Who Makes The Best Hand Tools In The World?

Every time you are looking for the best hand tools, you should consider American brands such as DeWalt, Lenox, Craftsman, Estwing, Channellock, and more. All professionals from every sector, whether agricultural, construction, aviation, automotive, and mining, will, for sure, get the right tools from the named brands. Note that the right tools equal maximum productivity

All the tools are designed to meet the required standards set up by the industry regulations. Keep reading for the best tool that suits your needs.

Here are the brands that are knowns to make the best hand tools in the world:

Table For Tools Manufactured By Each Brand:

ChannellockScrewdriver, toolsets, and wrenches
DeWalt Torque wrenches, axes, hammers, pry bars, ratchets, clamps, manual fastening tools, blades, and knives
Stanley Black and DeckerTry squares, hand planes, screwdrivers, saws, chisels, and many more.  
Craftsman Hex keys, pliers, ratchets, finishing tools, wrenches, nut drivers, hand saws, and many more
EstwingComprise claw, axes, pry bars, hammers, among other specialty tools  
Snap-onHammers, pliers, pry bars, general hand tool, service tools, among others  
LenoxHVAC tools, tool storage, utility knives, screwdrivers, snips, hand saws, and more
KleinScrewdrivers, hex wrenches, and more
Dalluge toolsNail puller, framing hammer, finishing hammers, prybars, among others
VaughanHammers, bear saws, pry bars, and many more.
EmpireLevels, making, and layout tools, safety & utility tapes, measuring and squares


Channellock company was created back in 1886, and it started from making simple hand tools to now multiple essential tools you may require. The brand is known to make tools for the various sector. Some of these sectors comprise plumbing, metal fabrication, agriculture, first responders, linemen, HVAC, electrical and automotive. It must be easy now to see why it is considered the best.

The brand is known to make more than 140 different kinds of pliers. If you think you know more about pliers, then you are probably wrong. Try visiting Channellock company and see which other types you have not once come across! As much as pliers are the ones that stand out, other tools are made from the company, such a screwdriver, toolsets, wrenches, among other specialty tools. So, there is no doubt Channellock is among the brand that makes some of the best tools in the market.


If you need top-quality hand tools, then you should probably consider DeWalt company. This is because DeWalt is known to manufacture the best hand and power tools in America. The fact that their tools are a bit expensive, they live up to the required standards. DeWalt was created in 1923, and since then, it has forged some of the finest technologies in the power and hand tools industry.

DeWalt makes many kinds of tools that are quite impressive and good for individuals from different fields. Some of these tools include torque wrenches, axes, hammers, pry bars, ratchets, clamps, manual fastening tools, blades, knives, and many more. The company provides the lifetime warranty, hence prove that they make durable tools.

Stanley Black & Decker

The Stanley Black & Decker brand has been there since 1843. All this duration, the company has grown to become the best because of the many items it can offer. It makes the best tools for builders and other hand tools needed by professionals today.

What makes this brand even more amazing is that it owns many brands in the same industry. These brands include Porter Cable, DeWalt, Irwin Tools, Craftsman, and more. It is now easy to see why it has some of the best hand tools. Some of the tools you can get in this company include squares, hand planes, screwdrivers, saws, chisels, and many more.


Even from the name itself, you should assure that it’s among the best brand for hand tools. Craftsman is an American company that has been there for closely a century. With all these years, there is no doubt people are comfortable buying there.  The brand offer builders, master mechanics, auto enthusiasts, builders, and homeowners with the best tools.

Moreover, Craftsman embarked on refining their hand tools over the last few years. The main aim was to make their tools better. Unlike other brands, they provide an imposing warranty to ease individuals’ minds about durability. If you need this brand’s hand tools, some of the options comprise hex keys, pliers, ratchets, finishing tools, wrenches, nut drivers, hand saws, and many more. No matter the field you are in, you will always get something attractive with this brand! So, keep in touch!


The Estwing is an American company that was founded in 1923, and ever since, the company has focused on designing and making long-lasting tools that any individual might require at a worksite. Also, their tools are comfortable and attractive. Some of these company hand tools are purchased by professionals such as those in the firefighting departments, but why? Because of their reputation. The most common ones comprise claw, axes, pry bars, hammers, among other specialty tools.

Back in 2001, this company introduced an upgraded shock reduction grasp on its entire hand tools.  The target was to keep their clients contented while using the gears in places with high vibrations. Why was that important? Clients would work for longer with no worry about the vibration influence. What is more, captivating with this brand is that it continues to manufacture new tools every year. This is to solve any problem that individuals’ experiences and to remain relevant in the sector.


Snap-on company was created in 1920, and ever since, it has evolved to be a household brand in America. Currently, the brand has a wider spread, given that it operates in nearly 200 nations around the world. With its 4900 mobile stores worldwide, you are assured of easy access. The brand has more than 3300 pending and active patents. This indicates the company is always aiming at making tools better.

The company creates gears for different sectors worldwide. Some of them comprise agriculture, aviation, construction, collision, mining, automotive, and more. So, it’s a versatile company. They manufacture hammers, pliers, pry bars, general hand tools, service tools, among others.


Lenox company was founded in 1915, and ever since, it has strived to make the lives of many professionals quite easier. Some of the first tools that the brand was manufacturing comprise long-lasting hacksaw blades. This brought them to the limelight around the world.

The passion for making top-quality tools has continued up to date.  Other than manufacturing simple tools, it has switched to making power tools and industrial saw blades.  Their tools are available in more than 70 nations. So, it’s easy for anyone to access them. Hand tools are always exciting to use because of their adaptability. Some of Lenox’s hand tools include HVAC tools, tool storage, utility knives, screwdrivers, snips, hand saws, and more.


Klein’s brand was founded back in 1857. With over 160 years of experience, there is no doubt it’s best to make different types of hand tools. The company has remained a top option for professionals who are looking for high-quality and long-lasting tools up to date.

The brand owns other brands such as CBS productions, Klein cutlery, Alco, Civitella, etc. Those brands also make essential tools you will require at the worksite or home. Isn’t that wonderful? Of course, it is. What makes this brand even more fantastic is that it has a wide network of distributors worldwide. So, it will be easier for you to access their tools. With its long-term plans, there is no doubt the company will continue offering the best for its clients. Apart from creating a steadfast lineman tool, they make hand tools such as screwdrivers, hex wrenches, and more

Dalluge Tools

If you are looking for a brand with accurate and durable tools, you should consider Dalluge tools. There is no doubt that anyone needs when working on different projects requiring hand tools. The brand is unmatched when it comes to creating new hand tools that professionals require. Some of those professionals are carpenters, DIYers, and firefighters. It is always great to have these tools, as you never know when you may need them.

Unlike other brands, their tools are well balanced and sturdy in your hand. This shows how, indeed, the company aims for durability and quality. So, even if you will use their tools for several hours, you won’t experience any problem with your arm and shoulder. Some of the company’s hand tools are nail puller, framing hammer, finishing hammers, and prybars.


Vaughan company was there since 1869 and had been making high-quality hand tools you will need for any worksite. It has been a leader and a mentor to other brands to create superior and innovative products. Many professionals without a doubt would like to get products from this brand, given that it has maintained the quality for all these years. From the look of the thins, you can predict that the brand focuses on building durable tools. It would be best if you had confidence buying from this company knowing you will get something good.

Among the company’s hand tools are replacement handles, soft face hammers, bear saws, pry bars, and many more.


Empire is another brand that specializes in manufacturing tools for the construction industry. It was founded in 1919, and ever since, it has continued to offer its clients with premium quality tools. They aim to come up with tools that help users to work better. Isn’t that amazing? Indeed, it is. When working on construction projects, accuracy is an essential thing. You will find the accuracy needed by using tools from this brand.

Some of the tools manufactured are levels, making and layout tools, safety & utility tapes, measuring, and squares. As such, there is no doubt you will get what you need as a construction worker!

Who Makes DeWalt Hand Tools?

The owners of DeWalt are Stanley and Decker. So, they are the ones who make hand tools under the DeWalt name.


From the mentioned above brands, there is no doubt you will find the right brand for yourself. Note that all the brands listed manufacture high-quality hand tools that you require at a worksite or workshop.

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