Why Were Chainsaws Invented?

Chainsaws were first used in surgery (that means, surgery was the first reason the chainsaws were created), but a clear date is not known. Some say it was at the start of the 19th century and others say it was the late 18th century. The portable chainsaw (for cutting wood) was created by James Shand in 1918, patented in 1930 then improved upon by Festo in 1933. There are many types of chain saws that have been invented for different uses since then.

There is not a clear answer on when chain saws were first used in surgery. Some say it was in the late 18th century and others say it was at the start of the 19th century. In 1785, Aitken wrote a book about a surgery he did on a pelvis. A chain saw was invented in 1806 by Jeffrey.

The first portable chainsaw (for cutting wood) was created in 1918 by James Shand. He lost his patent rights in 1930, but then the German company Festo improved it in 1933.

1. First Chainsaw – 1785

2. Portable Chainsaws Invented in – Early 1900’s.

Reasons Why Were Chainsaws Invented?

Reasons Why Were Chainsaws Invented

A chainsaw is a tool that has been around for decades. It cuts through the wood to make it easier to access the goods inside of it. The first version was invented in 1780, but there are certain key reasons why they were popularized and priced as affordable options during the 1800s. Here are ten reasons why were chainsaws invented:

1. At the early stage of the medical engineering world, chainsaws were being used in the Hospital for surgery. For example – Medical Bone Chainsaw (it’s not being used these days though).

2. Chainsaws are great for cutting down trees, but they can also be used in other ways. It is easy to use one and the only requirements are an understanding of how it works and having enough strength to run an extension cord or gas tank. You don’t need any formal training as you would with a saw when using this tool. This makes it ideal for people who aren’t skilled in carpentry or manual labor because even if there isn’t experience, you’ll still get things done quickly without much difficulty at all.

3. It was once time-consuming to cut up blocks of wood into smaller pieces that were easier to transport away from your home’s property line when there needed too much firewood during the winter season months ahead – although chainsaws are much faster than other types of saws.

4. Another reason why chainsaws were invented is that they are lightweight, making them easy to transport and use. They allow people to work faster without having to worry about any fatigue or body pain while using them for long periods of time. These machines also help the environment because wood waste can be reused over again instead of wasting as some other tools may do. Chainsaws make cutting lumber safer than doing so by hand with a handsaw if done properly (such as wearing protective gear). It’s easier on construction sites where many different types of materials need to be cut down in order for renovations or new builds to take place. Another reason why we’re chainsaws were invented was due to their ability to ease out tree stumps from yards when old trees needed removal during home maintenance or if a new house was being built.

5. The power of the tool is also applied for other purposes like creating art, digging holes, and much more.

6. The invention of this device has allowed us to accomplish jobs faster than ever before without requiring too much physical labor or effort on our part. It still goes strong today as an essential piece in many industries around the world including logging, construction work, and home improvement projects!

7. Some chainsaw models can be modified to make them more suitable for cutting through metal, like pipes or rebar, for industrial purposes.

There are chainsaw types that have been designed specifically for different tasks, such as a pole saw which is meant mainly for trimming branches from trees that are hard to reach.

Different Types Of Chain Saws Invented Since 1900

Different Types Of Chain Saws Invented Since 1900

1. 1900 – The first chain saw was conceptualized.

2. 1918 – A man named James Shand invented the first commercially successful chainsaw

3. 1950’s- Chainsaws were used to cut down trees in forests and create lumber for building homes

4. 1960’s- Chainsaws became more popular as a tool for cutting firewood around the home

5. 1970’s- Gasoline-powered chainsaws were created to be lighter and easier to use than electric ones 

6. 1990’s- Chainsaws started using synthetic materials like polyurethane and nylon instead of steel cables, which made them less likely to break or get tangled up with branches.

7. 2000’s- Portable and electric chainsaws became available for more power works and artisans.


Chainsaws are an incredible invention that has changed the way people live. They have become a necessity for many homeowners, and chainsaw-related accidents happen more often than you would think. Chainsaws can be used in different ways to help your family or business grow; they’re powerful tools with many uses. But it is important to know how to use them properly before deciding whether one is right for you. For example, if you need to cut down trees on your property but don’t want the hassle of hiring someone else – understanding all about chainsaws will make things much easier!

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