Tools To Replace A Car Battery: Making Work Effective And Efficient

Whether you own a new car or an old vehicle, it is always good to consider tools that you might need for replacing your car battery. These tools include wire brush tool, KAM tool, wrenches, pliers, cordless screwdriver, hammer, Battery terminal, sturdy gloves, and mechanical snow goggles. Note that proper tool equals effectiveness and efficiency.

Imagine you want to hurry somewhere only to find your car not moving due to a bad battery? Where do you even start? You are relieved that there is a spare battery, but you do not have the tools to do the work? Do not let this happen to you. You should always ensure you have the right tools in your car ready for work when the need arises. But, you might be asking yourself which ones are the essential tools. Worry not!  Here we examine the tools that useful in replacing a car battery as suggested by experts. Keep informed!

9 Essential Tools To Replace A Car Battery

Wire Brush Tool

This tool is made in a unique way for rust removal, ensuring good contact with the car battery. The wire brush ensures the optimal performance of the battery, given the limitation of rust to the battery performance. Universal Terminal cleaner wire battery brush is small with a quick cleaning effect that ensures it saves time whenever it is in use.

Wire brush tools are made to be a small size for efficiency and proper storage due to limited space inside the toolbox.

KAM Tool

KAM is a simple tool used for supplying power into your car while the battery is off. KAM tool connects power from a spare battery or another vehicle. The device is always essential as it ensures that your vehicle is powered while removing your old battery.

A perfect KAM tool allows the connection of power from the donor either from the battery or vehicle powerpoint. The power supply is done using a data Link Connector, which is located below the steering column. The emergency supply cable, that’s link connector, has the right length to avoid limiting the connection while supplying the power either over a short or long distance.

KAM tool is a necessary tool when changing your car battery. One primary reason that one should not make a car battery replacement without KAM tools is the complexity of the system of the modern car involving computers, which need to be powered by all means.

Wrenches For Loosening The Battery System

Remember, your battery system is tied in place to make sure it is firm. To loosen the terminals and other connections of your battery, you need the wrench. Consider having different sizes of wrenches given the terminals and brackets might not match one size.

Going for a multi-size wrench, i.e., adjustable one, is the best idea as it is easier to operate and carry. With the wrench in place, you might also need to use a socket long extension and ratchet to loosen your battery connection. The battery terminal and hold down bracket size of most battery systems include; 10 mm, 11 mm,12 mm, and 13 mm.

Plies For Replacing A Car Battery

Remember, there are some parts of the battery that are tightly held, and thus having plies is more useful when changing it. You will use pliers to loosen the wires and nuts and keep parts with acids and electrical shocks. Choosing the best and appropriate plies is vital when dealing with your car’s source of the power section.

You can consider Klein plies as they are easy to use for your battery system repair. The Klein tool has a long nose allowing it to operate wires far from your hands reach. The long nose and streamline shape allows makes it more useful to the engineer replacing the battery.

Cordless Screwdriver

Screwdrivers are used to perform many functions, from timber to metalwork. The cordless screwdriver is more appropriate while working on your car battery; it is a chargeable gadget that allows you to carry out drilling with ease.

With cordless screwdrivers, you might need to fix a point or a belt in place so as they hold your battery in position. And thus, the drilling power of this chargeable machine makes it perfect. You will be in a position of carrying out your drill in a concise instance of time. The chargeable battery that the screwdriver comes with makes your machine long-lasting, and you can use it for a long time and different works.


Hammer is necessary to use with other equipment while replacing your car power system. Hammering makes a battery terminal adjustable while you are trying to fix it. Remember, some wax might have been formed on your old battery due to acid’s action on the metal parts of the battery, and cracking the wax-like features will need a massive tool like a hammer.

It is best to look for a small hammer that more efficient and not that big for a toolbox. That way, you will get to carry it with ease from place to place.

Battery Terminal Cleaner

Worry less with your terminal dirt if you consider having a terminal cleaner, as all you need is brushing away the corrosion. Investing in a battery terminal cleaner is not expensive compared to its usefulness in getting rid of rust from terminals and cleaning the end of the cables. Having it into your battery replacement budget is generally an asset that is worth every coin.

Cleaning a terminal should be done regularly to avoid rust to lengthen the battery life. The tool also needs little knowledge of how to use it. This makes it a utility tool that does not need much time to learn how it should work and its general applications. Besides, the product does not take much time to clean up your battery terminal.

Sturdy Gloves

This is another essential tool needed for both protection and efficiency while you are working on your battery. Gloves are primarily designed as the first precaution measure to consider while dealing with sensitive surfaces. You can opt for  Black Latex Gloves as they are the best when doing battery replacement service.

Mechanical Snow Goggle

A mechanical snow google is a tool that defines safety as eye-protective wear that guards the eye against contamination and injuries that might arise from acid contact. Consider Treviso goggle that is affordable and easier to maintain. The goggle has all the necessary design that goes hand in hand with the safety measures needed when replacing your car battery.

Can One Change A Car Battery By His Or Herself?

Changing a car battery is not a big task, and you can do it whether you have some mechanical knowledge or not. What you need are simple recommended tools that are made purposely for battery fitting and loosening.

However, you should consider the common mistakes and make sure you avoid them at all costs. The mistakes that you might find yourself into while fitting your car battery system may include:

1. Disconnecting the battery and tempering with the computer settings

2. Short-circuiting the positive battery terminal

3. Reverse fitting the battery terminal

4. Losing computer settings

5. Tempering with the computer settings

Common Mistakes When Changing A Car Battery

Disconnecting the battery and tempering with the computer settings

Usually, when the battery is disconnected, the already existing settings are lost. When the already learned/ existing battery is lost, your vehicle will run into errors, depending on the brand. It can reestablish its setting, or you can be forced to visit a dealer. This will end up costing you more money than seeking the service of a professional for battery replacement.

In order to avoid running into problems while replacing your battery, it is best to use a keep-alive memory or KAM tool while changing your ignition point.

Short-circuiting the positive battery terminal

You may shorten a positive terminal if you don’t follow the correct procedure of disconnecting your battery. It is recommended first to disconnect the negative terminal before the positive one. Doing it the opposite way puts you at risk of contracting the chassis ground to the metal, which shorts the battery.

In most cases, the fuses are used to protect the battery system, but you have to put in mind that in case of an accident, then the system is costly to repair. Thus you have an obligation of ensuring you adhere to shortening protective measures. Note that batteries have combustive gases, and shortening the terminals can easily cause sparks, causing an explosion.

Fitting Battery Terminals Back-Ways

Misconnecting the battery can quickly bring a problem by damaging the car’s circulatory system. Though the battery system is always made with fuses to minimize explosion, you should follow the proper way of connecting your car battery system before doing the actual fitting.

Procedure To Follow While Replacing A Car Battery

After having the necessary tools to replace your car battery, it is also essential to consider how to do your work with the tools that you have. Here is the procedural guide that will help you if you replace your battery system professionally:

Step 1

Attach an external battery to prevent the vehicle from requesting a radio code. Some cars have a radio code, so it is crucial that you know the code written in the car manual book. It is best to ensure that the battery is not under any operation like lighting to locate the battery with an appropriate socket.  Lessen the negative terminal first to minimize any chance of shortening. Do the step gently to ensure there is no strain or twist on the cables.

Step 2

Now you have to loosen the positive terminal and remove it from the truck. The importance of removing the positive terminal after the negative terminal is to ensure that there is no short-circuiting of your battery.

Step 3

Now remove the clamp. Clamps are typically used to prevent the battery from vibrating. Depending on your preferred tool of choice, whether it is ratchet, wrench, or screwdriver, you remove the clamps with ease. Batteries are also shielded with warmers, especially for winter months that should be removed too.

Step 4

Hold onto a battery and lift it while in level to avoid dumping out the acid.  Try to find out the dirtiest area of a tray and clean it or repair it before it worsens.  To replace your battery, ensure the one you are picking meets the specification for your vehicle.

Step 5

Lastly, make an installation of the new battery. You should ensure the new battery is fully charged before using it. This prevents toppling off while you are driving.

Do You Need A Car Replacement Tool?

Be wary as you select the best tools for your battery replacement to be overwhelmed to go for what is not needed. Some devices are highly-priced, yet they cannot work well with your car power system. Car care replacement tools are highly required and should be chosen wisely to avoid ending up with devices that don’t work well.

There are tools for almost all types of battery, ranging from small to large. Having in mind the size you need will save you time and money.

Final thoughts

Like any other mechanical work, replacing your battery calls for you to have all the necessary tools. This will make your work easy. We have highlighted all the tools you need with the guide that will help you replace your car battery professionally. However, you should seek the service of a professional if not confident to do it on your own. This will save you on the cost of having to repair the damages that result from a common mistake people make.

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