Who Makes John Deere Chainsaws? What To Look At When Buying One

The Company that makes recent John Deere chainsaws is Homelite. However, John Deere has sold many other chainsaws made by Olympyk, Remington, among others.  Though the Company is best known for the premium farm equipment, when it comes to chainsaws, most are not made by John Deere. They only brand them and sell, but with assured quality.

John Deere is a renowned company across the globe. You might have heard about it and wondering whether they are worth investing in. Yes, the chainsaws are of premium quality though most not manufactured by John Deere. Most that are in the market with the brand come from Homelite, which is a trusted company as well. So, you can always count on John Deere chainsaws just as their other equipment.

John Deere Chainsaws What To Look At When Buying One

History Of John Deere Chainsaws

John Deere is the man behind the premium farm equipment that has earned the title as the best in the world. Born in February 1804, John Deere started Deere & Company naming it after his name. Until his death in May of 1889, John was a blacksmith and a manufacturer.

Deere & Company has turned out to be the leading construction and agricultural equipment manufacturers around the globe. Their products are branded John Deere, and most people in the US prefer its tractors among other farm equipment. You will also get snowmobiles and snow throwers from them.

Chainsaws from John Deere has also gained a lot of popularity; however, most are from Homelite. Due to customer satisfaction, the Company has stuck with branded chainsaws to date.

Where To Buy John Deere Chainsaws

Despite its popularity, it can be hard to find JD chainsaws in the local stores. Therefore, you might want to shop online or even buy used ones from auction websites.  The best place to buy is eBay and Amazon, among others.

Review Of John Deere Chainsaw

If you have experimented on John Deere equipment then you know they are pretty good. The question is: Do their chainsaws carry the same feel? The truth is that JD chainsaws are among the top brands in the market. Since the Homelite manufacture JD saws, then the tool is as good as those of Homelite. 

Many people praise the chainsaw brands due to their strength and durability. You will thus get to enjoy long-lasting services with power and efficiency. Besides, all this come at affordable prices and guaranteed customer service from John Deere.

That said there are things that you should consider before settling on a specific chain. These are explained below:

Factors To Consider When Buying A Chainsaw


The suitable motor depends on the kind of work you intend to do. You can either go for gasoline or electric powered chainsaws based on the power needed. Gasoline types are more powerful and suitable for the hard task such as cutting hard trees. On the hand, the electric-powered are light-duty chainsaws that require a source of power within reach. However, electric chainsaws with 12-15 amps can perform heavy-duty tasks just like their gasoline counterparts.

Chain Brake

The safety of the chainsaws is dependent on its braking system. Most utilizes spring-loaded lever that stops the chain using brake band in an emergency. However, newer models utilize the latest technology, inertia chain brake, which stops the chain automatically if it detects enough kickback. Thus, the one with inertia brakes is preferable due to its level of safety that eliminates risk due to user delay.

Bar Length

This is also referred to as a blade, and it acts as a guide to the chain. The length range between 8 to 12 inches, and you will choose based on the kind of task to be undertaken and level of expertise. Chainsaws with shorter blades are easy to handle compared to ones with longer bars. Normally, the blade should be 1-2 inches longer than the wood that is being cut.

Longer chainsaws also allow you to make bigger cuts in one pass. However, longer chainsaws have powerful motors and thus heavy machine requiring someone professional to handle with care.

A chainsaw with the blade of 14 inches is ideal for home use. More than the average task requires chainsaws with a bar length of 14 to 18 inches. Nonetheless, heavy-duty ones have blades of between 18 to 20 inches with those meant for professional task coming with a bar of up to 24 inches long.

Automatic Oiling

Oiling is essential for a chainsaw to work at its optimum. However, it can be an uphill task to regularly oil the chain due to constant friction with the nose. Therefore, buying one that is equipped with automatic oiler is more economical. It will save you time and keep the chainsaw working at its optimum condition.

You will get either adjustable flow or fixed flow automatic oilers to consider. Adjustable require the operator to adjust it to either release less or more oil. On the contrary, automatic flow oiler releases oil consistently and steadily onto the chain. Nonetheless, either work well, and you only need to ensure there is sufficient oil at any point in time.

Tool-Free Chain Adjustment

It is important always to ensure that the chain is properly tightened for safe operation. However, it can get loose with continued use due to friction and operation. If the chain gets loose, there is a risk of it flying off posing a danger to the operator. A tight chain, on the other hand, can easily break. Thus, the proper adjustment should be made as soon as the chain gets loose or overtightened. This is a task that can take much time without a tool-free feature. The tool-free chain uses a thumbwheel or knob to adjust bar length to tighten or loosen the chain. As a result, much time is saved, unlike when using the wrench and screwdrivers to adjust the chain.


Chainsaws with rear handle are the best and the most common in the market. It is the most secure for home users, unlike the ¾ wrap and full wrap that is best for professionals. There are also to handle chainsaws used for cutting above the ground that are reserved for experts mostly arborists.

Final Word

Homelite makes the current John Deere chainsaws in the market. They are one of the best machines with guaranteed quality and durability. You can thus rest assured with its performance as long as you buy one following the guide provided above

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