What Is The Importance Of Sanitary And Plumbing Systems?

Sanitary and plumbing systems are important as they ensure the distribution of clean waters to home and safe disposal of human waste through pipes. The clean water conveyed to buildings can be used for washing, cleaning, and other home functions. Similarly, proper disposal of waste ensures no bad smell and prevention of infectious diseases. 

Do you know that 1.5 million children lose their lives due to poor or lack of sanitation? Sadly, 10% of diseases could be prevented through improved sanitation around the world. However, that cannot happen without proper sanitary and plumbing systems. Check their importance below:

Importance Of Sanitary And Plumbing Systems

Importance Of Sanitary And Plumbing Systems

Plumbing Ensures Control Of Water

Going to fetch water from the source can be tiring and inconveniencing.  Besides, there is no certainty that the water is good for consumption without proper management. Luckily, plumbing systems have made it easy for people to control and channel water to use conveniently in their homes. This way, dirty and clean water is separated to ensure the hygiene, health, and wellbeing of the users is guaranteed.  

Prevention Of Water Wastage

A proper plumbing system allows for the use of tankless water heaters that prevent the wastage of water. This happens as there is no need to run water for some minutes as you wait for it to get hot. When using a hot water recirculation system, for instance, the water will be hot at all times. Though the service comes at a fee, acquiring it is quite easy throughout America.

Creates Job Opportunities

Many people earn their living through the installation and maintenance of sanitary and plumbing systems. Indirectly, people are also able to work efficiently when healthy. Of which health can be compromised if the proper sanitation and plumbing systems are not installed. 

Saves Lives

It is estimated that 432,000 people die as a result of diarrhea brought by inadequate sanitation. This goes to show just how much plumbing and sanitation systems save lives. Improving sanitation reduces the spread of water-borne diseases caused by schistosomiasis, intestinal worms, and trachoma. The severity of malnutrition is also dealt with through proper plumbing systems to prevent more deaths.

Enhance Beauty And Comfort

The indoor plumbing system was a luxury until the 1800s. However, today many homes are connected to the modern plumbing system. This allows people to use toilets and washrooms in the comfort of their homes. If you happen to go to a place with no toilet, then you will appreciate the role plumbing and sanitation plays in society. Besides, home beauty is enhanced with a proper plumbing system in place. People nowadays use high-end bathing systems with a sauna that is a source of relaxation after a busy day.

Prevents Some Epidemic Diseases

History has proven that water is the root cause of various infectious diseases. For example, the Black Death that came as a result of the unsanitary conditions. The diseases wiped out half of the European population, and the same could have been prevented through proper plumbing and sanitary systems. The systems enable the government to disinfect water to keep it safe for consumption.

Saves A Lot Of Energy

If there were no plumbing and sanitation system, it would mean the transport of water from the source to where it is needed. This process could consume a lot of human and fuel energy. However, with the systems in place, the water, and waste is channeled properly, resulting in energy saving.

What Is The Difference Between Plumbing And Sanitary?

Plumbing is the system that channels water through fitted and regulated pipelines. All the work, including installation, repair, and unfixing of the water pipes, plumping appliances, or waste pipes, is want plumbers do. Sanitary, on the other hand, deals with the sewage where the fixtures, fittings, and pipes are assembled to channel wastes to the drainage system. The waste is then drained into the sewer for treatment and proper disposal.

Types Of Plumbing Systems

Plumbing comprises various subsystems, joints, parts, pipes, and fixtures that work hand in hand to complete the system. Many people hire professional plumbers to install the system without minding to understand more about it. However, it is best to understand them to appreciate their importance in society. Here is an overview that will keep you informed.

Potable Water System

This is the system that brings water from the main community water point into a building. The system benefits both residential and commercial enterprises as the water can be used for washing clothes, cooking, bathing, and dinking, among other functions. For the water to reach different places, there has to be the maintenance of ideal pressure. One pipe is used to distribute water into the building and then redistributed to each fixture through several pipes. 

Sanitary Drainage System

This is a system that takes away wastewater, human waste, and gases from the building. Wastewater includes those from laundry, cooking, and bathroom, etc. while gases are those produced by waste. Internal and external venting systems are integrated into the sanitary drainage system to prevent gases from being trapped in the pipes. The system then diverts the gases accordingly to allow the system to function well at atmospheric pressure. The waste from each building is channeled to the community sewer, where they are treated and disposed of well.

Stormwater Drainage System

Rainwater is usually collected for some uses, such as irrigation. The stormwater drainage system collects the rainwater from the roof to the storage tanks.  However, if the structures are old and the water is not good for consumption, the water will be channeled to a septic system or into the community storm sewer. Storage tanks drain, pipers, and sewers are the main components that constitute a stormwater drainage system.

Final Word

From the above discussion, you will realize that plumping and sanitary systems are very important. However, most people know how crucial the systems are when they have blocked pipes or stingy smells. The best thing is to ensure that the systems are installed by expert plumpers to avoid persistent issues due to the not-so-properly done system.

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