Welding 101: How to Stay Safe While Welding

Safety is of utmost consideration for any welding project. Welding exposes everyone to similar threats so welding safety practices and equipment are commonly applicable. There are many ways you can get yourself injured while welding and injuries range from severe burns to blindness to electrical shock to long-term respiratory problems. Most of the construction tools come with some level of risk, but welding ranks as one of the most hazardous.

How to Stay Safe While Welding

Safety precautions are very important while welding as they will keep you safe from all the dangers. Here are 10 important aspects to take care of before you get on with your welding project and improve your safety.  

Read the Instruction

No matter what type of work you are doing, following the instruction is very important. Generally, welding machine comes with an operating manual that contains important safety information, as well as information procedures that maximize the perspective of the machine. Make sure you read the instruction manuals and safety precautions for all the equipment you are using. It will help you to do ahead of time if something goes wrong.        

Wear the Proper Gear

While welding, sparks can fly anywhere so it’s important to cover all your body. These sparks are not some ordinary sparks; in fact, they can send you to the hospital. So it’s a must to cover all your body during the time of welding. Make sure you cover your body with flame-resistant clothes like wool or heavy denim, and avoid synthetic materials, like polyester, because they fume and catch fire more easily.

Wear the Right Shoes

Many ignore the effectiveness of wearing shoes at the time of welding. High-top leather shoes or boots ensures the safety of your foot from the welding sparks. Don’t wear tennis or cloth shoes as this type of shoes smolder.

Wear Pants & Long Sleeved Shirt

If you have exposed skin while welding then they can easily become burned skin. So it is a must to wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt at the time of welding. You should wear denim pants since it is less likely to catch fire than polyester or even regular cotton. Cover your full lags and make sure your pant go past the top of your boots. For shirts, don’t wear polyester and those long sleeves should be fully extended down to your wrists.

Wear Gloves

Gloves are one of the most important gears of welding. There is no way you can do welding without wearing the gloves. Nowadays gloves are available in a different size, so you have no excuse not to use them. It is vital that you protect your hands with gloves.

Ear protection

Many ignore the fact that flying spark can land in your ear and you might face permanent hearing loss. So it’s important to take proper safety measures for your ears. There are different kinds of ear protection gears available in the market to choose from.      

Wear Helmet & Eye Protection

It’s very important to wear a helmet and eye protection while doing any kind of welding job. Trust me you don’t want flying sparks land on your head or face. On the other hand, eye protection is absolutely crucial for welding. Eye protection will keep your eyes safe from both flying spark and the light emitted by welding. Welding creates a light intensity that can cause permanent eye damage and even blindness. An auto-darkening helmet is a great kit that can keep your eyes safe from this light intensity. This type of helmet has transition lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight. Moreover, the window in an auto-darkening helmet gets darker while you’re welding but lightens up when you stop. So you don’t have to lift it off your head to see what else you’re doing.

Breathe Freely

While welding, it generates a few different gases and they are not good for your health. If you are welding inside then you will need an exhaust hood for your work area. If possible, it’s best to wear a gas mask in addition to ventilation.

Gas Cylinders

Compressed gas cylinders are required while welding. Make sure these cylinders are stored properly and kept steady and upright. These gas cylinders can be deadly if any accident happens and they have enough power to destroy equipment and seriously injure anyone nearby. So it’s better to keep them away from your workplace.      

Eliminate Matches and Lighters

Do you carry matches and lighters with you? If so then you must get rid of them at the time of welding. Because, if a flying spark comes into contact with matches or lighter it may cause a tiny explosion and you may end up being on fire. So keep them far away from wherever you’re welding.

Bottom Line

Finally, it is always a good idea to be extra vigilant at your worksite at all times because this is the best way to spot danger and take immediate action. By following the safe practices above and using good common sense as per needed basis, you can stay safe and get productive without any welding accidents at all.

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