Why Does Siri Keep Coming On When I Have Headphones In? Check How To Fix It Effortlessly

Many issues can cause Siri to pop up when the headphones are connected. For instance,  if you unintentionally press the home button when plugging in the headphones or you press the play and pause button on your headphones for a long duration, Siri can be activated.  Loose connection and using third-party headphones can activate Siri as well.

As a result of Siri, you may often notice pop-ups when you plug in the headphones. This will cause a lot of interruption when you are listening to your beloved audio or podcast. Isn’t that annoying? Even if you check the connector and connection, you will notice that everything is alright. So, the best solution is to try to fix this problem once and for all. Here we show you how you can easily solve the issue for uninterrupted audios. Read on!

Siri Keep Coming On When I Have Headphones In

Here Is How To Fix The Problem With Siri Coming On When Headphones Are Connected:

Turn Off Siri

If Siri is on, it will keep coming on whenever you plug in the headphones. So, turning off the feature will be a better idea, but how do you achieve that? Go to setting and click on Siri and tap on-off. This will end the app. Also, you can get a passcode that prevents any apps from accessing your phone lock screen. To achieve that, you are required to launch the setting app and select passcode.

Tap on Siri, where you will enter a passcode before proceeding in the opening of the passcode preference pane. Please turn off the Siri option from the preference pane to disable it from your phone lock screen.

Change Your Voice Feedback Settings

Even though turning off Siri might help you for some time, you will still need to handle the voice control. You are required to tune the voice feedback settings in iOS.  To achieve this, go to the general setting and click on Siri and tap on voice feedback.

Change the always-on setting to ring switch option or hands-free to prevent Siri from creating casual outburst when you want to silence.

With the hands-free option, you only receive feedback when you have Hey Siri enabled or once you connect to headphones. The control ring switch mode, on the other hand, only functions once you have your iPhone on silent mode.

Invest In A Different Pair Of Headphones

Some headphones out there have an activation action which once pressed recurrently, could activate Siri. So, getting a pair without the activation button will be the best idea. A malfunctioned activation button might cause this problem, and purchasing a different pair of headphones might change the situation.

Why Do My Headphones Keep Activating Siri And Skipping Songs?

The “controller” assembly of your headset (the part that assembles the buttons and microphone) might be deteriorating if the Siri is activated with headphones and songs being skipped. This could be as a result of moisture getting in and interfering with the circuitry.

The solution to this is getting yourself a new headset that is water-resistant. Also, placing an adaptor (3.5mm female to 3.5mm male) between the headphones and iPod / iPhone will solve the problem related to the headphone jack plug.

Moreover, if the problem occurred due to the build-up in the headphone jack, you can clean out the jack’s inside with a paper clip to solve the issue.

Why Do My Earphones Keep Pausing?

Earphones might keep pausing due to issues with ROM and its capability to detect earphones correctly while performing different kinds of things. This can be solved by turning the motion off in the settings. Sometimes it may detect movements, and as such, it will pause accordingly.

Why Does My iPhone Stay On Headphone Mode?

Your iPhone is probably stuck on headphones mode because it assumes that the headphones are plugged into the lightning port or headphone jack, although they are not.  This commonly arises due to a problem with the headphone jack or lightning port itself. 99% of the time, it is not a software problem but a hardware problem.

Can Air Pods Read Text Messages?

With the air pods in your ears, you can listen and reply to the incoming text messages. How do you achieve this? Go to settings _> Siri & Search_ > Announce messages. Once you reply to a text in a default configuration, Siri will read what it caught back to you.

Why Does My Spotify Keep Skipping And Pausing?

Suppose you possess an Android, and you have discovered that your Spotify randomly pauses; you might have gone into a noted malfunction that occurs when using “power saving mode” or “battery saver.”

Final Word

You have seen some of the reasons why Siri keeps coming on when you have a headphone in.  Fix those problems by turning off Siri, changing your voice feedback settings, or investing in a different pair of headphones. If you try all the above options, but the problem keeps persisting, contact Apple Support for more information.

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