Snow Blower vs Shovel: Which Should You Choose?

Winter season brings delight and ecstasies to many people as snowfall is very amazing to watch. However, those who know the struggle of snow removal, the beginning of winter often means the start of an infinite nightmare. There is no way you can escape clearing snow from your yard and driveway but there is a way you can make this work much easier and get rid of snow. Snow blowing and snow shoveling are two conventional methods to remove snow. Both these methods have their advantages and limitations. We are going to discuss these, to identify which process is more effective.

The Snow Blower

Many of us wished for a snowblower while shoveling up the newest snowfall from our yard and driveway. If the snowfall is not frequent in your area then the cost of a snow blower might not be worth the expense. However, if it snows regularly and the amount is very high then a snowblower might be exactly what you need.

How Snow Blower Works

There are two types of snow blower; electric snow blower and gas-powered snowblower. Both type of snow blower is capable of removing large swaths of snow in one pass. The augers of snowblower move the snow up and away from the area that you want to be cleared. An electric versions snow blower is good for areas that do not receive a lot of snowfall and it has a 12 to 21-inch clearing width and a 12-inch clearance. Gas version snowblower, on the other hand, can handle much more snow at a time. Moreover, they are self-propelled, making your snow removal job that much easier.

Benefits of Snow Blower

The most noticeable benefit of snow blower is how much snow they can move at one time. There are wide varieties of snow removal available for you to choose from and you can find the perfect size and weight to get your snow removal job done perfectly. You can also choose from push-button starts, self-propelling, adjustable heights, and chutes make it very flexible for you. Moreover, it is much easier to use than a shovel and if you have a problem lifting heavier loads then snow blower is the perfect solution to your problem.  

Maintenance of Snow Blower

Maintenance requires for both types of snow removals. Depending on the models it may require proper accumulation, electric supply, full of premium gas and oils, etc. Gas snowblower needs further care concerning air filters, hoses, and spark plugs. Moreover, other parts may also need replacing depending on the age of your gas blower. But the maintenance steps are fairly easy to do if it’s ever needed.

Concerns of Snow Blower

There are some concerns for both electric and gas-powered snow blowers. They take time to get going. You have to make sure the snowblower is gassed up or plugged in before start snow blowing. Moreover, in a smaller space, you can’t able to use it efficiently and you may be restricted by cord length in certain areas. The noise of snow blower can be a concern and it requires a place to store it.         

Pros of Snow Blower

  • Moves huge amounts of snow quickly
  • Very resilient
  • Easy to push
  • Easy on your body

Cons of Snow Blower

  • Requires maintenance
  • Produce loud sound
  • Requires storage space
  • Added cost of electricity, or gas and oil

The Snow Shovel

Many people prefer snow shovel over snowblower as it lets you have control over how you get rid of the snow. Moreover, it gives you more control and it’s very simple to use. Snow shovel doesn’t require maintenance or preparation before use. Some may say snow shoveling is old fashioned and requires physical strength, but with the several types of shovels available for your suitability, the idea might not be as overwhelming as it first seems.

How Shovel Works

Snow shovels are flat, or curved, and have plastic heads that are used to push and lift snowfall via a long handle. You will find different shovel models; some can handle large amounts of snow at one time to push while others are smaller and lighter for you to dig and toss out of your way.   

Benefits of Shovel

You can move Snow shovel quickly and efficiently and they can fit into those smaller porch or stairway areas a snowblower cannot. Snow shovel doesn’t require any kind of cords and is light enough to haul to wherever you want. Snow shovel requires specific body movement and it can be a great source of physical exercise which is extremely beneficial to you in the long run. The best part of a snow shovel is it is very easy to store and require no maintenance.     

Maintenance of Shovel

Generally, snow shovel doesn’t require any maintenance. For some scoop versions, the shovel has adjustable handles and you may need to check if the screws are tight. Apart from this you just need to keep the shovels stored in a dry place and you are all good.     

Concerns of Shovel

The main concern of snow shovel is the physical exhaustion that could be caused by its use. People with low physical strength or elderly age are more likely to experience stress while using a shovel. Moreover, snow shoveling is time-consuming and it requires more time then snowblower.  

Pros of Shovel

  • Easy to store
  • Great physical exercise
  • Many models available to make the job easier

Cons of Shovel

  • Requires physical labor
  • Can only clear so much at one time
  • Can be demanding for certain people

Bottom Line

Both the shovel and the snowblower have their advantages and disadvantages. So you should choose either one of them based on your personal need and preference. Remember the right tool will ease your snow removal job and can save both your time and money.

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