Moreover, removing thick and heavy snows from the rooftop is a hectic and dangerous job.      

When is the Perfect Time for Snow Removal?

Many people think that snow should never be allowed to gather on a roof and should be removed quickly. But there is risk involved with this approach and you can damage your roof. So it is best to remove snow only when absolutely necessary.

Weight matters more than the depth of the snow while removing from the rooftop. Dry and powdery snow is lighter than wet snow and they cause less damage. So keep an eye on the snowfall in your area or simply go outside and shovel some from the ground to test its weight. As long as the snow is light your rooftop is safe from any kind of damage.          

Snow Removal Tools

It is very important to choose the right snow removal tools and many experts recommend the use of roof rakes to remove the snow off from rooftops. Roof rakes can be used to reach the top of your home without the use of a ladder. If the snow is very thick and heavy then you should use the shovels as you can’t clear huge quantities of snow with a roof rake. For multi-storied home you can use extension poles on your rake to reach the ledges of your roof. If there’s too much-wet snow and you think it’s risky for you then call a snow removal expert for assistance.

How to Remove Snow from Your Roof

The most important part of snow removal is to understand the safety measures while removing snow from your roof. If you don’t have proper safety equipment then it is best not to go on your roof and simply shovel off the snow. There are many cases where homeowners falls and got injured by climbing up on their snow-covered roofs. So here are some tips to help you make the right decision and your snow removal work much safer.      

5 Do Tips of Roof Snow Removal Work

  • You should start from the edge of your roof to remove snow by yourself and slowly make your way onto the roof from there.
  • While using metal tools you have to be very careful as these tools can cause damage to your roof. Moreover, they can conduct electricity if the tool comes in contact with a power line.  
  • For pitched roofs, it is best to use plastic roof snow removal tools like snow rake.  
  • Make sure there is no buildup of snow in fire escapes, emergency building exits, drain downspouts, and ventilation openings.
  • If you are not a regular snow removal person or have little experience of snow removing then contacts a roofing professional to safely remove the snow from your rooftop.  

5 Don’t Tips of Roof Snow Removal Work

  • Snow removal is always hard and it becomes more dangerous if the snow has hardened into ice. So if you are not fully confident then don’t try to remove heavy layers of snow or ice by yourself.     
  • Don’t make a mistake by using sharp tools for snow removal work. This type of tool is not effective and may very well do more harm than good to your rooftop.​​​​​​​ 
  • Don’t try to melt the snow on your roof with the help of open-flame devices or electronic devices. This will not only create more ice but add more weight to your roof and may damage your rooftop’s structural capabilities.
  • Don’t use normal safety ropes, snow removal equipment, and standard ladder where ice may develop on the rungs. Use equipment that is specifically made for snow removal job.        
  • Don’t let snow stockpile onto your roof and add more weight to the rooftop unless it has been approved by a professional engineer/roofer.

Bottom Line

The most effective, appropriate, and harmless way to remove snow from your rooftop is by hiring professionals to clear it for you. Because these experts offer snow removal services using professional-grade tools and equipment and can help you get the snow off of your property safely, securely, and at a reasonable price.

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